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Lanchester Endowed Parochial Primary School (Co.Durham).

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@LanchesterEP Thank you everyone for such a lovely service and the memory book is amazing too!
Retweeted by Lanchester EPLots of balloons this morning for @LanchesterEP year 6 leavers service, I hope you all have an amazing day 🎈…
Retweeted by Lanchester EPI hope everyone has a fantastic time today at the leavers service 🎈
Retweeted by Lanchester EP @LanchesterEP I need to come to your school - you do some amazing things - my favourite are the eating ones. Your…
Retweeted by Lanchester EPDaily Davis Update! Year 6 have been wonderful in their leavers’ service today. Proud of each and every single one… @LanchesterEP Was a lovely service for Y6 thank you to all the staff who helped make this happen, well done to all…
Retweeted by Lanchester EPSilence in the classroom as the children read the comments in their blue books. What a beautiful service. Mrs Tate,… @LanchesterEP Wow! Looks amazing. See you soon Year 6 💙
Retweeted by Lanchester EP @LanchesterEP Thankyou it looks great!
Retweeted by Lanchester EP @LanchesterEP Well deserved! Enjoy! 🍔
Retweeted by Lanchester EP @LanchesterEP Good luck for the future year 6!!🎉🎉🎉
Retweeted by Lanchester EPThe preparations behind the scenes as our parents wait at home for the service to start. A unique but very special… to a lovely barbecue and even the sun has come out! @LanchesterEP Awww. I’m going to be in tears all day today. I just know it! This is brilliant and I’m so happy the…
Retweeted by Lanchester EP @LanchesterEP @nowpressplay @zoom_us It’s been such a brilliant experience for the girls being digital leaders. I’m…
Retweeted by Lanchester EP @LanchesterEP 😭. That’s it. Tissues at the ready.
Retweeted by Lanchester EP @LanchesterEP They will love it 🥰🥰 thank you for giving them a great send off
Retweeted by Lanchester EP @LanchesterEP Thank you so much. I'll be spending the afternoon in a corner crying!!! Have a lovely afternoon watching everyone!!
Retweeted by Lanchester EPThe stage is set for our Year 6 Leavers’ Service today. Slightly different to the usual one in church, but very spe… @michelleatkin16 @nowpressplay @zoom_us Can’t praise them highly enough. They were wonderful when presenting at bot… @LanchesterEP good luck to yr6 leavers today. You are a fab & have been such a fun yr group. Good luck to parents h…
Retweeted by Lanchester EP image is below and answers will be shared tonight. @LanchesterEP Thanks to all the staff for their support and encouragement over the past months, it has been much ap…
Retweeted by Lanchester EP
@LanchesterEP what a lovely message. Thankyou Mrs Davis, have a great and restful summer x
Retweeted by Lanchester EP @SuRox @LanchesterEP the school has been exceptional during lock-down, it truly is a remarkable place
Retweeted by Lanchester EP @LanchesterEP I'm sure I speak for loads, what a wonderful school, the support, the care, the love and lots more ha…
Retweeted by Lanchester EP @LanchesterEP Thank you all so much for everything you have done for our children and support for us all xx enjoy your break too 🌈💙😍
Retweeted by Lanchester EP wanted to say how proud I am of The Knights Bubble. They are all truly amazing children 🤩. They have taken the… you to everyone that took part in Sports Day. All the scores have been added up; the winners will be presente… FREE activity for schools, ICT School Services have worked closely Martin Bailey from @Animate2Educate a…
Retweeted by Lanchester EP @LanchesterEP Well said. And thank you for all your support and motivational words. Have a lovely break 😊
Retweeted by Lanchester EPDaily Davis Update! I thought I would record a short message for you all as most of the children leave school for t… Leaves Bubble would like to wish you all a fantastic summer! 🌈🌈🌈🌈💖 how much fun you can have with a paper aeroplane! is what their last few days in primary school should all be about - being children, having fun and just enjoyi…’re having a fun film afternoon with popcorn. #BluebellBubble #munchmunch ⭐️ Bubble loved the surprise of having an ice cream this afternoon. 🍦😋 certainly have some moves! a fantastic way to end the year. It has been lovely to be part of the Butterfly Bubble. Mr Stephenson and Mrs… 🧚🏾‍♀️🌲🌿🍃🍄🌸 Bubble are really enjoying their ice lollies. Mmm. ⭐️ a treat! 🐉 🍦 bubble are enjoying their ice cream.🍦😋🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 @LanchesterEP @zoom_us Amazing to speak to the girls this morning, so insightful & we hope they enjoy all the treat…
Retweeted by Lanchester EPWe love talking to students about their experiences of #nowpressplay! We were lucky enough to interview two brillia…
Retweeted by Lanchester EPDelighted to be representing @LanchesterEP when presenting ‘Easy to Use Technology for Learning’ for @SENShowUK tom… sweets on our biscuits 🍪🍬 -The Knights knights have been decorating biscuits as a yummy treat this morning! 😀’s Biscuit Tin Bubble have made beautiful sun catchers today. Aren’t they beautiful? a treat this morning! The Terrific Twelve were delighted with their bacon sandwiches. Mrs Tate and Mrs Tatham fabulous Year 6 Digital Leaders conducted an interview with @nowpressplay this morning via @zoom_us These two g… of the Y6 Sunny group was delighted to be doing her favourite activity this morning! key worker children loved their sports day activities yesterday! this final day in school for Reception and Year 1 children, I would like you to reflect on the highs and lows of…
Sant’s Sporting Superstars did not disappoint this afternoon. Maximalists effort was put into ‘Events 7 & 8.’ So pr… medal winners! 🐉 🌈 Davis Update! Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never quit. 💕 @LanchesterEP sports day is going very well here, come on Romans!
Retweeted by Lanchester EPWaiting to find out the winner of our #Transition Competition? Find out about @BirchwoodPrim & @LanchesterEP's…
Retweeted by Lanchester EP⁦@LanchesterEP⁩ Sports Day was so much fun!!! J scored 136 for Danes in year 4AS, I scored 132 if that counts for a…
Retweeted by Lanchester EP @LanchesterEP we’ve had fun doing all the sports day activities today.
Retweeted by Lanchester EP @LanchesterEP sports day at home and O scored 138 points for Danes! What fun!
Retweeted by Lanchester EPReception Leaves Bubble have enjoyed making ‘Skittles Rainbows’ this afternoon. 🌈🌈🌈🌈🌈’ve had a fun afternoon in Planet Bubble. Moving objects, obstacle course, sack race and clock jump. 👏🏾 impressed by Year 6’s effort and performance throughout Sports Day! Well done everyone! think one of the Y6 Sunny members is tired after all the activities!’re having a super Sports Day with all the Yr 6 Bubbles! Mrs Tatham and Mr Knighton. Sunny are having great fun doing their Sports Day challenges this afternoon. Mr Taylor and Mrs Boyd Leaves Bubble have had a fantastic Sports Day! They are all superstars! ⭐️🏆🥇🌈 Biscuit Tin bubble have earned and designed their own medals today! What a fantastic Sports Day they have had🌈… the huge success of the Rainbow Twitter challenge print selling out, we have managed to secure an additional… Bubble have enjoyed their first 4 Sports day activities. Run, long jump, hitting the target and egg and spoo…’s Sporting Superstars are smashing Sports Day 🤩💪🏻🏃🏻‍♂️! They are quite a competitive bunch! Events 1 to 6 comp… @LanchesterEP #sportsday MP completing sports day with a little help from his brother
Retweeted by Lanchester EPPH & OJH loved their @LanchesterEP Sports Day! Team Norman!
Retweeted by Lanchester EPO and I finally finished our volcano from week 12 science topic and the eruption was amazing! Great way to end off…
Retweeted by Lanchester EP @LanchesterEP sports day activities
Retweeted by Lanchester EPDoing it for the Romans @LanchesterEP #sportsday
Retweeted by Lanchester EPYesterday, The Knights Bubble created some rainbow 🌈 fudge. Today, they got to eat it-delicious! It has given us en… effort this morning from the Bluebell Bubble. What a super Sports Day! It was lovely to see such good sport… Day Fun part two for Reception’s Biscuit Tin Bubble. Day fun for the Reception Biscuit Tin Bubble. bubble are having lots of fun!#team 🌸😃👏🏻 a fantastic team effort this morning in Butterfly Bubble. Mr Stephenson and Mrs O’Halloran lovely breakfast for Year 6 this morning! is Sports Day! There are videos on each class’s eSchools homepage with demonstrations from some of our Year 6… Bubble enjoyed using a @GoNoodle exercise video to warm up for Sports Day activities.’s Biscuit Day Bubble are warming up for Sports Day.’re all ready to go for Sports Day on Reception! Which team will be the winner?! @panamelie Yes. If we can have them by Wednesday morning, that would be great. Thanks.
Butterfly Bubble have been working hard on creating self portraits. Mr Stephenson and Mrs O’Halloran. C enjoyed Forest Schools today! is Sports Day! Who will win the Sports Day trophy? Romans? Saxons? Danes? Normans? Everyone’s points coun… Davis Update! Don’t use social media to impress people. Use it to impact people. 💕Butterfly Bubble creating some wonderful Flower Petal Suncatchers. Mr Stephenson and Mrs O’Halloran