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This season was amazing. I miss my man. I think we’ll be back and I’ll always carry you with me!Love you buddy @miklos_battags
@afc2nfc He’s trying to make a play 75% of the time that goes out of boundsNothing but love for 82. Brutal luck @BillyBearkat @CarlCouchII You’re not brightthis honestly couldn't happen to a worse ownership group and moron like Easterby. congrats, now get Deshaun out of the god damn AFC @TenCentBeers Go get a 21 in brown or white imoYou should be arrested for wearing an Ohio State jersey todaylol according to himself you wanna play at home, your opponent takes a shot of beer any time you get a game piece out of start, make it t… mrs and I got a little too drunk playing beer sorry last nightReminder that Bernie Sanders’ policy positions, on almost every issue, are far closer to the median voter’s than Ni…
Retweeted by Luke @NickInMentor I went there for a bachelor partyThose teams looked like shit and the idea of them being between the browns and the super bowl is pretty fucked upRoman is killing Lamar. Give him a regular offense and he plays better. Obviously his receivers are very below average tooBam and Herro over Zion and Ingram is also crazy @DrPlapsmear That would be...brutalokay I’m sorry but 9 is absurd lol @DrPlapsmear They just...can’t @DrPlapsmear Adds another thing to those boots that you can’t defendLamar is the guy we need to see in a shanny schemeWatching the Nets and damn. Adding Kyrie to that team is really gonna make them worse somehow and not incredible @stavvybaby 🎱
@MattVerderame @ChrisHill44 Fuck are you talking about lmao @boobricahrd @yeahrightgirlhg Goodthis fucking guy's an NFL player. special teams or running back be fun if DePo came out and was like, beyond Wentz not being a top 20 QB, we also found him to be a big weirdo @Pchopz_ His lack of involvement in the story is depressing @heigely_weigley Umm playoffs the last three years lolThis is what would happen if you kept Dorsey around🔥🔥're talking living wage and eople start talking business growth & net profits. I can say this with the utmost sin…
Retweeted by Lukewell guess what happens when you have a former team pastor run the organization @HomoHulk Glad us browns fans don’t gotta deal w this shitCongrats to everyone that convinced him he was good enough to pull shit like this. Coddled little baby who’s still… guy is nuts
Retweeted by Luke @tjandg @buckeyeCLE Jesus Christthis pop bit is too close to home is still a must watchReal glad we don’t have Toppin lol. Whew🤮🤮🤮
@BigMoosin I always played them too because I didn’t have online lol. But it’s not the best seller because of the campaign @RealMYoung23 I got some real pleasantville vibes lol(nobody plays the campaign mode tho) once more from our lying ears
Retweeted by Luke @SportsNom Very good analogy lol @SportsNom it's definitely an unusual situation @SportsNom it might not be that fun until.....the actual games lol @Marxistfilm which was extremely fun, to meyikes. big loss with more on the way be like: We got you a PS5!
Retweeted by Lukeall retail is made to be done by high schoolers. moron @DavidZavac oh man. that's a bit too on the nose thereexplain what dan campbell brings to a football team as a head coach without using a football cliche challenge @SportsNom I’m just not sure I’d ever hire a coach that didn’t have his own offensive system or call playstruly disgusting grade on Ward @SportsNom And losing immediately if you had any success @SportsNom I mean, of course he says he likes a guy that nobody can tell you what he actually does or brings to the table😙👌🏻 of the guys who spearheaded Prop 22. he is so much the guy you’d expect him to be it’s nauseating
Retweeted by Luke @BenAxelrod the photoshops are getting too good @SadFactory for realbeen thinking about this for the last 17 hours months seems like plenty to me! @McCarthy_Sports he just calls his own shit anyways! and I assume they'll want to run the ball twice as much this year as next. much easierlol the browns are two games from the super bowl @BenCox83 @EdRevelator34 this was 3 days ago! ⬇ @howsrrr I think this has legs @howsrrr Go on...Hell yeah. Bring that guy to the AFC @Conley76 Well I tried to get a ps5Spolestra’s got more white shooters than 4Chan
Retweeted by LukeLol I get nervous when anyone messages me on xbox. If someone told me I sucked at a game I’d probably quitFood banks are strained trying to feed people worried about where they'll get their next meal. Essential workers c…
Retweeted by LukeLaMelo made the crazy nice pass to make it a one possession game. 14/11/6 in 26 min. Worth league pass by itselfI guess I don’t know a lot about politics but I know when I’m being worked
Retweeted by LukeYeah think it’s pretty simple @willmenaker He didn’t even go all in on one brand. It’s so fascinating @ahmad_dahman @Pchopz_ Lmao what is the deal with this dude @ahmad_dahman @Pchopz_ Lol dammit I’m blocked
@Carter_Shade @DavidZavac @AnthonyG729 Honestly had never crossed my mind @DavidZavac @AnthonyG729 ah the old lose/lose scenario. love it @DavidZavac @AnthonyG729 probably not great optics right out the gate with a "well you should have read the fine print"very weird response by someone in org @ByYourLogic @tom_on_here It’s just Mountain Dew and blue Gatorade. You can mix it home in a big cooler and pretend… this is all armie hammer said? claypool said "I'm a wittle baby and I love to eat mashed carrots and peas" weird stuff, man. just enjoy the off season @HomoHulk You mean all the guys who love Bitcoin and coincidentally dabble in white supremacy might be connected??That’s actually completely wrong! him up fam @perc750 @knicks_tape99 @DragonflyJonez @mkrwrt lol he's still going at it too @BradleyBernard6 thought people ate ass every dayget the fuck out of here @clevezirm it's LITERALLY theyit's not though @ahmad_dahman @theStevenRuiz @Pchopz_ I think my biggest hope is that Reid can’t help himself and they get too cute… @theStevenRuiz @ahmad_dahman @Pchopz_ I think they’ve had success getting out to big leads through some luck with t…