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This is a poem about America.
Retweeted by Secular Talk @pattymo It's a very good song, folks, satan went down to Alabama. People are talking about it very strongly. @CarlBeijer @MattBruenig Carl is right again
Retweeted by Secular TalkThe dog whistle became a foghorn
#BREAKING: Juan Guaidó wins first Bolivian election since a democratic coup ousted 4-time elected dictator Evo Mor…
Retweeted by Secular Talk @RespectableLaw That might sound like a distinction without a difference but I actually think there's a massive dif… @RespectableLaw If somebody is simply failing to do the job they're supposed to do (Judith Miller being a stenograp… don't have a problem with the letter's message, but of the well-known, established intellectuals and pundits whos…
Retweeted by Secular Talk @RespectableLaw I think the point stands though that it's bad to fire people for shit opinions or deplatform them etc. @RespectableLaw I agree, often times free speech is invoked by pampered elites or right wing idiots to deflect any…, think about how many people lost their livelihoods bc they pissed off their boss by speaking their mind.… @TinaDesireeBerg Correct, I point that out in the thread a few tweets downHere's a hot take for everyone, I think the 1st amdt should be expanded to the work place. In the same way the govt… find those who openly disdain free speech fascinating bc I don't think they grasp the implications. The logic of… doubt the right has bastardized "free speech" by invoking it as a shield to hide objectively wrong takes. It's a… pulled down copwatch & an anti-war journalism page. Pro-Palestinian outlets are constantly smeared as anti-semit… @daveanthony Correct, I point that out in the thread a few tweets inbut also, the principle of free speech is still vitally important. And if you oppose it don't be surprised when the… on the left scoff at invocations of "free speech", namely because often times it's deployed disingenuously by… think the letter is correct. I think critics are right to point out some of the people on the list being complete… see a lot of pushback to this but the letter is basically like hey please don't fire people or totally socially o…
a look at some of the NYT op-ed page's "Greatest Hits"
Retweeted by Secular TalkEliot Engel is gonna be so mad if he sees this lol
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Just learned today that Charles Booker has Type 1 diabetes, and has rationed insulin for cost reasons. Having someo…
Retweeted by Secular Talk @Lukewearechange I read it was the only one tied like that. Tbh it doesn't really surprise me, he spoke up about th… would like to spend the rest of 2020 on whatever Rosanne is on...
Retweeted by Secular Talk😂😂😂 of genociding Yemeni babies for jobs he could've just penalized outsourcing and mandated the federal govern… talks more about virus testing being bad than the virus itself being bad @BLeeForCongress Legendlol district is about to go from having a corporate democrat to a pro medicare for all gay asian dude representing…
Retweeted by Secular TalkWhy only 10%?
Retweeted by Secular Talk"the only rope in the garage tied this way" come on we're really debating this? Lmao.I went from believing Bubba to believing the FBI and now back to believing Bubba. That's definitely a noose. @USATODAY This is what the Sahara dust storm looks like in Rincón Puerto Rico. Color picture! Sunset included fo…
Retweeted by Secular TalkMy district went from having an ancient corporate democrat to a pro medicare for all gay black dude representing it. I feel hope.
Retweeted by Secular Talk Perot, Dixie Chicks, Colin Kaepernick, Bernie Sanders, every anti war protester & many more! deciding they're ready to reopen / COVID-19
Retweeted by Secular TalkCorporate democrats think poverty is a personal moral/ character flaw, they think you're a worse person for having…👀 you substitute substantive policy change with symbolism you piss off absolutely everybody. Obama destroyed the lobster and fishing industry in Maine. Now it’s back, bigger and better than anyone ever…
Retweeted by Secular TalkI am once again asking for you to wear a damn mask
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A story in four parts
Retweeted by Secular Talk @kenklippenstein @ggreenwald @AdamSchleiferNY LOLGood luck Russ! @ggreenwald @kenklippenstein @AdamSchleiferNY this is my district, that dude sent out a zillion mailers, way before… An @justicedems caucus, but they have to be willing to deal with relentless media smears and party leaders…’s a gigantic number for third party love our "boaters", and we'll always stand up for our Beautiful Aunt Jemima, won't we folks.Nancy Pelosi Calls Jamaal Bowman To Scold Him For Winning Primary
Retweeted by Secular TalkDoorDash pledges $500k to Black Lives Matter while spending $30 million plus in California this year on a lobbying…
Retweeted by Secular TalkWho has a comprehensive list of lefty candidate wins from yesterday 👀👀 @KyleKulinski @ShahidForChange Hey @KyleKulinski, I'm running against Tom O'Halleran here in Arizona's First. He's…
Retweeted by Secular Talk @KyleKulinski @ShahidForChange Hey @KyleKulinski did you forget we’re running against Wasserman Schultz?!
Retweeted by Secular Talkthis incredibly confused old man gets really close to you and goes “come on man. who you. who you shitting in the.…
Retweeted by Secular TalkThe democratic establishment isn't bulletproof. If you lose, try again. And if you lose again, try again. If you ke… Biden strategy of hiding is 1 million % working, as predicted. Corrupt corporatists are being replaced by people who want universal healthcare. Go cry about it. feels good doesn't it? Now imagine how good it will feel to say congressman Shahid Buttar @ShahidForChange 👀👀👀My hypothesis is that the left is picking up a lot of wins because: 1) there's a pandemic 2) there's a depression 3… NEXT W??? 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 election results like..“Single payer universal healthcare, universal childcare, wanting free public education, wanting people to live toge…
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Kentucky Slashes 95% of Polling Places Ahead of Primary Election via @democracynow
Retweeted by Secular TalkAt some point a woke IDF troop is gonna quote tweet an angry Palestinian woman with "Ok Karen" and that's gonna be…
Retweeted by Secular Talk8 Trump campaign staffers and 2 Secret Service agents involved in that Tulsa rally have now tested positive for coronavirus
Retweeted by Secular Talk @Kulinski_crat_1 You and I both have no clue what ppl think when they watch the show bc ideological diversity is im… @Kulinski_crat_1 Right. So like almost every lefty that watches it, you go from "oh I like this guy" to "eh he's ge…
@Kulinski_crat_1 And the cherry on top was the incredibly smug and hilariously dumb conspiratorial assertion that t… @Kulinski_crat_1 He could've written an article dissecting Josh Hawley or Tucker or Saagar and explaining how their… @Kulinski_crat_1 You're being way too kind to Nathan. His piece: 1) doesn't differentiate populist right Americans… Pledges To Donate All Proceeds From Book Towards Killing Iranians
Retweeted by Secular Talk @Kulinski_crat_1 As I said in the segment I agree that virtually all so called populist right *leaders* are frauds.… @Kulinski_crat_1 I didn't say a word in defense of Saagar. Watch the piece again and take note of that. Nathan quit… sociopathic paper. I never cared about James Bennett or Bret Stephens because this paper is unconditionally…
Retweeted by Secular TalkThe profit driven elder care industry has determined Covid-19 patients are more lucrative than Medicaid patients, s…
Retweeted by Secular TalkFor my New York people...
100°F about 70 miles north of the Arctic Circle today in Siberia. That's a first in all of recorded history. We ar…
Retweeted by Secular TalkCops killed an 18 year old and then broke all the nearby cameras
Retweeted by Secular TalkPaging all the right-wing so called free speech warriors!!! I'm sure they're outraged and will talk about this a lo… should be a much bigger story that Donald Trump quite literally came out against the first amendment of the US constitution yesterday.People psychologically don't want somebody to fan the flames of division at a moment like this. It adds to the chao… I've said on the show 50 times 'populist bomb thrower' is appealing to people when they feel the establishment i…'s the thing, even if Trump's strategy was air tight - as it arguably was in 2016 - he would have a HUGE uphill… all due respect your anecdote means dick. The polls are stunningly pro-Biden way more than they were pro-Hilla… hammered Hillary on corruption, NAFTA, the Iraq war & he postured as being anti-establishment. That was so mu… you still have a pandemic, 20% real unemployment and tumultuous uprisings your bitching about statues and the…'s rally made clear that his strategy now for 2020 is lean into the culture war and try to tie Joe Biden to th… Fathers Day to all the dads out there!
This has a lot of comedic potential. Break out the photoshop boys & girls!