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LAGUNITAS BREWING CO @lagunitasbeer Petaluma Calif. & Chicago Ill.

Beer Speaks, People Mumble … Join us for IPAs if 21+ (bring your dog, too). Please don’t share our mumblings with those under 21. Enjoy responsibly. #Lagunitas

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Petaluma TapRoom Chef Supreme Katie whipped up a couple wicked good dishes to pair with #IPNA. Check out the Sumpin…
Lookie here … Vol. 1 of the #StereoHopic IPA series has arrived. See what happens when Nelson Sauvin & Mosaic hops… @ThePaulGoddard U.S. only for now. Sorry! We still love our friends across the pond. 😢 @RJellyman @ManvsAle @amethyst_heels @beerhunter74 @TangyTanjarine @badhopper @zappafaye @Kubrickx @BeersInDenver @MatthewPlewa Adding "surprisingly not actually horrible" to our review reel 😂🍻 @sensualdad Ah shucks, well we have the best fans and friends. Hoppy we could amp up your day ❤️🍻
Halfway through Dry January and it's smooth sailin' with IPNA. Or maybe it's the motivational jamz playlists at our…
@TruthsandLies14 @BradMossEsq 🍻 @ogsquirreljam @BradMossEsq We appreciate the solidarity. What we need (among many things) is the comfort of a clas… @PeteLyke @BradMossEsq Well done indeed 🍻 @BradMossEsq @JollyRoger02109 Whoa there. We endorse your sophisticated palate and outstanding taste @BradMossEsq. 🍻 @ChiPhotoGuy It will always have less than 0.5% ABV, but exact percentage will vary. In line with a kombucha, NA gi… @rchunclskeletn Currently working hard in the lab on defying the physics of distribution...Review: Lagunitas Willettized Coffee Stout 2020 #BeerReview #CraftBeer @lagunitasbeer
Retweeted by LAGUNITAS BREWING COMake Dry January a New Year's Resolution you might actually keep. Only 80 calories & filled w/ full-flavored, hop-f… @lagunitasbeer @SuperclusterHQ (It's good)
Retweeted by LAGUNITAS BREWING COJust in from an expert on all things intergalactic...
@KBobTech @IR0N_PATRI07 @tedthemanbeast @SierraNevada We don't give up that easily. There's water, and then there's… @BlondeBrewser AnyTime 🍻
@RedPfeiff @samuraihawk @ossoff Oof, ain't that right? IPNA at least feels the same in your hand and your mouth. Yo… @beerlington @anotherobrien @RealMeatLoaf Our IPNA seems relevant here: (not instead of Hop… @IR0N_PATRI07 @KBobTech @tedthemanbeast Precisely that.⁦@lagunitasbeer⁩ “Hazy Wonder” @hfrfromthefloor Suds Review
Retweeted by LAGUNITAS BREWING CO @MissTrade @hfrfromthefloor 25 IBUs to be exact :) @7of69 This one is brewed by the BrewMonster himself, Mr. Jeremy Marshall, and team at our Petaluma Mothership. @curtishatch3 @TEEnsign @DuckslayerAR @LokiBoy17 @RyanDLeaf @AllbrightNFL @ClausthalerBeer @WholeFoods We also have… @iabeerbaron @bfinleyui Always hoppy to smash low expectations 🍻 @jammin_jamal Hey there! To tide ya over and fill the Brown Shugga-shaped hole in your heart, we recommend Sucks or… @DRE_Go_Fish @badhopper @ephoustonbill @JonMontag @JohanBBT @zappafaye @OkiTimes @RockStahr @cellmavin @BeerWithoutBuzz Gotta do something 🍻I am going to buy more and cellar some. I'll say it again- you can pay more and get less for barrel-aged. It's no l…
Retweeted by LAGUNITAS BREWING CODry January is going EXACTLY as you’d expect. Seeing a man about a dog Sup? @lagunitasbeer
Retweeted by LAGUNITAS BREWING CO @DJstrongstyle Our pleasure 🍻 @steveopageo @untappd IPNA is only in the US...for now 🍻Taking the month off for Dry January? IPNA from @lagunitasbeer is a brand new non-alcoholic IPA that's sure to scra…
Retweeted by LAGUNITAS BREWING CO461 - Non-Alcoholic Beer Showdown! We decided to try some non-alcoholic beers for Dry January! @lagunitasbeer Hop…
Retweeted by LAGUNITAS BREWING CO @KBobTech @tedthemanbeast @IR0N_PATRI07 Absolutely may just need to follow this one up with an IPNA 😉🍻 @belleandepic @cbadnik @shannonrwatts If you're in the market for some easy inspiration, check recipe #3 for a tast… @nhnersesian @shannonrwatts We endorse this message. ✅ @Femiwonk @shannonrwatts Yes! And IPNA if you want a beer-ier brew. We actually made you a whole stinkin' survival… @haveaniceduh @chriscoteshow We'll come to your pity party any day, sad tunes mixtape in tow 🍻
Doin' Dry January has never been more doable … with a tasty IPNA, our full-flavored, Non-Alcoholic IPA.​ Check the… to not dropping the ball this Dry January … You've got a satisfying, non-alcoholic IPA to get through it—IPN…
Happy #NationalFruitcakeTossDay! Celebrate accordingly, but be sure to see where it lands. Life is uncertain...…
Let's pop this blowstand and bring in #2021 with the quickness. May your year have more cold beer and less hot air.… @forbin1222 IPNA is making its slow spread out into every corner of this country so keep a close eye on our Handy-D… @TeamQoS @QoSBaszler We got so hung up on those ribs we almost missed our cameo...and we have to agree, the resembl…
Practicing for midnight… This is what they meant by popping bottles right? We’re ready for ya 2021! Oh ya, don’t t…
Party Hint #42: Pace yourself, it’s gonna be a llllong night! Keep up (and keep the flavor) with IPNAs on hand … ho…
@killedbykgb 😲😬🤯🍻 @justinshady 😂 Fascinating business proposition. We're flattered to feel so wanted. 🍻 @pattyOC21 @BigTastyInc @AngryOrchard Can we adopt this for our mission statement? @BigTastyInc @AngryOrchard @lagunitasbeer is a symbol of hope for those who tie their shoes with two hands, those w…
Retweeted by LAGUNITAS BREWING CO @InsetFrostbyte This'll do just fine 😸🍻 @pattyOC21 This is the whole tone. 🍻 @JasonABowman It's never too late to fan an old flame. Happy holidaze 🍻 @katie_cammm Calling the Schwag Shop now to let them know that next yea's Lagunitas holiday sweaters require a beer pocket feature update. @emsypie_3 @HenpeckedHal @DadandBuried @thedad Maybe we could market this as an organically-wild-toddler-infused-be… @nikcalculon Pleasant review. 🍻 @CarolynJung Here's to everyone always joining in on the festivities and no one ever missing out 🍻The first non-alcoholic IPA from @lagunitasbeer
Don't forget your furry friends and all the hard work they do this holiday season... Happy Holidaze!…
@RickPyle1 We love ya right back! Hoppy holidaze from your friends to the north 🍻🎄 @fresh420now Can't wait to welcome you back to these premises and enjoy a beer with ya one day soon. Until then, happy holidaze 🍻🎄 @Antwan_Charles Sending all our love #nolostghosts @RickPyle1 @Victor_Nava_ @Heineken You would be correct. There isn't a wrong answer in this scenario. It's a real w… @klhawkins1 It is indeed a beer of holiday seasons past. If the liquid is reborn in seasons to come, it will be und… @fresh420now Jeremy himself delivered a cinematic production about this very thing you might find illuminating: acts of kindness... @mikecd234 No Brown Shugga' this year, but we're hoping that Sucks or Willettized might jazz up your holiday with some good cheer 🍻 @Antwan_Charles No Brown Shugga' this year, but we're hoping you might be able to find new love with Sucks & Willet… @LibDiamond We're shook 🤯🍻♥️ @MARK_Gu @mikezoller These fresh hops are fresh to the market. Find some near ya: @RJellyman Everyone is entitled to their hopinions, and we're hoppy to have an option for everyone, whether NA IPA… @wmmdav DayTime in the nighttime. Bold move. 🍻 @badhopper #GetWillettized 🍻 @Just4BeerLovers We'd like to lend our handy-dandy-beer-finder to track down some Willettized in Charlotte: 🍻 @ArnoldPugg @KingJames Molly looks like she's been ready to be put in the game. @Sazzy827 Holy moly. To have graced those lips. Thanks for the hot tip 🍻 @RJellyman @bertrand_boily @zappafaye @JonMontag @lhtetrick @badhopper @cellmavin @Just4BeerLovers @amethyst_heels🎼Go walkin’ in a Hazy Wonderland ✨🎶 ❄️✨ #hazywonder
Because hop cravings can strike anyone anywhere anytime. So we created a non-alcoholic IPA that’s full-flavored and…
Everywhere’s a cooler! Make sure you’re stocked with something for everyone. #DayTimeIPA #LagunitasIPA #HazyWonder
@weston_33 Thank you for lending us your ears 🍻
This year hasn't always felt so fresh, but these tunes sure are. So pop in your earbuds; we're bringing it home wit… @ejhinojosa @ejhinojosa Very appealing. We're always in the market for souls so we'll keep this offer in mind 🍻
@mr_tonychaos We've decided to put Brown Shugga' on the bench for now, but we recommend giving Sucks or Willettized… @PeteMorris13 @johnhops71 You may also dig our rye-barrel-aged Willettized Coffee Stout, out now: @MathMaticalBoss @EvilGeniusBeer @GooseIsland We want you on our team when the zombie apocalypse finally arrives 🍻 @hutchinson We were arguably made for this place 🍻 @CatholicMomVA This poem embodies the essence of Willettized. Cheers to glorious booziness 🍻
@CB_BucketList @parksnpints @WillettWhiskey We declare you the lord of Fridays 👌🏼🍻 @moemjones Amazing! Let us know how your vertical tasting goes 🍻 @KyleAMadson @WillettWhiskey 👌🏼🍻 @ccicanine @CloverSonoma @KJWines 🍻 @Resiliency1st @CloverSonoma @griffodistill @KJWines Sending so much love your way! You all are amazing 🍻 @klhawkins1 @Sirles71_HSKR @BuschBeer Condolences on your loss. We're comforted to know you had a Sucks to keep you company 🍻 @JuanMaddenRoto @anxiouscarbon 🍻 We can't imagine the amount of brain space freed up by this wise strategy. It's li… @ngvrnd @jozafiend We're big believers in never arguing with a woman with an axe in her hand. @eVisitorGuide We're closed for now due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but we hope all our friends are staying safe and…