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As old as the last two digits of the current year minus two. MMA enthusiast. Student. Destroying Racists.

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The UFC should allow fights to continue in rain. That would be some legendary action packing sh*t. @hashtag_georgie Oops my bad. I mistook you for a country.Is this normal? The speed of them legs. Damn! to @Tesla ... for absolutely nUthing I still have my Jeep
Retweeted by SuhaiLMAO🇳🇬 @bullyb170 @Tesla The timing of this video was perfect😂. I read the Tesla part before the JEEP symbol was shown in the video. @Soll_______ @espnmma @arielhelwani @GamebredFighter Usman gon break him. 😉 @AbdulmanapJitsu @PandaReturnsMMA @mmaballer13_ Send it to me too @Soll_______ @espnmma @arielhelwani @GamebredFighter No @GobbieLawler @TwistedDarce @felderpaul You both made me giggle. 😂 @NotoriousNeiqa Sneaky SOB😂 @matteo_pasuto @HealthyRob2 Replace 'had' with 'if' @TheArtOfWar6 Khabib. That crotch sniffer got KOd in 6 sec was so satisfying. @DustinPoirier W @whodatt249 Sneaky Conor fans. They are looking forward for something else😂. @2147mick Obvio Usman. They'll talk about personality n stuff. Kamaru imo is more real in character than Colby. Tha… @LoganDaGoat3 #exposed😂 @ScarlettLeol @McNuggetsP4P You can't just go there and shoot for TD bro, you need to set them up. To set em, you n… @leahrowley04 @HealthyRob2 The fight continues but the title isn't given to him. It's basically Khabib Vs Al situation, where had… @ScarlettLeol @McNuggetsP4P I mean, MJ fight is old, Khabib showed his impressive standup against and Conor and Dus… @ScarlettLeol @McNuggetsP4P You say this based off of the fact that he chooses to use his strength first. But Ok. @ScarlettLeol @McNuggetsP4P Khabib isn't Aldo or Alvarez.🤗 @PandaReturnsMMA @SoberConor Lol @SayNoTo5G1 Lmfao @TwistedDarce @nikjevUFC @NateDiaz209 Delete @Jw95Kieran I mean, I don't think Usman will let him stand for long. That's why I called it a lucky KO. It's basic… @sundancermma I train UFC. Come at me bro. @Jw95Kieran Here's what I believe, Jorge could beat Usman via a lucky KO. Conor could beat Masvidal via better boxing. @badass_mma If Jorge wins, within a year from now y'all will be spamming "the triple champ does what the took he wants" Cringe inbound😭. @hashtag_georgie Ey, weren't you a hardcore Khabib stan? @minus316 @TwistedDarce 😂😂😂😂 @minus316 @TwistedDarce No way. L @ufc_thoughts Nebraskan Nightmare for the W @McNuggetsP4P I think mcgregor just wants to win a title. That's it. Khabib fight would be a bad idea compared to Masvidal. @stankymma Former. And I'm sorry if you find myself in an offensive tone.Conor fans secretly rooting for Masvidal so that he later fights Conor and loses his title. I see you. Y'all are to sneaky.
Retweeted by SuhaiLMAO🇳🇬 @stankymma But you said, "hasn't been preparing at all." Right? @USMAN84kg The box goes boom @stankymma MaSvIdAl HaSnT bEeN pRePaRiNg At AlL- Pinochio @McNuggetsP4P See. There's where you're wrong. He beats Masvidal, calls himself triple champ and then he will retir… @funkmacker If you too ever fight, please knock the fuckin teeth off that pedo prick @N68_68 Me too bro😭 @outlawcharlos Fax @SammyboyBowers Really? I don't believe you😂.Conor fans secretly rooting for Masvidal so that he later fights Conor and loses his title. I see you. Y'all are to sneaky. @stylebended 12:47 pm @MikeHun96193013 @SpinninBackfist Shove you and your 18 followers up your effing ass. @MocroMMA Marty's right hand will catch you I would maul you! I will out grapple you and out box you.. and I slap you up don’t talk abt real
Retweeted by SuhaiLMAO🇳🇬 @AbdulmanapJitsu L @Soll_______ Rooting for Nebraskan Nightmare @ifysle I don't regret it.If Kamaru Usman loses to Journeyman Jorge, I'm deleting my twitter account. @whodatt249 The Nebraskan Nightmare will remain the champ for a long time. MMW. @McGregorRousey Oops that was a cheap blow. @whodatt249 @CaseyJLynn @RAdilK98 @stargazer109 @ruggedtobby @LastEmperorKGB @2147mick @AbdulmanapJitsu @101_uncle @whodatt249 Boom @thiccsaucce Bruh, why they making fake tweets about you ?? 😂 @CaseyJLynn @RAdilK98 At the top of my head, the Usman fans I know are @stargazer109 @ruggedtobby @LastEmperorKGB @leahrowley04 Nein @oli_mcburnie @GamebredFighter Casual lmao @stylebended Yes🔥. But I thought you were rooting for Masvidal. ???LMAO people bought this😂. @SoberConor W
Guess the MMA fighter. Wrong answers only. @McGregorRousey @felderpaul @MuscleMemory8GB @joshuaS_10 @kerafinisyle @sebbyfreak @MMAFighting @TheNotoriousMMA McGregor injected weed one time and this is what happened, once a great athlete now ruined by weed. #WeedKills
Retweeted by SuhaiLMAO🇳🇬 @Reuben10234982 Agreed @Jesse_Farber Pussy 😂 @hEllisRios And when Mcgregor beats Masvidal, then omg, casuals will make a hell hole. @Jesse_Farber Once I beat you, I want you to take off that mask. @NotRattity How are you bud. New account? @HealthyRob2 #COVID19India We have all the equipment and beds to treat #COVID19Pandemic . We need doctors…
Retweeted by SuhaiLMAO🇳🇬 @Jesse_Farber Damn bro, I got you shivering so hard that you actually forgot to put spaces in each word. @Jesse_Farber You're ducking me tho.I'm one of those guys who trashed Hooker pre fight, but seeing him dejected like this after a loss has brought a wh… @BenAskrenGhost Lol you fakeee😂 @ZeeIsk01 @USMAN84kg @watch_mma Damn bro. Didn't know you had a kid. Congratulations buddy. @biggest_charms @GamebredFighter @USMAN84kg @malkikawa @Abraham_kawa Fattest moves.
@Michelleh666 I smoke O2 @shinobi_01 With all due respect, f**k you. @SameeraKhan No.Khabib at his father's funeral🤲🙏.
Retweeted by SuhaiLMAO🇳🇬Please RT and spread awareness everyone, injecting devil's lettuce is not a personality trait it's actually a silen…
Retweeted by SuhaiLMAO🇳🇬 @TheOnlyAbhijit Damn bro, why you tweeting Russian Flag? Deshdrohi. @McGregorRousey @thatguyry23 😂😂😂 man you're creative. @McGregorRousey @thatguyry23 Bro can I know what happened? Why'd he block you? @McGregorRousey Belal Muhammad is still ducking you . You're Hella scary man.Here’s how this will play out: *Jorge is offered the fight *no matter how much money Jorge is offered he will sa…
Retweeted by SuhaiLMAO🇳🇬 @InDeepMMA You act like Khabib has a say in this. If Khabib denounces him, he will lose everything. @whodatt249 You couldn't put it better @HelenYeeSports Stay safe Helen. @BigBoyFarbs @whodatt249 Just googled it. Looks cool, sounds cool. @BigBoyFarbs @whodatt249 What do you prefer? @AidenBarnes I kinda knew this. But hesitated to state a fact on my own. Here's what I found on wikipedia. at his father's funeral🤲🙏.