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Principal Engineer, Software / Services R&D @ PlayStation. toots mine, only. He/him. A consensual collaborative hallucination experienced daily.

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Seeing the recent buff women hate made me want to draw Korra
Retweeted by Landon 😷facebook provides innovative new ways to stay connected with what we've found works best: throngs of unwashed masse… @amyngyn dooooooom browniesThis shit looks like blade runner lmao
Retweeted by Landon 😷“VC puts out bounty for harassment memes targeting journalist who reported on media criticism from a disgraced, for…
Retweeted by Landon 😷 @dhh @kstewart Thanks for using your platform like this, dude. This guy needs to go Away.Masks are important, but not enough. “We conclude that the effectiveness of any one intervention in isolation is li…
Retweeted by Landon 😷What are the hundreds of thousands of infectious people in these states doing right now? Isolating? Are their famil…
Retweeted by Landon 😷We need to shut it all down again. This thread. Ugh. biggest lie in Software Engineering is that it is about computers and not people.
Retweeted by Landon 😷i refuse to believe its real life right now, i'm going to bedwe tried the egomaniac thing dude, it didn't work with any tradition, please enjoy this wholesome ass meme this independence day give him the mic, let the idiot vamp like that for an entire debate man was not meant to know
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@richardiii omg omg dude omgListen; the people who made the decision to spawn my character facing the exit after dying over and over in an over… @intothemild Don’t worry it will likely be gone soonHow do you release this on July 6th @Capitana_ftp_87 this is for you, destiny. You pretty. accepts a lie after being lied to, fighting occurs, man wins, but only after he loses something. it is green. pretty sick of quarantine thanks a lot to everyone who yelled MURICA on street corners while wearing warcr… all my rage i'm still just a dad in a cage
i miss used bookstores @richardiii @anthny No you should and I’ll squad with yaIf Washington is to change its franchise name (it should), then team should follow @petemrogers’ design
Retweeted by Landon 😷This is really cool! Would love to see more studios do this! #gamedev
Retweeted by Landon 😷 @kenklippenstein And then Elon stood at the precipice and stared into my soul with his four green eyes, and told me… @kenklippenstein r/slashfic_parody stgfolks, let's talk about k8s.
Retweeted by Landon 😷Suit up! It’s here!! Congrats to the crews at @Camouflaj and PlayStation (both current and former) who put a lot o…
Retweeted by Landon 😷 @coliethenerd You and Dan still destiny? That’d be cool once I figure out how to play againcouldn’t find my palette so I mixed my shit on a tortilla
Retweeted by Landon 😷This perfectly describes In-N-Out
Retweeted by Landon 😷 @oliviacpu i hope the connection between independence day and that connection is full of catharsis for you. Stay sa… @oliviacpu also hi, i hope you're doing okay and your mom is cool now? @oliviacpu not enough content on the internet about how buck ass wild rural billboards can get @richardiii [boots up D2] @richardiii hahaaaaaaaaa i know why too, same. @richardiii we cleaned out the garage b. I got those slats for your AC unit now @qorquiq @s3rioussam Right? @s3rioussam Kratos (God of War, 2022, Sony Pictures)picked up shadowkeep and the season pass for beyond light. Any squads out there looking for a garbage person?
Retweeted by Landon 😷EVO is gone forever. Time for combo breaker to step up. Fucking yikes, dude. YIKES.spent the day cleaning my car, the missus's car, the garage, and hauling about an entire garage worth of junk. Wa…
Must get outside at all costs safely @richardiii i'm so upset you aren't a livestreamer this video needs a second watch just for the seating arrangements @Pizza_Suplex was this your idea? @richardiii someday i'm going to decorate my home office in a wall of skate decks. The art is still super crispy.Can we stop framing online toxicity around the evils of anonymity and the sad lives of aimless boys and young men.…
Retweeted by Landon 😷 @Ethelmonster Big Todd @Ethelmonster this is clearly Todds doing @ken_wheeler son of a bitch it already has a bird on it
Retweeted by Landon 😷Omg yes?? Yes! larson running out of the room so she can show her switch on camera is the most brie larson thing she has ever…
Retweeted by Landon 😷How do you not open this website every day and resist the temptation to quote tweet all the despicable injustice wi… @annafunk pools are my p a s s i o n @joemag_games it's a redfin listing for a housewhy does the contractor make the pool in poser 3d from 2003 I high? what the hell is happening in this listing me what @jdriscoll Good vote. Hard to acquire the materials, i'd reckonI've got 5 days of "Funway"; I need project ideas, give me your best shotCatnip Tea
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tech isn't hard people are hard pass it onGame pitch: Psychological horror comedy in which you get sucked into a 90's computer.
Retweeted by Landon 😷This is easy! Yes!“It makes no sense paying Bay Area rent if we can earn our salary living elsewhere.” With offices are closed for mo…
Retweeted by Landon 😷Same be on charlatan watch
Retweeted by Landon 😷People who only reply to a thread asking for some bot to unroll like, five posts: please understand you are Segway… @LadieAuPair Holy shit! ✊
hey @photonstorm -- i've got some tinker time (and i'm on your patreon!) any chance at some early access to phaser 4? :Dmake it stop @Atheris I spent a few summers as a kid around Bigfork. Montana, man. @Atheris sweet mother of god. Where is this? Majestic. @pyromuffin buy a house in Utah. You'll have 8000 square feet and six acres. @pyromuffin are you insane @ceejbot @KrisSiegel I kind of want to get block serif business cards that say "Brutalist Engineering"Ope there goes my ability to even again
Retweeted by Landon 😷 @hondanhon This is actually okay? I don't get why they wouldn't be up front with the hard requirements, though. It's such a con.
Finally, with running a fully remote team, my superpower is unlocked: Being extremely on line makes everything easi… love to see it @hondanhon reply with nothing other than "Do tell" @jfairbairn Ideas are good up until the moment you test them. (nothing would be built otherwise) another one would…'m super proud to work with Anna. She's got humanity and empathy like few others. Read this. friends at @pcgamer, who have always been so fantastic to work with, have published my blog on their platform. B…
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Retweeted by Landon 😷 @hermenhulst I hope for your health this was a scheduled tweet, Hermsm o r n i n g t w i t t e r @landongn Please come to my GDC talk “Bringing Effective Level And Mission Design To The Financial Services, What W…
Retweeted by Landon 😷> we need more information > [puts in more information, submits] > we need more information > [yet more information… internet needs more of this ❤️
Retweeted by Landon 😷 @Hicks_206 this is my second, and perhaps least advised go of it.