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@jmissael20 Still kicking, gonna try and get some more blood tests this afternoon.
@jmissael20 Thanks man @jmissael20 Hey. Still fighting through this. Hot weather not helping.
@mk9577 @jmissael20 Up and down. Changed up my diet to limit some symptoms thankfully. @mk9577 @jmissael20 Still don't know but all tests for anything major were fine. It's just all hell. Quarantined and in bed sick all day. @jmissael20 Still sick but not life threatening. Long ass recovery and lots of needles.
@Angels @FitVineWine WISMER red 16 🙏
Prelim M6.4 Earthquake Nevada May-15 11:03 UTC, updates
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Covid negative today. Still having fatigue, so still seeing my doctor. This shit is crazy.
If Del Taco was a national chain it would obliterate Taco Bell. I don’t often eat Taco Bell because Del Taco is far…
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The probability that a quake will be a foreshock is not affected by it occurring in a cluster. Every quake has abou…
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4AllA 3.2 magnitude earthquake occurred 0mi WNW of Chatsworth, CA. Details: Map:
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4AllEarthquake x2Imagine being that house @JAM3SJH3 I was watching YouTube with headphones in talk about a wtfA 3.3 magnitude earthquake occurred 0.62mi NW of Chatsworth, CA. Details: Map:
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4AllScared the fuck outta me!!!!
Now, ICANN must begin a competitive, transparent process to identify a trustworthy and willing steward for the .ORG…
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4AllThe 2002 #Angels hold several all-time postseason records: • most hits (181) • most runs (101) • total bases (289)…
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4AllThe rest is history. 🏆 📼: @Angels
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4AllGA!!! Bases loaded double! All three score! Angels have a 4-1 lead in game 7!!
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@hachubbytv Good job Hachubby 👍🍕🍍
Fun'm bored so I'll admit something naughty my friend and I did in high school. Our teacher let us listen to music du… @laaabaseball Get well asap. Remember you got that Kurtonium blood in you, which means you can kick ass 👊😎
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4All @Halomich2 My symptoms are weird that they are testing for a bunch. Haven't done covid test yet.At Kaiser getting blood and urine tests. Shit sucks.
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A spike in New Yorkers ingesting household cleaners following Trump’s controversial coronavirus comments
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4All @hachubbytv PINEAPPLE PIZZA IS BEST
It’s going to be nice outside this weekend. You might be feeling cooped up. Ready for life to go back to “normal.”…
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4AllI can’t believe I have to say this, but please don’t drink bleach.
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4All‘Parks and Recreation’ Cast to Reunite for Scripted Special in Aid of COVID-19 #CoronavirusYou know it's bad when I'm clicking on the pokemon go news link instead of the porn link at 4 am lmaooo @NianticHelp Just lost a battle to this. Thanks a lot 😑If anyone is bored and looking for some oddly satisfying vids to watch on YouTube look up post 10 💧 @JAM3SJH3 @abcnews @JAM3SJH3 @abcnews I know ;)COVID-19 is now the leading cause of death in our county. The threat posed by this virus is very real. The sacrific…
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Leslie Knope wants to let you in on a secret... On April 30, #ParksAndRec is returning to NBC for “A Parks and Recr…
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4AllNew Parks episode in one week! Can’t wait for everyone to see it...
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🙄 want a new place to live so badly lol
@Halomich2 Getting there. Feeling much better thoughCan we just skip to 2021 alreadyAnother insurance run for the Angels and another RBI hit for Scott Spezio!! His 3rd hit and 3rd RBI of this game, a…
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4AllThe idiot protesters gathering in groups spreading a disease are indeed a problem. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️Holy shit what a bad take first back-to-back homers in #Angels postseason history belong to Garret Anderson and Troy Glaus. The four home…
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4AllBACK TO BACK! First Anderson, now Troy Glaus! Angels get the lead right back 6-5 in the 8th!
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4AllFor as great of a start as the Angels have had in this game, the Yankees have now scored 5 unanswered. Halos mistak…
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4Allfuck texas theaters will save the movie industry???? Uhhhhhh that's what the internet is forbeen complaining about LA a lot, lemme share why I love LA. I scratched a guys car this morning when parking my tru…
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4AllAnother HR to Left! First the King Fish, now Scott Spezio! Both solo shots. 2-0 Angels T2. Ruth’s house got real quiet, real quick.
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🚨We're all overwhelmed and scammers are cashing in! Besides price gouging, many C19-related consumer concerns have…
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4AllGame Threads will be posted TONIGHT at 6:30pm on for the rebroadcast on FSW.
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4AllThe Never Say Die Angels! ALDS Game 2 tonight at 7pm on @FoxSportsWest. #CallingAllAngels
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4All It's a really funny dance, but it's my first kpop cover dance video.
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HI #AngelsFamily! For the upcoming @FoxSportsWest re-broadcasts of 2002 playoff wins, we will be holding live Game…
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4AllAlso, if you don't have FSW, there will be links to the game on YouTube in each thread!!! #Angels #WatchParty
The darkest-funniest shit in the world is protesters yelling about how this is all a big hoax while also wearing masks.
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4Allme rn @DeadGuyPlays ladies 💸🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ on Monday, all 11 #Angels victories from the 2002 postseason will air on @FoxSportsWest.
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4All🎶 I can hardly explain 🎵 🎼 All of this love 🎶
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New guidelines around face coverings are now effective as of April 15th. Those working around others and the public…
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4AllSo the President of the United States is rising up against...the United States. Got it. Makes no sense and is deepl…
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4AllWith every action we take, with every decision we make, we are working toward a recovery to bring healing and hope…
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@Halomich2 Yes. Been drinking tea and relaxing @Halomich2 Still feverish so idkNEW: CA has 26,182 confirmed positive cases of #COVID19. 3,141 of those cases are in our hospitals. 1,191 of those…
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4Alli haven't gone outside since april 10th lolYou can mass transfer "Costume" Pokémon ! #PokémonGO
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4All @IdleChatIRC 👀Trainers, we’ve made some temporary changes to Community Day to make it easier for you to participate from anywhere…
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LIVE NOW: Governor @GavinNewsom announces new initiatives to support California workers impacted by #COVID19.
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4All04/15/2020 IRS TREAS 310 ACH $1,200.00 got my #StimuluscheckCan't you pray at home?? Can't you do your church service online?? This is really so dumb. our continued efforts to prioritize Pokémon GO experiences that can be enjoyed in individual settings, we’re exc…
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A 2020 timeline: How California could reopen, from restaurants and schools to offices and sports
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4AllMy question for @hachubbytv to @LilyPichu about pineapple pizza spawned the funniest discussion between them 😂 @brianabeshort
first time ive had tea in quite a while lolAnother reminder that ANYTHING is better than not wearing a mask, that not doing so in public is saying "I do not c…
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4AllLA Mayor Eric Garcetti has issued a Worker Protection Order requiring employees and customers at many non-medical e…
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4Allmy #Stimuluscheck will be available in my account April 15th. The date is the definition of irony getting a check f… post a lot because it gives me that satisfaction of being social without actually interacting with people.
Retweeted by Kurtis #Masks4AllFeeling a bit better now but it could just be the Tylenol reducing the fever. Stay safe everyone and remember that to wear a mask!Hi Twitter! So I've had a bad fever for the last 2 days, been drinking plenty of water and self-isolating. Did an e…
@trnrtips @39daphHAPPY EASTER CHILDREN!🐰
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