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@KirseyBelle @EODTEC89 @AlexrealtorFl1 @jhaskinscabrera @TheRationalMD Awesome!!!! @AJKayWriter @annbauerwriter I kind of like this quote: @Hold2LLC @MonicaGandhi9 I have seen a few who are rational toss out a tidbit about continuing to mask. i have wond…
@KirseyBelle @NahasNewman @bergerbell Oh my LOL @mamasaurusMeg @CDCDirector So much faith lost in the CDC this last year. They've chosen to push fear over health. @Siggmak And there are plenty of medical professionals choosing not to get the vaccine. I'm vaccinated but have a… @annbauerwriter Should read cousin :) @annbauerwriter My friend's cousins worked in a NY care home where Cuomo's order was sending sick patients. She en… @KristenMeghan We have been to Disney a number of times since it reopened. Told my daughter NO mask in the restroo… @jackieohughes @drvictoriafox Yes and went against the pre-2020 pandemic guidance. I really believe the handling… @districtai I believe you are correct. @drvictoriafox I just don't understand the fear approach. Was apparent early on who the most at risk were. Imagin… @districtai I really believe they believe they are doing this for 'the greater good and doing far more harm than good. @annbauerwriter Not sure I ever thought of the CDC as heroes but I did think them relatively unbiased experts until… @DrTomFrieden We knew this last April. If the messaging had been health (weight loss, exercise, sunshine, and fresh… @foogatwo I have been told there are kids wearing the same mask all week to school. What is being done to childre…
@EmilyPetro22 Kindred aliens, no doubt! @MomOnAMission30 @Medscape Very few people under 40 need this vaccine. Ship them out to people actually at risk. @JordanSchachtel I spent time studying epidemics in 1700s Philly. People today have no clue what a deadly epidemic… @NahasNewman @washingtonpost Standing in line at a big box store (Tampa area). About a 1/3 maskless. It is slow but normalcy returning. @annbauerwriter Oh, I do too. I hate seeing how unhealthy so many people have become. @annbauerwriter Lost a few friends on Facebook last spring because I was pushing weight loss, exercise, and vitami… @Nursejackaay Florida as well. Living pretty normally. My daughter has has a pretty normal high school year. @JennyErikson Very sweet. Miss those days. @KirseyBelle @danmmeyer We love it too. @drvictoriafox I walked in to a medical appointment recently. The robocall said to wear a mask. They could see my… @FrogNews I am lean crazy pro-vaccine but all of this has me thinking twice about future vaccines. I may have a se… @LCarrington259 @FrogNews @Publix Wow. I wonder if they are doubling down now. Crazy.
@RiseOfTheProles @erdocAA @Charley2021 @Roman_Baber @fordnation @celliottability @OntarioIsSoccer Florida. I just… @mamasaurusMeg It is just cruel. @mamasaurusMeg I so feel for kids who have to wear their masks somewhere outdoors in Florida. They are damp almost immediately. @kimKBaltimore Best way to keep the hysteria alive. Keep importing the virus and then send those infected to spots around the U.S. @erdocAA @Charley2021 @Roman_Baber @fordnation @celliottability @OntarioIsSoccer So thankful for where we live. My… @PardesSeleh @schraderism Parents, yes it will take sacrifice, but pull your kids out of these places and find like… @KevinKileyCA This CA gal is so glad we're living in FL now. My heart breaks over what the Governor is doing to CA and its citizens. @mamasaurusMeg I may have shared this with you. I took this photo of a young child's mask at Disney. It was so ho… @drscottjensen Great advice. As somebody who was infusion-level anemic for many years and had surgery to finally c… @Leftylockdowns1 Vaccinated or not vaccinated, if you need a hug, I'll give you one. Been doing so since last May.… @rorycooper The CDC seems to care nothing for health anymore. They're turning out weak studies with cherry-picked… @SKMorefield Mental illness at this point. @educhousewife My child had a food allergy and while we never expected anybody to change anything, we would mention… @danielkotzin And, more importantly, if you sneeze, I will offer a 'bless you' and not glare LOL @danielkotzin I am giving hugs and have had several people offer a handshake recently and no issues with that either. @FLStateVoter @mamasaurusMeg Strange. Okay, I will message you. @CourtneyHella If they do, they likely do not spend much time with them. @FLStateVoter @mamasaurusMeg Absolutely. Send me a message. Let's chat. We have gone public, private, and homeschool. @mamasaurusMeg Hillsborough still under @Melinda01212917 @danielkotzin Same. Life is pretty normal for my homeschool senior. She has had dances, sleepove… @FLStateVoter @mamasaurusMeg And, lest you worry about homeschool and college prospects, both my children received… @FLStateVoter @mamasaurusMeg We have very large, mask-optional homeschool communities here in FL. So many switched… @FrogNews @Publix That is it exactly. @FrogNews @Publix I was talking to a gal at a large retail store yesterday. They have a huge sign outside that ma… @JackPosobiec @ezralevant @smerconish The people shunning are anti-vax. They clearly don't believe in their vaccin… @kerpen My daughter has her cross country season in the fall with no masks. She is now in two types of martial art… @kerpen I think she values politics and her 'dream job' over children. She will forever be one of the villains of this era. @theodoricitalia @angrybklynmom They'll find a kinder euphemism for it, but probably LOL @JenniferSey And there was even a soccer study showing that kids weren't catching Covid while playing. Starting to… @sailorrooscout @chrischirp I am really curious, do you know, are they finding these cases just from testing everyb… @FrogNews @Publix @Target @darden But, yes, I could get behind this lawsuit idea for stores not letting people in. @FrogNews @Publix @Target @darden I have never had an issue being maskless in a Target or Publix. I was in Georgia… @ClownBasket What do we know about the cases? Are they being hospitalized or is it more of a lite flu/cold at this… @vlal42 What wonderful news!!! @skepticalzebra Florida. I love the Sarasota area. Siesta Key (beach), the Ringling, and Yoders (Amish restaurant) are favorites. @heatherhasideas @Siggmak Allrecipes is a favorite. @AllenCo66273228 @FrogNews I have yet to have a restaurant ask me to mask. @JenniferSey Children are being failed over and over and over again in our schools. This is horrific. @JanSKay I don't believe name calling helps anything. If anything, it pushes people away. I'd just recommend if y…
@JanSKay I'm not a zero covid type. Studied a bit of viruses in grad school. I do not believe we can eradicate th… @JanSKay I don't believe this. I actually believe we know who is most at risk for Covid. They can choose to be va… @JanSKay I am a big believer in personal choice. Many people had the infection and understand why they choose not t… @AlexBerenson So rarely see anybody masked outdoors.🇺🇸 There are school districts all over the U.S. that have gone maskless for months. 📉 Why is there no @CDCgov stud…
Retweeted by Kristen 🙂 @emmakennytv @naomirwolf We have a close friend who lost their son to suicide and the number of suicides I know of… @JanSKay @NDGMETCHEF @orlandosentinel Awww, Janis, you are better than that. I bet you can make a reasoned argumen… @JanSKay Janis, trust the science. These are good vaccines. Pretty amazing, really. If at higher risk, these vaccines can save lives. @JanSKay I worked in a lesser developed nation. As a result, I am very pro vaccine. I stay on top of the studies.… @annbauerwriter I was speaking with a private school teacher. They have added a number of duplicate classes and re… @DeanofStocks1 @GovRonDeSantis @CDCgov I am seeing more and more smiling, unmasked faces in stores. Feels good. @GovRonDeSantis @CDCgov Thank you so much for defending all Floridians and not just the comfortable at home crowd.… @McKotchi @rweingarten Wouldn't that be awesome! Inner-city children could be allowed a full education as well. @rweingarten What you have done this last year has really expanded the voucher movement. Not everybody can afford… @JanSKay @CaribeanChef @PinellasCoNews Janis, I agree with you on this point :) The messaging should have been wei… @JennyChachan Anybody who already had it should rethink getting the vaccine. Natural immunity works and can cause… @ALPublicHealth @JanSKay @CaribeanChef @PinellasCoNews Here is a good graphic if you are interested in whether red or blue states d… @KevinKileyCA California deserves better. @JanSKay @CaribeanChef @PinellasCoNews No, no they haven't. When you normalize for population, we aren't even in th… @asanza2420 @stevebousquet @GovRonDeSantis Only because DeSantis 2024. @rbestwebs @AnthonySabatini @GovRonDeSantis Not our area. So .any parents have said no masks with only a handful s… @danielkotzin When you consider all the schools open here and some even normal, guess I don't understand why parent… @vlal42 You are so right. I see people running into friends and giving hugs. Also, seems handshakes have made a s… @angrybklynmom They do this in Basic Training. One person does something "wrong" and the entire platoon is punishe… @HeckofaLiberal The Dems in Florida are making him look sane LOL @commongunsense @AnthonySabatini @GovRonDeSantis Could you share with me where in the United States masks clearly w… @AnthonySabatini @GovRonDeSantis Thank you for doing this. I've listened to children just sobbing about wearing th… @ChristinaPushaw and there are schools in the United States operating normally. Time to pull kids out of these pseudoscience schools. @Makerothings2 @prmullen69 @POTUS Turns out breathing fresh air, getting sunshine, exercising, and not living in fe… @prmullen69 @POTUS Fifth-generation CA gal thankful for FL. Masks haven't seemed to work anywhere in the United St… @JordanSchachtel Postmodern "science".