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Tomorrow (Tuesday) night. @LairdBarron and I talking crime and horror fiction.
Retweeted by Laird BarronThanks to Adam for pointing it out.I didn't realize Old Leech got a shout out in this song. OL won't say it, but I will: hell of an honor. @Adam_Cesare That's a great song. @VickiBevins @JevonWilliamsVI Too bad you lost an election recently, huh? I foresee a lot of sitting down in the ne… @CorvidMP I should clarify--the neighborhood is scattered. Dairy farm across the way, neighbors down the road. etc. @JevonWilliamsVI We on the left are quite unified in seeing justice done. @BrackAttack78 You can get e coli from cheese, too. @ewiggins66 We have several owls who hoot at night, but I've never seen them... @jerrysaltz Lol.While people are struggling with whether it's okay to watch a new Harry Potter series if Rowling doesn't get royalt… @MisterMcLaren I just rip it 6 times, like they say. @johnfosterfic I brought Athena home to show her. So she'd know Athena wasn't coming back.We buried Athena in the yard a couple of years ago. I stacked a few stones to mark the spot. Valentina watched the…"You're listening to your politicians They claim to speak to God Can't you see it's just a fraud? Your rituals and… "Trump bears some responsibility for the plot to murder VP Pence and others, yeah. But, like, man. I mean, w… @Gabino_Iglesias I am hopeful this is merely the first in a string of similar lawsuits.Luck is indeed a factor of success. That said, you have to be in a position to take advantage of luck. That's where… @juneisonthemoon Not sure. I like to think they're a family. @nameshiv I've wasted a lot of precious breath talking about the arbitrary nature of "success." @nameshiv I think people often perceive talent as either intrinsic or somehow earned/developed. Luck is related to… @nameshiv And yep, a lot of success is arbitrary. @nameshiv I think it's because it's often deployed in a dismissive sense. @MrErikJackson She saw one kill a dove and has never forgotten. She sniffs feathers left in the yard and her hackle… @CorvidMP Ours are tiny. The biggest I've handled was probably 20 pounds. He was mad when I moved him off the road. @Channel_King You probably get quite a few critters. @MrErikJackson Our border collie is protective of the foraging animals. She barks her head off at the hawks. One wa… @Andyberx @Channel_King Multiple varieties hang out at the suet feeder and on the trees. We've woods on a couple si… also have a small creek on the edge of the property. All kinds of turtles inhabit the creek--including big ol pi… @sinboy Yes, little non-venomous snakes. Neighbors claim to have seen copperheads on occasions. I think we're a bit… an eye on this Twitch. This game is going to rock. @CorvidMP We're in the country, but not remote. Just sort of spread out along a road. Lots of fields and woods. Cat… to be a couple hanging around. Now there are nearly a dozen. I can't decide who's cuter, the cardin… @fbdbh First time I've obsessively watched my email in a long time.How could I forget the chickadees. So many chickadees. @MrErikJackson Our hawks--two adults and a juvenile--pick off mourning doves. We have a lot of doves. @culhound Jessica M feeds them multiple types of birdseed, suet, squirrel feed, vegetables and scraps for the racoons/skunks/possums. @culhound There are swarms of birds depending on the season. Blackbirds, robins, juncos, starlings, etc @MrErikJackson Starlings and sparrows nest in our eaves and the wall of juniper hedges that encircle the place.Deer sleep in the underbrush year round Oh, and wild turkeys have started visitingOur yard population: 14+ blue jays 15-20 squirrels 12+ chipmunks Family of ground hogs Family of racoons Family of…
@weird_christmas That's true. When I was a kid, it was life or death. I've wised up enough to not take it personall… new favorite pressure advertisement tactic: "BONUS last chance!" @iucounu Have them demolishing a city and snacking on tankers, tanks, jets, etc, etc, as they chat.My favorite part after a big game is when the fans of the losing team insist the mob paid off the refs or earnestly… @Joduckwo Sure, but. I'm gonna go with Brady on this one. First playoff team since...? @PRMcDonough @PauljGarth Rodgers is like, "Hngh! Nooooo!" as he pulls the spear out of his chest and keeps coming. @PauljGarth @PRMcDonough The guy is a Trumpy loon. But on a purely human-achievement level, this is William Goldman…*9 times with BradyI'm starting to think it wasn't New England that went to the Super Bowl 9 times. Tommy Brady went to the Super Bowl… @PRMcDonough Brady drops back, limps around, and zings a 50 yard TD. "Look at me! Look at me! I'm Aaron Rodgers! Wheee!"Tommy Brady to Aaron Rodgers: "Hey! I see why you like playing in the NFC!" @highheeldaddy @tauriqmoosa Oh, and I haven't gotten OW yet. It looks awesome. @highheeldaddy @tauriqmoosa I've played a lot of their titles. They are among my favorite developers. But they've m… @highheeldaddy @tauriqmoosa You mean besides "every?" I'd say Sith Lords, New Vegas and Never Winter Nights 2 are legendarily buggy. @highheeldaddy @tauriqmoosa What are you sorry about? @CardinalSources @GKurhl @RadioFreeTom Pwnd by Kasparov. Take the L and slink away.
@InnaEffress @misanthropemike @MrGaunt Thanks! @AmericaRamos3 @art1e @daddy0306 @MilkyM2020 @conservmillen Enjoy is an interesting word choice. @DeanJonesLib People run a review, an essay, etc., and slap up photo they found on the internet without giving it much thought. @BrokenGlynne Way better option. @misanthropemike I love that duck.P.S.: The complaints I've received tend not to be about Twitter or FB, but articles, essays, and reviews that use a… @MisterLeaves I'll DM you.JD Busch, Ellen Datlow, Dalton Rose, Jessica M, Karen Foreman, and Henry Stampfel et al have taken author photos of… evergreen request: Please, if you use a photo of me from my site or the internet at large, you absolutely need… @fbdbh P.S.: I am hyped for the 26th when KA: Knight's Tale hits EA... @fbdbh I'm working with a publisher to write a novella to release as a standalone. I did something similar with X's… @cjalex73 @JessieJaneDuff @esp0lou You know how the saying goes: if ya gotta tell people you're a patriot, you aren't.This is Nazi time, folks. It's okay to call em out. It's okay to hold Good Germans to account.
@alayfalupe @AlanBaxter Drawn like a tat on the back of a hand... @MrGaunt @misanthropemike @paulGtremblay @rwvenable Well, Roy, that's good. @Astartiel That's the one. @paulGtremblay Wear your damn mittens."Said I never had much use for one. Never said I didn't know how to use it." @missseleneous Art! @missseleneous What were you in for? Being mean to Trumpies? @BrackAttack78 She complimented that other sheriff's cowboy hat, though. Maybe I'm off on that and she was being polite. @misanthropemike @MrGaunt @paulGtremblay His computer is a model Kevin Costner sold him. @paulGtremblay @MrGaunt He doesn't fathom the mystery of operating Twitter.About a third of the way done with this Coleridge & Robard dark fantasy novella. Which is pretty good for me since…, fine line between Clever and Twee. @NTweetbin I didn't realize this, but he and Summerall competed to see who would permanently pair with Madden. @MakeAHole @LynneThunderclo @DeadsyCOD @JessieJaneDuff @esp0lou Yeah, you do! @MakeAHole @DeadsyCOD @JessieJaneDuff @esp0lou You can call yourself Prop Wash for all I care. @LynneThunderclo @MakeAHole @DeadsyCOD @JessieJaneDuff @esp0lou Five bucks says he reflexively glanced up. @MakeAHole @DeadsyCOD @JessieJaneDuff @esp0lou I bet Bulkhead is not only your real name, but also a good description. @LindseyGrahamSC Try not to get too many splinters in your ass riding that back bench. @grim_prime @daddy0306 @MilkyM2020 @conservmillen Dude who follows Sorbo and Sarah Palin's dumber, more seditious c… looked up Summerall's stats as a placekicker. He survived 10 years in the NFL with a sub-50% make record. I am in… @octonion I'm glad that I ordered while my current PC is still hanging on. I usually put it off until the screen ro… @NTweetbin And, not to slight Olsen. @NTweetbin *Vin Scully @NTweetbin My favorite MNF trio was Dandy Don, Gifford, and Cosell. The barely restrained antipathy Gifford and Mer… @NTweetbin I loved Enberg. Frank Gifford too. @grim_prime @daddy0306 @MilkyM2020 @conservmillen 1. Your dad. 2. Retweeting lackwits like Sorbo and Boebert unironically. @octonion I recently ordered a PC built to spec. They say it will be ready by the end of February. Curious to see if that actually happens. @grim_prime @daddy0306 @MilkyM2020 @conservmillen "wE'rE jUsT tAlKinG AbOuT bIdEn..." How's that working out for ya… @MissHorrorNerd @WeSawtheDevil On second thought--comedian. A very dry comedian.