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@cavaticat @whtdramsmaycome My heart ❤️ I'm grateful for this moment of joyHow far down the chain are they looking Asking for a recently promoted friend
@jeffgarcia1010 @kelllicopter I'm gonna make love to your wife so hardme: *trying to talk to my sister on the phone* Kyle: does she pee on her boyfriend? ask her. baby. ask her. does sh…
Retweeted by Kyle 'antifa colonel' 🌱 @Skoog Happy birthday skoogert doogert ❤️ @gabrielmosspdx I get more engagement than they do. I win @gabrielmosspdx That's no funPlease @FBI this nimble navigator guy mens business @NavigatorNimbus Can you picture it, vividly? Me going down?What I do in my personal life is none of your business!!'ve been communicating with other antifa leadership, and rest assured, antifa is as organized as it's ever been @kenklippenstein Forgive my ignorance, but has this particular turn of phrase been used before? This is literally t… @jazz_inmypants Feelings aren't selfish, it's all about the context in which you express them. Im going through a l… @Dracosfire7 @InternetHippo Idk I kinda want him de*d @HaydenWDRB Yes, that classic plot that not only happens all the time, but also makes sense @jbfan911 They act like the worst improv duo ever. Never "yes, and" Just "no, you're wrong"Like why did you say @ me next time if you were gonna hide when someone @'s youWe love to see people going private when they're racist and slut shaming I may be racist but at least I don't have a lot of SEX @powrdragn Freshman year of college
I think that in order to be a terrorist organization, you have to first be an organization @NYCMayor The mouse and the owl need to see they're all on the same sideFor things to change, things much change If things stay the same, they will stay the same To move forward, we hav… @AnthonySabatini What will you use it for?The third point "vote for x" is designed to hijack public discontent and turn it into a passive and obedient mass,…
Retweeted by Kyle 'antifa colonel' 🌱Today is the anniversary of the Tulsa massacre that happened May 31st, 1921 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. White people attack…
Retweeted by Kyle 'antifa colonel' 🌱 @error303 Don't act like voting is your righteous act to effect justice @euanrellie Agreed, cops are a bunch of pussies who are scared of unarmed protestorsLBJ didn't sign the civil rights act because a bunch of people pokemon went to the polls. It was a response to direct action.Ferguson happened in a red state under Obama Minneapolis happened in a blue state under Trump None of this is the… @Katie17581107 @chrissyteigen Can you? @ShelbyWolfe Heavenly father, I pray this man has a change of heart and stops fighting for the state I pray he fol… @AngelicaRenee19 So what's her motivation to divorce now instead of before? Genuinely, how is she profiting off of… @euanrellie If I had to run down human beings or risk losing my job, I'd choose the latter @IFindItWisible @aubviouslynot I would love to see you try @AstroKatie Ilysm ❤️ @clichedout Not the time man
@_laithoo @brittany_broski @yashar I'm half gay @tchaIqmet This fucking broke me @brittany_broski @yashar What a time to get back @RO_MrGrumbles @NuclearTakes Wait WHAT @RO_MrGrumbles @NuclearTakes Introspection because of what... He said? @Alyssa_Milano The courage jumped out @abbygov @BeefedUpStud The important thing is that they've found a way to make money out of this @NuclearTakes Why is it always a kyle @CursedBoomers what are they even trying to say with this one @shawnwasabi King 👑 @eilidhhhhhhhh @RooteUser No @pebbut @momappreciator Guys stop :( @kassinailliaa @RooteUser He's getting a lot of mileage out of this smooth brain thing too, I love it @RooteUser Lot of nerve calling me a smooth brain dipshitassuser @Brohamulet I get it @borrachacansada It would be the most productive thing they've literally every done @borrachacansada Staunch proponents of the second amendmentI'm desperate to know how long it took you to come up with that moniker @KylieJenner Please pay off my students loans, I'm unemployed and having trouble finding work in the pandemic @NotUncleJu If white people want to have their concerns taken seriously then maybe they shouldn't keep acting so violent @ddominguez330 @AOC That's not what the report said at all, did you read it? @inconceivabal What does cuck mean @inconceivabal Thank you, you are not competing well @murderscene2 @marksnotnice "the press is the enemy of the people" wheremst have I heard that before @funatparties2 @kingschmaltz LMAO @_Shan_Martinez_ My favorite song @AstroKatie Had a good run! @esmemurphy @WCCO @jbfan911 This whole thread tells me you have a LOT to learn about Twitter!! @jbfan911 Oh stop beating around the #bush @jbfan911 Nat @inconceivabal No I just said I won't #make fun of you for #that I'll just make #fun of you for your #misogyny @aubviouslynot I'll keep your food warm ❤️ @inconceivabal Ok I really wanted to respond to this cleverly but I'm not sure what you're trying to say. If englis… @inconceivabal @Buffalojilll What do you mean?I have some bad news for all the women on twitter :'( @inconceivabal @Buffalojilll I would love to hear you say more words on this subject. Spare no detail. Explain your thoughts in full @aubviouslynot I am a mountaineer In the hills, and highlandsHey 2a folks, I was told you have all those guns in case a tyrannical government used its power to infringe upon ci… @JLJohnson45 @AOC Go fuck yourself @JLJohnson45 @AOC Not the fucking point dude @kingschmaltz Yes I am @kingschmaltz There is a deep history to satire, and it is rooted in mocking the oppressor. Humor can be powerful.… @kingschmaltz Do you think that's what I'm doing here? Do you think I'm mocking his death? Fuck you @kingschmaltz Please check the rest of my tl @soy_person I was raised a conservative evangelical christian and I like to weaponize what I learned against the christian rightI don't see how these people think they're making people sympathetic to their cause by tear gassing and shooting ru… the police really think their lives are in danger they shouldn't respond with violence. They should organize pea… fed a bot 1000s of pete buttigieg tweets and told it to write one of its own Here's what it came up with @IngrahamAngle Boston Tea Party worked out just fine imo @AllisonRFloyd @Bpatrick999999 @ericsshadow @ItsSamG @AsiaDNYC @allymayn @itsonlyaubrey @MATDADDY2 @Jake_Vig Seconded7 You hypocrites! Isaiah was right when he prophesied about you: 8 “‘These people honor me with their lips, but th… @aubviouslynot Fine with me @eyeqoniq What crime have they committed that deserves the death penaltyI hope it's clear here that my audience is people like me who are new to the discourse and our conversations to oth…
You're gonna get angry at your friends and you're gonna say the wrong thing and you're gonna hurt other people and… @aubviouslynot @thatdutchperson I told my dad about your route and he was like "so the worst parts of idaho, the wo… @levarburton King @largelebowski @AOC I'm surprised they didn't bring up a speeding ticket to show he engages in risky behavior or something @trrvvb I love it @trrvvb What do you call this concoction @OwlFWGKTA The protests were peaceful until the police started using violence on the protestors in the form of tear gas and rubber bulkets @AOC If you stab a hemophiliac and they die of blood loss, it's not their illness that killed them, it's the stabbing