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If a game's photo mode is framed as your in-game character taking phone selfies I always try to slightly fuck up th… making games this good got it back then. almost! else sometimes think about sid meier's alpha centauri. I sure do!!! @notquitereal absolute chad lyre / virgin lyre setupMe & the boys after we get our vaccine @infovore god it really is @infovore haha & *that's* why I put the thing in the first sentence now @edfear just throw it on the pile of swords of Damocles. got so many at this point I look like an off-brand Devil May Cry specialThe biggest influence on my game writing has been assuming the player will skip ito to be a robin plump as a child's drawing making lilting looping circuits of the garden, a little closer to the bird feeder each orbitsometimes post-witching hour exhaustion gives me one last good phrase for the scratchpad & sometimes it's just thin…
@johnjm64 Oh, John. I'm so sorry for your lossIn the delerious calm after a purely transactional siege, she rides through burning streets side-saddle, watching m… Tall Lady+ mode, ammo and healing items are scarcer and all other characters have had their height reduced @wordweasel Full first name. I still set my teeth a moment when my bank emails me "BENJAMIN," @Notoriously_BIG reaction to all my gun names honestly, it's my cursegrudgingly adding "Ship Dynamic" to the Destiny gun names listI believe it's a mistake to elevate continuity above all else in genre fiction, as evidenced by 750,000 'plot hole'… is the end of an era. the last day I can make Tall Lady posts before she's explained @kshipwhitecat c'mon manCAPCOM REP: So to begin with, she's very tall. PRODUCER: Incredibly so! REP: Do you find tall women-- DIRECTOR: Fri…
playing every first-person game permanently in crouch but it's not the same. the ladies are simply not at that scale"OK, today was a writeoff but I'll pick it up tomorrow" is my longest-running con to date & I keep falling for it @cynixy same energy @Dan_Phreak @IBasteEvenly It's coming!Gotta say there's some astonishingly good noses in Like A Dragon, something so obvious & characterful that eludes a lot of VG char design @IBasteEvenly it really do be like thatthat's Kino, baby @jenniferhodgson Have thought on it further Jen & you are prob one of the best I know at "no details / but I'm gonna persuade you"bury me with those xmas chocolate coins over my eyesYou didn't think I was gonna let Life Without Buildings get massive on TikTok without doing 800 words in the bloody…
Retweeted by Ben Schroder @jenniferhodgson YES mateA moment of sunlight through low winter cloud, outlining in hyper-detail one side of a bare tree, a shivering palm… I've been asked a few times - I'm paraphrasing - "You're quite old and sad, how do you keep going in games… @shastradeo *working my brow like brando as this kid inhales four beef bowls* b-- b-- baby?Not all heroes wear capes
Tasteless Eager Indecisive Approachable Considerate Dumbass. You may not like it but this is what peak male etc etc props to RE Village for resurfacing those "just started high school & the only other goth is 5 years older than you" daysmight start posting again. my sincere apologies to the people who followed me while I wasn't tweeting, a coincidence that I never learn from @ty_grrrrrrrr The Low, Low Woodstired: Big Head Mode wired: Tall Lady Mode
this is ALL I want to hear from Capcom on the matter Lady Coming Out of Her Well to Shame Mankind @heartimecia Imagine paying for a hollywood movie star & the porsche 911 license but not a single media training course
@ty_grrrrrrrr BIRTH!!!, champ
specific cultural artefact #282941038! We're gonna hang out and talk game dev! If you have questions about games, narrative work, Sweet Baby Inc, get…
Retweeted by Ben Schroder @BraydonBeaulieu Shit, Braydon, I'd missed that you'd been hospitalized! Thinking of you. @ianmacewan ahhh of course that Gemini cover was yours. Phenomenal work, manOut today in the US --Salió hoy Los peligros de fumar en la cama en Estados Unidos.
Retweeted by Ben SchroderI'm also saying, as ever, got Japanese Cooking: A Simple Art for J's Christmas & its section on rice recipes opens with a reverent, Malick-… @willowylungs think this only makes you unspeakably powerfulThere was an obscure PS1 action game where they spent the entire polygon budget on the main char, so she just fight… finally read about the sorkin & aranofsky films I'm at peace with not being able to go to a cinema for the next ~3 years
young marble giants inexplicably trend on tiktok challenge 2021 @vesselskirt Listening to Young Offenders on repeat on some rainy Glasgow day & a wide-eyed 40sth version of myself… @BuffTuffKRuff @macleodholdfast This is super fascinating as usual Kris, thankyou @JillScharr @gkr unbelievable @Marri honestly you've been getting a low-impact version of it gratis since "I love chasing the body's mysteries" you're just starting out in writing for videogames or have a few titles under your belt I can be the Salier… opportunities are hugely important but I feel we've been overlooking the potential of nemesis opportunities @jana_inkheart "You sure got nice teeth, A-loyyy!"It seems fair that if videogame combat designers get to make sweeping, often baffling changes to gameplay mechanics…
Wild that three short years ago I was honestly anxious about what Grimes thought of Horizon a game has too much narrativeême énergie brain, 9pm the night before, neurons sparking like a soldering iron: Great lines of dialogue buddy-- no need to… RT!)Okay, so,while @ohotnig is still suspended indefinitely, this is now the Official Artyom Trakhanov Fan Acc…
Retweeted by Ben Schroder @steppinlazer birth! ! ! @kshipwhitecat
love the naivete of "do X without downloading any new pics" memes when deployed on writers & artists who've been ho… "The day went how it went" - terrific Blair McClendonI'm impressed with the wisdom a lot of game crit is written with now. When I wrote for Edge I was in my mid- to lat… @TheCharlesWebb I love thisGenuinely weird how Y2K forum everything is getting, the AOC v. cruz 20-page argument is approaching critical "slam… it feels like we've tried everything with nightmare people in the games industry: letting them move to ot… @itsJenSim hate it when I'm a publisher & have to do a sales pitch for a magazine I've never read
give me a Destiny gun that sounds like this. Call it Snowday Rumination or w/e put in my CV that I won my writing award for my tweets"Oh shit! ...I'm OK."-ing my way through an inventory of every person I miss from the last half of my lifeSee we're off to another year of "This could not be more Orwellian" coming from people who're in the fucking Party
Just want to go back there @jennatar Take care, Jenn. @tropblood 😅 @akfedeau surreptitiously writing "plot(?)... pacing" on the back of my hand @bravemule Kevin please. my novel is dyingApologies for briefly being cross on main. Someone, I think Ty, always sagely says Get an alt!!! but I think alts w… Qs I've found useful for myself: How do I avoid making incurious work for incurious people? Am I doing enough… to everyone spending their love in the right places, wherever those might be
really glad more people are rejecting this liberal ‘self-care’ discourse of “you don’t owe anyone anything!” we ac…
Retweeted by Ben Schrodernot sure how many more "how do I leave this planet?!" gags from well-off white folks in tech I can take but I'd guess another 20-30 @choomsky 🥂waist-deep in cans previously kicked down the road, still trying to push them further with my increasingly flailing & comical motion @pajama_goth dear heart, muting is sympathetic magicIt's much too early for the jags of loneliness, I tell the fabulous electricity of my brain with what - to my mind… @Zlanier21 Prestige TV drama character-ass post @dcuatt Yes
@TheSugarVenom Fair