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Thank you to @ryanchenkie and @karaforthewin for speaking at @moderndotweb's #Angular Meetup Online yesterday! You… @ladyleet I would like to propose the next @ngconf have a hot chocolate bar, regardless of thematic disconnect.
Retweeted by Tracy Lee | ladyleetAre you familiar with #Polymer? It is a tool that will allow you to develop web components and share them without… @sadranyi @donasarkar @AccraDotnet @mr_odoom @yamoateng @Azure @MSPowerApps @MSPowerAutomate Dona is awesome! @nmerrigan Aww! So nice! @VClarkeDev @Wayfair @resilientcoders Yay! Best of luck with your new endeavor!
@aygul @kaanmamikoglu Such a cutie! Happy birthday, Emily!Thank you to everyone who came out to @moderndotweb and @ThisDotMedia's #Angular Meetup Online today! Next week's… @_davideast @John_Papa This is adorable! I'd say you are starting at a great baseline! @moriahmaney What a perfect little pup! 😍 @DevMarv Sorry to hear that Marvin! Maybe this podcast from @ThisDotLabs might motivate you again! chocolate barrrrrr yasssss 🍫 🔥 @ArlanWasHere @jaimelynschmidt These are fantastic. The charcoal deodorant is ahhmazing! @santoshsankar It's getting late and I just can't wait, Ten o'clock and you know I got to start my coooooode! @Barzi92367868 Amazing, Barzi! It's looking great! Hope to see you at @moderndotweb's upcoming #ReactJS Meetup Onl… @nraboy Can't go wrong with a Shun! @Obinnaspeaks @gatsbyjs @marcysutton @laurieontech @Brii_toe_knee @AishaBlake Congratulations, Obinna!!! 🥳 @nraboy ... I try and do a quick motion to break the skin and then go slower after that. Hope you don't need to buy a a new knife! @nraboy Victorinox generally makes some good knives! There are knives out there that should be able to easily cut t… @iamdestinez Best of luck to you, Obaro! Did you know that @moderndotweb and @ThisDotMedia host a #ReactJS Meetup… @mrtoluadesina Congrats, Tolu! Sounds... authentic 😁 Have you heard about @moderndotweb's #ReactJS meetup online… @rpaweb I ❤️ that you ❤️ #React and #Rails! @moderndotweb is also a big fan! That's why they host the #ReactJS Mee… @nraboy Oh no, Nic! But before you trade them in, you should make sure you are using a good cutting board and aren'… you're in DC go to @AngularDC! #angular you heard about @ThisDotMedia's "Giving Thanks..." Series? All throughout the month, we will be featuring wom… @robocell @willjohnsonio amazing speakers at last night’s @moderndotweb + @angular + @gdgsv Bay Area holiday party at Google HQ! Thx… @willjohnsonio Now I want to buy a house and rent some kids so I can show it to them!Another major highlight from 2019 was when @psybercity saved me after plane troubles prevented me from attending NG…👇Tag someone who's inspired you this week! ⤵️🔥 Announcing Visual Studio @Code Power User Course! Excited + proud. Over a year 1000+ hours of effort →…
Retweeted by Tracy Lee | ladyleet @peterpme i dont think it does? i mean, i use it on my shun and global knives and it's great. also it works wonders on my cheap ass knives.PSA: Here is the best knife sharpener ever I highly recommend. together with my friend @cmwhited to publish this article, based on a talk we developed on #GraphQL! "Enter… out there in my network uses VIRO often? I want someone to chat with...🌈❤️🌈❤️🌈❤️🌈 ready for tomorrow's #Angular Meetup Online tomorrow by checking out November's Angular Meetup Online from…
Good afternoon everyone! Just a reminder that tomorrow, @moderndotweb and @ThisDotMedia are hosting the December e… @helloberk That's awesome, Berk! Can't wait to see what you create! Hope to see you at @moderndotweb's #Vuejs Meet… @therealdanvega That's ahhhhmazing, Dan! @WTFSahil I'm a fan of both, but if you love #vue, then you should definitely come out to @moderndotweb's #VueJS Me… @CodeMcGlone It's always #ReactJS time! 😂 Have you heard about @moderndotweb's #ReactJS Meetup Online, happening n… @LachlanEvenson @bridgetkromhout Congrats on your publication, Lachlan! @AngelaRiggs_ Roxy is such a cutey! @teewealth001 @moderndotweb That's super impressive! Congrats! @GantLaborde If you like this, you have to check this movie out: @teewealth001 That's definitely believing in yourself! 😂 How did it end up? Will we see you tomorrow at… @ankitsharma_007 @Flipkart Looks awesome, Ankit! And great taste in books! 😁 @a_domingus @avdi @turingschool I totally agree, this is why my friend Rob and I developed the PAM Stack change man… @mhartington I'd say so! @elenaserova13 Great work, Elena! 💪 Really hope we see you next Thursday at @moderndotweb's #ReactJS Meetup Online… @croftyland @ThePracticalDev @hacktoberfest Cute stickers, Christina! ❤️ @Ekomikaze Sounds like you've gotten a ton done already! Congrats on your first Firebase app! Have you heard abo… @Tarek_Tkitek @InseeFr @InsTunisia Hope you had fun on your first day, Tarek!Forget Chess or Go. Apparently #Starcraft is the new arena for testing the power of #ArtificialIntelligence!… @CodesKostas SMH. This isn't the first time I've heard of this either! @marfife Glad to hear you're having fun with this platform. This is the first time I'm hearing of someone using it!… @n8ebel @kotlinconf 😣The FOMO is reeeeeaaaal! @JakeDohm @robocell @vuejs @ThisDotLabs We're very excited to be hosting you, Jake! @heysarahpaz @FlatironSchool Amazing to hear, Sarah! Congratulations! @nuozheng Haha thanks :)We're in December, and I'm reminiscing on all of the highlights of 2019! One of these highlights was getting to tr…*right酸辣土豆絲師 uhhh did I write that write? Anyways, hot and sour potatoes. Took me ~10 mins to make lunch. @AysSomething I love this!Happy Hump Day! 🐪 We're halfway through the week - what are your tips and tricks to keep your motivation up?! 💪 @EriolDoesDesign @AllThingsOpen @nithyaruff 😭😭😭😭 we must next time!Good Morning, Everyone! Already missing my time at @AllThingsOpen! If you weren't able to join in this year, or mi… takes only 11 lines of code to add lazy loading. 🦥 this.obs = new IntersectionObserver(onHit, { rootMargin: '…
Retweeted by Tracy Lee | ladyleetI'm not saying most of you all's sweater graphics generator is bad... I'm just saying...mine is better 💁‍♀️ 🔗…
Retweeted by Tracy Lee | ladyleet @erikjcain 👋 great to see someone in the triangle!Are you ready to see the return of @ryanchenkie at @moderndotweb's #Angular Meetup Online? He will be joined by…
Are you familiar with the fascinating world of Neural Javascript? Check out @robocell's interview with… theme for 2020 is "The '90s!" On April 23rd, wear an outfit inspired by your favorite 9…
Retweeted by Tracy Lee | ladyleetAnyone doing #100DaysOfCode rn? What are you working on today? @lilyraynyc @g33konaut @googlewmc Adorable! ❤️ @g33konaut This is the kind of pair programming I want to see! @_der_markusende This is the coooooolest perler bead project I've ever seen! @MartinaKraus11 @angular Chilly! But I hope you have fun nonetheless, Martina! Hope to see you at @moderndotweb's… @phenomnominal I think that means you get to make a wish! @ryanchenkie @speakdotdev @KukicAdo Excited to see you at @ThisDotMedia's #Angular Meetup Online this Thursday! @antonarhipov OMG 😂 @MartaW_PL @FlutterDev Fun! Hope it went amazingly, Marta! @jawache Yum. I can almost smell it through the screen! 😋 @KimMaida That ego! 😆🐶🛠 Building a Native GraphQL Database: Challenges, Learnings and Future @manishrjain 📈 Scaling GraphQL at PayPal…
Retweeted by Tracy Lee | ladyleet @Jenny__Anne @wiredferret Is there a toast ornament on the same rack? If not, I'm sure I can find it at urban outfitters! 😆 @hinchman_amanda @arnogiu @kotlinconf @KotlinDay @bberrycarmen @47deg @Jorge__Galindo Hope you all are having a wonderful time!!!We're almost in 2020! Now is the time for enterprises to begin their Digital Transformation journeys! Check out… @a_attrill Down in front! 😆🐶 @antonarhipov Tech conference or Black Friday? 😆 @mhartington @brandontroberts ...with the right attitude and an endless supply of Lactaid! @DanWahlin Nightmare Before Christmas and Star Wars? And they said "Infinity War" was the most ambitious cross-ove… @JustAskClaire Best of luck with what you are moving on to, Claire! We're so excited for your upcoming @ThisDotMedia feature! @jlengstorf @brandontroberts @davidbrunelle Jason! You have to start a strange food instagram with this model! It would be HUGE! @RefactrTech @brandontroberts Very pumped to see who will be at REFACTR this year! @aaronfrost @angular Very excited to see what you do next, Aaron! @cortneyharding I'll have to check this out! Speaking of 90's nostalgia and shows that got cancelled way too early,… made a list of local slack communities on github. You should add yours! Or join one! 🤓 a cookbook on my free time. It's like basically writing docs as a guide to my lyfe.