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Principal Engineer, Software / Services R&D @ PlayStation. toots mine, only. He/him.

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@KrisSiegel You’ll see it @Seantron @BenjiSales I really do! I just picked up a cable from amazon to try out quest link. There's so many VR titles to try outBig bird. :( @BenjiSales this is great confirmation bias for buying a kit last monthI just want to sleepyeesh @arrdem I get that a lot @arrdem thock#1875 for a good time @arrdem pc?does anyone know of any experiences that have worked blend modes into the web using css?facebook more like phonebook lolThis happened and here's the video: someone ripped the Maurizio Cattelan banana off the wall at @ArtBasel and ATE I…
Retweeted by Landon Nossamazing, amazing, amazing, amazing, he literally ate the rich San Francisco status: Market Street is now known as Lake Market Street
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Let’s hope I don’t receive any PhD rejections like this 1928 l rejection letter.
Retweeted by Landon Nossgain fresh scent stream some satisfactoryWeekend Quandary: - Restring the baritone - Play Video Games with the kids @KateyParr hm. The only other things i could thing of to check would be: - make sure gain levels are as near 0db w… @KateyParr oh also, are you supplying phantom power? (something on your interface like (+4v) or a push pull button @KateyParr where are you in relation to the mic? are you speaking into it or is it picking up the area? your mic… @KateyParr What kind of microphone? Generally you want to have "full volume" from input and then you can change it… @KateyParr feel comfy posting a clip? Make sure you have enough volume in the recording chain, like your recording… yes, the ol, no nut has gone posh, folks @teleken welcome to the party palthere is a lot happening at the end. Did...does GPT2 have the capability of intoxication? seemed to have crashed AI Dungeon after escaping from a bandit and the orcish horde when I simply asked for a bar…
lets face it, we've all had this conversation at work. The person saying "be realistic" is always wrong;Dr; TAA rules
Retweeted by Landon Noss @hondanhon @kaleidoscopemac i do now, those low resolutions and color 'preview' arrangements bring me back @jasonschreier this is the dumbest clickbait I think I have ever seen. At least of the decade.the internet has lost, everything is stupid, meme twitter accounts just post whatever clickbait garbage it finds. V… @hondanhon I had figured skeumorphism killed windowblinds far before flat design reigned. @hondanhon Active Desktop was a cool concept! Take it back. (Sidebar, people now do this with native stuff with "Ra… @joannalaine me on twitter trying to remember what I was doing before I opened twitter great example of building "in time" - sampling input at a regular interval versus handling input with a simple ev… to mention the aspect of "well if I have to build a ~game engine~ into this project, why not just build a game?… think this is why there is a skills gap between folks who came up doing non-game related programming / design tr… was a hard lesson! I am very stubborn!one of the things about building systems that are on the periphery of games is how much you have to think like a ga…[pictured: a previously distracted programmer re-opens their editor] that Jeff Buckley is deadthis is Death Stranding's impact
Retweeted by Landon Noss @StarFire2258 @ZoeSchiffer oh no @joannalaine I'm glad if it helps, i'm grappling with the bear myselfover a long enough arc, any software project inevitably coalesces into a state machine @RyanTablada oh yeah! this was a bomb live demo @RyanTablada i have no idea to that which you are referringbesties. refresh those feeds y’all.
Retweeted by Landon Noss @RussFrushtick yesssss @RyanTablada i mean rather than "zero" latency you would cl_pushlatency to a specific sync point in the future so playback is syncedmy first wasm project might actually end up being a VST compatable "google wave for sequencers" thingwebapp idea: zoom but for musiciansKids: Precious Shitheads, an autobiography @hondanhon I've had to facetime with my son who CON-TIN-UES to sneak out of his room to the toy area five times ton… @hondanhon [p.s please fistbump him from me for that ice cold burn] @hondanhon He's a quick studyGonna tell my kids I 3d printed a save icon
Retweeted by Landon Noss @hondanhon dan, this is the tweet of my year @NateDSaint see how many scales you can do to metronome as some fraction of your build time
I saw this meme and it was for movie studios but I made an edit to it that was just as true.
Retweeted by Landon NossAt @UbisoftWinnipeg you will be working on the future of gaming, utilizing tech that has never been used to create…
Retweeted by Landon Noss @KrisSiegel I have wild insomnia right now, pills just get me stoned, for lack of a better term. @KrisSiegel i would like some @KrisSiegel haven't slept since tuesday woooooooo lets get that grainhey @verge can you stop it with the excellent journalism this one stings at a personal level @StarFire2258I barely have the words. This is a nightmare. @KrisSiegel jacking in brb my 2019 playlist @richardiii yeah probablyhas tech invented a cpu to protect myself from my bad code> arrow-up, enter > [makes sure compile/code/script doesn't crash immediately] > [long sigh] > alt tab > just sit there, blinking @landongn What did we do to deserve this
Retweeted by Landon Nossdear lord its on film @christianmccrea it is and I think you're right @arrdem i don't dare ask but also kinda want to ask
imagine the brass balls you'd have to have to ask John Carmack to work for exposure. Jesus. to back to a congressional record: a post and a tweet good job, society, you've ruined everything cool and goodconstitutional scholars: [in unison] impeachable conduct took place ornery old grandpa: impeachment impeachment im… cruelty is the point @unormal is: - 10% taking inline code and turning it into functions (or back) - 10% agreeing with others about w… strongman rocked by gossip
Campo crew will make something great soon, I'm sure of it. Not many of us would say no to working in the Half-Life…"Hey that Shayna Moon seems pretty neat - I wonder how I could contact her about speaking, writing, mentorship, and…
Retweeted by Landon Noss#GivingTuesday know halloween is over and everything, but: Early 2009 wordpress theme development 👻my eyeswhat, and i cannot stress this enough, the fuck @aaronlinde @KrisSiegel @Pornhub @KrisSiegel they're unlistedmaking videos is my passion apparently[exasperated] heh son, who is 5, woke up early this morning. How did I know? he crept into the bedroom and 'borrowed' my iPad. I… is a short story about WebGL and how it exploded my brain a few years ago. For performance, I decided to re-i…
Retweeted by Landon Noss @StupidFunWill Voraciously consume things that interest and excite you, and make small little ideas into bigger and bigger ones. @StupidFunWill I identify with Will's process on creativity and testing ideas so much. Its worked into the fabric o…