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IM SILVER AGAIN | @ykInfinity @vvitchtriaIs

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@Kezyyz couldnt b me frfr @DoLphinvalo ONG @Kezyyz OK! @DoLphinvalo W @Kezyyz U GOT THIS WE GOT THIS @kotunara THANK U!!! @Mizify_ TY @fabriziofnx ? :) @ayoabstract WOOOO @nutsnboltz WWWW @ihyaina FUCK YEAH @92sho_ it knows i don't belong @Tenqsu MASSIVE W @kohi_FPS WORD @92sho_ if i ever hit plat the game shuts down on the spot @macheesecakeVAL THANK U @TiffneyVal DAAAAAMN @myaimaisiru OMG HUGE LIFE EXPERIENCE!! SO PROUD 😲😲😲 @myaimaisiru NO! i hate them. especially.. filipino....... @myaimaisiru No it's so cute and anime @CozyValorant ong different breed in a HORRIBLE TERRIBLE way @myaimaisiru Ball sack @lNDlG0_ @ykInfinity @azelhazell hater @myaimaisiru :D @CozyValorant no deadass i said i didnt wanna vc and he was like oh ur already in one? and i kept saying no and he… @Illy_is_me LETS GOOO @azelhazell @ykInfinity D: @ykInfinity @azelhazell f$%* you crapface! @h2nnyu my mom has a plastic bags for the plastic bags @VAMPY4PREZ hi we r friends now @ykInfinity @azelhazell what the f word ? angry emoji @lyesval THANKU @minnieism1n1 THANK YOU :DDD @azelhazell THANK UU @adamderz TYTY!! @vvitchtriaIs I love u @Esper17582296 :DDD @luis_afk massive W @VAMPY4PREZ WWWWWW @Daequavis_ ty 4 carryLETS FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOO @ykInfinity you broke my nose and then laughed at me @fishszns rip @playgirllashley u are so prettyyyyy @sAv1oRVAL what did i just watch @m1Ikie ow community is unreal...... @Sea_Torio thank u!!! :D @Esper17582296 thank u esper :D @nawaazzzz it ok i just go crazy for 2 ish games @_bubxa thankuuuuui want to hit silver tonight so bad but im so tired ive been on val since like 1 @myaimaisiru soonnnn
@jellyfish_val deadass 😭😭 he read that and decided to send? @urgotswife i'd cry @fraaudbible shaking rn @ykInfinity HES NOT THERE!where is the big brimstone @kotunara DEADASS ITS SO EMBARRASSING @kotunara trying to get me to play val w him in the worst way possible LMAO @93bees REAL @sAv1oRVAL hes weird as shit @sAv1oRVAL LITERALLY I WAS LIKE THIS DUDE HAS TO BE JOKINGare men ok pt 29472848284 @sekirofps worddd @stephiscrying hehe >_<i know b3 is. not any better. but. at least im actually playing good again smileGOT B3 BACKi hate valorant @sekirofps yes its ranked demon time from now until the day i diei'm surprised everyone is shocked that the acend/vivo keyd game got rounds manually overturned. that punishment has…
Retweeted by oliviaIM ON THE GRIND @cheerrysav yuuuuup @wraithvo no im realπŸΌπŸ‘€ She is watching me πŸ˜…
Retweeted by oliviahi~\(//βˆ‡//)\
Retweeted by olivia @olistakoyaki hey LOL laughs hey !! laughing emoji smile :) @olistakoyaki bowl cut 😈 @fraaudbible nooonono id be too scared @lylacVAL HAPOY BIRTHDYAH!!!!!!hes a real person 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩😰😰😰haircut soonwhat is going on3/4 WL today which is far better than usual LMAOOO @snowsbtw @1wiiree Vouch @snowsbtw @1wiiree Yes and I'd die for the cause @snowsbtw @1wiiree Real @erinxlcve @ko9lv oml u are so pretty!! @774saturn @Kezyyz @Kezyyz I never win @vvitchtriaIs nO @vvitchtriaIs U ARE SO PRETTYYYYYYYschoolπŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’–πŸ’ž
Retweeted by olivia @kotunara bc pinoy gang @fraaudbible rofl @kotunara flexing the #lovy follow @kotunara REALLLLLhahahahahgagagaga im following six hundred and SIXTY NINE PEOPLE thats pretty funayd asuiadya idkhajs @myaimaisiru : ) @myaimaisiru oh hell naw......