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Kyle Gaddo @kylegaddo Chicago, IL

PR/marketing. Photographer. Singer. First name 'Cutest,' last name 'Ever.' The Andrew W.K. of games. Support main for your heart. He/Him. Black lives matter

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@ClickFlint you have nothing to lose, except all your time @ClickFlint damb @ClickFlint also, you should try ffxiv since it's free to play now 🤔 @ClickFlint curse my ability to make relatable content! @FriendsofTed close, their limbs are shorter @ClickFlint I sincerely have doubts! @ClickFlint you'll start to regret it in time @diegoarguello66 T A L L @diegoarguello66 REALLY tall @diegoarguello66 taller than thatannouncing my new game: tall guys it's exactly like fall guys except that everyone is tall @Maajora i can't believe you somehow had 300 piety @aaronlinde what a get :o @kindofstrange also, i don't think the logo would come out easily since it looks like it's just printed right on th… @kindofstrange it's the gamer colors, so checks outI am sorry I liked your tweet 12 seconds after you posted it, I am not a stalker I am just not doing anything 😔😔
Retweeted by Kyle Gaddo @nlvnova i don't NEED u, i have blackest night @nlvnova nothing, just making a PERCEPTION signed, your local DRK @Omniwaffle oh, you MAD mad? @kenzbarr nobody if you're hitting them crit adlosffxiv endgame healers be like: 6000 crit 6000 direct hit 4000 determination 100 piety @therealmonsoon ya, i feel you. I'm currently only outfitting my tanks and healers with the best stuff @therealmonsoon I'd say continue to take a break if you don't have the time for it! @therealmonsoon also, RE: relic quests 5.35 is soon-ish and that'll include the middle part of the current relic q… @sophsa terrible @therealmonsoon i was honestly just guessing, i've never been there for a .5 patch :') @sophsa there better be women respecters among them @therealmonsoon full gear grind after 5.5 will be pretty easy, since the final gear set with the highest item level… @therealmonsoon i think the best time would be after 5.5 comes out, because then you have a huuuuuuge length of tim… @therealmonsoon this is really accurate and i was just in a bee's knees dance line yesterday before ocean fishing........ @therealmonsoon she made it big during the fall :') @therealmonsoon thinking about a fifth character......Pumpkin Spicei think about her every day @itspeachia "what would you do in this situation?" "i'd handle it".........."COULD SOMEONE WITH ADHD DO THIS??" I yell, hyperfocusing on a videogame for 8 hours straight
Retweeted by Kyle GaddoI dont care about the DMCA, as long as @AndrewWK sees this. And yes, I danced to the whole song, and I am prepared…
Retweeted by Kyle GaddoFor @pcgamer I wrote a guide on one of the latest Extreme Trials, The Seat of Sacrifice!!
Retweeted by Kyle Gaddo @nova_elric 🥺💖in this house we burst out of your friend's chest, grow in size at an exponential rate, and proceed to massacre th… after running in cross country
Retweeted by Kyle Gaddomy review of Final Fantasy XIV's patch 5.3 is live!! there's a lot of (spoilery) analysis here. i'm still processin…
Retweeted by Kyle GaddoOne year ago today, Cannon Busters came out on Netflix! I got the opportunity to work with a bunch of awesome creat…
Retweeted by Kyle Gaddoi can't believe the next killer in dead by daylight is a tummy ache is festering in the Fog. #DeadbyDaylight #DbD
Retweeted by Kyle Gaddo @sophsa running gags, the name of our sex tape @sophsa comedians do entire tours on like four jokes and conservatives have one joke, so i think we're doing fine @sophsa It sure has. Just did a little searchy search and here it is @sophsa btw, what you're looking for was on July 5th, 2019Every time... #FFXIV
Retweeted by Kyle Gaddo @ganttbetamed god, why can't they stop fucking, this is too many childrenasked a guy to rate me 1-10 and he said 7.8. Ok pitchfork
Retweeted by Kyle Gaddo🐦💦
Retweeted by Kyle Gaddotshirts in facebook ads: 🆈🅴🆂 I’m a 𝓱𝓸𝓻𝓷𝔂 𝕆𝕃𝔻 𝕄𝔸ℕ I was born in 𝐌𝐀𝐘 ᴵ ᵖᵃˢˢᵉᵈ ³⁴ ᵏⁱᵈⁿᵉʸ ˢᵗᵒⁿᵉˢ…
Retweeted by Kyle Gaddo @mistermegative @NOLAnerdcast @skywardsiren Gotta look fly for the ladiesI know a lot of y’all have been asking how to help. Here is one way. Our building community has started a @gofundme
Retweeted by Kyle Gaddo @orb_snob sounds like loser talk to me @orb_snob People hate Foo Fighters? Legit question. I've never heard anyone talk shit about them. Everyone just loves Dave @PostCubicleKyle @adrasteamoon playing slowly is absolutely valid and, honestly, ideal for the size of the game. I… @adrasteamoon You're in luck, because the base game and first expansion are free and free to play forever now @NeonIain oh god, oh fuckAté onde vamos
Retweeted by Kyle GaddoI'm not the best
Retweeted by Kyle Gaddogood morning say it back
Retweeted by Kyle Gaddo @vidaisonline good morning 🥺💖easily the most relatable email I've received
Retweeted by Kyle Gaddoi think about this tony hawk post every day
Retweeted by Kyle GaddoMixed emotions.
Retweeted by Kyle Gaddo @RoAnnaSylver there's no gluten in itI didn't know how badly @UnfortSpacemen needed a Retro Space Blaster Pistol until we had one.…
Retweeted by Kyle Gaddo @ItsDrewsif you weren't the first one to have a sleepless night over this @ItsDrewsif @super__someone owanges @vApathyv @Alasindera they already did the combining thing with chili lime doritos, time for new ideas @dphrygian [round of applause]?
Retweeted by Kyle Gaddo @KateitaK @geoffkeene he was lonely @Alasindera @vApathyv now THAT'S a revamped fight i wanna seePutting it out there again I’d love to run a ladies @FallGuysGame tourney next Friday!! With prizes!! Please reply/dm if interested!
Retweeted by Kyle Gaddo @vApathyv we still have a set of four fights to go next patch, baybee @vApathyv oh to have a goth gf like ryne does @vApathyv :3Genghis Khan is CANCELED
Retweeted by Kyle GaddoThat FFXIV 5.3's Boss Track tho? It slaps hard. @SOKENsquareenix is a funky man, speed up his music and you'll noti…
Retweeted by Kyle Gaddo @JanDavidHassel @Dramido @locust9 the sun? i don't know herThese bags on the USPS website are so cute and they're having a 50% off flash sale !!
Retweeted by Kyle Gaddo#residentevil #reresistance fans... You have a date with Wesker and friends this Saturday at 6pm PT...
Retweeted by Kyle Gaddo @1followernodad he better be at homeshe turned into a guitar at the end 😭💔
Retweeted by Kyle Gaddo @Dramido i too have a vitamin d deficiency, you know i be smashing them gummies @kenjisalk me in my own kitchen tbh @JordanETID i think redbubble has a few designs like this, but this is the best one I've seendoctors: it's important to take vitamins me, shoving a handful of gummi vitamins in my mouth: ........gumi....We are looking for a 𝗟𝗲𝗮𝗱 𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗱𝘂𝗰𝗲𝗿 to join us on our journey to develop Metroid Prime 4! #GameJobs #GameDev
Retweeted by Kyle Gaddoi wear the cat ears in the relationship
Retweeted by Kyle Gaddo @steph_mcca have you seen that man? he's never been hydrated
@cvntlin me pleaseSakura stego 🌸
Retweeted by Kyle GaddoCarnivorous club 🦖
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