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making the transition from punk to married to my work

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I’m Grateful to see 30. I put out a song I wrote a couple months ago today on bandcamp and I’m gonna put out a 3 so…
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🗣PLEASE SHARE I made this resource guide with mental health resources centering black communities, funds that you N…
Retweeted by Lala LalaTODAY! TODAY! TODAY! We demand @ChiPubSchools be #PoliceFreeSchools NOW! Submit public comment at…
Retweeted by Lala LalaIt’s been brought to my attention that today is the last day to give feedback on cops being in schools! Do this shi…
Retweeted by Lala LalaReally feels like a wrench thrown in momentum ... hard for me to believe this trend isn’t planted by bots and cops.… have contacts w resources in Chicago if u need is how to find your representative by typing in your zip code or full address:
Retweeted by Lala LalaPLEASE RETWEET THIS !!!! Share on other platforms too if ya can!!! Leonard is missing, he is such a loving person,…
Retweeted by Lala LalaBlack out posts seem borderline conspiracy better to Pay attention‼️‼️‼️PLEASE do not use blacklivesmatter, blm, or any related hashtags for the blackout. It is hiding valuable info…
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Anyone means not only students!! No I.D. was required to pick up a meal package!!
Retweeted by Lala LalaWe are getting organized to provide meals today in our area. Bring food donations to Christ Lutheran Church (3253 W…
Retweeted by Lala LalaReally sad to hear that a member of our abolitionist community was IDed by photos and is now being charged. STOP taking fucking photos.
Retweeted by Lala LalaIf you’re going to purchase books about privilege and racism- please try and do it from a Black owned bookstore and…
Retweeted by Lala LalaHomeless Black Trans women fund
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if u are stranded Chicago DM me and we’ll figure out a plan for you
Retweeted by Lala LalaNon-violence is a tactic/strategy. Not an ideology. Being anti-violence means destroying the tools of violence. I'…
Retweeted by Lala LalaAyo @louisvillemayor @GovAndyBeshear When the fuck are y’all going to arrest and charge Breonna Taylor’s murderers…
Retweeted by Lala LalaThank you everyone for your concern. I'm home and safe. Being in that precinct I witnessed a handful of things that…
Retweeted by Lala Lalawe need $4000 more for aaron james, the 19 year old fatally shot. pls donate if you can
Retweeted by Lala Lalaa friend was arrested in atlanta last night for peaceful protesting. almost all others detained were black and bond…
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To do something to help outside of protest @fridahalo has put together a list of resources and places you can donat…
Retweeted by Lala LalaI was so so moved by this, so I’m sharing it
Retweeted by Lala LalaPerhaps it can help someone but as a longtime protester, any white person's job at a protest is to support, provide…
Retweeted by Lala LalaIf you’re arrested for protesting in Chicago, Indianapolis or Louisville, we will represent you pro-bono.
Retweeted by Lala LalaIf you’re arrested for protesting in Chicago, Indianapolis or Louisville, my law firm will represent you pro-bono.
Retweeted by Lala Lalavarious bail funds for different states can be found here
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@WhiteHouse You are bat shit insane’s really easy to donate to black, immigrant and native communities when I remember that the $ I have does not be…
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I’ll just say it: a lot of politicians are scared of the political power of the police,and that’s why changes to ho…
Retweeted by Lala Lala @rnathanielhart Just do your best @rnathanielhart WhyI love my psychic
They need to go to fucking prison
Retweeted by Lala Lala @mannequinpussy Wrote a scary little song in the perspective of Elon musk the other day @yrinfinitycrush @gaymeat3 Hahahahaha this is much worse
@emilyyacina I like it @DEEPERCHI BlockedFor the record I am still in England. I don’t talk to anyone actually anymore . just me and my files 🐚 @emilyyacina What did your roommates do @sambucklife 😍 @mollysoda What if you’re going to share a room @silktanktop Tried thatIf you were moving in with someone who had a horrible painting what would you do
@BATHSmusic Will would you care to take a turn with a verse? Then I was thinking I would take a turn with a verse a… and my collaborators taking a turn with a verse and also singing together on some of the choruses @JoshhTerry I’m honestly so down with this @JoshhTerry Hahahhahaa @TabaskoSweet There’s one like this in Logan sq/Avondale in chicago @hand_habits Haha I did think about itNobody texting me back about what color silk shirtless sleeve I should get @perfumegenius Some dream
@mgnmnwtz @gaymeat3 Ok guess what everyone!! I lied !! I fuckin lied it’s incredible @RitualsofMine @YoniWolf Ok because I literally did this w them at mad cool in Spain loooool @gaymeat3 made a disgusting cake!! everyone hates it
@paulcherry69 sos @HalfWaif @kelseyreckmy cat has an extremely expensive vet bill so now she is designer Nu
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Me trying to choreograph a dance for Tik Tok so my single doesnt tank
Retweeted by Lala LalaTHANK FOR LISTENING TO MY SONG SWORD mwwwahahahah. Tbh twitter really stresses me out so I'm never on here but I wa…
Retweeted by Lala LalaAlso truly insane to drag your fans into a situation where they’re vying to do FREE LABOR for an Am*zon marketing c…
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Sunny today @ShamirBailey @lollyadefope @papermagazine OmgWhy has my label not responded to my email
Just noticed I’ve never been on the cover of a magazine? So weird...Anyone else notice this?
Retweeted by Lala LalaHaving an erotic time sewing @feldou Love is how i calm down
@aliadarola first likethe darkness is winning today @girlpool When we toured together this person was insisting that they loved my song about being on the fire escape…
I got what u want babe I got what u need sonLooks like me @katie_dey I cannot tolerate anything I have made approx 1 month after I Have released it
It’s been crickets from Bach since “Jason” came out yesterday
Retweeted by Lala Lala songs im writing lately do not fuck. they do something else . .. .. . . .more........mysterious @TerribleRecords love @shaaddsouza Same
@BATHSmusic So hot @hand_habits I absolutely love itI feel nuts
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“Not many people allow themselves the full extent of their complexity”did a lil thing from scratch today. gonna do more production streaming in the future!! i like it !! fUN!! thanks fo…
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chicken expert said one of my chickens is sad because the other chickens are sending her "horrible vibes"I Want To Hear The New Perfume Genius Immediately
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Here is the inimitable @Lalabandlala for @thecreativeindp:
Retweeted by Lala Lalathis is my photo website that is shown in the TCI article. i made it like a maze...secret links etc for today! @gnarlyheffner handles the best rap column on the web: @brandonstosuy
Retweeted by Lala LalaI think @Lalabandlala's The Lamb is basically a perfect album and loved talking to her about what she’s learned abo…
Retweeted by Lala LalaIt was an extreme pleasure to be interviewed by @brandonstosuy and to be included in @thecreativeindp, an invaluabl… i think about is Grimes