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The absolutely true, 140-character adventures of a queer games scholar trying to get by. Warning: I tweet a LOT.

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@NinjaDebugger I had the experience of Macherie, Y'shtola, and the other UR mage all targeting an enemy and thus tw… @NinjaDebugger Honestly it kinda sucks, because I like the game otherwise, but I'm just not... turning farming in it into a full-time job.For the record, War of the Visions as a mobile FFT with Brave Exvius characters is fine. Like, it's fine. I probab…"So we've made a fat character." "Uh huh. What's his personality?" "Food." "I'm sorry?" "Food, that's his personality."My very first draw involved me getting this motherfucker and boy was my fear that the game would treat him like shi… Square-enix, fuck off with this shit
[rubbing my temples] Star Guardian Urgot thing didn't need to be a "fat nerd" joke, Riot.
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anyhow back into the callout shelter take care of yourselves everyone's too busy crossing animals to play Trials but if you're a Mana series fan give the demo a go, it's…'s not all bad. Angela, Duran, Hawkeye, and Reisz range from okay to great (Angela's actress nails the personalit… hilarious bit being: in the Japanese audio (which is thankfully included), if Kevin has a vocal tic, I don't he… is... whuf. They write him as talking in broken English, but it's inconsistent, so he sounds like an idiot in… English voice acting is, with only a few exceptions, *atrocious* Kevin and Charlotte are standout disasters, th… think the level up system feels more interesting and fun than "put a stat point somewhere" so that's good. If I… am more reassured that the game won't be a wreck than I was after playing through a few of the intros. the combat… I'm avoiding social media for about a billion reasons right now but I wanted to share my thoughts on the big pie…
@piesaac ...if our admins told me this I would absolutely jeopardize my tenure chances by laughing in their face @miggylol As if on cue: I just heard a helicopter go overhead @transgamerthink Yeah it's not necessarily that the system is bad, just that I'm not a good fit for what the system… @miggylol Incredible @miggylol okay this is some straight up grand theft auto shit @transgamerthink I think my problem is that my patience doesn't hold up in the Diadem. Like an hour of work got me… @miggylol Followed by a city police car with its lights on about 90 seconds later @miggylol This was... okay so the light rail is right by my house and through the city it's streetcar, not dedicate… @transgamerthink I salute you having the patience to get 1800 scrip @miggylol I need you to know I just experienced my own high-speed car chase (as in, it was about 15' away) here in…
psst @devongiehl if you liked @transgamerthink's FF13 piece for Kotaku may I ALSO recommend my breakdown of FF13 that looks a… @rshunter88 FF12 x Lupin the 3rd would be fun @transgamerthink @MOOMANiBE @KrisLigman This sounds nice until you realize he's also trapped with... I'd have to do… @yellowmage the reason that despite its similarities to FF15 (which was universally praised) and its actual LACK of devi… @MOOMANiBE @KrisLigman I dunno, he ends Lightning Returns trapped in the afterlife of a dead universe until the end… @dialacina If anything she might be a BETTER Captain Basch fon Ronsenberg of Dalmasca @MOOMANiBE @KrisLigman Moom I got some bad news for you: everyone hate Caius @dialacina [exhausted] Dia, Vaan proved ANYBODY can be Captain Basch fon Ronsenberg of Dalmasca. Penelo could be Ca… @KrisLigman @MOOMANiBE [smiles the cat-ate-the-canary's-entire-family smile] NOT IN FF13"The fact that Final Fantasy XIII was not Final Fantasy VII has followed the game ever since and colored conversati… isn't even the male lead of FF12! Balthier is! @MOOMANiBE You, a fool: "Vaan instead of Basch as the main character is stupid because he's a whiny girly pretty bo… me just throw this out pre-emptively[turning to look directly at the camera] @laevantine The most bro FF POV character, wanders into a narrative he has no part in and says THIS IS ABOUT ME AND…
Retweeted by The Boss Also Risestiny reminder that yuna is the actual main character of ffx and tidus is largely there to observe despite claims th… @coolranchzaku I read “misc” as “masc” and yet didn’t even bat an eyeI have seen multiple assertions about how UW “going online” is proof anyone can do it and we just haven’t been and… of this requires: money Universities push online learning indiscriminately because they think it will cost LES… online teaching needs: — infrastructure — instructional designer expertise — assistants to handle at least som… reason online classes by regular faculty fall apart isn’t because they (we) think “some video and a PowerPoint”… @KCoxDC @RobZacny checkmate atheists @ScarizardPlays My friends @aquahaute and @bolnerap tastefully gave their daughter the middle name “Agrias” as FFT… @RobZacny @KCoxDC I legitimately cannot identify anything in that bottom row. @RobZacny The smooth taste of barely differentiated plant matterOrder your copy of Gamer Trouble from @NYUpress and get 30% off + free shipping with the code PHILLIPS30!
Retweeted by The Boss Also RisesAre you fucking kidding me. “An egg and some strawberries,” as all the kids are into, I guess? costs about $10, right costs about $75.
Retweeted by The Boss Also RisesYou ever just think about the Evil Zone training mode theme @LowPolyRobot I’m torn between “an Eretzvaju remake would be potentially fun” and “no, removing the jank from Evil… @austin_walker @LowPolyRobot I WAS going to sleep. Now I’m gonna sit here singing “Kiss in the Dark” instead, thanks a bunch.
Character lineup where the thin/body-normative one is the exception challenge 2020Hey! If you want to support a woman (me) this #InternationalWomensDay , please consider donating to help me afford…
Retweeted by The Boss Also Rises @avanna_amatus damn girlesports - women characters are not women players, those two things are not interchangeable
Retweeted by The Boss Also Rises @robothyenas When did the official facial expression of esports become Mr. Horse from Ren and Stimpy saying “no sir... I don’t like it”The history of International Women's Day is deeply steeped in social justice activism and socialism. This is so important!
Retweeted by The Boss Also RisesDon't forget that many of the first IWD celebrations focused on labor and equality protests. Think about that if yo…
Retweeted by The Boss Also Rises @tonitonirocca nohey siri @damehasclass At last... equality. @mathewrodriguez ...oh my god. @mythraidates It’s definitely... something.I am legitimately floored by this tweet. You don’t even hear any women SPEAK in that video. Jesus CHRIST.Blizzard tweeting a highlight reel of what are almost certainly men playing women characters (all of whom are wasp-… @mechapoetic @Faux_Wren @christinelove I have finished them all except for Vaseraga's last one and: I hate it @christinelove It turns out if you turn the medium at the end right before the flash...kick...sword whatever into a…
I have a piece of advice if you're thinking of replying to this tweet, which is: Fucking do NOTFuck this combo and fuck frame links and fuck charge characters especially. Thanks for coming to my TED talk. @appleciderwitch @RobZacny I lived in Oak Creek so I saw that thing more routinely than I would like to think. @appleciderwitch @RobZacny I KNEW that I’d read backward from here and find the Cheese Castie mentioned, I KNEW IT.
I love how the game is like "Cloud automatically counterattacks when he blocks melee attacks in Punisher Mode!" and… yeah one last piece of advice: when the claw ninjas show up during the escape sequence, swap to Punisher Mode a… @Rabble_Rowser None of them do! You straight up do not need to block ever UNTIL that fight which... probably isn't great. @rshunter88 @MIDImyers You can queue up unique attacks, I think. I haven't tried it. @Rabble_Rowser Ohhhh yeah. And there's SO MUCH going on visually that your only real indicator that isn't working -…'s funny that I was like "I think the game wants you to imagine it's a brawler but I think it's more Souls-y?" Me…'s a LOT going on visually in that fight and it's real confusing, and the game does a really poor job of signp… One last thing about blocking: it charges your ATB gauge, which you need to cast spells/use skills and items. It…
-- Once the "tail laser" portion of the fight starts, the Scorpion does a very specific pattern of attacks (Cloud w… Switch characters during the fight! This is helpful during the shield generator portion when the other person mi… On guarding vs. evading: you cannot cancel an attack animation into a guard (Cloud won't put up his blade until… Don't view needing to heal as failure. You will not get out of that fight without a few potions or rounds from Barret's Cure materia.-- The boss fight, by contrast, requires you to be more deliberate. Everything it does can be blocked, and blocking… Most of the mook enemies you fight on the way to the boss can be killed in a single 5-hit Operator Mode combo. T… Punisher Mode, on the other hand, hits 3 times and distributes the damage evenly across the entire combo. The do…, first, some facts: -- In Operator Mode (Cloud's default stance), you have a 5-hit base combo. 80% of the entire… I know a lot of folks (me included) were feeling some frustration with the Guard Scorpion boss fight in the F…
Oh sorry one last thing: "Bombing Mission" still an incredibly fucking rad songOkay bye