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@balajis The virus is accelerating digital migration long term but decelerating physical migration short term. @KTmBoyle Remember Qasem Soleimani? @DrKarlynB @andrewtye @jmj @ChapterOne Thanks for listening, Andrew! Really appreciate it and please let me know if you have a… episode #9 of the #ParadoxPodcast, I chatted with @jmj—founder of @ChapterOne—about investing in a post-…
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@romy Your dad is one smart guy. He was ahead of the curve and now everyone will hopefully catch up to his position… @romy LOL – I've been yelling from the rooftops about the mask lie since January (including in my family group text… @AlmostMedia And the disdain is bipartisan. @AlmostMedia She socially distanced from some stock positions after a COVID19 briefing. She needs to resign. @StephenPiment @cryptochamomile @naval Yes, medical staff is smart enough to decide, which is why they don't need t… @naval The FDA would rather health workers wear no mask than one they haven’t approved. They should remain deregula… @rogerdickey @cyantist Fuck no. @RobertStillwell @Austen Looks good! @RobertStillwell @Austen I just did mine in Sketch. This looks easier: @kimmaicutler @semil I hope we don’t lose our stomach for sticking this out. @BrianNorgard @shl @gumroad Sometimes you time the market perfectly👌 @Austen Which source are you using? @sarthakgh Beautiful thing to see.
@benshapiro He’s going to tell him the test that we’re made free weeks ago should be made free.Here’s the full conversation with @jmj—recorded remotely from our respective #coronavirus bunkers. If you have any… @podcastnotes @jmj Thanks @podcastnotes for putting these awesome episode notes together. Incredibly detailed! 🙌"I would encourage every single founder to see a coach or therapist on a regular basis." NEW Notes Up! Investing…
Retweeted by Kyle Tibbitts @jmj @ChapterOne Thanks Jeff! One of my favorite conversations yet.For episode #9 of the #ParadoxPodcast, I chatted with @jmj—founder of @ChapterOne—about investing in a post-… @naval It isn't 10,000 experiences that creates wisdom, its 10,000 reflections.
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@adam__jun @naval True, but you can have 10K experiences without that much reflection and that's the delta. @cmhrrs @DennisPrager FYI on Sweden vs. neighboring counties. @naval We want the invention without the iteration, wisdom without the wrinkles, the triceps without the try... 1… @naval It isn't 10,000 experiences that creates wisdom, its 10,000 reflections. @micsolana @WHO Someone's gotta photoshop a surgical mask on Ulysses! @zaid I agree. Got to do more and be aggressive against the virus. The more we do now the sooner it will get better. @danielsinger “Let’s spend the next 30–45 days sheltering in place, social distancing, washing hands, making masks,… @balajis It might be more like refactoring than rebuilding. @Nivo0o0 @Suhail In. @tandrews2927 @ted_gives @Jason @COVID19Tracking @kimmaicutler With 7X the population of South Korea. @tandrews2927 @ted_gives @Jason @COVID19Tracking @kimmaicutler Thanks for the insight! Overall seems like we’ve ram… @tandrews2927 @ted_gives @Jason @COVID19Tracking @kimmaicutler Interesting. How do we not and New York does? They a… @ted_gives @Jason @COVID19Tracking Seems like there's been a huge backlog for weeks. Maybe @kimmaicutler knows? @sarthakgh Agreed — maybe other states need the 🚨. New York needs light and hope. @Austen I’ve been saying the same thing the last few weeks. @ComfortablySmug Quarantine Day 1 vs. Day 30 @PatrickRuffini What’s a vanity metric that you use to bash your political opponents? @vanceroush God is working the soil right now. @mattapperson Interesting, yes clearly Trump changed tone by adding 30 days. @mattapperson Can you share links? @Jason @COVID19Tracking Why are 67% of our results in California pending? If the positive numbers were this low and… do you think the death rate from #COVID19 will peak in the United States? @micsolana It might be if he gained the quarantine 15...
Awesome thread @balajis. Everyone is a citizen journalist now. Protecting democracy and preserving liberty is in n… @evansiegfried @sarthakgh 💙💪 @goldman @deoates Fuck ya. Let’s keep it up. #FlattenTheCurve
@DrKarlynB Such a fun conversation! Can’t wait to share the episode in two weeks!Big shout out to @KyleTibbitts of #paradoxpodcast for this awesome cartoon. We recorded a great chat the other day…
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@naval MEDIA isn’t going to inform you. MARKET isn’t going to calm you. STATE isn’t going to quarantine you. Save yourself. @mattdizwhitlock Joe is missing in action. @ptraughber @kimmaicutler A day or two makes a big difference it would seem in blunting an exponential threat’s momentum. @zebulgar He'll be a quoting Milton Friedman next! @matt4etc @balajis Yes I haven’t bought any N95s since January obviously for that reason. @ryangomes @patefortworth @naval Exactly — that was the point of the analogy. We’ve fought big battles before and s… @ryangomes @patefortworth @naval Not remotely an expert on WWII history but my great grandfather was a Navy test pi… @ryangomes @patefortworth @naval When the war started (that we were two plus years late entering) we had deck loads… @akarve @thatparadoxlife @balajis Yes it would have been better to just say that though instead of saying “they wor… @balajis The pathological nature of this blatant misinformation campaign around masks had the opposite of its inten… @fishmyman We started way behind with deck loads of biplanes and converted very quickly to real fighters. So maybe… @fishmyman Not a historical expert on WWII but my great grandfather was a Navy test pilot who tested the Corsair/ H… @delk @andrewfarah My daughter is spending lots of time in the backyard, scootering inside the house, we bought an… @delk @andrewfarah What are your top tips for burning off your toddlers energy during shelter in place? @TiaBreske That is amazing. The whole county and world should be. Hope you and Nate and the kids are doing well! @Pynch1999 @LeeWardMarch @mcgd @ScottGottliebMD Yes it’s kind of like saying “the United States joined the WWII eff… @jasonszeftel @naval Ha! Super relevant quote. @adatta02 I'd love to see private sector leaders step up to fill the void. To continue the WWII analogy, we saw a l… @mcgd @ScottGottliebMD Completely. Feels like an absolute game changer at the exact right moment. Unleashing the fu… @ScottGottliebMD Amazing. U.S. started World War II with biplanes and ended it with bombers. We have a long history of starting slow an…
@csentropy Awesome. I hope that is the case here! @csentropy You are of course a doctor and I am not so defer to your expertise! @csentropy I agree that if we attack it with full force, we're more likely to flatten the curve but psychologically… @garrytan That's absolutely insane. @garrytan When building a company, having a 10X better product at the same price is exponentially more advantageous… @bgonzalez629 Glad to hear it! The less hot spots were battling across the country the better. @ianbremmer Exactly right. Breed’s decision to shut down SF and coordinate with other counties a few days before California and NY foll…
Retweeted by Kyle Tibbitts @rsg @davecraige @Help_Hospitals Awesome work!🙌 @SeidewandStyle I think the colleges that adapt will survive and even thrive but many won't and will disappear as a… @vmaun Search for meaning and purpose (plus millennials having more kids) pushes us back to ancient wisdom/religion… @SeidewandStyle College debt crisis will change consumer behavior and a mix of for profit and non-profit schools wi… @NateAFischer Yes homeschooling will change forms and become much more mainstream and viable (i.e. you not necessar… @danielsinger She is one option but not the only one. @balajis Did they finally get your memo on #testandtrace? @zebulgar @melanter Good thread. Has she been following @balajis??? @Jer_Diamond @sarthakgh I totally agree with you there. The testing strategy was non-existent and that was the major flaw. @Jer_Diamond @sarthakgh I think he closed travel to China for the right reason but didn’t go far enough. Thought ex… @Jer_Diamond @sarthakgh What was the wrong reason? @mosyednyc @sarthakgh Ya many of the same people who criticized Trump’s response in March called the China travel ban xenophobic in January.
@mosyednyc Yes this is an inherently complex situation with really difficult trade offs. I’ve been very supportive… @mosyednyc Certainly. The point is there is a lot more nuance than just "GOP dumb, Dems smart". I'm getting sick of… @mosyednyc I don't doubt there is some real delta on perception based on ideology. I've found myself arguing with s… @balajis I was thinking the same thing when I saw this chart floating around. I don't doubt there is some real delt…