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This is a time for focus.
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@stopbeingfamous lol not weathered 😟. still fine to me but heard you @theearthprecise let’s do it2020 changes things.
Retweeted by the reclusedelayed gratification >>>>>> @stopbeingfamous what are you now?
don’t think i’ll ever understand the fraternity/sorority thingwhat’s there to do in bmore on a friday night?Spend some time really thinking about where you’re presently headed.
Retweeted by the recluseManifesting mula baybehhhh💰✨
Retweeted by the reclusefada i see what you are doing for others oh that some relationships aren’t meant to last. Platonic and romantic. Look back on them and understand the…
Retweeted by the recluse"blue check blacks" still makes me chuckle lol @citizins @afualareine oh but of course, they're usually no different @citizins @afualareine lmaoo he said africa like 3 times but couldn't remember the place... @msmarypryor lmao all i been seeing is praise. it didn't quite hit for me but it was a cool production or wadeva.The winners of the Nobel Prize in Economics experiment on the poor, but their research doesn't solve poverty.
Retweeted by the recluseAsking someone if they are available to hold space before just going right into sharing what’s happening with you, is a love language.
Retweeted by the recluse“Black tells you how you look, but it doesn’t tell you who you are. A proper name of a people should always relate…
Retweeted by the recluse @citizins @Gizmodo they not even trying lolABC News broadcasts fake Syria bombing video that's actually from a Kentucky military show in 2017…
Retweeted by the reclusemore life.The people of Gressier, #Haiti say they are determined to force the puppet president, who is bringing in mercenarie…
Retweeted by the recluseRichard Williams was a parent who understood how important programming is. He programmed the Williams sisters for s…
Retweeted by the recluseI get tired of hearing some people talk.
Retweeted by the recluseicarus & the sun
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mood's a dilla kinda dayAnd If your parents didn't teach you pick up a book, do your googles, and start learning financial literacy now. No…
Retweeted by the recluse @selkofiga well there's that angle tooa lot of black men need healing.i'm so grateful for your best you are love. @BIZ4BLUD that amongst other things. it's sad.human connection will never be the same.there are versions of myself that very few people get a chance to see... even when I allow people to get extremely…
Retweeted by the recluseI am a money magnet
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Today Africa join hands with the people of #BurkinaFaso to remember an African icon. The continent celebrates…
Retweeted by the recluseVicarious Monolith 1. 6.5 ft x 6 ft
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You gotta make room for what you want.
Retweeted by the recluse @theflowerpapi see why i jejely left?
Money is a tool and nothing more.
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The power of the mind is not a joke
Retweeted by the recluseI ain’t picky I just know what I like
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men are so...audacious.If anyone knows Graphic designers looking for a job. My job is hiring one in NYC. We’re also looking for a photo ed…
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china is really out here.Delphine Diallo
Retweeted by the recluseBusiness 101 Don't work with cheap clients. Don't sell to cheap customers. Don't pander to people who don't want…
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Retweeted by the reclusebet on yourself. every time.
@MsBawoni d cafe, its pretty chill
@tommywatomiwa 😭 i miss youthe lines are getting more and more blurred.this is what’s out there..sigh. @mefeater @DaBabyDaBaby @citizins looking like he roll with CC and themI love minding my business
Retweeted by the reclusePLOT TWIST: You are the bag. Secure yourself.
Retweeted by the recluse @ThtNigerianKid get it!the game is the game. who you know matters.
Being patient always pays off
Retweeted by the reclusewow matter what you doing you should always want more
Retweeted by the reclusey’all gotta chill with these wild statements enjoy talking money, ideas, strategies, & being around those who enjoy the same.
Retweeted by the recluse1k feels like $20 to me now
Retweeted by the recluseI watch ya actions not the captions and the shit you post.
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can’t wait to get fit af @BIZ4BLUD and thoroughly disrespectful"The resistance to the unpleasant situation is the root of suffering." — Ram Dass
Retweeted by the reclusei really don’t think i have it in me to deal with winter anymore man.I’m not shy I’m reserved. I reserve my energy for those who value it. I reserve my time for those who deserve it. I…
Retweeted by the recluseGotta go through it, to grow through it.
Retweeted by the recluseonce in a while i wish things like this appealed to me but like...just give me a commercial property or something. help my daughter get to her summer studies program in Europe. She is truly the definition of #BlackGirlMagic
Retweeted by the recluseit’s weird when humans don’t want to act like humans
@stopbeingfamous take a moment to unwinda very important lesson @bludclots proud of youwe exploit ourselves fam.Its christains that will smoke yo ass in jesus name lol just saying
Retweeted by the recluse @Togbe_Gavua 😭 akpe na mawu looo @iamBeatMenace extremely overrated on pretty much all fronts. luckily there’s lots of other areas in the country to enjoy.none of this shit should be surprising to y’all, y’all should know what it is by now.
Body Language will answer the question before they say a word.
Retweeted by the recluseI don’t know who needs to hear this but your anxiety is lying to you.
Retweeted by the recluse @citizins called it way less english in 2020.Don’t just manifest, you need to execute!
Retweeted by the recluse @thecoachchris_ that's awesome, much more to come. keep it my body oddy
Retweeted by the recluse @IamRvdical 🌚 story storybooty rub hoursYou don’t have to fit in.
Retweeted by the reclusewho you know >>> what you know
Retweeted by the recluseI’m not waiting on anybody
Retweeted by the reclusestay ready for whatever.
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@MsGolightlyyy wawuuu see developments, it’s litttt @MsGolightlyyy can’t wait to see what you create!