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I make videos for the @Lakers and @SpectrumSN. Host of the @LFRPod, co-host of @LockedonLakers. Dedicated to helping you experience the Lakers on a deeper level

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LeBron on Kuz: "In order for us to win a championship he has to be our third best player.” He added that if LeBron…
Retweeted by Laker Film Room"GAME TIME" "YEAHHHHH!!!" 🔊 Kuzma sets the cross screen for AD, before slipping on the split cut for LeBron, and does a great job of utili… @3cbPerformance Yes it wasOur defense was BRUTAL, but it was really good to see the lid come off the rim for LeBron, DG, & Morris. 14-29 from 3 as a team tonight.WITH HIS MAMA IN THE VIRTUAL CROWD AND EVERYTHINGKUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZThis bothers me a lot more than any of the other games regardless of the resultGetting killed on slips ugh @JJMaples55_MST So nice to seeBron jumper byke
Retweeted by Laker Film RoomKyle Kuzma uses good fundamentals to mirror the ball on the inbounds pass, getting the steal before pushing in tran… defense has been rough tonightKYLE FREAKING KUZMA Y'ALLFantastic stepup screen by AD + a nice pocket pass by DionBeautiful drive & kick basketball. Dion fills wing after briefly ball-watching after his drive and kick, and Morris…'S GO KIEFF GOOD SWING PASS DIONKuz on Murray now @mattmooreloans I'm a little worried @PaddedRoom2006 3 isos, 3 buckets allowed @MrRickySpanish Yeah what was that?!?!?AD dives from the corner on dribble penetration and cleans up with a buzzer-beating putback the glass? 😤…!!!!!!!!!Cutter!What got into LeBron lol @josh2saint That's an area where less than max effort really shows. Not really worried about it in these types of games.More defensive mistakes tonight than there have been in most of the other games, particularly on closeouts.Nice to see the rust coming off of Markieff @lakeshow LeBron but they're getting dribble penetration from the wings so that works too if the defense is allowing thatWe've struggled with Denver's 2-3 zone so farAD pushes the ball up court himself before finishing above everyone else after Kuz attacks the closeout and finds h… the offense has looked in a first quarter in the bubbleKuz defending MPJ now - curious to see that matchupAD gobbles up the lob attempt from Paul Millsap on one end, before attacking his closeout on the other. AD leads th… Green chips Paul Millsap with his shoulder on the cross screen, freeing AD up for the first basket of the gam… @kellytl_ A+ gif usage 😭 @kellytl_ Oh my lmao 😂 @FlyByKnite
@BIackJohn I can't comment on stuff like that now that I'm an employee of the team, unfortunately.Kyle Kuzma will start on the wing tonight in place of KCP (foot). Pretty big lineup there with Kuz next to LeBron,…
Retweeted by Laker Film Room @DarthLilium @damanr That's amazing. Thank you for always being so supportive, DL. @hmfaigen Oh I bet this felt good as you let it go @protectedpick Turned him 3 times too 🔥 @geeter3 @Dame_Lillard Yep, I remember Kobe saying he was the real deal after that preseason game like it was yeste… @JustRyCole @TheAthletic Hell yeah Ry congratulations @ThatHomieMomo These guys are BRILLIANT and they very rarely get a platform to show off all the levels in which bas… @KamBrothers @LakerFilmRoom @damanr Dummies like appreciate the educational analysis way more than the silliness. I wanna learn stuff!
Retweeted by Laker Film Room @dribblecity @forumbluegold @samesfandiari @damanr I agree, but to an extent. At the very beginning of Detail, the… @Mario_Morgan @forumbluegold @samesfandiari @damanr Exactly. And the offense is initiated from a predetermined poin… @sdeeep02 @damanr Great point @forumbluegold @samesfandiari @damanr Basketball has never been presented as a cerebral, sport full of high-level t… @fatslunt @damanr Overhead angles are best for illustrating 5-on-5 concepts. I like them, but I think they're best… @damanr Basketball is amazingly beautiful, but it happens so fast that we only seeing a fraction of all the cool sh… @damanr But they have some attraction to the game or else they wouldn't be watching, right? So if they can spend 5… @damanr The most common mistake I've seen in this industry in this respect is the conflation of casual fans with pe… totally reject the notion that the “average” fan wouldn’t enjoy more of this analysis and think that too much of…
Retweeted by Laker Film Room @AlexmRegla 79.7 woof How many possessions for that group? @JJMaples55_MST @Impatientbull You're good behind the mic man @NicolasGuage @UnwrittenRul3s Oh I have MUCH more to say but that will have to do lol @NicolasGuage @UnwrittenRul3s I haven't seen a "That's All Folks" yet that's all I'm saying @UnwrittenRul3s I'm dying not being able to join in the way I want to 🤐 @LakersOutsiders @LakersSBN @HoniAhm Smart was my favorite dude in that draft but you lost me on that third sentence. @HoniAhm He certainly makes it difficult to hate him by Lakers birthright
@95_ferny @forumbluegold @ZachLowe_NBA My pleasure, it was an excellent question @95_ferny @forumbluegold @ZachLowe_NBA I think you need to go under the step ups that are set near half court. I un… @forumbluegold @NickVanExit Yeah, looks like they wanted to weak the screen and influence Brogdon to his right. @forumbluegold @ZachLowe_NBA I've been watching a lot of tape on Dame this week and those higher step ups were a cr… @Clamurai These. Games. Don't. Matter. We're playing Quinn Cook, Jared Dudley, and THT at the same time. Like, holy… @MaesterEdward There's an argument for that too, no doubt @RioSFernandes_ LMAO I'm Laker fan just like you man it ain't like that. And yeah the scouting dept is phenomenal. @RioSFernandes_ He would be, but he wasn't ready to contribute quite yet. I like the the was getting 30mpg in the G… @Pamit5 Exactly @RioSFernandes_ He's too young to contribute in a meaningful way this year IMO @Pamit5 Yes? @GoldenKnightGFX @damanr Some folks are overthinking this huh @KBTM30 Man, that's a great question. He's a very unusual player without a lot of direct comps. Delon Wright is pro… @Lakeshow_Gang He's got tools but doesn't know what he's doing yet. But it isn't for a lack of effort. If that cont… @PezziDaniel They're gonna need some young legs next season with the (possibly) quick turnaround too. He'll be impo… @themariashow2 IQ + work ethic + his tools could = big things @PezziDaniel He's got something for sureOne intriguing part of this bizarro these-games-don't-matter-but-we-haven't-played-in-four-months-so-we're-antsy st… @forumbluegold You've figured out Twitter, congratulations. @johnnybarry I promise you I wouldn't be. It's crazy to me that people are getting upset about games where we're pl… a fantastic game from Dwight todayFOUR 😤
Dwight's earned the Lakers 3 straight extra possessions @enzomnms He's not @enzomnms He's just taking jumpersGotta love a hook shot off the drive 🎣
Retweeted by Laker Film RoomKyle Kuzma gets one of his 3 first half steals by opening up to the ball as TJ Warren tries to back cut him, before…🚨THE LAKERS MADE 7 THREES IN THE FIRST HALF🚨100%. He's played in every single game in the last two seasons too. And he's staying in the game. @zwayney869 Yeah that one didn't look good @UnwrittenRul3s We're pretty good when we tryKCP's been getting beat up in the bubbleWe've been doubling ball-handlers immediately after switching a big onto them on the perimeter in this one more tha… @Johnnyknowsit1 I wonder who they'd have to play and how little they'd have to try for you to recognize what's going on here lol @Johnnyknowsit1 In a rec league game @Johnnyknowsit1 We're playing Quinn Cook and THT in the first quarter