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I make Lakers videos on @YouTube & @SpectrumSN | Lakers + General NBA articles for @TheAthleticNBA | Host of @LFRPod, @LockedOnLakers co-host.

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@RFJYUNO I'll be impressed if they beat Indiana on Tuesday. @rontothesixgod Miami was undefeated at home (11-0) when the Lakers beat them on Friday. They also beat Denver and… Lakers' current 14-game winning streak on the road is tied for the 3rd longest road winning streak in NBA histo…'re 1/3 through the season and both the Lakers and Bucks are currently on pace for 73 wins. @dattanhoang Let's hope!The Lakers tried very hard to lose this game but couldn't pull it off5-30 from 3 + 22 turnovers @TheGreekMamba29 Haha it's fun to watch a really good team!That shot by AD my goodness THAT SHOT BY LEBRON MY GOODNESS @forumbluegold Gets away with a lot with his off arm for the same reasonDanny Green yikes @GM_Populair93_ I'd be okay with high teens but yeah I don't like these 10-11 minute games. They're so good that… love the Caruso/KCP backcourt on defense. Their rotations are so good.WOWWWW Play of the year so far???
@LakersSBN He wanted that lob lmaoLeBron really just pretended to block Rondo’s layup 😂😂😂
Retweeted by Laker Film Room @mannyisnothere Haha his defense was pretty goodNice shift from Rondo so far @forumbluegold Me to my TV: "That's a bad shot" *swish* "Okay then"In this video, foot and ankle specialist @3cbPerformance discusses Kyle Kuzma’s ankle injury, his ongoing recovery… @osmondnewyen I have a track record of judging players by how they actually play. I "hated on Rondo" last year beca… @BTCballer1 Maybe he'll find a doctor who can make his jaw great again @DragonflyJonez @gebguddaye I hear you and I know you're not knocking Giannis. Shaq's star shone brighter the momen… @DragonflyJonez @gebguddaye 100% about the great stories - but Giannis IS a great story! It just doesn't get told w… @DragonflyJonez @gebguddaye I think the lengths that the media goes to appeal to casual fans is misguided, even if… @pickuphoop @damanr It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. LeBron's story has been told so thoroughly that his son'… @jeaniezk @damanr No doubt about it @ByVarunShankar @damanr My entire brand is based off of this. I coached high school ball for like 4 years, I'm no o… @ByVarunShankar @damanr The problem with this line of thinking is that it's good short term, but misguided long ter… @ByVarunShankar @damanr IMO it's an error in their strategy very early in the process. They spend more of their eff… @KirkSeriousFace @damanr Yes, but bigger media companies don't hold the monopoly that they used to. They're infotai… @damanr Now 24-3 smh @damanr I've seen more coverage about Carmelo Anthony this year than the 23-3 Bucks. @YourLeastFavBFF @LFRPod Thank you so much!!!The Lakers list LeBron James as questionable for Sunday’s game in Atlanta with a sore right elbow. He hit it on the…
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@sprintcoachgreg @TheBenchCoolers They needed a guard who could get his own shot in crunch time. The defense was gr… @sprintcoachgreg @TheBenchCoolers Derek Harper hand checking fools on the perimeter was great 😂 @_whogonestopmee @damanr @samesfandiari 🤣🤣🤣 @_whogonestopmee @damanr @samesfandiari oh my god yes @damanr @samesfandiari That's probably the thing from the 90's that would've been best on Twitter, right? The tri… @hoopsguy136 @samesfandiari @RocketIntellect I am not touching this one my friend 😂 @samesfandiari @RocketIntellect Man... @TheBenchCoolers He most certainly did Him + Oakley >>>>>> @richardjayclark It amazes me that some folks are so sensitive that they can't even tolerate criticism of a single play lol @samesfandiari @MarkJonesESPN During the 1993-94 season I cut the box scores out of the newspaper. It was the year… @ajstarting5 @samesfandiari @MarkJonesESPN Oh damn it was like that huh 😂 @samesfandiari @MarkJonesESPN Hell nah see you had to prepare for that shit and wake up before him. Step your game up, Sam! 😂 @ChamberRekt I remember MFers wearing Shawn Kemp jerseys to school (and all the Bulls shit too) and being pissed off about that lmao @samesfandiari The "wake up and tear open the newspaper to find the Sports page" days? 🤔 Dan Patrick & Keith Olber… I think of 1990's NBA basketball, Anthony Mason is one of the first players that comes to mind. RIP Mase @samesfandiari Oh man @davespier @Trevor_Lane @LakersNation @jaskang21 @ChrisAdonis @hmfaigen I was gonna say lol @T_Mittz @UnwrittenRul3s Yep, exactly. @Lakersallthewa3 @LakerCentral365 At home yeah @MirinFader @latimessports I looooooved Malamud's Notes on a Scorecard when I was a kid. RIP @josh2saint Congratulations, Josh!!!!!! @CRicks1025 If that's what you're hearing you're not listening @EN4RCS @isaiahrashad Aye man I owe you a DM I'm sorry I've been lagging @DocEide Trust me, I understand. haha @ayaphd Honestly, I haven't watched their tape yet. I don't want to pretend like I know something I don't. I'm gonn… @sirzhrek Wow! @ Indiana will be tough the game before. @dahandles792078 yessir can't wait @DocEide I'm not coaching the team, Doc. It's okay if I look ahead. 😁 @beigerag3 Lol oh that's gonna get worse the closer we get too @itsjavioro @craygxoza That's part of the fun @selaromkram lol yessirLakers @ Bucks in 6 days ooo wee @NoTechBen Yes. It is that impressive. The end. @Pjmasi123Masi @Cavsanada That's an honor thank you. Glad I can make your Lakers experience better, that's exactly what I'm trying to do. @Pjmasi123Masi @Cavsanada Man I respect your commitment to the team @ICCooler If that's what you're hearing then you're not listening @Pjmasi123Masi @Cavsanada Wow yeah that makes sense. So it's better for you when the Lakers play earlier, right? @lakeshow That's a fair point. I still take Caruso's ball-handling (which is obviously way worse than Rondo's) down… @pickuphoop yeah man @LuckTheGOAT @TheLakersReview Aye man if Rondo is balling leave him in But if he's not... @TheLakersReview There are some games where that will be the right choice and I'll be okay with that. But there wil… @TheLakersReview Because it's just one game and I've seen Vogel adjust pretty quickly when he's made other lineup m… @HollywoodTastic @MasonGinsberg Bingo. The Smoothie King Center is right next to the Superdome. Stand in front of b… @bleedingummurph @NBAStatGuy_ @MasonGinsberg @damanr They leverage relationships that have been cultivated over the… @naradablue I agree with you on most nights, but on some nights we're going to be going up against someone where Ro…’d like to give shoutout to Javale & Dwight. Winning their single cover box outs has a ripple effect on the defe…
Retweeted by Laker Film Room @josh2saint Yeah that's gonna be an interesting thing to keep an eye on @lakeshow I do think that's what Vogel was thinking, yeah. It didn't work though. Crazy thing is they're so good th… @josh2saint That's a good argument for it. The argument against it - and how it actually played out - is that Mia… little worried about this going forward @AnthonyIrwinLA @brosales12 @LFRMBT I'm stunned I never would have guessed @brosales12 @LFRMBT Vogel fucked up the Rondo/Caruso minutes tonight but we're not talking about it much cuz they won. @ShawnMatianEsq He's alllll about basketball and a defensive genius in a way that rivals LeBron's offensive genius.I've been covering the #Lakers for quite some time now as a credentialed media (since 2011). One remarkable thing a…
Retweeted by Laker Film Room @gecgreek @MasonGinsberg The fact that you guys think that this is all it is is exactly my point.NBA fans watching the Lakers start 23-3 after years of slander
Retweeted by Laker Film Room @ZenBoiLakerFan @Reed_nba On top of watching their ex fall in love with the guy that they hate @Reed_nba This season is the worst timeline for Pelicans fans lol @Reed_nba @bleedingummurph @MasonGinsberg @damanr Branding and marketing. @damanr @pickuphoop I'm a big fan @allen_crenshaw You guys are having a rough year huh @pickuphoop Awesome work
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