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Distinguished life form with disturbing features. Diligent servant of La Flame🙏🏽 Advanced nigga theorist. Progressive Muslim. Extreme liberal- free my people

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Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵me_irl
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵Me_irl
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵Me_irl
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵 @LabaranHamduni wasn't this what you were saying the last time loool
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵 @mich__d_a Broooo see! All I was trying to say but niggas take an out of context. But then again maybe I my wording wasn’t foolproofWorking with these two is the hardest thing lmao But please white and black T-shirts available. Norm black sungla…
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵Can’t believe I let Nadeem influence me with his madness😂😂😂😂 Wayne is #3 on iTunes with a five year old album. Goat shit 🐐
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵 @LabaranHamduni doesn’t care about my mental health Ei
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵I want make you heal faster bro🤣🤣🤣 KPOP Fuck Nicki Minaj Fuck Ariana Grande. Stream We Paid
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵you bitches learned the word manifest and haven’t shut the fuck up since
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵“You ain’t leaving the kitchen until the dishes are done”
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵denormalize automatically assuming all women want kids
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵Champion @shattawalegh ft my self #missmoney out now 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵 @Frim_ponmaa @francis_ferdy AhnnJoints rolled. Jams knocced out. Kid in bed. A warm plate of Benihana secured. Life is sweet
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵Nigga if you were put here without your consent you'd be a Karen too.
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Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵????? booty pics
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Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵 @YelibsAlmighty @TasteGrass 🤣🤣Well certainly you should know that if tech is approved to grow humans it definitely…
@TasteGrass Ummm, pregnancy isn't what makes me special I hope. That being said, this would be so helpful for SO MA…
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵 @YelibsAlmighty @TasteGrass Why?He’s = He is Don’t = Do not She’s = not interested in u. go to bed king 😔
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵he was part of PedoGotCaught and had exposed at least 30 pedophiles in morris county, including a police officer an…
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵Just because I’m one of the craziest person you can work with 🙈🙈🙈 Photographer: Herh your spirit be top top Me: 🙈…
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵All you females do is lie & glue on them lashes
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵WHOLE SQUAD GOING UUUUUP JACKBOYS ON THE LOOSE!!!CIRCUMNAVIGATE THE GLOBE AS THE CASH GROWWWWSSSLooool Herh @kelvxnn_ @obenggaf 😂😂😂😂😂 @obenggaf Bro🤣🤣🤣🤣 @obenggaf The person be chisel you say humble🤣🤣🤣See, what you dey take $100 million do? What you want do wey 5 or 10 mil no fit do?
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵 @obenggaf I swear lmao. Like he spending his money is actually even better for the economy therefore everyone wtf is this😂Hey, wanna come over?
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵That’s irl. On Twitter I keep it a 2 cause all I do is lie @tsaweki_ Whew🥵😻😻😻🦋💕
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵i be muting my mic to beat my meat in the ps4 party
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵 @kyngkey__ Kids you say ?
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵i have a pornographic memory
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵when you come home after a long day of bullshit
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵What even is a "day" anymore. We're just existing in a non-linear, existential stew.
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵today is a wonderful day to realize that life has no meaning and ur not special
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵Niggas need weapons? LOL. I guess I’m different.
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵Guys. I beg you. I really beg you. Can we campaign for this to happen and pass through? We're young and we can't a…
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵If you want someone to think about you all day, wave at people you don’t know.
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵The happiest fam 🥰
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵One of the most unproblematic rap niggas who stays out the way, gives back & listens to his lil R&B. We gotta stan.
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵Ayy shawty, ayy darling, ayy baby girl, suck my privates.Thank you for the inspiring words, Coronavirus.
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵Preferring dark skin men over light skin men because you see them as more masculine/dominant is rooted in the same…
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵Will tried to tell y’all but you ain’t listen
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵practice acceptance of the way various people choose to live their lives. even if you don’t understand it.
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵Having sex is not gonna heal a heartbreak.. LIQUOR ‼️ YOU GOTTA DRINK LIQUOR BABY ‼️
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"in their texts, they refer to a place that holds all their combined knowledge. A sort of separate realm where they…
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵Serious question. Imagine our civilisation ends and the internet turns off after all the servers crash and die. A…
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵she hit him with the hijab, lowjab and the midjab
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵 @kweykuyankah ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Y’all come see my boys 🙈 But please order for yours 🥺👉🏽👈🏽
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵up thinking abt how ghandi managed to b racist on an empty stomach
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵New Video Guyss It’s a vloggg A day in the life of an influencer I did a commentary so everyone gets a better under…
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵corona got this man seeing the world like this😭
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵teller: so did you wanna deposit the whole $3? me: yo lower your fuckin voice
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵 @Poetyk_Prynx Bro hm🤣🤣🤣 but you can’t shame the shameless @agyeman_ny @Kev_Mens 🤣🤣🤣🤣you ankasa you really for heal @Kojo_EA 😂😂😂😂But who watches porn on pornhub when there’s twitter? POLITICAL OPINION SHOULD NOT BE WHETHER OR NOT A CERTAIN GROUP IS AFFORDED HUMAN RIGHTS
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵whoever got my voodoo doll jus let him hit the weed 1 time
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵 @Out_lawed Bro dkmmmmmm💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀🤣 @usnaconnoisseur Proud of you brome irl
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵 @AJ_Ahenkan Coming your way soon loveeChase rapists No Find missing girls No Do sex education No But it's this one you like.
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵 @agyeman_ny NY please😂😂😂Travis Scott’s music videos >>>>>>>
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵npp or ndc they dgaf idc
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵This is what you people call competence? Bawumia hasn’t even fulfilled one major economic promise but he will still…
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵 @NYDarko_ Ahnn. So make I appoint you or what? @kwasibonaparte I dub thee, Don Hornychino di Caprio, first of his name, king of heathens and whores alike
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵 @kwakzzzz If your matter come the way I go escalate am😭😭😭🤣 just don’t slip bro @KWESITHEGLITCH @melvyn_huey You know how we do g @kwakzzzz Chale Kwaku I said free me ah🤣🤣🤣 @mennnsa_ Bro nbs ptsd from now hm @marron_233 @_staque_ You wan laugh me? You go laugh your mum sia😂“Niggas caught me slipping twice okay so what?” @_staque_ Chale I deserve some apologies, preferably from smoochies or smth hm. A couple of grams too no be badUsually if I “troll” anyone for here, I just dey play so naturally every troll against me be funny except that Edwi… @kwakzzzz @melvyn_huey Chale chale 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @mennnsa_ “big” 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Lab Gates🌵 @cedricbans You know how we do🥴 @_staque_ Herh bro as for you your own go me waa I go get you 🤣🤣