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Lemon Haze 🍋 Photography @jonsamsjpg Hair jessejamescharles Fascinator @MillineryGuild Nails iwearnails Bra lil…
Tuesday is almost here!!!! I’m finally back at @TheAbbeyWeHo with my special guest @LaganjaEstranja and Barbies Add…
Retweeted by Laganja EstranjaCatch me TONIGHT on @DASHRADIO1 from 8PM-9PM on the @DeliciousVinyl station with @notanoth3rmodel you @jonsamsjpg for your brilliant photography 💚🔥 Photography @jonsamsjpg Hair jessejamescharles Fascinator…
‘Dancers don’t need wings to fly’ 💖 @LaganjaEstranja this is a beautiful solo 😍 love you xxx
Retweeted by Laganja Estranjathank you @LaganjaEstranja for delivering my favorite 5-second clip from a reality dance competition
Retweeted by Laganja EstranjaI still believe @LaganjaEstranja sewn that wig to her head. And no one is changing my mind
Retweeted by Laganja EstranjaEven if #SYTYCD wasn't ready for @LaganjaEstranja, Jay Jackson still loved it and wanted to be a part of it. "I di…
Retweeted by Laganja EstranjaSkinny legends must always be photographed from atleast three feet away!!
Are you mad I’ll no longer be dancing on @DANCEonFOX?!? Never fear, I’ve got your content right here:
Ladies & Gentlemen, please meet your Runway Co-Hostess with the mostess @laganjaestranja! If you want to compete on…
Retweeted by Laganja EstranjaNEW Interview👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻Jay Jackson made a huge impression on 'So You Think You Can Dance' fans on Season 15 as…
Retweeted by Laganja Estranja @LucasMesser17 Thank you for showing me this @callmedelano Thank sweet oneIn ten minutes at 4:20pm, I’m releasing not ONE but TWO brand new @YouTube videos featuring the choreographic work of @EastonBlake 🙌🏻💯
@DougDinsdale @DANCEonFOX Thank you so much for this tweet @Joyuzsong @DANCEonFOX Thank you for always reminding me of JP!!If you can’t beat them, join them!!
My last moments on @DANCEonFOX What a journey, I couldn’t be more proud!! Looks like I’ll have to be a choreographe… @AdoreDelano @TheBiancaDelRio @courtneyact @Joslyn_Fox I love you forevaaa and evaaa!! @PatrickMichaelJ @DANCEonFOX Thank you my love!
We love you, @LaganjaEstranja! Our @watchdancetv Academy interview: #SYTYCD
Retweeted by Laganja Estranja🤣🤣🤣 #SYTYCD
Retweeted by Laganja EstranjaYou slayed that performance @LaganjaEstranja! Always a dancing queen in our hearts 😍
Retweeted by Laganja Estranja @dee_d_cee2 @DANCEonFOX This tweet touched my heart. I wasn’t ready for my dream to end either. I almost packed my… @aleebabee @DANCEonFOX The T @jenskyyy @gaystarnews Thank you for readingWe're lucky to know you, @LaganjaEstranja. 💕 #SYTYCD
Retweeted by Laganja Estranja @Sweetcs09 Amen @DargonLuce Thank you for the support @DargonLuce Love you @SimplyNikki @DANCEonFOX Thank you babe @_KingQvay Tell em sis! @classyboy04 Thank you so much! I truly believe there is still more out there! @DargonLuce @DANCEonFOX That means the world to me! @GiigyArmendariz @DANCEonFOX You are too kind @AndersonTena @DANCEonFOX Thank you loveFACTS! One day, I will. My journey to be on @DANCEonFOX doesn’t end until I say so! I believe with all my heart tha… @moonlight__baby @DANCEonFOX Thanks for the support! @jenskyyy Thank you for the love! @nopenother You’ll never know how much you and @RobertRoldan_ words meant to me. I decided to stay in LA and not mo…
@AdoreDelano @TheBiancaDelRio @courtneyact @Joslyn_Fox To be quite honest, me, too. I’m so glad it’s over and we su…’s brief, impactful, polarizing RPDR performance follows her to this day.
Retweeted by Laganja EstranjaFind out if I survive the cut tonight on @DANCEonFOX 🤞🏻💯 @pacobjarker FACTSThe best medication is GANJA!! Can I get an amen?!? Thank you for loving me!! me tonight on danceonfox as I enter The Academy!! Photography alexlepkowski ❤️❤️❤️ @LaganjaEstranja
Retweeted by Laganja Estranja @LaganjaEstranja girl I see you in the new @TATIANNANOW video!! #slayyyyyyy
Retweeted by Laganja Estranja
Not all queer people have equal access to knowledgeable and sensitive healthcare providers. The #weneedabutton camp…
@iamlaurieanng Love you both!Ohhhh that’s us! Check the full article to see the new Fruit Slabs x. @LaganjaEstranja Pride Passion flavor feature…
Retweeted by Laganja EstranjaThe most feminine @TheBiancaDelRio will ever sound and the quietest you’ll ever hear me!! 😂💯🙌🏻 @DANCEonFOX EVERYTHING!! @HaydenCooper95 I love you the most @badazzcosmetics LIVING FOR THIS!!
@MisterPreda MOOD AF 😂💯 @MisterPreda I’m dyinggggg!! @crunkaiintdead Thanks babeYou can do it, I believe in you!! Now sissy that walk!! ❤️👠 @hanisnotonline Thank you for enjoying it and not taking it at face value.Rare footage of the #HausOfEdwards beginnings 😂💯 @FOXTV @DANCEonFOX Amennnn @DANCEonFOX @FOXTV I can’t wait!! 💯💋 @HOTtamaleTRAIN @DANCEonFOX So excited!! Let’s gooooo!! 💯🙌🏻A beautiful write up on celebrating the @LaganjaEstranja Fruit Slab flavor, Pride Passion…
Retweeted by Laganja EstranjaDragged Up is coming to Love Sensation this August with performances from @naomismallsduh @monetxchange
Retweeted by Laganja EstranjaDon’t miss a special guest appearance by @LaganjaEstranja at the @GreenhausSD July 13th from 11 AM - 7 PM 🤘😁
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@xoxoluv4iggy @IGGYAZALEA I do have SICKENING music mawmaaa!! 😂💦💚🔥 @Garybhs1 @IGGYAZALEA I meannnnn.... 💯🙌🏻🔥And I am not lying when I say you replied to my tweet back then, too!! You’ve always had our back, and we thank you… @IGGYAZALEA I have and always will love you!! Since 2012 OG FISH!! @thethceo @ArendRox Love thisThis is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you @IGGYAZALEA for being a TRUE allly!! @ArendRox @trixiemattel FACTS 😂💯 @trixiemattel @ArendRox We will give up the weed when you give up the Barbie antics!
@DominoPresley You are GOREGOUS!! I am living for the promo!!My girl @LaganjaEstranja just got an extended shout out on NPR on the history of 'Okurrr.'
Retweeted by Laganja EstranjaT 💯😂🙌🏻 the LA fault line tried... CBD?
Retweeted by Laganja EstranjaIM IM PALM SPRINGS THIS SUNDAY!!! With @morganmcmichael @Ethylina Delta @MUG4DAYZ and @LaganjaEstranja!!! SHOWTIME…
Retweeted by Laganja Estranja @EllaDesmondxo Loving you back alwaysCannabis activist, drag queen and amazing dancer @LaganjaEstranja will make a #SanDiegoPride appearance at Green Haüs July 13.
Retweeted by Laganja Estranja @melissagray69 So sad I’m just now seeing this!! Next time email I’m a huge NPR fan, I hope we can make it work!!
@LaganjaEstranja Pride Passion Fruit Slabs coming in hot 🔥🔥
Retweeted by Laganja Estranja @FRUIT_SLABS New pic, who dis?!? 😂💯💋 @FRUIT_SLABS We missed yewwww 💚🙌🏻🔥These cannabis brands are doing more than just slapping a rainbow on their products. @goodbrandsco @KivaConfections
Retweeted by Laganja EstranjaVegan. Gluten Free. And now KOSHER!! @FRUIT_SLABS is always serving you the best!! #PridePasson @JavierHasse @B_Real @VanessaMarigold @VICELAND @Forbes @ZoeWilder I can’t wait!! 💯🙌🏻“Eu tenho sonhos dentro da indústria da cannabis”. @LaganjaEstranja fala sobre seu ativismo em prol da maconha e do…
Retweeted by Laganja Estranja
@JavierHasse @B_Real @VanessaMarigold @VICELAND @Forbes You are too sweet, thank you!! GREAT piece!! 💚🙌🏻 @LunaMoonNotts @HaydenCooper95 @tellievisi0n Bahahhaha I DIEDDDDDDD! Same sis
Well damn, they got you gal!!! I’m still down to teach you how to dip though @iamcardib OCKURRRR!!! 💯🙌🏻 is the best 2 minutes and 21 seconds you will see today. You have my personal guarantee.
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Time for a smoke break: Smoke Break by Laganja Estranja
Retweeted by Laganja Estranja @Timkoleto I feel very attacked!! @valroyeauxxx @bryanloewen @BiqtchPuddin Ok y’all are killing me!! I love this as a comeback, totally taking it!! ALL THAT FOREHEAD @bryanloewen The queen diva of sativa, aka the internationally known cunt of cannabis! And you are? Oh right, still…