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Hannah Jane Parkinson @ladyhaja London/Oxford/Liverpool/Russia

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@JodieMarsh think you’ve stolen my cat here @Nicolas_Czar Genuinely, I feel the same @joemuggs @FUERTESKNIGHT Aye @FUERTESKNIGHT Totally right. Some of the pieces that are most successful are because they’re fresh & on totally di… @FUERTESKNIGHT i genuinely am so disillusioned with *everything* having to have a news peg. sure, a lot of comment… keep thinking about this“The conversation in Britain is geared up to be an entertaining shouting match. I think it’s stupid and I refuse to…[frank ocean voice] nick ferrari
Retweeted by Hannah Jane Parkinson @mcelhearn @gabyhinsliff Yes but there are already existing outdoor auditoriums and stages. I think as Gaby mention… @scottygb gave you a little shoutout didn't i hun"Can I have two biscuits?" The best of kids interrupting television interviews, by @ladyhaja
Retweeted by Hannah Jane ParkinsonIt may not officially be #RecipeOfTheDay, but while there a lot of courgettes/zucchini about, it seemed only right…
Retweeted by Hannah Jane Parkinson @cocacoola1983 This clip made me laugh a lot. But also, if they struggle… is it really that good a cat flap? Also m… @markanthonyhilt Stunningno but really who owns this many cats @ChrisPJGodfrey you need to have better orgasms m8 @ChrisPJGodfrey It's definitely the hardest bit. (And, cough, after sex… I found). But I am three and a half years… to the government for this. Great news. I hope it’s enough & not too late to reverse some of the closures &… @indiaknight Legendsthe wildly misplaced and impossible confidence at the beginning when the little guy thinks he’s gonna jump high enough to get up there
Truly shocked that seasoned journalist George Osborne, editor-in-chief of the Evening Standard who was definitely q… @annaframe we both know I’ll have watched this 300+ plus times by bedtime. I’m already on ~20this is the most happy-making thing i have ever seen in my life @jamesdoleman Mother! I left about nine hours in, with no ending in sight and a bursting bladder. I think it’s the… @japanauthor Slave labour & eating disorders endemic in industry = horrid (also environmental impact). I wouldn't d…👇 @ashnagesh Ah, that is my bad. I will add this to thread, thank you.So many bigwigs in the industry who were devastated by the deaths of Isabella Blow and Alexander McQueen and then t… fellow model Liz Kennedy, who brought up her concerns at a Burberry show over its hoodie with a noose attached… Portugal cover is so depressing that, though equally as depressing in source, thanks to those (often with lea… we can open pubs and barbers, we can open pools. Many are outside or can be accessed via fire exits. Maybe tempo…
Retweeted by Hannah Jane Parkinson @salihughes @WalkerAJack Don’t try and backtrack now babes, I’ve already reported the tweetWhy are we being asked to make the things we enjoy sound boring
Retweeted by Hannah Jane Parkinsonfor reasons unknown, i am choosing to watch this as though it is the surface of lava @elizabday I’m so sorry for your losses, Elizabeth, but thankful for your heartfelt writing. @JBueno_UKCP &… @FUERTESKNIGHT that cover screams self-published to me, you don’t need that dude. he wouldn’t even like Rowans. @asifkapadia 👍 @Divinalves @TheDarkJudge samehaving said that, origi has never been the same since he cut his locs. that's what we should be focusing on, hair-wise.i won't hear a single word said against origi and especially not against his new hair, which is basically my hair @paulcas64788246 You sound like such a lovely father, Paul. I’m so glad your son is having a better time. @ProfessorFraud @Thievesbook Thank you for sharing this knowledge, it has thrilled me
Life beats down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one. Stella Adler
Retweeted by Hannah Jane ParkinsonToo angry to go into it, but my god the NHS has so much work to do moving from rote bureaucracy to a patient centre… @LouisatheLast @chick_in_kiev It is becoming more & more like this in the UK. I knew it was wild in the US, but as… @jessphillips am highly suspicious of how seemingly everyone apart from us has managed to get in on DAY ONE. corruption afoot @ivanamac I love this so much. Iconic parenting, Ivana. @MrGrunshaw Oh my god, this is perfect Rowans vingnette. A memory to treasure forever. Thank you so much for sharing it with me. @oneofthosedais It’s not getting any less funnyas if i wasn’t already hugely on the side of hongkongers @guy_digby That’s so lovely to say, Guy. Thank you for reading.screaming at this. celebrating american independence at mount rushmore by singing come on eileen
Retweeted by Hannah Jane Parkinson @salihughes omg can you imagine the bleeding stumps I’d leave you with, thinking I’d done a good job. “There you are!” @salihughes me just chilling in the middle of this Venn @salihughes @weekathykat I just want a massage, Sali. I’ll be stopping people on the street, soon. @salihughes It’s so annoying. An industry which overwhelmingly employs women and whose majority customers are women… @ajimalmusic I would genuinely be so honoured. Never move out of that house. @ajimalmusic That is beautiful @Tweet_Dec I would not accept the apology @eligoldstone This is lovely and I feel exactly the same @basialcummings You’re lush and wild @emilybell 😭😭
@LucyMangan Wish I hadn’t read The Alchemist tbh @huitg1987 Writing it down now @jamiesg86 I believe I did. I seem to recall being extremely triumphant and extremely smug @UnqEdu Stefan, please don’t talk about my sex life on main @huitg1987 I will personally see to this request when the time comes. (Also that made me lol a lot) @hilaryosborne Precisely the kind of thing that we all love Rowans for. Beautiful scenes. @ChakAndo63 Hahaha. This really made me laugh. (You’re not wrong tho) @neilfaz TWO ICONS TOGETHER @FUERTESKNIGHT Genuine cannot wait to ignore the “no food beyond this point” signs and just have a full meal basica… @FUERTESKNIGHT just want to net zero balls on the hoops and then accidentally get caught in the middle of a fight with pool cues @ChrisPJGodfrey 100% let’s get jackets made @scousesoprano Such a good night xxmore security on the door than an airport on the 12 September 2001 but my god, when you’re in ❤️ @hansmollman The time stamps are usually very enlightening @stuheritage Massive fan, a legend, but still the IRL lol is Americans don’t have kettles so they’re waiting 8 year… @hansmollman My favourite is the supposed burn of “do you get paid to write this stuff?” And it’s like.... yes @hansmollman Bot you’re super talented, Mollie. Xxxx @FUERTESKNIGHT I was going to say you must be missing it so much, but so am I. Pandemic has no respect @davidclewis You must go when it is open again @SophiaMercieca1 Just iconic. @Tim_Kimber I love it so muchabsolute legends be like "i know a place" then take you here @sherrifflucy I’m so sorry. ❤️ @cath_slessor @charlotte_gggg I miss her @TheMichaelMoran I would never, ever allow myself to be sober / not high with that company @alexvtunzelmann @jamesrbuk please check the pulse of kitty in the first picthis weekend is going to be an unmitigated shitshow @jamesrbuk Don’t see any contradiction here @joshspero I am in love @Arkham24601 Yep, that’s what I’ve been thinking too. Some prime central London investment there. @EvaWiseman Just remembered when I took a pic of Crouch End lido with the caption “never thought I’d be so successf… @jessiecath v true indeed @EvaWiseman She should know anyway, what with your MANSION. @EvaWiseman I love her so muchwell someone starting drinking early @EvaWiseman also the butterfly is 10/10 would look at again @EvaWiseman Oh. I’ve just seen Rob also has the same R. I take it back Ramona is a plagiarist. Xxxx