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Gintama | Rurouni Kenshin | One Piece | HxH | FMAB | chainsaw man avi: @crixist - banner: @FakeYato I don't stop!! Glorious days!

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@TheGintamaMan That image is EPIC @TheGintamaMan Epic @7jeeeeeeec @DarcWoIf Doraemon GOATED @Mladen769 you're GOATED @Mladen769 fuck no😔😔😔😔😔😔UPDATED VERSION @MeruemGoat horny again @dead_diamond21 bruh @dead_diamond21 bruhMaybe this make Andres watch the show. @MeruemGoat Horny @DiableLanji @CharlotteXavi lmaooo @CharlotteXavi Bleach out bro @YorozuyaBoss yay! @destroyerjeff8 @7jeeeeeeec Epic @destroyerjeff8 @7jeeeeeeec That's me @R_Florest GM!! @The_Anime_Guy_0 Good Morning! @destroyerjeff8 @7jeeeeeeec Stabger @7jeeeeeeec Wec @nutking_ GN????¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿ OMG!GM @7jeeeeeeec @moilatte din don ding daaaraCrazy how Gintama isn't just peak on how it's written but also peak when it comes to voice acting
Retweeted by Landuni @TheGintamaMan Epic @nutking_ @nutking_ Not british here
Speaking of opening~ When will you open your legs to me?
Retweeted by Landuni @GolDNakama @Josu_ke vende mucho en general @Talketsu READ ITThorfinn: new gen. @nutking_ Gamename @Yorozuyamichael Same bro @chifuyugf game name @Franzdrake4 @Talketsu Sure. Pacing issues. @spiritprivatede For me is a 9 @MatiasC_95 I'm hyped as fuck @smokingmayo @Mladen769 Lmaoooo @Mladen769 This is so good! But what is happening with that ninja, I skipped episodes who is!!!111!!1!1! @YorozuyaBoss This looking so good @YorozuyaZein Yeah... it was hard to reach 300's but finally!!!!! Worth it11111 @thealiaafina Gintama good now!!11 @HajimeNoRocky Finally Gintama getting good... @YorozuyaZein I hope this get's good finally😔😔Starting Shogun Assassination Arc! I'm very excited to watch peak fiction! Later FS and SS let's go!!!111!1!1!1!1 @myshittybackup What is that @Ruoson_ @Talketsu OPM S1, Mob 2, cowboy bebop, samurai champloo, ping pong the animation.... @Franzdrake4 @Talketsu It's not about budget it's about production @luisalisferrer @Josu_ke @chiquillarbkudo Es verdad....BRO BRO BRO WTF TORIKO FIREEEEE READ TORIKO WTF @frisbegone @Alli_alt Only 8-10?
They really used and played HEAD-CHA-LA from Dragon Ball LMAO ONLY GINTAMA 😂😭
Retweeted by Landuni @xXskiller21Xx @xxShiroyasha lmao @Josu_ke @NeurasJaponesas que @chusetto viste gintama @Talketsu @Ri_Zahard A 6/10 for me too, I didn't like the battle royale type stuff lmao @Talketsu ...A little late but 7 years ago (July 6), Gintama Movie 2: The Final Chapter - Be Forever Yorozuya premiered Please…
Retweeted by Landuni @Talketsu Book
LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TRIGUN IS HAVING A NEW ANIME ADAPTATION AND NOBODY IS TALKING ABOUT THIS.… @RamaJoestar quita kuroko pon daiya no ace @arisylvie yey! (´• ω •`) ♡imagine sitting there @vehicularalexf1 @Josu_ke Joder no me extraña el cabreo @Josu_ke @vehicularalexf1 Creo que fue antes que kuroko el manga además no?
@ShaKing807 @YorozuyaBoss That's source material problem @ewOboro 😮😮😮😳😳Crazy how Gintama made a poop feel like a character 😔 @sngwooflrt 💜 @AbduRoth @RespctfuI He means from THIS yearThe God Of Highschool opening is bassically me editing on Sony Vegas 13 @ramenshoujo @DarkstrideA Why @7jeeeeeeec Gintama paralelisms... my favourites...
Retweeted by Landuni @FlaxSama @ReadMagicKaito ... @ShaKing807 Without context is a 7/10 for me. After reading kenshin its a BIG EASY 10/10 @ShaKing807 It's suposed to be watched after the OG series @ShaKing807 Ok so that's why is a C @ShaKing807 Have you watched/read kenshin? @ShaKing807 Why trust an betrayal C @KloutedKurta I'm not Andres, but Kenshin's and Gintama's live action are pretty pretty good @juubeiyagyu bru @ReadMagicKaito 👏The bible just arrived😯😯😯 @Tharizdun03 That's becouse people like you (me too), we try to think as objectively as possible, but that can't be possible...
@imab4by yeeessグラさんんん!!の回を見ました #銀魂
Retweeted by Landuni @hinamisamaa Top 1 @therealgambra C-D @Sharonnotamashi S🗿 @unaimanati uuuhhhhmmm A @Kndlizo Gintama: S YYH (manga): S Dorohedoro: A++Drop Anime/Manga and I'll rank it. @Tharizdun03 use mangadex @Mladen769 Thanks! @reiofthetaka @R_Florest