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LAB GATE$ @labaranhamduni Living on maaarrsss bro

I might need to move to Atlantis, cause my mind too Outlandish

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Funny coincidence, today is also Our Day at my 3 year old’s school. Look at the note I woke up to 🥺🥺🥺
Retweeted by LAB GATE$ @fiestacondomgh @WOFES3WAGYIMI Kids with their fathers after the ourday:😂😂
Retweeted by LAB GATE$🤣🤣🤣🤣 @ekua_mamuna lol @benhin_bb @henryw____ 😂😂😂
Retweeted by LAB GATE$them for make the kiddies all dey on vody
Retweeted by LAB GATE$ @MrNanayaw Too hard bro🤣*holding my newborn* doctor: we’re gonna have to give him some shots me: hell yeah pour up it’s his fuckin birthday
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i wonder why its always rap that gets targeted in tweets like these... i wonder why... hmm...
Retweeted by LAB GATE$Who tf has a license
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Retweeted by LAB GATE$“Damn you really broke all those bones huh, you wanna know what else is broken? This relationship”
Retweeted by LAB GATE$ @mich__d_a Bro guess I’ll just die all lands not held by any other proprietor. In essence, even the land at the sea beds belong to the state and o…
Retweeted by LAB GATE$Well, Section 32 of the Interpretations Act, 1960 defines land to include: land covered by water, any house, buildi…
Retweeted by LAB GATE$💀Well yes, at least in Ghana. Per Section 12 of the Water Resource Commission Act, 1996, all water resources are v…
Retweeted by LAB GATE$Good times and tan lines🤍💙
Retweeted by LAB GATE$ @_ellietteee Chale I really stress this morning😭😂😂Shit don’t make no fucking sense wtfIf we were living in the wild, we’d simply eat from the environment when we were hungry, no? So if we decided to li… @brandonokudzeto @objr_chale 🤣🤣🤣 @objr_chale Walahi I no ask sef @Ohemaa_Alby Chale hm😂 @marron_233 Chale I taya 😂😂 @aleenaaaa__ Chale the way e dey stress me this morning😭😂 @Ohemaa_Alby 😂😂😂To aquaman or whoSo if I decide to move into the sea will I pay for the land there too?abortion restrictions dont stop abortions, they just stop safe abortions. Unsafe abortion and its complications acc…
Retweeted by LAB GATE$ @Kidfears99 free insulin? what's next free asthma pumps? free epi pens? not even profiting off a persons desire to stay alive??????
Retweeted by LAB GATE$Tomorrow is the 100 year anniversary of the discovery of insulin. In 1921, insulin’s discoverers sold its patent…
Retweeted by LAB GATE$You didn’t get here early enough , what were you doing on your way ?
Retweeted by LAB GATE$ @IaM_Drilyn 😭😭😭next time I’ll just be in Adam’s Scrotum @Ohemaa_Alby Nahh I don’t understand 🤣🤣 If I go and find land on desert saf they’ll expect me to pay for it. Who gave them the land??Okay we’re done posting bills, can y’all females quote this tweet with a screenshot guys begging you for sex?👀
Retweeted by LAB GATE$We all just came from nowhere into the world so why the fuck do some people “own” lands I have to buy from tf[stranded in the desert] Friend: *holding up cellphone* zero bars Me: what about restaurants
Retweeted by LAB GATE$i’m starting to think you niggas gay too cuz yall stay on my dick
Retweeted by LAB GATE$Just a crumb 😔🤲🏾Somersaults were invented by a grounded individual who just wanted to do a flip
Retweeted by LAB GATE$Xanax, diazepam and weed. Still not numb. What is this sorcery?
Retweeted by LAB GATE$Hmm… life
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Big fan of cancel culture and free trial culture. Don’t care much for paid subscription culture.
Retweeted by LAB GATE$interviewer: we're looking to hire a versatile applicant that can really check all the boxes robot: oh shit oh fuck
Retweeted by LAB GATE$If she has a personal relationship with God.
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These photo dumps make me realize I really don't take pictures of anything. Lmao I'm living in the moment a lot.
Retweeted by LAB GATE$Yes personally I’m worried God might send a flood to kill us all if these people don’t stop fornicating so let’s do… of Ghanaians are Christians. They believe in upholding Christian values. Adultery is a serious sin punisha…
Retweeted by LAB GATE$I spend a lot on herIf at first you don't succeed, blame everyone but yourself because you didn't ask to be born
Retweeted by LAB GATE$He’s built different 🙏🏾
Retweeted by LAB GATE$ @mannyrusher You barb💯💯I work at an Amazon distribution center and this isn't even a joke, this is just a fact
Retweeted by LAB GATE$where did all my money go
Retweeted by LAB GATE$Only this? I know under Akufo Addo, “sanction” means promotion
Retweeted by LAB GATE$ @Citi973 Calling for the MCE that's no more in office to be sacked and the Regional Minister who called Soldiers th…
Retweeted by LAB GATE$ @NYDarko_ 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾 @kwakzzzz only date special people soThey did. guysssss 🌚 plix coke and buy so your buy can eat 😭🥺 Please and thank you 😩😍😍
Retweeted by LAB GATE$ @MrNanayaw @flex_a_hoe Chale you barbI wonder if Sza thinks about me as much as I think about eating her ass.i love young thug so much oh my fucking goodness bro look at this
Retweeted by LAB GATE$this video always cracks me🤣
Retweeted by LAB GATE$ @SiaraaaAbbew Good🤌🏾 @SiaraaaAbbew Oh no what you need to do is some push-ups 🙏🏾 You’ll be warm and sleep like a baby @SiaraaaAbbew It’s cold.
@annnettte_ It’s trueIn the time it takes you to read this tweet, the expansion of the universe will carry the Cartwheel galaxy another…
Retweeted by LAB GATE$Tough times never last, tough people do! 🥂
Retweeted by LAB GATE$ @annnettte_ Ann I dey fucking missss you on goddddddLol, I'm waiting for the person who will do research on this and realize that especially here in Ghana the merchant…
Retweeted by LAB GATE$ @tsaweki_ 🤝🤝 @Aida_Sidi_ @Aida_Sidi_ This currency dierr unless Bezos send from space @LFCOwen10 @OneTrueCody1 @existentialcoms We are the childrenhey girl, did it hurt? when you were thrown into the world without choice and forced to live in anxiety at the real…
Retweeted by LAB GATE$woman: aw he’s so cute me: thanks he’s a rescue my boyfriend: stop telling people that
Retweeted by LAB GATE$Imagine thinking any of this matters.
Retweeted by LAB GATE$After exams we for fit do some solid linkup for some mansion inside the Aburi hills. E need roffTell me the price @selassie___’s become basically impossible for me to build any genuine or lasting connections with anyone ever since 2019 lmao
Retweeted by LAB GATE$My mom is so calm
Retweeted by LAB GATE$ @_agydennis You I no go shock if you still dey suck breast milk🤣 who be mummy’s boy pass youI just want to play with someone’s feet and anklets while she tells me how her day went. Is that too much for ask for Ataa Naa Nyumo @parkie_iiww I’m not doneI’m sorry but if you got your degree in this country then I do not respect it at all as an educational milestoneLmao this is a fucking lecturer uno. Explain to me again why I should rate our education system? mother everytime she sees my piercings
Retweeted by LAB GATE$Idk what I’m going through these days
Retweeted by LAB GATE$What if it’s all a big trick and once you get inside Canada they’re all mean as fuck
Retweeted by LAB GATE$so shout some erh?
Retweeted by LAB GATE$ @J_Rocster @iAmAClipse 😂😂😂 @iAmAClipse 🤌🏾Last time I checked we were running the globe.
this place has it all
Retweeted by LAB GATE$An astronomical phenomenon called gravitational lensing can warp, magnify or even duplicate the appearance of dista…
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