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Senior Editor/Film Critic for, co-host @FiveYearsRapid, @DWTWR, and @TheMemoryCheats. He/Him Black Lives Matter

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@RachaelAtWork Depends on how much you enjoy sleeping and also watermelons. @Braunger It's very good! Don't learn too much about it before you see it, but just know it scratches some mad west… @lostthenumbers @IGN only reason regular people don’t want the insanely rich to get taxed is the belief that they too might one day… @SignorWardh It truly looks amazing. They did an outstanding job of remastering it. It could be in cinemas. The sou… @SignorWardh I'm watching it as I type this. Not too long after THAT scene.This is exactly me and I’m a damn fool. put people in positions to intentionally destroy those institutions. And they are succeeding. If you're a Rep…
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As a particular fan of UltraSeven, I take issue with the Ultraman anime series making Dan Moroboshi a prick. That is all, thank you. @rileyjsilverman Yep! At least we got that one more to look forward to.See, this is what you get with an administration built around billionaires. You get companies controlling what you… @Atom_Murray Captain Boo (rest of name omitted)I am a diehard, lifelong DC Comics fan. There are at least 44 characters I'd rather play in a video game than members of the Suicide Squad. @akshort20 I haven't read this, but I know it to be true.Hello! This month's @FiveYearsRapid is here! Listen to @InquiringJoy and I talk about amphibious neck flaps, overlo… reminder: Having a degree does not make you more deserving of a livable wage than someone without one.
Retweeted by Kyle D AndersonLA LLORONA was one of my favorite movies at Sundance this year. Searingly relevant and terrifying to boot. It's on…
@JLewisland I took a date to a Greek restaurant and there were exactly three parties there: us, a family celebratin… need to normalize telling ourselves it's okay to not feel normal.As Trump fans hear Trump's insanity - a man who hasnt been to church in his adult life says Biden, a devout Catholi…
Retweeted by Kyle D Anderson @ToyGalaxyTV @ToyGalaxyDan I supremely feel this video.Friends! Tomorrow is new @FiveYearsRapid day! This month, @InquiringJoy and I hit the high seas for "The Sea Devils… @eruditechick And, it's kinda not just him...there are plenty of similar looking piles of flesh in suits who get th… @eruditechick I feel this every single day. I hate hating this much. @JBRylah Oh for SURE. Umbrella Academy is basically a non-stop string of songs to add to one's repertoire. @JBRylah Same here! That's why it's been on my mind (and, if I'm honest, on repeat on Spotify today) @BeyondFest @am_cinematheque @MissionTiki Hot damn! I finally got tickets to one! Super stoked, thanks so much for doing these. @MichaelROLeary You're welcome.Me: "Dude, Styx sucks" Also me, when "Renegade" comes up on the '70s station:"Welcome to The DieCast, where we talk about metal toys, six-to-twelve-sided rolling implements, and our own impending demise."The census only happens every 10 years. Wrapping up the #2020Census tally before everyone is counted will skew repr…
Retweeted by Kyle D AndersonI'm already tired of TENET. I hope it never comes out. @rileyjsilverman Yes, please don’t hit me.I’ve met Davison, C. Baker, McGann, Tennant, Smith, and Capaldi. 66 days ago, Donald Trump gassed clergy so he could take a picture holding a bible outside their church.
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I've seen every Mario Bava movie except DR. GOLDFOOT AND THE GIRL BOMBS which I've had on my shelf for a ages and j… Instacart, you have to leave a 5/5 rating for your delivery or they make you write comments about how your deliv… @AlyssaFranke That truly is the best. Before they had any sort of cohesion to anything."Please let us know in the comments--" OH MY GOD WHERE?! WHAT DIRECTION ARE THE COMMENTS?! WHERE SHOULD I LOOK???!… you see a name trending on twitter dot com and before you even know why you just go "Ugh, that fuckin' guy."Channeling my inner Warrior from the Land of Light today. sale in 3 minutes!
Retweeted by Kyle D Anderson @lincolnlhayes It does rather, doesn't it?Over the past few years I've started inexplicably welling up at overly chipper and upbeat pop songs from the '70s (…
@SunglassPri In my head, this is just the Pixar movie Brave but with robots.Really fun discussion with @morelessons and @daveypretension about SDCC: Watch On YouTube Edition. anyone ever noticed the timer on an Air Fryer goes at much slower than the time indicates? Like 12 minutes is p… think this SLIGHTLY undersells how this interview actually went. @SquallCharlson I think you're right. Showing people "hey look, we do more than just giant super men" is a really good play. @SquallCharlson I haven't, but I adored the original Ultra Q and I've been working my way through the rest of Mill… @SquallCharlson High on my list of exciting releases.Why yes, I did write about #KamenRider again, it’s one of the few things that’s legitimately given me joy since Mar… is a massive scandal If you haven’t already, fill out 2020 census NOW. It takes 5 min, you can do online & f…
Retweeted by Kyle D Anderson @TeeVeeBen Wait, what?!I think it would be a really good idea to get #KamenRiderSaber trending this week in the US, even if its only in th…
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My wife and I spent our 1-year anniversary at @AnimalTracksInc and then I took my family there for Christmas. It's… put Postmaster DeJoy in charge of the postal service to dismantle the USPS & sabotage vote by mail. New proce…
Retweeted by Kyle D Anderson @rileyjsilverman It's like he typed in "famous white guys" into Google and went down the list.If you help me get to 20k YouTube subscribers by the end of the day, I won't kill 20k puppies.
Retweeted by Kyle D AndersonIt only took me four months but I made a standing desk and it's great already.My Irish thrash band is Darby O'Kill.I'm relieved an a-list director was able to track down an a-list actor for his film. Whew. Must have been quite the…"Actually, all lives matter." "Well if you wear a mask, you could protect all the lives around you." "Nah, I'm good… saying wearing a mask violates their freedom (it doesn't) and is more about politics than health (it isn't)… and his wife have between $30.1M and $75.3M in assets in private USPS competitors. Hmmmm. I wonder why he'd b…
Retweeted by Kyle D Anderson @lincolnlhayes Two eyes, innit? @johnsjr9 Ooh what did you think?!
Remember when 2 people died of the ebola virus and republicans said Obama should resign
Retweeted by Kyle D Anderson've recently concluded my third complete listen-through of @threedomusa, perhaps the best comfort-and-laughter pod… @JeremyRadick Yeah, his was the most ridiculous design for actual standing. Ra’s al Ghul has a similar problem but… casualty of the earthquake the other day. I love the design of these BATMAN: TAS figures and adhering to the cart… @SignorWardh I appreciate that they spread the wealth so much. I’m a big fan of the Japanese cult films they’ve put…
@lostthenumbers @maryforrest Pickles are gross.My #KamenRider t-shirt finally arrived, along with an Ultra Q and UltraSeven t-shirts (not pictured) @sjcAustenite Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii can’t
@AthenaStamos Yeah, I hemmed and hawed about it today but I had wet clothes that needed drying and there was anothe… @nycatdmt See THAT is absurd. There needs to be a grace period. Your nasty side was well warranted.Hi friends! I was a guest on @whoandcompany this week talking about ULTRA Q. Yes, I went on a #DoctorWho podcast an… @railoftomorrow Yeah, it's true. I think we've all been on enough Zoom calls by now to recognize how weird they are… @railoftomorrow I'm not either. I'm even done watching purportedly fun cast reunions or whatever. Give me old stuff… @JBRylah I think one of them, a new movie on Shudder, has a demon in the Zoom. Otherwise it'll be like...rom coms? Who knows?I definitely appreciate the need for new entertainment, and we do what we must...but can any of you imagine watchin… @atomicdaze Were that a more convenient option.Reader, I moved their clothes. @rileyjsilverman @Atom_Murray I'll move dry clothes, but I'll be damned if I'm gonna touch someone's wet-ass, cold-… @Allison_Tolman I'm maybe overly courteous about laundry and will always hop-to the second my timer goes off, which… @_beetlejuls That's totally my thing too. Like I don't want to pick a fight with someone, but it's also very incons… @aamiller78 Right? That's where I'm at. I don't want to touch people's shit, even if it has just been washed and dried.Apartment people: If someone leaves their clothes in the communal dryer overnight and you want to do laundry in the morning, do you: @sjcAustenite Amazing news! Congratulations, and richly deserved.Today started out shitty and it's looking to end pretty shitty. Oh wine, take me away.
You won't have to worry about my tweets when I'm president.
Retweeted by Kyle D AndersonI wrote about @SeverinFilms' new Lenzi/Baker box set, a must-buy if you ask me. @AdeleKThomas Oh, see? You win for sure. @karlikaiser ACCURATE AND TRUE, KARLI KAISER @rileyjsilverman Ooh yeah, you're hosed. But, you know, in a fun way.