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Streaming In Place: #Lucifer S01E10 is up. @lafergs is back, joining @noelrk, @allisonshoe, and me to talk season o…
Retweeted by LaToya FergusonJust had a panic attack (haven't had one of those in awhile!), so... gonna go back to thinking about kissing instea… it weird that this week's episode of #Brooklyn99 made me want Andy Samberg to go full-on silver fox?
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@KaylaKumari Coming dangerously close to risking it all for some shitty fast food.FINALLY in for an in-depth discussion of everyone's favorite Lucifer topic: PALMETTO @Stella_Cheeks Naughty. @rachelmillman That fucking blows. So sorry. ❤ @TheTeleverse @noelrk @allisonshoe DYING at Kate attempting to explain Palmetto. 😂😂😂 @LorganMutich IT ISI'm VERY edgy.I see you anti-kissers out there and nope, you're not gonna make me think any less about kissing. I'm doing it! Thinking about kissing!Just thinking about kissing. I'm so bad.LaToya hits one nail on the head. Amy would want to know the sex of her baby so she can get certain things in order…
Retweeted by LaToya Ferguson @Loganchance Yes! We're doing it!Speaking of silver foxes: The grey hairs are def still growing for me during quarantine. You've all been warned. @draw_gregory smhIs it weird that this week's episode of #Brooklyn99 made me want Andy Samberg to go full-on silver fox?
@BonMotVivant Mmhmm. @BonMotVivant Danette. @justin_golight @JasonNawara I didn't even get to play Sting as planned... but I'm still the Sting of the group. @justin_golight @JasonNawara @VinceNigito Thanks, still hate it. 😂Writing this sketch -- in between even more of my rants about the patriarchy, because that's apparently just what I… @LorganMutich At least get a red streak, Morgan. @emilyofpratt IT'S SO GOOD EMBRACE THEIR WORST... I hate that., whatever are the most trash characters: Those are me.r I started that TV character personality quiz & got frustrated like 5 questions in trying to figure out proper per… went on a rant about the patriarchy in a work Slack (to a bunch of dudes), so I'm doing great. (Also, totally… @ira @Quibi Very much looking forward to this quick bite. @hollye83 YES @ira I had to follow my heart! And brain. @ira I can't believe I'm on the side of Marissa Cooper, but here we are. @ira I'll give you the entrance. The rest... I can't remember a single one of them.Maybe STOP idolizing public figures? JUST A THOUGHT FOR THE LOVE OF GOD @ira Ira, I can't think of an iconic Serena moment other than her confessing to killing a man. Meanwhile, Marissa g… @LorganMutich @LorganMutich I can see it.She's OBSESSED with me. @draw_gregory ABUNDANTLY @draw_gregory mmhmm @draw_gregory lol but also, you gotta multitask! @jiilbobaggins @LorganMutich Look who made their NXT debut last night... @draw_gregory Drew -- the Glee Wikis are very thorough! @draw_gregory Oh, no -- all of us who stopped watching the show after Season 2 have still seen ALL of the musical n… @kirstenbledsoe @kirstenbledsoe Yes, duh. @WhitneyM02 Oh thank god. @WhitneyM02 Yes... but the music was good for once. @WhitneyM02 Damn, I REALLY need to finish last season so I can start this joyous new season.A book of every script from the second season of The Vampire Diaries.
@scott_tobias I kind of just listened to "Hackensack" on repeat for like 30 minutes. It's my fave. @racheleigh13 Realizing Ryan Atwood was the guy and not Seth Cohen is a true badge of maturity. Congratulations! @racheleigh13 Lindsay's only crime was being an extremely normal person on The O.C. @zhandlen Same.This is absolutely devastating. So much of his work was really foundational for me and so many people I care about.
Retweeted by LaToya Ferguson @lalalanalise Holy shit. @jiilbobaggins Ma'am, this is the plot of Cloverfield.March 1 vs. April 1 would never judge any of her fans for requesting feet pics. But you know what? I will... @elbart_man @ddanielclemens You're welcome.been thinking about this for almost 16 years
Retweeted by LaToya Ferguson✨New @patreon Episode✨ @ianxcarlos and @lafergs talk their favorite Buffy fight scenes You can listen to all our…
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@JoelleMonique Congrats! @carolineframke I KNOW @draw_gregory eww @zachheltzel I'm never going back out in public! @jordanw_s I like to refer to it as LayCool's theme. @stephanieriggs oh no @thekareem 30 Rock was a documentary. @MichaelChasin
I'd also kill for McDonald's right now. AND take the money. @Kristen_Arnett lol @ianxcarlos The latter., why is he doing this tweet AGAIN? @Crapgame13 A very bad scam. @Crapgame13 that Nina Dobrev? @LorganMutich Now we'll NEVER know.Oh no. Not the V-Wars. ARE HAPPENING, Y’ALL
Retweeted by LaToya Ferguson @juanchupacabra It really is the good fight.For people who don't watch The Good Fight, you might think, "There's no way the show is as wild as the trailers mak… @trinadelasuerte ...and is that supposed to be a GOOD thing? @partynovels 😢❤🐶Here are some good dog pics. @badromancepod Thank you for confirming I'm not the crazy one -- the world is the crazy one -- for actually remembe… @badromancepod I... love this movie? @loudmouthjulia THE PURGE @whatthe_shea lolmood
Retweeted by LaToya Ferguson @kevinpokeeffe SHE ONLY GETS BETTER unfortunately, surfer johnny and his friends do not. volchok is hot though. @kevinpokeeffe Bless you for being new to this iconic show. And bless you for being new to iconic Taylor Townsend too. @kevinpokeeffe Oh wait, is this your first time viewing?!? @kevinpokeeffe "Did you hear? Ryan's funny now." @BrotiGupta I don't have any gossip! @beautifulcity Ah, okay. Makes sense now.