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a relationship with the sublime

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Joined Twitter 12/2/16 @chandssrm thats mad happy for you πŸ‘ @ChonkyfireAQ youre right πŸ‘ @HovDaGoat fettuccine alfredo @HovDaGoat yea idk manwait.. alchemist.. freddie.. al.. fred... alfredo... @chandssrm what do you teach ? gotta think abt this a lot more but this was my first thought if the persons story is fake idc its just that the image has really provoked a reaction from me..first i said this in gc like 4 hrs ago but problem is im Still thinking thinking abt we will be closed tmrw for thanksgiving all day @lisandraacrn no. but if it happened that's cool @jacobinmag :/ @incognitolam OK :)if nobody got me i know taeko onuki got me @CheIseaWoof just got off work so alright πŸ‘ @CheIseaWoof How are you @ChonkyfireAQ @morningsbell @ChonkyfireAQ @morningsbell a while = maybe 4 daystasteful development headquarters @Animist_ this is so overwhelming i can't explain why @IoneIystar_ @midairbandit yeah YOUppl were saying this song was mid when it came out.. i didn't forgetsolely vibes tmrw.. remember to give thanks to her @zymon3y I'm rockin with it πŸ™πŸ™now that you lot have stopped reading it should've been me!it k1lls me that folks are genuinely replying pain and are totally crushed by this news that someone hot they've ne… @coleslau too much debate too much argument too much beef @ErikTheRedDevil oh you're broke? *gunshots* NOW YOURE DEAD BROKE @vivicidal Cheers @blousblood that is probably correct! @kidkyros finished most of it tho @jabizofficial alright ig have no idea what's happening and am eating a cheese sandwich in my carand my TL saying the TL crazy and they can't find the crazy which is crazy this whole thing is crazy man 😭😭 around ill introduce you to your ancestors!big l was so clear of almost everyone @calt289 the old 1 with 2d was way better.. @jabizofficial bananas in pyjamas.. you americans might not knowPokemon black for the DS is wicked
Retweeted by lachlan ☭the innovation under capitalism in question @JarOfFly
@abitchsnappd hope you and yours have been safe. when's that lockdown ending? is it like a few days before 25th? @higgs97 so many future classics i can tell @abitchsnappd how've you been kaia @abitchsnappd pretty shit business got bought out and now im working casual instead of past time so i don't get paid leave n shit but yknowπŸ‘ @abitchsnappd banger!! @lategraduation_ worth the wait πŸ‘flysiifus has been keeping me company with these long loading dock shifts and for that im grateful @abitchsnappd Yea but like how will they get there @Tpabisa10 when the album drops >>>could listen to fly anakin slide over ohbliv beats forever @lachlantula me when someone asks what the best FKA Twigs song is
Retweeted by lachlan ☭ @ChonkyfireAQ 2 weeks @thomasny18 hey, don't bring hawaiian into this! @mlamberg14 yessssss @thomasny18 liking solely to weaken the ratio rather than agreeing > @flockaveIi very right @tsarbeg that's so cool wtf @luke_b_91 kinda wish we got a bit of both, tbh. some of those hh picks outside of awt and alfredo are a bit weird.… @theageofelio that's the thing about heryou can feel every ounce of both pain and resilience as the song progresses and she continues to confide in her fri… a perfect song
@yoo0oo0oo0oo ya a lot of them use so much aave its weird @slims_return i appreciate that bosstoo good is just on a different level @kenanorkel you know musicwhat is joe bidens plan for Making the minecraft baby zombie extinct @IoneIystar_ video ezy @bansheabeet other way around over here now they say kentucky fried chicken like the whole thing not the acronym ev… @NoNotAman77 minks for sure that beat is nuts⛷️ these tracks he's been teasing havent been leaked i think.. im excitedmayb carti actually dropping WEST X PLAYBOI CARTI
Retweeted by lachlan ☭ @bbjkap with the quickness @flameontheroofπŸ‘ @TOMNOOKRAP trying something new @itmedamon one might say I'm insane you guys know my minecraft username is societymemberpov you are a member of society @weaselgard i believed...
@midairbandit deradoorian - find the sun (psychedelic rock art pop sorta)