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all I'm saying is that if your reaction to minor gun control legislation is to cover yourself in swastikas and go f…
Retweeted by Lanae @realDonaldTrump remember that time you took out full-page ads calling for the executions of five innocent black te…
Retweeted by Lanae @realDonaldTrump hey remember when you and your Klansman father were fined by the federal government in 1973 for re…
Retweeted by LanaeI personally know and am close with at least 3 people who worked for and were abused by Senator Klobuchar. Her abus…
Retweeted by LanaeIs there any other reason people support Biden other than he was Obama’s VP?The only thing that ever made #JoeBiden relevant or seemingly competent was #BarackObama.
Retweeted by Lanaepretty weird how all these military cosplay chickenshits have all the time in the world to play soldier down in Ric…
Retweeted by Lanae @SouthernersYang @AJ__B5 @ImpactYang @Duel461 I thought it was like 16.5 mil?this is like that movie where that plague spread cause that chef didn’t wash his hands and like 2 days later everyo… @MyCicis on target. We're about to end Joe Biden's whole career.
Retweeted by Lanae @VG247 Aw man wait til he hears about the army
Retweeted by LanaeJoe Biden calls Silicon Valley game developers “little creeps” who make games that “teach you how to kill”…
Retweeted by LanaeAs someone whose Congressperson was shot and multiple people murdered. In addition, the symbolism of holding a “…
Retweeted by LanaeI worked as a consultant for the Department of Public Welfare for more than three years. I’ve done the #MATH, and…
Retweeted by LanaeBernie Sanders and supporters Before you ask “what about SNAP” or other programs Please read this. And please st…
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The choir invited Andrew to join them for a selection....and it was amazing😊🙏🏽🙏🏽
Retweeted by LanaeIs. That. Andrew. Yang. With. The. Choir?! 😭😭😭😭😭😭
Retweeted by Lanae has relaunched 🚀🚀🚀 #YangGang #YangWeek #YangMonth #BringTheWave 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙🧢
Retweeted by LanaeVacancies at #SororityOfYang Openings Jan 20 - 10 Jan 21 - 9 Jan 22 - 8 Jan 23 - 8 Jan 24 - 7 Jan 25 - 5 Jan 26…
Retweeted by LanaePete and Biden have been potentially taking money from Fossil Fuel executives?! I know we're supposed to be focuse…
Retweeted by LanaeJust some #Yang screenshots to start the day! These are some great key points on @AndrewYang’s website on data righ… day here at the @SororityOfYang house! Big jump from Alabama weather but so excited to spread the Yang word… will be voting for @AndrewYang in the Alabama primary!
People talk about having their vote count.This is where literally a handful of people could be more than 20% of wha…
Retweeted by LanaeDoes anyone else think the "class warfare" paradigm that Bernie puts so much stock in is outdated? As Sun Tzu sa…
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Just landed in Charlotte! Heading to Chicago now. #yang2020 #yanggangOn my first flight to Iowa! I will update you all when I land! Love you guys! #yanggang @betwanaWP Done! Thank you so much!!so if anyone could toss a few dollars my way I would appreciate it! I have $100 left for 5 days total. Any funds wi… guys new update! Due to the complicated process of gofundme money being used for a campaign and someone donatin… a beautiful soul has donated the entire cost of the trip and my flight is booked. I’m conflicted on what to… @TairenTruong I haven’t! This is so last minute! I think they’ve been tagged tho. @makerofmagik @LiquidGensou Omg!! I hope I make it! @bbochicco @AndrewYang @scottsantens @PagetKagy @willhailer I’m trying to make it to Iowa tomorrow! @TheMattTyler you inspired me! @KoumThamm @AndrewYang So sorry to hear about your mother. You’re so right.I don’t have many free days due to being in college! Thus extra time sensitive! have $250 to my name. Flights to Iowa are $477 if I left tomorrow and came home the 21st, my only free days. I ne…
@joel_haokip I absolutely ADORE your hat in your pic. @divinestride Ahhh. Makes sense!feel like a lot of “christians” are mixing up that commandment about idolatry when it goes to trump boyall I want is for Evelyn Yang to drop a hair tutorial
In an attempt to relate @JoeBiden said he was a single dad after his wife died a senator making 42k & couldnt affor…
Retweeted by LanaeI work in automation. Believe me. #AmericaNeedsYang
Retweeted by Lanaewoke up this morning to see the vibe last night was rootin’-tootin’
@AndrewYang “ a father of an autistic child and as a person..” that’s what I love about this man and this campa… Yang: “I’d be the first President to use a PowerPoint deck - so now you see why I’m using a PowerPoint deck…
Retweeted by Lanae“The End Of Bernie Sanders” PART 1: #ITrustBernie to continue to allow his supporters to spread lies with their cam…
Retweeted by LanaeAsked @MollyJongFast to interview @AndrewYang for @glamourmag. He told her America doesn't have paid leave because…
Retweeted by LanaeJoin me in watching @AndrewYang live! LIVE: Andrew Yang PowerPoint Town Hall in Ames, Iowa via @YouTubeBREAKING: DNC to reduce Andrew Yang's speaking time by six minutes in upcoming debate
Retweeted by Lanaeimagine being such a loathsome piece of shit that you have to shop around until you finally find a stadium where th…
Retweeted by LanaeI'm sorry, but if Bernie was this great beacon for civil rights, why isn't he speaking up about the lack of diversi…
Retweeted by LanaeI miss you too.
Retweeted by Lanaegetting older is having to take a Prilosec before beers to minimize indigestion#ITrustBernie to have literally the worst online supporters of any candidate in the history of the digital world.
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Why is #itrustbernie trending? The man hasn’t passed any meaningful bills. Wants to light the world on fire instead…
Retweeted by Lanae @AndrewYang At the very bottom of this page they ask who you would endorse for president. Type in Andrew Yang to sh…
Retweeted by LanaeI just want somebody who supports me the way Joe Biden supported the Iraq war
Retweeted by LanaeImagine how much more advanced society would be today if women, who comprise half the world’s brain power, were soc…
Retweeted by LanaeBernie Sanders made $1,062,626 in 2016 His charitable donations that year? $10,600—less than 1% of his income He…
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Andrew Yang has the 2nd lowest net worth of the 14 remaining Democrats in the race - $1 million. Shame on you…
Retweeted by LanaeAn Iowa voter told Biden Friday that he‘s with him “90%” but is concerned about Biden having supported the Iraq War…
Retweeted by LanaeTrump supporters: "I like Trump because he means what he says!" also Trump supporters: "Trump didn't mean what he s…
Retweeted by Lanaehey evangelicals, quick question: at which church is President War Crimes And Golf worshiping today? just curious
Retweeted by LanaeIt’s 2020 and it’s finally happened. I DO deserve HAPPINESS and I WILL achieve my goals!! GROWTH! men is the most trifling shit I’ve ever done
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@KastorLundgren Al Pacino @shaunz_mind i know im a lil late but just wanted to say, ur in my thoughts and we are here for u ✨Won’t be tuning into the Jan. debate since @AndrewYang won’t be participating. Hopefully a drop in ratings will enc… Yang and after Yang 🤷🏻‍♂️🧢 which one looks better? #YangGang #Yang2020 @AndrewYang @Zach_Graumann
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Better video of the feminist flash mob outside the courthouse where Weinstein is being tried. The message, in Engli…
Retweeted by Lanaejust a reminder; don't sleep on @AndrewYang
Retweeted by Lanaegetting older means chugging water all day in preparation for Friday night chimichangas & margssarah paulson, how’s your back ?? just checking out cause you’re about to carry American Horror Story season 10 on…
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is grimes pregant? is grimes pragnent? is grimes pargant? is grimes gregnant? is grimes pegnate?? help!? is there a…
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Imagine how GREAT America really would be if we were all HEALTHY and not STRUGGLING
@notslxxpy Yes. There are people in our own god damned country without clean drinking water. Yet we are supposed to…
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Can someone break down what went wrong with Ohio super simple for me? 😅
Why are y’all sending out fake debate info? I’m not seeing the humor.
Senator Klobuchar was quick to tell everyone that she spent 0 days golfing this year, But forgot to say she missed…
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👏🏼 was a politician in D.C. for 44 years. But if elected, he’s gonna change Washington...
Retweeted by Lanae @Hannhp221B Not alone!
Yang Fundraising Goal Update as of 9:58 AM central. banner
Shirts are in! RT for a 1/25 chance at a free shirt!
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@MaarLillian @AntonPagi @schwartzbCNBC
Retweeted by LanaeI would just like to share the impact @AndrewYang has had on me and my family. My dad (R) and my mom (D) will be vo…
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@Dnt_TestMe @KastorLundgren 13. My birthday 🤙🏼
hey, quick question for you evangelicals: at which church is President Anointed By God worshiping today? just curious
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I believe that in 2019 internet access is a basic human right. @Brithebaby surgery because I had become septic from the stones. Doctor said if I hadn’t come in that night, I woul… @Brithebaby Yes. My insurance expired and I had kidney stones. Had to go to the ER for pain meds. Every day that we… w/ the freedom dividend, between Me Mom Dad Sister Boyfriend Brother-In-law Grandmother We’d get $84,000…
Retweeted by LanaeThis whole "let's give the asian man a sidekick position, like secretary of blah blah blah" but not give him the le…
Retweeted by LanaeThank you @elonmusk for all that you do - you lead us all to think bigger about the future. 😀👍🚀
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Andrew Yang warns Democrats: 'Stop being obsessed over impeachment’
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