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I get to be curious for a living. Father, husband, journalist. Trying to get better at all those things.

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@turingmachine Colorado’s winter air is so dry. I gotta remember to moisturize.A mention in prophecy. Look Ma, I made it! @Denverite @journoana Fantastic! Great news. Congrats @journoanaIn praise of "medium," in tonight's Presented Without Comment.
Retweeted by Kyle Clark @HaggertyNews Congratulations on the launch of @TheStoryKGW! Not to freak you out, but you have to do it again tomo… @BenMcKee Thank you. Sorry I missed you at Heidi's remembrance on Saturday. So many people to catch. I looked up and you guys were gone.Rest easy, Grandma.
@GyftofGABB Congratulations!Crispy cold morning in New York about the former Archbishop of Denver
one time i was my college’s mascot for a basketball game. emphasis on one time
Retweeted by Kyle Clark @scodtt Thank you for the suggestion, Scott. I often wonder if #HeyNext viewers would be interested in longer tellings of stories like that.Great idea. There was a respected Washington Post columnist who i would love to have investigate the matter but you…
Retweeted by Kyle Clark#HeyNext would be better with @jimbcbs4 TIME IS THE BEST TIME ZONE FOR WATCHING THE IMPEACHMENT TRIAL't intend to lead #HeyNext with this but the national news closed with an ode to Derek Jeter that didn't mentio… the national news is only going to cover Jeter, we'll just cover Larry Walker. #HeyNext #9NEWS
I think the NYT just endorsed ranked choice voting. team she told you not to worry about
@DillonMThomas @CBSDenver name for a dispensary @gocubsgoinCO We may or may not be walking there now.My great aunt lived on Catalina. Born on a farm in upstate NY. Left home early in the 1930s and worked on cruise sh…
Watching luxury cars roll past hostile architecture in Huntington Beach @tommypski @garygaudin Small world - that original CB location was my first brewery, too.“For People Who Moved Here First.” I’ve tried to identify the creator, but no luck. (I did find an Austin version…
Retweeted by Kyle ClarkA young guy walked into his first brewery, in Western New York in 2006, curious about this “craft beer” thing. This…
In case you think we’re not tough on both parties, I just tried to interview @RepJasonCrow about being an impeachme…
Retweeted by Kyle Clark @jimnbrown Well done @jtent303 @MichaelBennet Hello anonymous friend. We mentioned the reason why we went to lengths to catch up with Se… @lauracarno Nailed it @FitzmonsterE I was just there a few months ago. I liked it, but not THAT much @y2keithage Couldn’t find anyone who knew the way @kaylamdixon @mboothdenver I like the little bags of pretzels. @OurStateCSU 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Headed someplace new today. I’ll be impressed if anyone can quickly guess where based on the “skyline.” @W_FitzW Hello anonymous friend. I’ve never heard of a city councilperson only working on one issue at a time, but… @meagmc @DandC Thank you for your service to the community and journalism. @junqstuff Clarity is always the goal. I will note that not one viewer of the most watched news program in the stat… @junqstuff I didn't say "makes." I said "the NRA's products" referring to those they promote. No serious person bel… @Crunched4time Hi anonymous friend - Senator Bennet and his team regularly respond to media inquiries. We caught up… @junqstuff Hi anonymous friend - what is your specific question? @dustinrefill @AustinOnSocial @nexton9news @SteveStaeger That’s the common practice. Steve just happened to be going to DIA anyway. @AustinOnSocial @nexton9news @SteveStaeger Steve was catching a pre-scheduled flight. His photojournalist also had a boarding ticket. @SteveStaeger met their flight at DIA to ask Sen. Cory Gardner in person if he supports including witnesses in the…
Retweeted by Kyle Clark @JJ5840 @nexton9news Hello anonymous friend. I address that at :43. I'm curious about your thoughts on what I said about that.Denver continued with homeless sweeps today, as some viewers continued to make comments that we thought needed to b…
Retweeted by Kyle Clark @jenitenney I might have made that joke with too straight of a face. #HeyNext @Helikirkp Hi Kirk - I don't have simple answers because I don't think they exist. It's a complex problem that won'… @mattwatkajtys @DeanGayeski @ICParkSchool @icalumni @IthacaCollege I did. You're a Bomber, too? Small world! @goldenshot2 Thanks, Joseph. The #HeyNext team appreciates the encouragement. @Giftsvart Hi again, Anne. Denver is wrestling with a serious issue of how to deal with tent cities in public space…
Further details about the case are blocked from public view by a judge's order to suppress the case. Police say Abcug was planning an armed "raid" to retrieve her son from the child welfare system. He was take… Abcug appeared in court in Montana this week on a fugitive from justice charge. The case was continued unti… There's been a continuance in the case against a mother from Colorado who police say was plotting a child kidn… does not control cameras in the Senate. READ: C-SPAN letter to Leader McConnell requesting our cameras be a…
Retweeted by Kyle ClarkSenator Gardner is on a plane with @Marshall9News for the next few hours. Hope they serve popcorn. #copolitics asked @iHeartRadio why the company laid off Jerry Schemmel, the voice of the Rockies. We received this generic s… @kacole3300 I'm sorry, I'm still unclear about what was factually incorrect in that report. Could you be more speci… you support or oppose the City of Denver clearing the tent city from in front of the Capitol, this is proof…🎶Behold, 'Impeachment Polka' - a forgotten piece of music composed in 1868 during the impeachment of Andrew Johnson…
Retweeted by Kyle Clark @DaveMcKinley2 You'll always be a SkateBurger to me. @kacole3300 Hi Katelyn - thanks for your feedback. What was the specific factual error in that report?Another iHeart Radio layoff in Denver. But you gotta love @DeannaRadio's perspective on it... @realTT2020 @PaulGerke @rushtheband @TEGNA @FBIDenver @DenverPolice @ACLJ @DenverElections @ColoradoSun @9NEWS Hi,… will be met with unmitigated delight by half of America. @CocoDavies @avschad2112 @iansilverii @pettersen4co @jaredpolis I read this without seeing the thread while at my s… think Streetsblog Denver did what it set out to do, which is change the conversation. Thanks to everyone who read…
Retweeted by Kyle Clark @DavidASachs AgreedUPDATE: A judge has rejected the red flag gun seizure requested by a mother against a police officer who killed her… @realnotrussian @nerdvana80 @cjchavez64 @nexton9news Hello anonymous friend. We did not use the city-provided photo… @kgtornquist @wtylersandberg It seems every significant signing is accompanied by ceremonial pens. I made brief men… @nerdvana80 @cjchavez64 @nexton9news Hi Clark. I can’t speak for what other stations aired. The city provided us wi… @Jan_Goldfinch @nexton9news @SenRayScott Hi Jan. Not at all. Just noting the city, even without the camping ban, wi… @ej5280gmailcom1 @womxnsmarchDVR That story is about an older law related to domestic violence, not the red flag la… @cjchavez64 @nexton9news Hi Christopher - it's important for us to note when we cannot independently confirm an off… @RussFrankland @okmaher @gmmerritt Hi Russell. Your dedication to whiteness and to tweeting to me dozens of time a… @DavidGilbertCCM @elgoldbaum @SkylerMcKinley RIP Porter, aka Bubba, aka PooShoes (great story), aka P-Shoes, aka Poozie, aka PortStar @okmaher @gmmerritt You should replace it with a popular vote system instead of giving outsized power to people who…'s been 6 months since I joined the gym and no progress. I'm going there in person tomorrow to see what's really going on.
Retweeted by Kyle Clark @madmedic809 @nexton9news @KerryLeary Translate, please.Me after I butcher the pronunciation of a name in a newscast @natethomas4388 @9NEWS Hi Nate - didn't dismiss it - just told you that we couldn't independently confirm the claim.1920s gangster? I was going for 1890s train conductor. #HeyNext is not naming the gun owner because he was not charged with a crime. If police seek to extend the gun seizure…'s first red flag gun seizure has happened. A man in Denver voluntarily agreed to give up his gun and conce…
CSU Police say Cpl Phillip Morris "is not on leave and continues to serve in his capacity as a peace officer at CSU… @CommonColo McNulty is correct here. Redrawn based on 2010 census. I shouldn't have listed 2010 among the pertinent… @ChrisJHerndon Herndon says registering and tracking the three banned breeds classified as pit bulls is a better ap… @ChrisJHerndon tells #9NEWS he will introduce a proposal to bring pit bulls out of the shadows by allowi… Denver to consider legalizing pit bull ownership, 31 years after the dogs were banned. #9NEWS #copolitics @ElizabethLemont @KerryLeary We remodeled Nextico after you leftI'm stunned that 1) No one has correctly guessed it in the first 20 minutes 2) That this post hasn't been taken ove… worry my wife’s interior remodel of our place is a little much. ... ... ... (Or tell me where in Colorado I real…🤷‍♂️ 🦎 😈 🇰🇵🤷‍♂️ @BuckSatan8 @9NEWS Hello, anonymous friend. I did not speak in support of this law nor did I say that abuse of the… reached out to Colorado House Democrats who pushed for the red flag gun control law to discuss this situation yes…