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deranged twt diary ^ 15yo

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tips on what to do if someone tells you they s / h !!
Retweeted by fyo joker era @mentalvodka omg wait im at store rn look wht i saw
@mentalvodka OMG SANS?? im so sorry 💔💔💔 @mentalvodka bro just say chest bone who says sternum what are you ?? some bone doctor?? 👋👋👋😴😴😴 @mentalvodka wtf is a sternummeows if u like cats :)) or if ur the physical embodiment of your parent’s deepest flawsHOLY SHIT?? if i was su!cidal? what if this was my last straw?
what. says i should talk to my psych ab getting more treatment for my mania and that she thinks i have bipolar but bc… my therapy sessionI HATE THERAPY WHY R U BEING SO CRYPTIC BRO WHATjust sent a giant paragraph explaining all my mental health problems to my new therapist right after she asked the… @parsley_boy FRRwdym im not your fav moot and youre not madly in love with me even though we’ve never interacted or anything
Retweeted by fyo joker era @oaksoeney OOO THANK UUUUmy uncle has cancer and my grandparents are old and cant check up on me and i dont have friends or even family frie… my mom to let me stay home alone for 11 days rn jsut found out my family is going on vacation and theyre making me go during winter brewk and im fucking crying o… @oaksoeney RTim glad i dont talk to anyone outside my moots and family bc its the time of year where people start saying to me “… @dirtypileofsock no fr if i hadnt pulled him i wouldve already split an arterythe mf that cant stand 90% of liyues human population rlly said “fortunately she is humorous, so you dont need to w… live for xiao being one of the very few chars who have a (mostly)positive voice-line for hu taoive been jealous of like literally everyone ive ever met my whole life and now it just feels like the norm ykbtw my genshin signature before this was “if i dont pull scara i will pull a sayori” @stinkydazai_ OMG GOOD BC IM DRAWING SMTHN GENSHIN RELATED RNim asking my psych to put me on another mood stabilizer next appointment istg i cannot do this rn @stinkydazai_ WOOOOO wht stuff hve u watched/played jst so ik what to send 😵‍💫😵‍💫looks like im not h@ng!ng myself today @nmbronereifan TAGGED WRONG ACC 😭😭😭 bye !!!i want fischl layout but i dont wanna be associated with *those* genshin pfp mfs“i am gay” “i am straight” okay?? well ill take a quiet life a handshakeee of carbon monoxide NO ALARMS AND NO SURP…
@p3achgutz bôa and mitski 💯💯 @badussyrexic GOOD MRINGi was gonna tweet ab how i was rlly productive and motivated today and how i did a ton of work and a lot of stuff i… @sodaacaan @cannibalkittiez found it @nmbronereifan bye i was confused as to why this tweet was on my tl twiceNever once did you know me
Retweeted by fyo joker erafyo fun fact 💯💯💯 i applied and got rejected by 3 chuck e cheese locations @Z3R0_B0N3S def basil @fyodorbrainrot @numbronereifan @oaksoeney which liek stuff have u watched/played iw anna know who to send what stuff 😭😭😭 @bloodiedbruises RIGHT. they act as if a bag of chips is gonna kill the kid 😭😭😭keqing is the most unrealistic character in genshin bc no way a person born *that* rich would hold so much sympathy… @nmbronereifan 🙏🙏🙏🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳☺️☺️☺️☺️ !!!!!Blue light, dark room, the white of your teeth As you smile at my trembling shoulders
Retweeted by fyo joker eraI will go jogging routinely Calmly and rhythmically run
Retweeted by fyo joker eramoots would any of yall let me dm u nd send like updates nd ideas for my art or edits 🙏🙏😣😣😣 (does that make sense.…, nobody, nobody
Retweeted by fyo joker era @_CL0V real @nmbronereifan OH FUCK I DIDBT NOTICE 😭😭😭 @nmbronereifan whats the opposite of a rt and how do i do iti decided to count my cals even tho i dont have ana nymore… most days im not even reaching 800…. wtf 😭😭😭
idk if i can still use my age here?? like when i was 13 i could say that i dont feel actual romantic attraction bc… think im aro ?? can i be both aro and lesbian like is that. athing like i dont know if i can ever be in a genuine… @kapibararz @ShapedInternet I miss him…
Retweeted by fyo joker eraTell me no
Retweeted by fyo joker eramy friend (?) thats like. a child just sent me a cute lil message on genshin wishing me luck on scara banner 😢😢 why… @ELYSIANDRAC THEYRE SO DJSHEBFNKEJTNALALEIJWM’djakk;!/&$2777;&@-92NhdhalalirNFBEHHSJAAL@kcnakai&;$/ganq!ng is so funny to me bc imagine ur coworker shit-talking ur father and then u fall in love with her like wtf @badussyrexic i definitely do thisoh ew looking back at my breakdown tweets is so embarrassing @LUSTC0RE moderate/severe thinness as far as i know 😭😭 i stopped weighing myself at bmi 16 and my measurements r much lower nowi have acquired the skrunkly the best vocaloid song and why is it the disappearance of hatsune miku @nightcordslit i think they mean they have an ed nd thats like a binge trigger food for them ?? idk 😭😭 edtt is so annoying nywaysomg i can use this @kapibararz WOO so happy for u moot 🥳🥳 good luck !!!! @kitcalkat NOO THATS SO SWEET @badussyrexic PLZ @kitcalkat BYE 😭😭
@fyodorbrainrot idk if i count as american im an immigrant so 😭😭$/$/)3!!3’dmakwlir @calissoverysad AA THEYRE FROM PJSEKAI ena is the one with short hair and the other is mizuki @calissoverysad i lvoe them sm HEART THATS FULL UP LIKE A LANDFILL A JOB THAT SLOWLY KILLS U BRUISES THAT WONT HEALLLLLLLL YOU LOOK SO TIRED UNH… love that this implies g@nyu fucking gossips with zh0ngli 💀💀 moots comment and i cant think of a response @kapibararz edtwt asks the same 10 questions every week istg 💀💀 @fyodorbrainrot U SPEAK MORE THAN TWO ALNGUAGES ?? WHICH ONES @calissoverysad HEYY @Z3R0_B0N3S VALID i lvoed the plot and chars but everything else just 😣😣DOES RHIS MAKE SENSEperson a who constantly bothers person b x person b who acts annoyed but in reality cares more than person a does i… @twatthefuuck tell me if u find out 💔💔💔meow meow @shinosspo ive never had fettucine alfredo burger king or velveeta 💀💀 fuck i just realized i put my astrology shit under my diagnosis section in my carrd so now it looks like its a disorder @917SUICIDEGIRL YESSS @917SUICIDEGIRL omg wait ethan is online just made a video ab that guy
seeing my mom be nicer to my cat than she ever was to me is the most painful shit ever istgfyo goes outside ??????? (not clickbait)i have a thigh gap no matter how i stand and ive been maintaining/losing for months and like thsi is the shit i wou…, nobody
Retweeted by fyo joker era @fyodorbrainrot YOO TWINNINGi used to be a vsco girl in grades 5-6 and i covered my cuts with scrunchies i was so silly @badussyrexic meow meow
@numbronereifan boa >>> (why is it only that bye😭😭)