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Chris Doyle @LairdD0yle Manchester, England

Service Delivery manager at @mirrorweb. #Aws certified. All opinions my own. Cycling tweets for #cyclingforsarah. Poetry for the good of my soul.

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@raysmuckles @366DaiChallenge They really do. I know I do 😂 @MrLloydSpandex Blazing saddlesThis fucking ended me today. @JaneyGodley I think I think about that little lockdown short you did at least two or three times a week minimum. I… @NickMotown Umbrella by Rhianna. When my wife rang me and told me I needed to get to my dads ASAP it played on the… @emmahumplik12 Lot of people commenting on this and talking a good game with no evidence. Also, no one asked for a… @raysmuckles @366DaiChallenge What is a vibraslap and why do I suddenly feel like I need one?WE ARE ALL CAKE of the downsides to being at home / in the office has turned out to be the fact that I left my charger at work…
Live forever > @I_am_peevee @TheOastHouseMcr Was a bit tipsy after three pints tho. @I_am_peevee @TheOastHouseMcr Vel.. I was properly out. Beer in a glass brought to the table. Pay by phone so no qu… ventured out for a drink after work with a good pal. We went to @TheOastHouseMcr and I have to say I was really i…
@JFKingsley Jesus, Jon. I’m sorry mate xx
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Making light of #BlackLivesMattter = a block at Doyle Towers. ‘All code matters’ and so on - feck off with you and educate yourself a bit. @justinmoorhouse @jkjasonking @joelrossradio The answer is somewhere between yes and no @Jamesfan2 @wearejames @RealTimBooth I love that! @johncutlefish I always do this with long emails. Who is your favourite doctor who or did Han shoot first. Amuses me if nothing else 😀 @PurplefacePhoto Best of luck x
For those of you who don't cycle currently, what stops you from doing so? (Please RT to reach past my very cyclist-heavy following!)
Retweeted by Chris Doyle @Gerald3pointO @BillyCorben @profjaffar Upon eating them, he will engage in furious cranking in front of a photograph of his leader.Boom!!! Tuesday’s “Two Minute Chat Show” and it’s the brilliant @destructo9000 (Andrew O’Neill) Still to come,…
Retweeted by Chris DoyleIf you see this bus call! at @mirrorweb we’ve been proudly supporting the team at @PanSurg with this innovative and potentially life sav…
Correct. Dreadful muck. @emmydee73 @johnfeath @AnneLouiseAvery @BootstrapCook Made me sad too but then your reply made me happy 😀 @jtahoyle This is very true. I have taken all three of mine to panto when they were small through to being too big… birthday to beautiful Rosie 🎂💃🏻
@jtahoyle Mate you’re on holiday 😂Buy this book ! enough pictures of happy dogs. into dms which sounds really seedy. A lot of people don’t seem to like each other - but keep commenting o… I’ve learned on twitter. People seem to actively look for things to be offended about or arguments. Gramma… @hatttiegladwell Wow that looks lovely!Old old school mate lost his mum to #cancer last week. He’s just sent me this picture. L-R> me, mick K (who sent me… @Vitt2tsnoc 😂😂😂😂 I would have had to delete the account and start again wearing a same moustache in the photo or something!
@BoothLyric @oneofthethree I love this song. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the same version twice live. Changes every time x @hansmollman Well I’m following you now. I love writers and their tweets.
Buy this man a brew theee are an antidote to all that ails you 😀😀 thread for those interested in these things.
@BootstrapCook @jasonkneen It’s rule 0 in the book of doylie. Be kind. Rule 2. Don’t be a Dick. There’s more but I’m tired 😀 @BootstrapCook @jasonkneen Luminous beings are we Jack xx I’m sorry these people say these hurtful and mean things… x
Any help on #oldhamhour for Danielle? @BarristerSecret Very nicely done SB xShould be doing some go Lang lectures but, twitter I’ve just finished working and I can’t face another moment sat i… are bad times for the arts. @JohnONolan @QuinnyPig @threadreaderapp please unroll this fabulous thread @thepianomum That is good. I cling to this idea that when our kids (or our kids kids) grow up, words like that just…
@jazz_inmypants If you’re lazy then we’re all lazy. @JamesCoyne That’s learned them 😀Brilliant 😂😂 @danhett Ditto. I gave up about 3 years ago and went into employment. Still can’t believe I get paid time off. Also…
@thepianomum Ffs. In answer to your other tweet, it does get easier, I promise.
@I_am_peevee Very passive aggressive isn’t it 😂. I went on my treadmill today to shut it upGot an Apple Watch today. Just phoned my son from my wrist. I officially now live in the future people. This is like bloody Star Trek. @sarahjoannew8 I don’t understand it. Is everyone else a superhero or something? I go out once a week to shop and w… millionaire cases. Half a million deaths almost. In possibly my most hyper local tweet ever - why was I the onl…
@JasonManford @socceraid I’ve got one here you can have a go on. It’s in the garage which we’re turning into a mini…’s etched on my heart and my brain. My beautiful lovely kind wonderful mum. Killed by cancer. One of thousands I… brother getting upset as he’d have to tell his girls. Thinking how I could tell My S as he was working away. Hav… J my cousin who lived with mum and dad when she was little. Not knowing what to say or do.Sitting with her and holding her hand. Stroking her pink hair. I told her all my secrets.My beautiful brother just knowing I wanted a few alone with her and saying it because I couldn’tHospice only to get a call from Amanda telling me to come home (I just knew) - to telling the family. Going down to… years today since mum died. I’ve been to see her and dad today. My cousin had been and left a lovely note and f… wants to win a free tote???
Retweeted by Chris Doyle @ShiiineOn_ It’s a 3 way tie for me: Killing moon / the cutter / the puppet. @joetracini I’m very fond of you Joe. I think you’re a very decent young fella. You’re brave too xCan people of Leeds help me? I have just now been made redundant, after 12 years in the printing industry. I have a…
Retweeted by Chris DoyleBeautiful 😍😍 @duncanmcvey @SilverBirch77 Pizza crusts every time 😀
@turnermaround @markdalgarno He can 😂If bullets burst from Barrels and then turn Into fragrant blooms And in turn, ignite And burn and fly Then And only then Will I forget you.When all the planets Are aligned and the Stars start to burn If forests start to smoulder And deep rivers turn To i… my wish for a future that cannot hold my wish.
@thepianomum Haha. I have to sleep in shorts In case we get burgled 😂 @lokiscottishrap I deleted my accounts on both and did without for a year. Ended up back on both when I worked for… @DaleksGamertag Oh I don’t mind J x whatever works for you best young man 😀 @RachelChan42br I love that 😀I bloody love threads like this. 100% why I joined twitter - to learn new things from interesting folk. Wonderful -… imagine how much Mr. O could sneak in. I bet his sleeves are about 5 foot long 😀 the people who stole my sons car overnight can fuck off tbh. He deserves nice things - he pays for them with har…
@the_real_nick_b @JimMFelton Marvellous tweet ^^^I feel enormously sad about #MargaritaPracatan moving on. Very fond memories from my younger days. Lovely lovely person xxx @p0welly The only tweets of mine that ever have any traction are those where there is a typo. Thus my legacy to twi…
@dhh That’s support isn’t it 😀. Fast furious and right at the forefront. Kudos hey support folk!I’ve been thinking about your dad lately @rhipratchett - He wrote a lot about how we are all just people (cats incl…‘Ah I think you’re looking for films *vaguely related to* <insert name of film you actually wanted see>. Look, some…
@jtahoyle Looks that wayI recorded my initiation to trial #hey today. I like it 😀
@Daisy_intheMill But yes - the best x @jtahoyle Lol. I’ve got two and a post grad diploma and I’m dumb as shit 😂. It’s absolute nonsense isn’t it - abje… @Daisy_intheMill I’ve got one like that - which is sufficient x 😀 @Daisy_intheMill A friend is someone who knows you and knows when you’re not being you. Who drops what they’re doin… - you look like me. So we, we look like him. @hollyshortall Ugly pumps that likely smell really bad.