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Nick @LaidBackInSong Cardiff, Wales

Music journalist for @PureGrainAudio @echoesanddust He/him. Apparently an adult.

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My "controversial" (that is, correct) opinion is that crepes are a bit pants. Getting this out of the way now. Plea… @vanillasadb0y @Lauren_ElspethW If he can't handle that he isn't worth it.I think this a lot but I don’t explicitly say it nearly often enough so: trans women are women, trans men are men,…
Retweeted by NickYes, it's great that it looks like this cunt is going to go away for some time, but this....
Retweeted by NickProbably one of the happiest, most joyous headlines I have ever read. @CelticFrosty You're assuming the owners of media outlets nationwide don't want trump to win :PThis was a very welcome sight on return from the gym. Thanks guys!Shirt check with @AllfatherUK @AllfatherUK Amen. Hypno Disc, Razer, Sir Killalot were all my favourites. I disliked the flipping ones because if… @DiscordianKitty So many times in the AITA subreddit the answer is "YES JESUS FUCK WTF OF COURSE YOU'RE AN ARSEHOLE…“Music, when combined with a pleasurable idea, is poetry. Music without the idea is simply music. Without music or…
Retweeted by Nick @AllfatherUK It was such a good show. My dad and I were part of the fan club, and we got tickets once to go see it… am 8, and i'm watching Robot Wars a lot. I wasn't popular but still had some good friends. i also read a lot of b… you remember when you joined Twitter? I don't. Turns out it was 9 years ago today. Mercifully I can't seem tosee…
@BootsMcGoot I think Gwendoline Christie would be a very welcome surprise. She would probably compliment you in you… @DoctorWhoFan79 @peculiarcardiff Got my tickets for Wednesday!I don’t know who needs to hear this: if you do not clean up properly after your blood incantation you will get tomb mold.
Retweeted by Nick @Beardynoise @BootsMcGoot Going Man Thank Thing is my new indie synthwave band name. @CeruleanCoyote I think I shall! @CeruleanCoyote Just started watching this morning. The effects are hilariously dated but the characters are immediately fun to watch. @GeorgeJParr Monster Magnet: Powertrip: Powertrip; Space Lord; Dopes to Infinity: Negasonic Teenage Warhead St… @GeorgeJParr Clutch: Earth Rocker: Earth Rocker; The Face Blast Tyrant: The Mob Goes Wild; Cypress Grove Psychi… @GeorgeJParr Blues Pills: Devil Man EP: Devil Man S/t: High Class Woman; Jupiter; Astralplane Lady in Gold: Lady… @GeorgeJParr Graveyard: Hisingen Blues: Ain't Fit To Live Here; Hisingen Blues; The Siren Lights Out: Seven Seven… you can see the Moon, the Moon can see you. Act accordingly.
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@GeorgeJParr I say this like I have an extensive library of stoner stuff. I really don't. I know what I like, but w… this is a satisfying video. just think it would be cute if metalheads started saying "who are you wearing" when they talk about their band merch
Retweeted by Nick @benjimnmustdie @birdsofpreywb @MargotRobbie It was so much fun. I am starting movie reviews for one of the sites I… @GeorgeJParr Most of the Graveyard (SWE)discography, anything off "Seven Thunders Roar" by Stoned Jesus, The Riffia… @E_dayEccentric Is storm Ellen due to be wed? Is she taking her partner's name, or are they double-barrelling? That… @metaltapes It's an awful feeling, and I am sorry you are suffering with it. *Hugs* trying to make oneself fit some… Allegaeon: Fragments of Form and Function. Melodic death metal with furious riffs. This is their exce… @markonilmar Definitely had similar dreams. It's rough.Spectral Lore reacting with righteous fury to a truly vile question.
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@MannyOWar I bet! @bye_jr @MannyOWar Very hyped for this.Credit to @dorkomatic for introducing me to this lot. The Longest Johns: Between Wind and Water SHANTIES. Sing loud. Sing proud. Nothing like filling your l… @AngryMetalGuy E.L. James or Ayn Rand. But tbh I tend to stick with the John Waters maxim "If you go home with some… SURPRISING THING Second least surprising thing
Retweeted by Nick @CelticFrosty That's the whiniest thing I have seen in a while. "The nasty billionaire is stealing votes from me bo… @Pat0Canton Harry Thotter and the Prisoner of Azka-Bang-BangPetition for an "are you sure you want to Tweet that?" button.
Retweeted by NickLooking at this image and wishing I had abs like this. Then I wouldn't feel so doughy... @Ozalina Make sure you have tissues at the ready. I cried. Not buckets, no open weeping, but I definitely shed a few tears. @Toby_Saunders94 Happy (belated) birthday! @JSHoare when you thought Cardiff couldn't get any lousier there are now bandits operating on one of the city's very fe…
Retweeted by Nick @bye_jr Agreed. The whole fucking thing is so bloody stupid.
@gothycrip JUST THINK OF IT AS LEAVING EARLY TO AVOID THE RUSH. @bye_jr Yup. I'm sorry that this is going to impact you guys.This is fucking terrifying. time of darkness is upon us.
Retweeted by Nick @xaynnaz I have had this feeling on a very rare occasion with writing and I am very glad to see you experiencing it :) @ThatEricAlper Like the drink, but not spelled the sameNever really considered that dumbasses also get older. So when you are talking to an old person and they don’t get…
Retweeted by Nick @BlaqUnicorn13 O h n o
@thejavan @tridroidrecords Huzzah! @20thcenturymarc Agreed. I loved it as a kid, still love it now, but i've read so much criticism from both fans and… @bex6 That is the absolute perfect toast and now I am horngry on main. @E_dayEccentric I was interrupted in watching that scene to go have dinner and never been more grateful! @CeruleanCoyote I guess also "they call me Mr centigrade" sounds a bit dull. Though if you got the rhyme right it w… Jones trilogy. The Ark opening and Grail challenge scenes terrified. The Witches: peeling off the faces. @markonilmar Rival Sons have a couple of bangers but that's otherwise a very milquetoast lineup. @CeruleanCoyote Huge if trueC R Y I N G
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@thejavan @tridroidrecords Ha! No worries. Glad to see you read one of the sites I write for :) Which site is that? @markonilmar The secret is to embrace the corn. The problem then becomes what level of corn you find acceptable. @thejavan @tridroidrecords Insofar as i can call myself a journalist, mine is "did i like it? It's going on the AOT… @thejavan @tridroidrecords I really should have guessed it would have involved complex maths and/or coding! Thank you for sharing that.I have to close my eyes to do it, but yeah. This is a Cool Thing my body can do. I'm almost certain it's bad for me… @sour_grove LET THEM BREATHE IN THE POWERFUL SCENT OF YOUR FARTS AS A DISPLAY OF DOMINANCE AND TERRITORIAL MARKING.… thread today. @ivanbelcic Feeling a bit called-out here. @tridroidrecords An interesting and not unexpected list, but i'd be more interested in how they actually put it tog…>Obsequiae >Not involved in ancient funeral rites is a fascinating look at fake viral recipe videos which tell people to, among other things, bleach strawberries
Retweeted by Nick @BenjiMainwaring *hugs*>Kamelot >Not Arthurian knights sitting at a Round Table @xaynnaz Looking good my dude! Happy birthday :) I hope it has been a good day.I saw the man rise. Now, we must bring him down.
Retweeted by NickIn case you've forgotten...
Retweeted by Nick @BlaqUnicorn13 I was just thinking about this earlier. This panel is so well-worded. Thank you for sharing this.>Graveyard >Actual humans not several acres of land dedicated to the burial of bodies after death
@ambientgaze This is distressingly correct. @EchoesAndDan @FiniteMonkey Ain't that the truth. @FiniteMonkey Thanks! :) @FiniteMonkey i wouldn't be surprised if that's exactly what he was doingCat snoring through an echo microphone of the day.
Retweeted by Nick @wooltech Don when being thoughtful, and then slide down the nose in disapproval. Because then you show that you ha… @AlexWattsEsq I think even the most bastardly bastards have some kernel of decency in them somewhere. They are capa… to yeet Dominic Cummings into the heart of the sun
Retweeted by Nick @CambrianNerd @DownloadFest Have fun! Take cash (although maybe the wireless card machines are better now?) and pac…
@KelseyChapstick Very true! @KelseyChapstick To each their own, ultimately. I know I would like to loosen my inhibitions in the world of sex, b…🚨🚨NEW VIOLET COLD🚨🚨 🚨🚨NEW VIOLET COLD🚨🚨 🚨🚨NEW VIOLET COLD🚨🚨
Retweeted by Nick @ivanbelcic Yes yes yes. Hyped.