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Hannah Jane Parkinson @ladyhaja London/Oxford/Liverpool/Russia

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@JuliaWard1 Oh wow. Thanks, Julia. May I solicit more information? @PaulAppleyard You’re very welcome! @jamesrbuk Ahahahai love this city
top, top banter @LouiseRedknapp @peppapig 👏👏👏the full on scourge that is heterosexual couples doing PDAs in galleries @tristandross Peppa taking her earrings out and putting on all her mates’ ringsscreaming @AlDocherty Wonderful! And I’m glad you enjoyed it. @DavidNWriter see also: Moscow’s metro @sarahmann365 I didn’t but heard it was good @ToccyLa @maitlis @BBCNaga there are lots of us i promise, there’s just also a massive amount of dickheads around atm tooneed i say more really @harriet1marsden Agree with your entire comment @harriet1marsden That’s what I’m saying. Maitlis et al allow the time and space for them to fell themselves. @alexhern @41Strange (and this made me lol hard, because it really is) @alexhern @41Strange so 18 hours of every day then. at a conservative estimate. @harriet1marsden very true. the performative aspect of course does have to be there on television, as it's a visual… with @maitlis & @BBCNaga (to choose just two examples) who actually allow guests to answer the question [o… andrew neil is not a good interviewer. i v much like that he doesn't softball, but interrupting someone THE… @elle_hunt strong bipolar manic phase energy169 years since Tolstoy bought the unnecessary horse
Retweeted by Hannah Jane Parkinson @Marcus_Aure1ius it’s more than she perfectly shoots down his standard snide clever-clogs act @Marcus_Aure1ius God I would love that. Of course you’re’s still so good"I don't want to complain, but my tail's cold. Lost all feeling." "Poor old Eeyore! I'll dry it for you," said Chri…
Retweeted by Hannah Jane Parkinson @41Strange @alexhern @formbyfid Thank you @lottelydia I adore The Waves. But Mrs. Dalloway most “accessible”. Or start with the essays, perhaps?the seal looks so happy with the eel up his nose, leave him be
Retweeted by Hannah Jane Parkinson @misszing God, I love him so much @campbellclaret thank you, my friend xx @StigAbell Hahahah. This is wonderful. @droidson Thanks for sharing. And so true! @kldoherty Thanks Kim. And that is so lovely. @jemimakiss @trentaa98 ♥️♥️♥️
My first ever joy column mentioned ‘halatnost’ — a Russian word that translates as ‘dressinggowness’. This week I’… you have to cross your paws. and let everyone know. you’re feeling fancy
Retweeted by Hannah Jane Parkinson @lucyprebblish totally. Mine was “hi, little buddy” @MrRoberts84 You did indeed!
@HadleyFreeman The difference between Harvey Weinstein and myself is that I actually need my zimmerAhead of #WOLLIV, a little something about Trent Alexander-Arnold. I’ve had a bit of a rough time of late. My frien… @eddieduggan Eddie.The Lord taketh away and the British Museum giveth @sturdyAlex @localnotail just gorgeousI love that the Express didn’t notice they were using a satirical photo of a blue passport. God bless you,…
Retweeted by Hannah Jane Parkinson @samwolfson This looks lush. Like us. @HadleyFreeman I’m not saying this to be mean because they are all v beautiful of course, but I genuinely cannot te… @jacklusby_ @SachinNakrani Oh god @eleanormorgan gone, but in the literal sense @eleanormorgan imagine the total shame @Nigella_Lawson it doesn’t cost nothing though does it because i bought my computer and i pay for my internet connection @Nigella_Lawson i'm in tears that you've had to add "the signing up bit" @rossilovesyou has to bethis has made me cry with laughter @foxinthebox2010 hahaha @ben_bt @laurasnapes 10 times today at least @its_me_your_mom just said the same! totally.i'd also wager it is married heterosexual couples having the least sex. anyway, say hi to your mum for me x @orangeorangeboy bring on the flames xmy experiences would suggest otherwise @5357311 Thank you, Stuart. That is so kind. @xtophercook @MatthewdAncona @basialcummings the folk stories sound good, however @xtophercook @MatthewdAncona @basialcummings i'll listen anyway but i'm not happy about itThis is mostly happening when victims drop complaints (for multiple reasons, which I'm sure you can imagine), even… @carolecadwalla ♥️♥️♥️Police and prosecutors are dropping domestic abuse cases because of a lack of resources. An appalling lack of justi… @salihughes @HadleyFreeman @indiaknight And he keeps getting WORSE. it's insane. i thought he had peaked several months ago. @MatthewdAncona @basialcummings @xtophercook Quiche.#NationalPieDay #neverforget @blkgirllostkeys Lighters clicking. Kids screaming. Tapping feet. Sniffing (to be fair they can't help that). Music… dropping of the bril @vicderbyshire show is truly shocking. It is one of few BBC shows that regularly breaks b…
Retweeted by Hannah Jane Parkinson @basialcummings @MatthewdAncona @xtophercook Basia this is the opposite of a selllike, if you ever think you've fucked up, then hang in there lil buddy: you could do so much worse#ThursdayMotivation Aung San Suu Kyi went from winning the Nobel Peace Prize to being on trial at The Hague for genocide.This is fucking SORCERY
Retweeted by Hannah Jane Parkinson @Jemima_Khan we can’t predict the future, but at present i can’t imagine a day i won’t laugh at this, Jemima @jack_sommers It breaks my heart to think you might have gone through life not realisingThis is the first single from the best album I've heard so far this year (it's out end of March). Me and…
Retweeted by Hannah Jane Parkinson @ben_bt @laurasnapes Agreed @MatthewdAncona Matt, I can’t cope, I can’t stop laughing at iti swear to god i must have watched this 20 times during the night and i’m still losing it when he sings along @Kathryn_Hearn Hahahaha
@ghostpoet tell me about it. peak sad lamp time xi am, quite simply, well and truly gone @PhelpsieSarah i'm so sorry xxxthis is who jess is & has always been who jess is 👇♥️ @hilaryosborne ♥️RELEASE THE RUSSIA REPORT FUCKING CARES @driverminnie ♥️♥️♥️ @DrFrancesRyan ♥️ @EvaWiseman beautiful spacing, my darling @davemorrissey64 would also be accurate – on both content and acronym. so perhaps only a matter of time x @bellamackie Thank you, my love. His favourite wall position ♥️thank you for all of your wonderfully kind messages. i am ok and out. [they needed your boyfriend's bed back] @PatrickStrud @danhett Always @danhett I dunno, seems kind of preferable at the moment @maitlis snowy sledge dog is your assistant. profiles will be written about his strong behind-the-scenes influence,…