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He/Him | VT 2023 | Building Construction/Real Estate | 6’3” | Bi 💖💜💙 | snap: kyle_bvo

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You also doubled the price of meter parking on campus from what it was in the past. You continue to find ways to ov…
Retweeted by #Deshaun2DCIf you can, please uninstall Instacart. They're terrible. They've always been terrible, and now they're just rampin…
Retweeted by #Deshaun2DCI understand the need to maintain parking lot upkeep and pay off the price of garages and lots, but these are not g… Carter is right. Until Citizens United is overturned, the corporate oligarchy will maintain the power to bloc…
Retweeted by #Deshaun2DC @floralflareon I wish getting dumb tattoos was widely socially accepted lol @floralflareon Ok that would actually be kinda funny @FanAccountSzn Oh good lord what this timeThis has now been confirmed by a Capitol official: Rep. Andy Harris (R-Md.) tried to bring a gun onto the House flo…
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Today, the New Yorker Union is undertaking a twenty-four-hour work stoppage in protest of @newyorker management's e…
Retweeted by #Deshaun2DCHalf of American workers are living paycheck to paycheck, and millions earn starvation wages. With Democratic contr…
Retweeted by #Deshaun2DCDefinitely no apartheid here, guys.
Retweeted by #Deshaun2DCIf they’re sitting next to each other on the bench with no masks then what fucking difference does it make?
Homeless people in DC are sleeping in the cold because of the #Inauguration shutdown. Many are displaced or cut of…
Retweeted by #Deshaun2DCReport: Washington a 'sleeper' team in Deshaun Watson sweepstakes
Retweeted by #Deshaun2DCIs @BernieSanders wrong though?
Retweeted by #Deshaun2DCTesla called her a criminal. Her fight could be a milestone for employees’ rights
Retweeted by #Deshaun2DCWe are not friends if you do not support Palestine.
Retweeted by #Deshaun2DC @odeaaa M&M tire or bug shopKamala Harris a thread, warning, Will make u mad as fuk
Retweeted by #Deshaun2DC @aye_its_mak Well that’s good but I need to see action instead of just talk yknowAh yes. A whole day of neoliberal grandstanding while people are once again 10 days from evictionNo he’s definitely white
Retweeted by #Deshaun2DC we didnt get Springer (as expected) now let’s get Contreras and a pen piece at least people followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by @capstroII Needs to get back on the powder imoThis is my dad’s last year as a modern era finalist for the HOF. I ask that all media voting tomorrow dive deeper i…
Retweeted by #Deshaun2DC @OnePursuitTakes Dude it had me for a second there
Or more than I expected at least. 248.7My scale got here, and my cat Pierre weighs 11 pounds. And I weigh...too much @therealdcunna 🔥🔥🔥Tesla is hiring a full-time position to handle people talking shit about @elonmusk online
Retweeted by #Deshaun2DCGod dammit I hate doing legsMac Miller would have turned 29 today. An immense talent gone way too soon. Rest in Peace 💙🕊
Retweeted by #Deshaun2DCHOW. HOW ARE THE METS STILL GONNA MET. ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? is pure insanity. But on a completely unrelated note it sounds so exhausting to send 1,000 snaps per day I finish this semester I’ll be halfway done with school @OnePursuitTakes I’d like to keep Rutledge but other than that we just gotta make it happen. And then get a new 3b lol @AbbyRittenour One of my whole ass classes is integrated construction which is only assembling a group project virtually @HoesChiMinh It’s so hard bro lmaoMade some ground turkey burrito meat. Kinda slaps. Shoutout my mom for teaching me about cooking and spicessame day
Retweeted by #Deshaun2DCLifelong Tennessee fan here, and I think Justin Fuente would be the perfect hire! Great culture, proven winner, ver…
Not great lmao Young is transparent, positive, accountable, and doesn’t make excuses. A certain other coach here lacks all of…
Neither of these are ok actually is like my favorite qb. I NEED him in DC shot in hell is that a goalFound an absolutely worm brained tik tok @nathan__jc Yeah. I ended up staying at a friends cuz I didn’t wanna try the road @KyleBrad3 Yep no ones injured. Two cars are probably totaled but no one was hurt @nathan__jc Everyone’s 100% ok. The cars not so muchHarding road was iced over last night, and my friend crashed into a ditch, and when my brother went to pull him out… @alisonkate___ Ouch @ryan_mut23 @FireFuentee Excuses excuses 🤣 @ryan_mut23 @FireFuentee 😂 he owns the strip club broI’m back with my freshman friends after 10 months. Aaaand I’m awake at 4 am. Lmao whom woke @FireFuentee @ryan_mut23 Sad!MixMix Korea recently opened in Blacksburg. The restaurant is currently offering takeout only.
Retweeted by #Deshaun2DC @All3nHyper He’s third string @dnrx01 @nathan__jc @nathan__jc Never#VT2Washington @CiaraW210 Fun fact my grandparents used to live there
17 people followed me and 2 people unfollowed me // automatically checked by @jesshcalv__ Heck yeah! 💪 @_blessed_23 PK’s!!!! @All3nHyper I cannot express how ready I am to get back into cassell
BREAKING: Some 6,000 workers at Amazon's warehouse in Bessemer, Ala., will begin voting on Feb. 8 on a groundbreaki…
Retweeted by #Deshaun2DCMy goal is to be sub 200 pounds by (what would’ve been) spring break. I haven’t been that weight since 10th grade. I’m excited @thejnollV2 Suzuki is old that ones fine @socc3rgur1ie If u have a Spotify account login on your computer and go to the plans section, from there you can ge… is your yearly reminder to renew your student verification for Spotify
US police three times as likely to use force against leftwing protesters, data finds
Retweeted by #Deshaun2DCGo off NAW! @hudackj I’ve been there lol. Great album but really gets your mind in a weird place @hudackj Modern vampires of the city? @MLB This shouldn’t include the minors imo @miss_eIIe DoubtfulOi do u ave a loicense fa dose aiggs n beans mate @stori_stromboli Yeah I’ll say shit I could keep to myself too lmao
Retweeted by #Deshaun2DC @stori_stromboli I always do that if it’s an interesting topic lolYou can look up “the covid cosplayers” on Twitter to find out more info. I had a couple people ask so I figured I’d… anyone who’s curious about a vt student getting “cancelled” I looked into it and I’ll explain it sorta. I won’t… @sighsabena Happy birthday!!I got a three day snowboard pass (I haven’t done it in years) and I did it for like three hours and just kept falli…
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Retweeted by #Deshaun2DC @ohkhammerhead Link? @lunalahari I despise tequila lmao. Only good in margsWhen I get back to town I’m gonna start cutting weight and I’m not excited 😅. I’m probably gonna have to give up drinking for a while @stori_stromboli I get you lol. Or maybe I don’t cuz it’s not my main mrntal flaw 😅 @stori_stromboli Understood. I somewhat frequently get comments about my nose so making it smaller is appealing to me lol @lizluvsoup Nose gatekeeper reporting for duty lmao @stori_stromboli -person who doesn’t have a bulbous ass nose @jordanphippss @RepMGriffith He’s an assclown. My dad is in the home builders association and asked him about polic… FUCKING GOOOOODrew Griffin @CNN reporting Capitol insurrection Stop the Steal organizer Ali Alexander said he was getting help fr…
Retweeted by #Deshaun2DCFor anyone who plans to go to snowshoe, bring your own food the there’s only one restaurant you can dine in and the…