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@mycroft16 Ooh really good idea thx!After doing my first bend I realize that this is just glass blowing for computer geeks @devinDford Oooh a challenge! :) @devinDford Define “difficult” lol. Hard tubing bending starting now. @jherr Thx! @techgirl1908 Lol @DarkainMX Yes! Single loop and only one pump.Any tips on loop design?
Ever wanted to learn more about #Vue but not sure where to start? Get your holiday weekend started off right with… Tuesday, @MoonHighway & @ThisDotMedia will join forces to present the #GraphQL Meetup Online, featuring talks… special treat for #ReactJS fans! Join @mhartington next Thursday for a talk on "Bringing Ionic (and Web Componen… we move 🖤
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Delta Expects To Continue To Block Middle Seats After Sept. 30 — United And American Already Fill Them via @forbes
Retweeted by Tracy Lee | ladyleetSupporting one of the people I admire the most in our community! @sherrrylst at #angular meetup with @ThisDotLabs 👏…
Retweeted by Tracy Lee | ladyleet @AnaCidre_ @ngSpain 😩🤗You can have an edit button when everyone wears a mask
Retweeted by Tracy Lee | ladyleet @FerryColum @ncjamieson @sherrrylst Sorry!The July meeting of the #Angular Meetup Online is now LIVE! Join @ncjamieson & @sherrrylst for live talks!…! @ncjamieson & @sherrrylst will kick off the #Angular Meetup Online today at 3:30PM EDT!… @geekgalgroks That does it I’m buying a tiara
The close of #PrideMonth means the opening of year round support of the LGBTQ+ small business community. In partner…
Retweeted by Tracy Lee | ladyleetI look at these 20 year old youtubers and ask myself... why aren’t I making $2m+ / year on content? 😩 #fomo @samjulien @stackblitz @ericsimons40When we start meeting again at events, we will need signals to hint how comfortable we are with physical contact (p…
Retweeted by Tracy Lee | ladyleetI want to speak at some events so bad but I'm not even 100% sure how to find opportunities in regular circumstances…
Retweeted by Tracy Lee | ladyleetTomorrow afternoon! @ncjamieson & @sherrrylst will join @ThisDotMedia for the next #Angular Meetup Online! Tomorr… you, @justinribeiro, for joining me in this amazing #webperf conversation! beautiful. On YoutubeTV, if you open the devtools and block the call to the `get_mid_roll`, it stops ads from playing. So nice!!!
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#ReactJS Fans! Join @mhartington next Thursday for a fantastic talk on "Bringing Ionic (and Web Components) to… @dimensionmedia It true @brian_d_vaughn Living in the bay vs living on the east coast it's crazy to me how much the AC is used on the east coast!The latest blog on #Google #Devtools by @WPHutt! Interested in learning more about the Sources Panel? Check it out… women - add yourselves to the list! #fempire lose your #smartwatch again with this #touchscreen projection by @mashable #IoT #tracking #fintech
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what is code? baby, don’t hurt me don’t hurt me no more
Retweeted by Tracy Lee | ladyleet @beeman_nl lol @yallen011 lolVery excited to see @MoonHighway & @ThisDotMedia join forces to present the #GraphQL Meetup Online, featuring talks… Thursday! Join @ncjamieson & @sherrrylst for a fantastic #Angular Meetup Online! July, 02 2020, at 3:30PM E… all! I have some news to share. After the Microsoft @github acquisition of @npmjs , I was part of a sizeable ro…
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My watermelons keep doubling in size every few days! summer blockbuster is available now!
Retweeted by Tracy Lee | ladyleet @JoshOppDev Ooh I have some good stuff for youMy husband just got this 49” monitor and now I need one. 🤯'd like to thank @AmericanAir for saving me some money. Because there's no way I'm going to be spending any money…
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Coach has this new rainbow line and I’m all about it latest blog on #Google #Devtools by @WPHutt! Come along as he explores the Sources Panel!… @HansLGarcia @ThisDotLabs For other positions yes feel free to send your resumeNext Thursday! Join @ncjamieson & @sherrrylst for the next #Angular Meetup Online! July, 02 2020, at 3:30PM EDT… are hiring 1 or 2 more senior #reactjs developers @thisdotlabs! Come apply! - 100% remote - N… advice would you give to a dev starting their career today?
Retweeted by Tracy Lee | ladyleetCatch up on the latest in #VueJS with "Effectively Using the New Vue Composition API", from Wednesday's… website I sold $1200 Second site I sold $1000 Third site $300 Fourth site $1600 Learning to code isn't just…
Retweeted by Tracy Lee | ladyleetThat's one proud papa
Retweeted by Tracy Lee | ladyleetI have like six people wanting to prep for FAANG interviews in the next few months. If there is anyone around who c…
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@zombie_squad2 @ThisDotLabs @angular Yes!Angular devs on my TL, this one is for you (I promise it's not shade from the framework wars this time 😅) Awesome…
Retweeted by Tracy Lee | ladyleetWe are hiring a few more Angular engineers for @thisdotlabs! You should totes apply at - 100% re…👀 Watch #RxJS core team member @BenLesh talk about upcoming pipeline features, ecosystem projects, community update…
Retweeted by Tracy Lee | ladyleet @BenLesh @ngconf @angular that's the picture from our feature in content mag! :)Very excited to announce that we've released Relay v9.1.0! Thank you to everyone who contri…
Retweeted by Tracy Lee | ladyleetWho is using GraphQL with Flutter?
On Monday, California reported its largest single-day case count since the pandemic hit. Yesterday, it broke that…
Retweeted by Tracy Lee | ladyleet @TeamNeem Cow poop lol or mushroom compost also this. Like half this and half dirt it’s crazy @TeamNeem Poop! Lots of poop.At 5PM EDT! Join @cmwhited, and learn how to create a new API using the #NestJS framework! about the two amazing #fempire devs joining the @thisdotlabs team!Today at 3:30PM EDT! Familiarize yourself with the latest features from Lighthouse in this #Webperf training by… @GraceMacjones A few months I think?Please observe my gigantic ass cabbage. about the next few episodes for @moderndotweb podcast! What topics would you like to hear?Starting in less than an hour! Free live trainings on #React, #Angular, #Vue, #NestJS, and #Webperf!… us here! is the day of the highly anticipated return of #JavaScriptMarathon! It's not too late to sign up to join! RSV…
Retweeted by Tracy Lee | ladyleet @burgeoningbaker Exciting! @maggiepint Persian rice is done this way @santi1524 @Ohdoctah 128 :) @KalidasNalla AwwwwStarting today at 10AM EDT! @psybercity and I are hosting the #WomenInTech Mentorship Meetup Online! Then, onto t… @KalidasNalla No... should I have?
@cr0wst Cantaloupe and watermelon @poofichu My cucumbers are doing terriblyGarden update - the babies are growing. at 2pm EDT! Learn all about the New #Vue Composition API with a free training session by @JakeDohm! A part… @ncjamieson , @niklas_wortmann , @ladyleet or @mkldny to contribute to #RxJS @JSKongress meets #RxJS Core team
Retweeted by Tracy Lee | ladyleetWe are live! Join us on for #jskongress meets friends! your @ladyleet, @ncjamieson,…
Retweeted by Tracy Lee | ladyleetCome hang out with the #RxJS core team at @JSKongress! :) @benlesh @ncjamieson @niklas_wortmann #jskongress week, the #Angular Meetup Online returns with talks from @ncjamieson and @sherrrylst! July 2nd, 2020 at 3:30P… @StevenMJohnston lemon! :) from whole foods. :) @ceceliacreates Ooooh!!! @ceceliacreates Ooh! I don’t like bell peppers but I will try this with cucumbers! @TheCodePixi It’s so goodHummus + pork rinds is my new fave low carb no sugar snack! 😋Your job as a senior engineer, more than writing code, is mentoring juniors. A non-trivial part of that is leading…
Retweeted by Tracy Lee | ladyleetLearn to use the #Angular CLI to quickly build apps! Join @brianlagunas and @jasonberes from @infragistics at Wedne… I put on makeup for the first time in a few weeks. It took me 60 seconds. I need to stop being a lazy a$$.