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ok but where was this when brie larson was constantly getting teared down and getting unnecessary hate everyday? th…
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇 @girldrawsghosts Literally. Also do we wanna place bets on who’s next? I’m saying Tina Fey or Karen McKinnonSee when you challenge people - truly challenge the basic worldview of people just by existing - you learn. You lea…
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇H*rry P*tter stans learn to assess and have decent taste regarding the media they consume without jumping to some h… live in the Midwest. I know Chris Pratts Chris Pratts will sit across from you & say they support you til it co…
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇Me @ the MCU cast defending Chris Pratt when they didnt defend Brie, Zendaya and Tessa
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇me making a tinder but never messaging anyone back
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇All I do is do homework but the homework count never goes down? Found in r/thereisnogod @jadevvictoria 🥺🥺🥺 @jadevvictoria I wish I had people patient with me like that 😭😭😭Two white males with not much to lose regardless of who wins.
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇hey guys i’m raising money for my top/bottom surgery 🥰 please share/donate if you can!! it would mean the whole wor…
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇 @jadevvictoria I can feed u tiddy for free
The problem is most the stories I research are either poorly told and/or fuckin racistI wanna get a better understanding of westerns so I can make a weird gay outlaw/ranger dark-fantasy forbidden romance storyWell, first of all, Mr. Robert Downey Blackface Jr, you need to have several seats.
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇 @veelawitch Ellen Page knew him in highschool and did a whole piece talking about how complicit he was in hate-crim… @jadevvictoria 🤪🤪🤪 @LaJess813 oh my god i’d marry you in a fucking heart beat
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇 @veelawitch He’s a republican who donates to alt-right churches and makes anti trans jokes and allegedly was one of… @jadevvictoria Of course but I can I make you a pumpkin pie with whipped cream too @jadevvictoria “Hey babe you want a milkshake?”me: i want a cheeseburger me: ok babygirl do u want fries too
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇Just went swimming in the middle of a snowfall. Is this cottage core or just manic pixie and/or dream-girl. it’s good to know I look like a beauty even without makeupI personally am not cottage core but i know someone will be cottage core @ meCrimson Peak is a good movie fuck y’all @veelawitch this one @tajmerk And now I’m crying. Damnit I’m in a zoom classpost an OOC frame of animation that seems fine, but with context will emotionally wreck a person…
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇 @tajmerk That’s so cute it makes me wanna cry @LaJess813 this one
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇 @veelawitch Lmao more recent than my drunk tweets @veelawitch Lmao check my TL you’ll like an update tweet I made this morning @veelawitch Voiced by Azula doing an Irish accent @veelawitch Or is it the redhead pirate from Pirates of the Caribbean?ok I tried to be nicer about this one but no some things shouldn't be enjoyed and you should absolutely be shamed i…
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇 @djinndiesel Point Pleasant @tajmerk Also like- none of them choose to assess the content they consume. Like fuckin’ I like vampires n Lovecra… @tajmerk Like fucking- I’m a horror person & dark history person but you don’t see me using it as an excuse to suck… love with Joe Chiodo's paintings, especially his one of Ivy!
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇Especially when you think about how many of these *real* serial killers targeted women/Black+brown people. It's eve…
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇 @tajmerk There’s straight up a (cis white) cunt on this bird hell who tried to fight me because she head-cannoned J… @tajmerk If you only knew how many incels and wannabe-edgy-cunts made jokes about/glamorized murder and rape @ me,… ever think about how white serial murderers/rapists get glorified and immortalized through media in America? To…
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇It took me making pastries while wearing my peasant-girl dress to realize that I’m someone’s cottage core fantasy @veelawitch You want to court the Haunted Mansion’s ghost bride don’t youI think I have some kind of mother instincts cause whenever I see a baby my immediate response is to try and mother it while wanting my own @veelawitch That’s a FnAf jumpscareFuck teachers for saying that Wikipedia was untrustworthy bcus anyone can edit it, that's specifically why it IS tr…
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇Release the Butthole cut!
Everyone who cares for LGBT rights and responsibilities should follow Lord Cashman and support him.
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇rt if the lesbians won
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇sarah and erica - my babysitter's a vampire
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇If you’re wondering, this is the teacher who pretty much condoned the abuser in my discrimination case at schoolShe tried to rationalize it by saying, “Well the expression for not understanding something is ‘it might be heirogl… bitch, -A: The oldest recorded songs in history are Egyptian -B: They literally invented paper. -C: You kno… what history/culture nerd tore her drama teacher a new one when she claimed that the Greeks were artistically… “beyond burger” implies the existence of a “bed burger ” and a “bath burger”
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇My neighbor’s “Skeleton Zoom” display rules.
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇Being “ raised right “ doesn’t mean you don’t drink, party, and smoke. Being raised right is how you treat people,…
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇BUT IF YOU VOTE FOR TRUMP YOU ARE UGLY
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇
Beefit's wild seeing a cis creator literally objectify a body part trans women get murdered over, to glowing acclaim
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇 @jadevvictoria one: “Friends” halfway through Covid: ONE MORE: badass female character loses her personality and personal desires once she settles down/becomes a h…
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇🎶Biting kink, biting kink, gets me wet as Michael Fink. Me or them? I don’t care. Better come with pulling hair-… @Janet12358WFun fact. All Harry Potter cosplayers automatically go to the Bad glad i’ve grown out of the “i’m as strong as the boys” type feminism. now people ask me to lift things and i sim…
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇Bonus. Any time the cis people start trying to have everyone say their pronouns or put pronouns on zoom but you know you can’t cause dangerExamples from my life. I was the only trans woman in a production and was classified among the men. When the cast… trans peeps Have you ever had an IRL encounter while closeted/“passing” where you change vocabulary to be t… girl falling for a coloniser and takes her hijab off to please him and white privilege
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇Mentally I am here.
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇Notable how mainstream media and the ageing "celebs" who clutched pearls over people responding to Rowling's and Du…
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇 @feministkllljoy Oh yeah?Indigenous people in 60 communities across Canada have to boil their water to make it safe to drink
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇cant stop thinking about korrasami starting a family 🥺
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇How it started: How it’s going:
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇Out-of-Work ‘80s Sitcom Actors Who Have Blocked Me Because They’re Nazis: ✅ Roseanne ✅ Kirstie Alley ⬜️ Scott Baio
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇somebody said pandas endangered themselves and i’m lowkey starting to believe it bc wtf do they be doing???
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇TW: P*DOPHILIA (please rt) MAPS have started using the term PEAR (pro expression, anti repression) and have start…
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇Some cute illustrations from Bert and Ernie's Different Day because they feel seasonal
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Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇Genocide: How it How its started going
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇I don't want to hear about canadian politeness for the rest of my life (the second photo is canadian settlers destr…
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇“my ex gf is crazy” yeah what did you do to her
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇 @tajmerk Yep! That's it.the line between a christian and someone who’s high as fuck is so thin
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Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇Why are trains so expensive? You going that way anyways, just drop me off
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇cats can have little a salami, “as a treat” according to study done by cats
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇this is going to be my child
Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇This is what I imagined real pizza would look like when I watched TMNT as a kid
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Retweeted by 💀Pumpkin-Queen Jack SkeLillianTon🦇I have this really bad kink in the bones of my feet and wanna look into it but don't want to put the words, "Kink"… @moonbabie3 Pretty babyYou tellin me aquaman jus straight up littered
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