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Kurtis @laaabaseball Los Angeles, CA

👨‍🎓CSUN '14 - Multimedia Production 🤓Technology Geek and Enthusiast 🙊Hablo Español 🤳Pokémon GO Trainer Level 40 x 3 🎶EDM nut ⚾Lifelong Angels Fan

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Honestly took me a whole 5 minutes to recover lolI nearly fell in love with this one asian girl who came to my register today😍😍😍😍😍Liked on YouTube: I Attempted my First Pokemon Nuzlocke goal for November 10, 2019 achieved! 16473 total steps today via Fitbit. Stats: WON A PEOPLES CHOICE AWARD AND this is crazy. I mean like seriously. You guys have showed my friends and I so muc…
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@Blazenandez Lmao 🤣Its not even fucking Thanksgiving yet jfc'm not your "dude", "bro", "man", or "buddy" unless we are friends, so shut the fuck up.I really hate being disrespected. If you disrespect me you will get zero respect back. @Blazenandez It was sake lol @Blazenandez Ayyyy lmaoooHappy though 💫 @yasi
Retweeted by KurtisIt's been a while since I've had that much alcohol in my system lol
Be Fine acapella up for download! Have fun 💫
Retweeted by KurtisLOS ANGELES !! Planning something v special around the album release and Shrine shows. ✨✨. Also bringing @giraffage
Retweeted by Kurtis @madeon @giraffage @devaultmusic @fraynco I'll be there on the 15th!!!!!!You have 3 months to buy a new TV — we’re back on Feb 6!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by KurtisYESSSSSSSSSS News: The CDC identified a “very strong culprit” in vaping-related lung illnesses: vitamin E acetate, an i…
Retweeted by KurtisVitamin E, in combination with THC, could be behind the vaping illness that's sickened more than 2,000 people and k…
Retweeted by KurtisStep goal for November 8, 2019 achieved! 14379 total steps today via Fitbit. Stats:
Fucking Christmas music already at work. Fucking kill me.SEBASTIAN NEW ALBUM OUT NOW ✨-THIRST-✨
Retweeted by KurtisLiked on YouTube: What it's like being a step-brother in 2019 coworker doesn't want to watch the office because @SteveCarell is in it and I'm like wtf?!?!!?[Incoming Transmission] (51.53309, -0.10586) (51.50937, -0.19518) (51.48817, -0.20407) (51.52432, -0.14148) (51.51…
Retweeted by KurtisStep goal for November 7, 2019 achieved! 12514 total steps today via Fitbit. Stats: MEOWTH. @JAM3SJH3
F R E M U L O NSeparate yourself from that person's social media. Let it be dont look back and live your life.
Retweeted by Kurtisno nut november day 6
Retweeted by KurtisI have never been to popeyes or chik fil a
Is it clown trade rumor o'clock yet goal for November 5, 2019 achieved! 11316 total steps today via Fitbit. Stats: was supposed to be my day off rip😭😭😭Angels fans...Tune in tomorrow morning to @MLBNetwork's "Hot Stove" to hear from new Angels skipper, @MaddHalos.
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Rip @JAM3SJH3 we will never see him again @alycaballeros Ye @alycaballeros 🤔Idc what nobody say...good people get tired of being good people to ungrateful ass people
Retweeted by KurtisGrossHad this drunk customer stay after closing for 30 minutes like other people on the planet don't have lives😒😒😒😒Step goal for November 4, 2019 achieved! 11659 total steps today via Fitbit. Stats: want to take this opportunity to thank the Angels Organization, the fans, my teammates and coaches for the last 1…
Retweeted by Kurtis @VeganIsLove22 My uncles Facebook posts are all conspiracy and maga related. Lol @VeganIsLove22 Sadly my hometown of fullerton, theres a lot of that there @VeganIsLove22 Its sad.... I saw him play at cal state fullerton back in the day... And he has my name....
❤️❤️❤️❤️ Um i did not expect this............. .......... much do you want to bet there's at least a 90% overlap between the people who don't like oatmeal raisin cookies… @JAM3SJH3 @deadmau5 Bruh#NoNutNovember goal for November 3, 2019 achieved! 18713 total steps today via Fitbit. Stats: the employees don't even care. They gave me three measly ketchup packets for my large order and basically threw… @CarlsJr in west hills on platt is the worst. They have been out of diet dr pepper for weeks, today they are o…
@JAM3SJH3 I'd boycott them lol @JAM3SJH3 Hellll noooPanda express changed from pepsi to coke and my faith in humanity is restoredsomebody buy me some chicken friesI need diet dr . pepper @JAM3SJH3 No lol its one way @JAM3SJH3 this is what it tweeted lololat James hay
😉 from Google home MiniIt is so so good waking up every morning knowing I get to perform Good Faith Live later.
Retweeted by KurtisGoing to @madeon show and getting a new album on the same day like 😍😍😍😍So excited to see @madeon on the 15th.My new manager had a meeting with me and my direct boss and stood up for me and i haven't been treated like that since 2016Why is your kid a bully? Do you even conversant w your child Bullies are crying out themselves Be a parent! You had him/her.
Retweeted by KurtisSomeone spilled jamba juice on the ground at work and the strawberries smelled so damn good#NoNutNovember goal for November 1, 2019 achieved! 10534 total steps today via Fitbit. Stats:
Breaking: Google buys Fitbit for $2.1 billion
Retweeted by KurtisBreaking: Google buys Fitbit for $2.1 billion
Retweeted by KurtisStep goal for October 31, 2019 achieved! 14842 total steps today via Fitbit. Stats:👏STOP👏BEING👏A👏BULLYLooks ain't nothing on a bad personalityI just saw a white claw roll down hollywood blvd like the chef boyardee commercial
Retweeted by KurtisLiked on YouTube: Nick Offerman Gets the Job Done While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones don't need to see every costume
Now that it’s officially the offseason, the #Angels have 5 days to decide if they want to pick up Kole Calhoun’s op…
Retweeted by Kurtis💕💕💕💕💕 on YouTube: The Nationals win the 2019 World Series and celebrate, a breakdown things happen when I predict things that happen to any team not the angels lol Gues what!! We are WORLD CHAMPS! I FREAKING LOVE MY TEAM!!!
Retweeted by KurtisI would tag Gerrit Cole...but he blocked me 🤷🏻‍♀️
Retweeted by KurtisGerrit Cole in the bullpen
Retweeted by Kurtis105+ win astros and dodgers after losing playoff series to the NATIONALS
Retweeted by KurtisFernando Rodney World.Series.Champion. 🙏🏾🙏🏾
Retweeted by Kurtis @Jomboy_ "off to Anaheim" 😂😂😂😂😂👀My google arrived Faith is coming out November 15th, here’s the digital art. ✨ You can preorder the album now :…
Retweeted by KurtisA+ glove chuck by my guy D Huddy. So happy for this dude and all he has been through. What a cool moment. Congrats…
Retweeted by Kurtis. @astros to sports parodies night to reminisce. Seems like yesterday at times. Sure do miss that group of grinders. Love em forever.…
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