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Kyla Galer @kylagaler Las Vegas, NV

Boston girl reporting the news out west for #Fox5Vegas. Formerly KKTV 11 News. Patriots fan & over-user of the word ‘wicked.’ news tip? tweet me beep me

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Really confused where my phone thought I was going tonight 🧐 time last Sunday someone was stealing all the toilet paper & hand sanitizer from Barn Buddies Rescue farmers m… sick & dying alone in a hospital is unimaginable. Figuring out how u will feed ur kids after losing your…
@JaclynFOX5Vegas @OKCFOX You sound and look so different!!Just got ahold of John Dabritz’s mug. NHP said he shot & killed Sgt. Ben Jenkins this AM near White Pine County. Tr…
The suspect was caught 4 hours after the shooting in a remote area about 100 miles away from where the shooting hap… before 6AM, Sgt. Jenkins stopped to helped a motorist. NHP said after the motorist shot & killed Sgt. Jenkins,… you would like to help his family donate to the Injured Police Officers Fund. 100% of the donations go toward th… Benjamin Jenkins was killed in the line of duty this morning. @NHPSouthernComm said he stopped to help a motori…“Her immediate family’s not being able to say their last goodbyes to her? That’s disheartening.” @peterstringer Omg 😂😂I’m going give $3,000 to someone random who retweets this tweet in the next 72 hours (must be following me so I can…
Retweeted by Kyla GalerI just got squished by the electronic doors at CVS! Apparently the sensors didn’t sense me trying to walk through.… @kristendesilva This is my favorite show OF ALL TIME. I appreciate the humor soo much. Fran Drescher is my spirit a…
Managing life - and death - during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tonight at 10/11 on @FOX5Vegas
@hallfox5 @MeenGreene @christnemaddela @FOX5Vegas But if anything, don’t you want to be able to fit into meme socie… @christnemaddela @FOX5Vegas So excited 😄😄😄 @chrisredreports 🤓🤓 @chrisredreports I only see 6-7 you snitchI love telling stories with happy endings 😊💗 (@AP) -- Congressional leaders, White House reach deal on massive coronavirus relief package
Retweeted by Kyla GalerBenjamin, 13, (top right) was supposed to go to Disney World with his family next week through The Make a Wish Foun… this full story at 6:30! @FOX5Vegas
@FOX5Vegas Freddy (86) & Claudia Sanchez saw Sharon’s story and came by to drop off toilet paper. For every bad app… A Las Vegas law firm holds a news conference to announce it has filed a class action lawsuit against Ch…
Retweeted by Kyla Galer @kristendesilva This will make my moms daySanitary items were stolen from a small, family-run farm in Las Vegas. @kylagaler has the story. DETAILS:…
Retweeted by Kyla Galer“I could not believe it.” Someone stole all the toilet paper and hand sanitizer from a farmers market at Barn Bud…
@peterstringer I miss that view!!
@kristendesilva Nope. Which is why I said “surreal” 4839273 times in my live shots Friday night🤣🤣 @AdeleonNews @netflix I listened to a podcast about him and I’m so excited to watch this!!!Calico Basin was packed today! But once we started hiking the trail was not crowded and we were able to… @mpetkash @lasvegasloopy @KTNV But come back when life is back to normal! I owe you an airport ride 😎The best city 😭💗 so many people outside running/walking/biking makes me happy! Now if only it didn’t take a pandemic and al… @FeinbergFOX5 Fatter 100000% @JaclynFOX5Vegas @FOX5Vegas @chrisredreports Agreed! One of the best gluten free pizzas I’ve ever had @JaclynFOX5Vegas @FOX5Vegas I ordered a GF pizza from Napoli and @chrisredreports ordered Chinese from China Wan Wan! Both delish 😋With nonessential businesses in Nevada closing down by midnight, this chapel told @kylagaler marriage "is essential…
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"I am not asking them anymore," @GovSisolak said of non-essential businesses remaining open. "I am telling them tha…
Retweeted by Kyla GalerThe wholesale food supplier typically sells its meat to Las Vegas Strip restaurants like Hell's Kitchen and The May…
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This is going to be a longgg couple of months 😒😳 @lvmpd_dispatch Say it louder for the hoarders in the back 👏🏼THE STRIP IS CLOSED: Resorts along the Las Vegas Strip are closing over the next 12 hours. @kylagaler reports. Mo…
Retweeted by Kyla GalerWow what a sight: no people watching the @Bellagio fountains. Doors are boarded up. It’s official - VEGAS IS CLOSED… @QuorraMarket @FOX5Vegas @GovSisolak Which location do you work at ?All gaming activity must be shut down by midnight tonight. All non-essential businesses must close by noon on Tuesday.#BREAKING: Governor Sisolak orders all non-essential businesses in Nevada to close for 30 days. @FOX5Vegas are waiting for @GovSisolak to give an update about proactive steps Nevada is taking against the COVID-19 outbre…
@EricCthebutler @Patriots @TomBrady So weird!!!! @peterstringer @Patriots @TomBrady Right???🤯🤯🤯 up to find out Tom Brady is leaving the @Patriots is really the cherry on top of 2020 so far. 😫😭 @TomBrady joins MGM Resorts and Wynn Resorts properties in temporarily closing due to the pandemic. details:
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BAY AREA MUST 'SHELTER IN PLACE' Six Bay Area counties announced a “shelter in place” order for all residents, dir…
Retweeted by Kyla Galer @John_Mehaffey That means so much thank you!“This is not an extended spring break!” - Gov Sisolak talking to CCSD students about taking the #coronavirus seriously.“We don’t know the full extent of what we’re dealing with.” -Governor Sisolak about the lack of #COVID-19 testing in Nevada.#BREAKING: Along with Wynn & Encore, MGM Resorts will also temporarily close. This letter was sent to employees. RESORTS will shut down its Las Vegas properties: MGM Resorts International today announced its decision to temp…
Retweeted by Kyla GalerClarification: school closures will continue through Monday, April 13, which includes the already scheduled Spring… @John_Mehaffey Yes just saw thank you!!.@WynnLasVegas and Encore closing temporarily, starting Tuesday at 6pm, for two weeks @FOX5Vegas
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@John_Mehaffey Good question! I tweeted at Jara & Sisolak to ask. If they don’t reply - we can ask for clarificatio… April 6th is when spring break was scheduled to start. Will students stay on spring break as scheduled or… Governor Sisolak closing all K-12 Nevada schools through April 6th to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. @CarmanMonte I don’t have a Costco card ☹️ @ShawnTempesta 🤣🤣 @J_NO_LIFE That’s what my mom says! 😂 @ShawnTempesta The grocery stores look like Boston grocery stores before the blizzard of ‘78. Jk I wasn’t alive b… forgot I’m all set for quarantine if needed - my mom sent me this never ending box of sardines two years ago. I’m… @chrisredreports @PalomaVillicana Are you okay? What is happening with your eyeballsBut also even in times of panic and stress no one wants peach flavored La Croix @LVSportsBiz Lol love it 🤣 @E15Emerson Yes!!I’ve never seen Sprouts this empty 😟 what store actually has toilet paper left in Las Vegas?? I didn’t have time to go all week and now I’m afraid al…
Educators union @NEASNV sent a letter to @ClarkCountySch Superintendent @SuptJaraCCSD asking to close schools due t…
Retweeted by Kyla GalerWhen this is over, we should have parades for health care workers like we did for firefighters and police after 9/11.
Retweeted by Kyla GalerLayoffs, canceled shows and cut gigs are hitting Las Vegas at its entertainment and hospitality core -- the Strip.…
Retweeted by Kyla GalerTonight at 10/11 hear from people who work on the strip and are now out of a job. have 9 more presumptive positive COVID-19 cases in Clark County, bringing the total to 14. another case had been…
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Parents and staff voiced their concerns overs the school district's #Covid19 response. @kylagaler shares some paren…
Retweeted by Kyla GalerA woman who owns the blue car in this picture told me she heard a huge crash just before 9AM. She said this happene… an entire carport collapsed on about a dozen cars near Flamingo and Spencer. Details coming up on @FOX5Vegas @maurice_paez That’s the most normal thing I’ve heard all week! 😝.@GovSisolak declared a state of emergency, not a reason to panic, but in order to open access to resources for the…
Retweeted by Kyla GalerSports canceled. Disneyland closed. And it’s raining in Las Vegas. Gosh we can’t catch a break. @tedpretty You must have just watched my live shot. You’re welcome.
BREAKING: Beginning throughout this weekend, Wynn Resorts will temporarily cancel all large entertainment gathering…
Retweeted by Kyla GalerTexts I send in 2020 Trump says the U.S. will suspend all travel from Europe, excluding Great Britain, starting Friday for 30…
Retweeted by Kyla Galer @pattymac1304 @mollecule_ @chrisredreports 😂😂😂
Today @chrisredreports told me I’m bad at googling things 🤔 If that’s not a true millennial insult idk what isI was just saying this!!! @SFarnsworthKSL @FOX5Vegas Hahah oh no!! I was on at 4, 5, 6, 10 & 11 so you literally picked the only time I was WASNT on today 🤣Buffets at Aria, Bellagio, MGM Grand, Mandalay Bay, Mirage, Luxor and Excalibur will close temporarily, effective S…
Retweeted by Kyla GalerTonight marks the end of Purim, a festival to celebrate how the Jews escaped genocide more than 2,000 years ago.…
Kids aren't being hit by coronavirus as much as other age groups. A Las Vegas doctor told @kylagaler while it's "a…
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It's gonna be a no for me dawg