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Well hey, this is some good news #DoctorWho fans!'s the last time you even *thought* about Mr. Peanut? Maybe call people before they're gone. @HomrigSean I'm calling the police. @TimidWerewolf Oh no doubt, I'm already planning to stock up at Walgreens once I arrive. @TimidWerewolf I'll do my best!I'm planning to check out the following at #Sundance2020: The Painter and the Thief, The Perfect Candidate, La Llor… Jones was a comedy genius. Though his Python characters were never as flashy as the others', his are some of… @Legopolis Hasbro, you philistine.The earthquake last night was enough to wake me up but not enough to knock over any of my action figures. So, what is that, a 3.6? @d_kompare @InquiringJoy Oh, we hella do.
Sometimes when I'm having a hard time writing, I throw on the ANNIHILATION score because it makes me anxious and wa… @rachael_nisbet @morvc @bart_owl @randomreh I always lose count, does she in fact kill seven times? @railoftomorrow I saw SNATCH, then BOONDOCK SAINTS, then probably five other knock-offs, then PULP FICTION. @railoftomorrow I did the same thing. I actually saw BOONDOCK well before I saw PULP FICTION. How stupid we were.I'm unable to make any of @cinematic_void's January Giallo series screenings this weekend. If you're in LA, please,… all of you out there who've always wanted a Bradley Walsh action figure. @Hectorisfunny God, if they could just capture some of the magic of BTAS for a live-action Batman movie, it would b… @scalepluspoints My favorite of S11 is The Witchfinders and I think this one's about on par with that, possibly a little higher.
@sageyoungest @Bancroffed @gallifreyone @GALLIDAYS @HeadOverFeels Ditto!"Nikola Tesla's Night of Terror" is my favorite #DoctorWho of the year so far. Solid historical with good performan… @Bancroffed @gallifreyone @sageyoungest @GALLIDAYS Yeah I think you just say you're gonna have a meet-up somewhere and see who walks over.
More like the Knights of Stimpy. @lostthenumbers @90sManiax I think I had almost all of these. Definitely had Riddler, Catwoman, Two-Face, and the Joker.
@lincolnlhayes when an HOLD FOR MASSIVE NEWS day becomes a JUST KIDDING HA HA day. @sjcAustenite @theoodcast I enjoy all of you!It's crazy that "Fox" is more of a relic than "20th Century."
@amy_geek Sending you happy heart vibes!I JUST GOT IMPEACHED FOR TAKING A PERFECT SHIT! @sageyoungest choose to believe Prince wrote "I Would Die 4 U" about his cats. @AlyssaFranke That's what friends are for. @AlyssaFranke Lack of coffee IS writers block. @AlphaOod Apparently everyone's supposed to know.I'm the fuck not.'s looking at you, kid, you piece of shit.'m "I spilled chai on myself from gesturing too emphatically" years old.This is the best joke I've ever heard.
I talked to Richard Stanley about his excellent #ColorOutOfSpace and he teased the next in his Lovecraft trilogy, T… @Atom_Murray I heard it. In my heart. @Atom_Murray One of those is happening.Happy New Year sci-fi writing fans! This month begins @DWTWR's look at #TheOuterLimits season 2 and with it the two… Turismo.
@Legopolis @AthenaStamos That was the theme for Albertsons grocery store for a million years. I remember seeing The… @Legopolis @AthenaStamos *Skyfall. @eruditechick The Dracula of dog fathers. @scottmbeggs @alicialutes @benmekler @Hectorisfunny @GriffLightning They needed to put something on after Fritz the Cat. @scottmbeggs @alicialutes @benmekler @Hectorisfunny @GriffLightning Oh nooooooooooo. @scottmbeggs @alicialutes @benmekler @Hectorisfunny @GriffLightning Whoa! I'd never have known that one. @rileyjsilverman I for sure didn't read it that way. There are plenty of reasons to be mad at the movie, but that o…
@sageyoungest @outlawpoet The Pew Research Center is about to put out its findings for the death rate due to beauty… @TimidWerewolf Yessssss.So I ultimately think I really liked the BBC's DRACULA, and appreciate the third episode even if I'd have preferred… @mymonsterischic I could not be more excited for this book and I'm extra jazzed that you're writing it. Congrats!I always thought his full name was Charles Entertainment Morbius.If you watched #TheOutsiderHBO last night (and you should have, it's super good), @burgermike broke down all the ev… @AaronsPS4 @mtgilchrist Not even Cowboy Bebop? That was a very good dub.
Retweeted by Kyle D AndersonSnubs and Flubs. I live for them. @vailerin32's a tweet for everything.
I can't decide which are worse: those who truly believe the President is guilty of no crime, or those who know he's…
@HollyGoDarkly I do not miss that about mountain time zone. @michelledeidre Perfection? @michelledeidre The word "timeless" comes to mind. @michelledeidre @DrafthouseLA True story, THE SEARCHERS was the last movie I watched with my grandpa. He had pretty… watch THE OUTSIDER on HBO this Sunday. @mtgilchrist You know I hate it.The official synopsis for THE OUTSIDER is: "Investigators are confounded over an unspeakable crime that's been com… @TheSpencerPerry This is an utter nightmare. @eaken @BrettMerryman Yeah I do think that's very true. Starting a planned trilogy with no planned endgame (pun int… @lincolnlhayes Or encounters of the third kind? @lindseyromain Reymond Sheeva Palpatine. @eaken @BrettMerryman Do I think stuff got cut out? Of course. That's movie making. Do I think there's some massive… @WitneySeibold @DavidAspmo Oh, I don't want to be included in this debate, please. I had enough of an argument with… @sourcitruslady new show from Alex Garland looks crazy good. And just crazy. @nerdist
@AthenaStamos Athena, you are a very good life coach. @Hectorisfunny Nailed it, I'd say. @bccbecca Didn't think ahead, I bet. He seems barely functional in adult situations.The absolutely fantastic @sageyoungest interviewed Jodie Whittaker, @MandipGill and @TosinCole about the new series… @WitneySeibold couple, but mostly in small markets. @WitneySeibold Agreed, Endgame paid off emotionally if not always logically. And that's the big success story of the year, ending-wise. @WitneySeibold Yeah it's kind of remarkable how bad these endings turned out. Like so many creators and adapters ju… new term for when a writer totally whiffs an ending should be "Abramsing." In context: "Boy, he sure Abrams'd that ending." @Atom_Murray I cackled at this. @MikeFerguson454 THE HELLBENDERS THE SPECIALISTS KILL THEM ALL AND COME BACK ALONESure I should watch any number of new TV shows, but how can I when I get three old Spaghetti Westerns in the mail? @JeremyRadick Yeah, it's actually impressive how badly they misjudged the emotional hooks in that movie. Impressive but annoying. @patrickhwillems Lotta great ones last year, but personal favorite is Rewriting Matrix Sequels. Runner-up (ha) Miss…
@HannahMHines Now that's a lot of nickels. @AdeleKThomas I see it more as an "athankyou" or a sarcastic "tada".These are all the ravings of a madman who doesn't understand storytelling or character arcs. @JeremyRadick Nah, I'm great. @vailerin32 Erin, I agree with you.Spin-off in which Jenna Coleman and Olivia Colman are a pair of cops driving around in an old Ford. It's called THE CROWN VICTORIA. @joviellety You can read all about Fierce Heroines over @nerdist
Retweeted by Kyle D Anderson @noellemarie_w @Naughty_Dog You did it! Congrats! @RachelHeine @DanCasey Hi, did someone say the secret word?
@railoftomorrow Oof. I guess in this hypothetical scenario you would probably have to get a very nearby hotel. Mayb…