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The absolutely true, 140-character adventures of a queer games scholar trying to get by. Warning: I tweet a LOT.

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@teioh Why DOES it matter, TED @mightyrectum It's been a journey for me to slowly get used to it, if that makes sense? Like the world goes out of… cannot imagine what was going on with the localization team when they did these but I want to imagine they were a…, PLEASE do yourself the favor of trying every food/beverage. They ALL have this sort of desc.… to everyone who came out for the stream! Hopefully I helped whet your interest in the over-the-top bullshit that is TMS#FEIT'S HAPPENING AAAAAAAAAAAA minutes aaaaaaa I can in fact stream from le Switche so: half an hour!'m gonna make sure I can actually stream from said Switch but if I can I think I'm gonna stream the opening of Tok… A Mysterious Benefactor (who can see this, I'll let them decide if they want to take credit) super generously..… of you to say, game #NES #NintendoSwitch @slagkick I genuinely hope that Coat Lady had a good and fulfilling life, and I hope Coat Lady's daughter grew up to love video games @patrickklepek Oh my GODI'm not gonna say I'm a great or generous person. I probably could give more, materially, than I do. But also, it… 41 year old me also realizes that Coat Lady was probably: Loaded and the cost of a new NES game was not a burde… This was 1987. I was 9 years old. 41 year old me realizes that: taking an expensive gift from a total strange… "Yes!" Her: "Which ones do you like?" Me: "I like Zelda, the sequel to it just came out. I'm hoping to get it s… lady started asking her daughter what she'd like, and the daughter pointed out a few games, and the clerk start…, my mom was a struggling single parent, so I was not exactly swimming in new NES games, and Zelda 2 had just co… lived in Thomaston, and one time while we were visiting him, we went to a department store nearby, a Caldors (I… mother married my stepfather between 5th and 6th grade, for me, so between ages 9 and 10. When she did, we moved… Conversation elsewhere has encouraged me to tell a story I probably don't tell very often. @BooDooPerson Yeah. Because so many of these, in my past experience, WEREN'T overt. Instead you were just constantl…, wee queer bairns on the internet, take some advice from an old lady: Anyone who demands you be Queer In Th… the other hand, there's a very real possibility that now this demand for perfection/non-messiness is just overt… was a complete idiot about a lot of stuff in my 20s. But like that's what youth is FOR: being messy, making mista… about the ways that social justice language permeating culture a little more nowadays has led to queer you…[staring directly into the camera] I don't have any controversial opinions[skimming Memory Alpha] sorry: what @aeazel Ha. Might depend on how old Samantha Eggar is/if they thought to include her. @aeazel The answer to your question: Ur'f xvyyrq bssfperra (nybat jvgu gur hapyr) va bar bs gur zbivrf. V jnag gb… @ArbitraryReign It's probably the big fairy wing decoration on the outside of MIthai Glorianda in Il Mheg @onidavin fashion is the true endgameMy gathering glamour is: so good shout out to @NazcaTheMad on the Bayo front, if you haven't read "Welcome to My Fantasy Zone: Bayonetta and Qu… @HxOvAx've done my fair share
@healiocentric oh my god the constellation ones @piesaac like parent like child @SurielVazquez To the best of my knowledge TMS#FE didn't sell well in Japan, so my guess is that when it first came… @SurielVazquez What's funny is that they're about to add TMS#FE characters to Heroes, where they DO have English voice actors.Everyone remembers FF7 as this dramatic whatever but have you considered that FF7 was: extremely fucking goofy like… probably goes without saying that I don't like "Shit [population we're mocking]s Say" accounts for a handful of… @laevantine the specific claim the screenshotted article is making is literally borne out by the existence of the a…
Retweeted by The Boss Also RisesSo to me this reads like a critic or academic identifying an actual, extant cultural practice which a "shit [x] say… @laevantine I want people to learn that there's other things going on with synecdoche and shorthanding that aren't…
Retweeted by The Boss Also RisesMy read on the quoted image is that they're indicating community usages of "reylo" as a stand-in term with negative…[puts on the media academic hat] They did but not in the dismissive way you're implying @vogon Hoooooooooly shitReflecting on the fact that a lot of guides or FAQs for FFX-2 include phrases like "have one girl use Protect while… I'm gonna go take out the garbage before snowpocalypse hits baltimore (well freezing rainpocalypse) but like… don't have to care but in a lot of situations I choose to and I think that makes all the difference, you know?And like, nobody HAS to, but maybe you should? I try to reserve "I don't have to care about you" for people whose i… time I see someone say "why do you have to be angry about this" (c.f. @appleciderwitch's tweets about memes j… @christinelove It really is a shame that the WiiU's sharing service was so unnecessarily complicated.y'all got me really wanting to replay tms#fe and see the new stuff in the switch version but i can't really afford… Bi Characters Who Aren't Hornier Than Everyone Else On Your Show, TV Writers Challenge 2020
Retweeted by The Boss Also Rises @Twyst He does get it on a bunch of his weapons, actually! @Twyst It’s weird, Itsuki is like Tidus. The story is ABOUT Tsubasa, but Itsuki’s long term arc is about how he ena… to imagine if you can hear the tone of voice I read this aloud in.Ohhhhhhh geez.
Warden of Nothing, otherwise known as "The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak In Space" @iainahendry I genuinely liked it a lot, barring 1-2 sources of irritation that aren't constantEven better that this is a new feature @iainahendry Pop-flavored. @iainahendry so here is my answer -- if you need a deep or compelling narrative in a JRPG, then no -- if you like t… @iainahendry [rises from a circle of fire on the ground] hello iain @Faux_Wren On the plus side Odin Sphere isn't really a long game, my save file that's done all there is to do is 35… @innesmck do you thoughIn 15 minutes or so! an hour, give or take! @christinelove Plus you have to respect “I’m a bunny now, huh.” [brief pause] [hefts sword] “alright let’s go” @christinelove When I first played his tutorial in the original I was annoyed, but it didn’t last long once you get… I'll either skip ahead and show off Cornelius's chapter, or maybe just... pick up where I left off with Gwendolyn? We'll see.Hey all, I'm going to get my eyes examined (literally) but I think later this afternoon I'm gonna keep at streaming… @RyanPagella I feel like it was one of those "we need to explain the cosmology of the world" situations but lord was it clunkyI was also on Harper's list and the idea that those lists have carried into new ones explains why I keep turning up…
Retweeted by The Boss Also Rises @MrColdFury @arentios I've never seen them but I heard they weren't particularly goodI take ff14 very seriously @arentios Honestly despite being a former epic scale Slayers fan I feel like the show doesn't hold up in the 2000sYou ever think about how within the first 10 minutes of the first Slayers episode there is an EXTENDED scene where…
I know people want games other than violent ones but hear me out, what if indiscriminate digital murder is actually funI appreciate that in Destiny 2 there is an activity where, at one point, you can walk into a honky-tonk bar full of… y'all complaining about Byleth gonna feel real stupid when you find out the fifth member of the Ashen Wolves is… @bolnerap just imagine it @Talen_Lee @RyanPagella Talen i swear to god[adjusts] there we gookay it's not christmas anymoreI know the titles are hard to read but since I'm the one that took this photo, "STEM Gaming" = a three-tiered rack…
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Retweeted by The Boss Also RisesI'm a terrible friend, feat. @RyanPagella @devongiehl god damnit now i'm assigning types in my head claudia is dark or psychic, soren is fighting, amaya is s… @devongiehl pokemon conquest but it's TDPmuch like gender this tweet is a false binary, i should feel bothI can't tell if I should be happy that all the gays are looking at the FE3H DLC and going "fuck the twinkish waif I… @sparklebliss Oh fuck THATThe scansion on this is technically wrong because "power" is two syllables but I think this can be forgivenTEENAGE MUTANT FIRE EMBLEMS TEENAGE MUTANT FIRE EMBLEMS TEENAGE MUTANT FIRE EMBLEMS students in the sewers, garreg machthere are like 15 of you this joke is for, i hope you enjoy it