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@DwightHoward 20 & 20 tonight? Fresh 🌸
Retweeted by Laker FactsForecast calls for 💧
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😒 Daniels’ 3PT shooting in Portland to help secure win No. 20 is our Moment of the Week presented by…
Retweeted by Laker FactsQuick stop at home before hitting the road again. #LakeShow ⏰: 6:30 p.m. PT 📺: @SpectrumSN 📻: 710 ESPN & 1330 Tu…
Retweeted by Laker FactsHappy Birthday @DwightHoward squad better then yours!!
Retweeted by Laker Facts👀 must have forgotten all that nonsense he said when they first got Kyrie.. but “act like you been there” is what it look like #twentyNthree
Retweeted by Laker FactsI’m on PXP tonight alongside the Iron Man, AC Green; check us out at 5 p.m. ⬇️
Retweeted by Laker FactsAvery Bradley has been cleared for full contact but will not play in tomorrow’s game vs. Minnesota. He has been ou…
Retweeted by Laker FactsAvery Bradley has been cleared for full-contact. He will not play tomorrow, but will be day-to-day moving forward.
Retweeted by Laker Facts @LakerFacts Vogel has meant a lot to this team. Lebron has bought in, AD has bought in, role players have bought in…
Retweeted by Laker FactsAvery Bradley, who had a hairline fracture in his leg, was re-evaluated today and cleared for full contact. He's st…
Retweeted by Laker FactsBradley update
Yeah @DwightHoward, we liked that one too.
Retweeted by Laker FactsGood Guy Bron
Retweeted by Laker FactsAfter 2 blowouts at UTA and POR and the 9-point win at DEN, LAL improve to No. 5 in offensive rating (111.8) and No…
Retweeted by Laker Facts⚡️ “Lakers Drop Season-High 136 Points in Portland Scorcher”
Retweeted by Laker FactsSQUAD #LakeShow
Retweeted by Laker Facts🔥 dominant performance from @KingJames, here on the 📺 walkoff: ⬇️
Retweeted by Laker FactsIt’s late, but the Lakers are sending a message to the entire league. The latest Point:
Retweeted by Laker FactsAnthony Davis: "When you’re the No. 1 team in the league, people are going to find a way to come out and shoot a hi…
Retweeted by Laker FactsLeBron always waits for AD when there’s a National TV interview (ESPN in this case). ⬇️
Retweeted by Laker Facts“Impressed with the guys’ level of energy and focus. To play on the road the way we’ve played is just impressive to…
Retweeted by Laker Facts“We have our mind set on something special,” AD says. In this video he also explains “the Avery challenge.”
Retweeted by Laker FactsFrank Vogel talks about how impressed he's been with the #Lakers intensity having played three games in four nights…
Retweeted by Laker FactsLeBron and AD combined for 70 points and get the Lakers their 11th straight road win 😤
Retweeted by Laker FactsAD (39 PTS & 9 REB) and LeBron (31 & 8 AST) went OFF against the Blazers! 💥 #LakeShow
Retweeted by Laker Facts〰〰〰 Dominant
Retweeted by Laker Facts.@KingJames talks post-game with @LakersReporter about facing longtime friend Carmelo Anthony and the #Lakers going…
Retweeted by Laker FactsKeep soaring, AD 🤩 #LakeShow
Retweeted by Laker Facts* @kylekuzma was asked about figuring out his role and how he’s getting his shots, etc.: “We’re a 20-3 team and tha…
Retweeted by Laker FactsAnthony Davis: “We want to do something special.”
Retweeted by Laker FactsWait for it...
Retweeted by Laker Facts @vivalabryy @LakerFacts Thanks again for that link. Worked like a charm!!!!! 👏👏🙌🙌
Retweeted by Laker FactsW W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W
Retweeted by Laker Facts @LakerFacts My man will be back don't worry about it lol
Retweeted by Laker FactsLakers: 45 reb 26 ast 10 stl 8 blk 16 TO 23 PF Blazers: 34 reb 30 ast 9 stl 4 blk 15 TO 25 PF11-0 away from STAPLES 😱 The 'Access SportsNet' panel talks about @AntDavis23's night (39 PTS, 9 REB, 3 BLK, 2 STL)…
Retweeted by Laker FactsEleven consecutive road wins = most in a row for the Lakers since 1972-73.
Retweeted by Laker FactsKeep doing what you’re doing playa! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 y’all know what that is...? 😤😤😤#RoadWarriors
Retweeted by Laker FactsWin No. 2️⃣0️⃣ in the bag. Time to go back to LA 💜💛 #LakeShow
Retweeted by Laker FactsLakers shot: 46/85 FG 54.1% 27/33 FT 81.8 17/36 3PT 47.2% Blazers shot: 39/86 FG 45.3% 25/29 FT 86.2% 10/34 3PT 29.4%Dwight Howard 5 pts 1/1 FG 3/4 FT 10 reb 2 stl 2 TO 21 minAlex Caruso 8 pts 2/4 FG 3/4 FT 1/1 3PT 1 reb 3 ast 1 stl 1 TO 23 minTroy Daniels 9 pts 3/5 FG 3/5 3PT 1 reb 1 ast 1 stl 1 TO 12 minKyle Kuzma 15 pts 6/13 FG 3/6 3PT 6 reb 1 ast 2 TO 24 minRajon Rondo 6 pts 2/2 FG 2/2 3PT 3 reb 3 ast 2 stl 1 blk 2 TO 14 minKentavious Caldwell Pope 5 pts 1/3 FG 2/2 FT 1/3 3PT 5 ast 1 stl 27 minDanny Green 3 pts 1/3 FG 1/3 3PT 5 reb 2 ast 1 stl 1 blk 1 TO 21 minJaVale McGee 13 pts 6/7 FG 1/1 FT 3 reb 2 blk 15 minLAL opened with a bucket at the rim from LeBron, then a baseline dunk from McGee off a nice hit-ahead pass from LeB…
Retweeted by Laker FactsPrecautionary move. Always better to be safe. Sounds good to me.
Retweeted by Laker FactsLakers averaged 121 pts on this road trip.. it! 20-3 #LakeShow funny as hell. “ weak ass nigga “
Retweeted by Laker FactsWith a 136-113 win over Portland, the Lakers are on an 11-game road winning streak. It's the franchise's longest since the 1972-73 season.
Retweeted by Laker FactsThree trips on the road. Three sweeps. #LakersWin 🧹🧹🧹
Retweeted by Laker Facts @LakerFacts Great game. We sleeping good tonight.
Retweeted by Laker Facts @LakerFacts Best road trip in years man.
Retweeted by Laker Facts @LakerFacts So have we played any good teams yet? #Lakers
Retweeted by Laker Facts11 game winning streak on the road 3 game win streakLakers 136 Blazers 113 FinalQue monstruo 🔥
Retweeted by Laker Facts#KuzControl to finish this one off.
Retweeted by Laker FactsTroy drains the deep 3A 7-0 run from LAL’s bench in garbage time here is going to inflate at least one 5-man unit +/- … the lead is now 1…
Retweeted by Laker FactsLeBron's route-running ✂️✂️✂️
Retweeted by Laker FactsAnthony Davis 39 pts 12/21 FG 13/15 FT 2/6 3PT 9 reb 2 ast 2 stl 3 blk 3 TO 32 minLeBron James 31 pts 11/23 FG 5/7 FT 4/9 3PT 7 reb 8 ast 1 blk 3 TO 33 minCook to Troy for the corner 3Cook layupDwight o board and the putback bucketDwight back at the FT lineAlex Caruso to LeBron James: The perfect out-of-bounds play connection. (📺: @SpectrumSN )
Retweeted by Laker Facts @lakeshow_wess Lol @LakerFacts That’s the only thing Melos been good at tonight lol
Retweeted by Laker FactsLeBron and AD head out with 3:44 left, up 124-105, after likely securing LAL another undefeated road trip, and the…
Retweeted by Laker FactsAD and LBJ check out, this game is officially over with 3:44 remaining in the 4thDwight at the FT lineDwight steal and almost had a monster dunk but Melo had to foul himAnthony Davis hits the 4-point play and gets some love from LeBron. 😂
Retweeted by Laker FactsLeBron James plays dead 😵 🤣
Retweeted by Laker FactsCaruSHOW to LBJ 👀
Retweeted by Laker FactsBefore this trip, @AaronLarsuel called it the toughest of the season on our Official Lakers Podcast, and I had to a…
Retweeted by Laker Facts @LakerFacts
Retweeted by Laker Facts @_evetteee 40 or maybe 50 pts ?Lakers having fun
Retweeted by Laker FactsKYLE KUZMA
Retweeted by Laker FactsOh they jelly 😏 Lakers are so exciting to watch. They are winning and also having fun. Don't be jelly. 😝
Retweeted by Laker FactsLeBron is trying to prove a point against Hezonja. #LakeShow
Retweeted by Laker Facts👀🔥🙌
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