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Ed.D. NBCT HS Math-STEM-SEL-inquiry, Researcher-Presenter NCTM. #MTBoS, wife, grandma generally in the Way.

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@mathillustrated @DrKChilds Southwest sang ours in rap as we kept the rhythm section going @zimmerdiamonds Have the students improv roles to class. Might need to script it first but either way the humor grows @jedipadmaster @mrsbutler209 I agree in some respects yet it is also imp to give credit where credit is due and not… @ProfCarlsonSCSU @MrNunesteach I play brief video clips & then have Ss improv their roles in maintaining the learni… Curiosity & anticipation lead to a sense of well-being. When one becomes curious, even extraneous material is le… @PreK33 @TAYLOR_does_IT @ConsciousD I'm thinking that the "unconditional" part must be intentional to play out in reality. #masterychat @msjennconner @MrNunesteach I'm seeing S surveys come back as, "This is a complete waste of time." I think our HS S… @CharityDodd @PearDeck I use Peardeck (or Nearpod) when presenting. It takes participant engagement to a whole new level. #masterychat @PreK33 @TAYLOR_does_IT @ConsciousD Do the rituals evoke images of loving feelings or loving as a verb? #masterychat @msjennconner @MrNunesteach I also get, "Suzie smells, I don't want to sit on a team with her." I encourage Ss to… @msjennconner @MrNunesteach I would argue that "feels" are best dealt with in the moment. Example: I teach the brai… don't know if this counts, but my Ss showed me the group chat they named in my honor this week. So touching!… Math Ss learn to examine underlying structures to understand problem. SEL teaches Ss to imagine underlying circu… So this article I'm working on... My Ss are in semi-permanent collaborative teams with embedded STEM awareness t… @kathyhen_ Working on getting unsick. Those cute little snotty noses are ten times more deadly than a HS full of teens for some odd reason.Augh! I forgot you guys. Sorry I'm late. I'm in the process of uploading an article on SEL! #masterychat @kathyhen_ I learned today that it is much more likely that I would get sick from adorable grandson that the opposi…
@mrThamilton So true. And I see every rejection as God's redirection. #CelebratEDa1&2 I conducted a very large long study but didn't get the data I was hoping to see. So it's a no go for publishin… @MelissaRathmann @mjjohnson1216 @TedHiff I can't ever imagine Meredith being rude in her whole life...ever...ever... #CelebratED @TedHiff earned an outstanding reputation! #celebratED @Greg_Moffitt How to win friends & influence people...yikes! #CelebratEDa1) a1 Today. I have a terrible cold and have a big presentation on Saturday. #celebratedHello, I'm HS Math in Greater St. Louis #celebratEda1 Today. I have a terrible cold and have a big presentation on Saturday.My favorite event this week. "Dr. Walker, we created a group chat in your honor." They showed me their phones.…
@Tpedersen25 So sorry to hear this. At the same time, I also think it's important to share the grief as we "bear one another's burdens." @LeeanneBranham @VbergMath @kathyhen_ @ClaireVerti @zimmerdiamonds @CoopDi @CPMmath @rlawsum @cluzniak @jreulbach
@kathyhen_ @ClaireVerti @zimmerdiamonds @CoopDi @CPMmath @rlawsum @cluzniak @jreulbach @JFinneyfrock @VbergMath @ClaireVerti @kathyhen_ @zimmerdiamonds @CoopDi @CPMmath @rlawsum @cluzniak @jreulbach @JFinneyfrock @VbergMath @MathsterVarnes! @MeredithPurser I suspect that anytime but test time seems like a better time to care about other things...besides math. @kathyhen_ @MonsterJam Kind of young for quadratic motion, isn't he?a5 I learned this week that many companies partner with free online educational systems. Ss can train for a career… I think of advocating informed choice. Ss and Ps make many decisions that affect ed outcomes, and often they don… I think it's important to go the other direction as well. I have done 2 externships this year to find out more… from Greater St. Louis. I'm HS math #buildhopeedu #iaedchat #prinleaderchat
I'm excited to speak at 2020 CPM Teacher Conference about integrating STEM into high school Algebra. @sched @BenTalsma @SteinbrinkLaura @AllysonApsey @JakeMillerTech @TeacherRunner42 @blocht574 @techsavvyed @Kbahri5
@jreulbach @fawnpnguyen @cheesemonkeysf @kathyhen_ @CPMmath And for those of you I've only seen on video... I'd sit on the floor! @SilveryCurls @Kareemfarah23 I'm finding I can get more personalization with 7 groups of 4 than with my remedial cl… @JazmineLFrias I think if we define it as metacognition and relaxation, being intentional about not… morning from Greater St. Lous! #CrazyPLN
@Dave_Connell_11 @PardoeMary I have taught 14-19 year old classes, have 30 hrs of grad math...I only know thru 12x6… For Ss who know very few, I would be concerned about inability to subitize. Huge concerns about 5x10 not so much 6x7. #mathscpdchat
a3 On the worst of days, I can always think of something that was good. I fixate on that and whatever ill came with… @shellyleev I just sent this to my boss! #IAedChat @DrJoeClark So much can be said about the importance of playfulness and how it differs from childishness. #iaedhat @StaffPodcast I like to say that a random act of kindness doesn't buy us the right to do otherwise later.Lurking...but fessing up. Wonderful comments on #iaedchat this evening. @CoachLunsford54 In HS, we see Ss who were not graded for accuracy, and they have learned HW is a time to rehearse… @MrKrapels Mine sit in semi-permanent teams and peer explanations are routine, but it is funny how much they enjoy… In a perfect world, I would have a way of locking Ss into specific sites so those whose regulatory skills are no… I provide videos linked to every lesson on the assignment sheet. When I notice gaps in Ss knowledge, they get a… @dcpsmoss When ppl ask me when I plan to retire I link them to Wiki's article about my Great Aunt Audrey: #VAESPChat @greystone_np I often have mine do a "brain dump" and then decorate with colorful additions with everything they forgot. #EdchatRI @Mrs_Krapels I find it amusing that I often have to explain to students that 5 100% grades average out the same as… @birmingham_n I finished my Ed.D about the time most would be retiring, but I don't regret a minute of the time I s… @MrKrapels @CagleNatosha Yes. My district isn't using a system like GoGuardian so I am having to scale back just to… I try to raise awareness. Example: MO has child labor laws but there are no laws to keep coaches from demandin… @Mrs_Krapels That does make a huge difference. In recent years, I have been working with the lower end of the regul… Silent think time-->team discusssion-->reporting out. #edchatri @Mrs_Krapels Lack of sleep. Many sleeping with their phones. They will swear they are working non-stop for hours bu… @jordyn_pistilli Lack of faith that the content is worth mastering is my #1 challenge. If a S is behind in math, th… I would say it depends on what the motivation is for working hard. Under threat would probably not make one happ… from Greater St. Louis. I'm a HS math teacher. #EdchatRI #ecet2 #VAESPChata2 My Ss who are absent or, for whatever reason do not master content have multiple ways to catch up. #teachposHello from Greater St. Louis HS math #teachpos
What Should We Teach? Expanding Bloom's Knowledge Dimension #edchat #leadupchat #DOK
Retweeted by Lane Walker @TobiaBrooke @IsabelBlair15 Oops... typo. It's Margie Pearse @TobiaBrooke @IsabelBlair15 Here's Margie Pearce's list of favorite math tweeps and favorit… @PrincipalTribe What format do I use to submit that? @Willmdunn @themusicweaver Love it! I'm adding it to my playlist for students walking into class.
@AmyLIllingworth @abbeydick Someone else's crabbiness is NOT your fault. #leadlap @burgess_shelley @MsPhillipsHRCE My scroll-throughs take seconds in otherwise lost time. Then my blocks of time are… Research. I don't want to say anything I can't back up with both my observations and the observations of others… morning from Greater St. Louis #LeadLAP @TamiJ123 Caveat: while we are learning not to make conclusions about particular groupsl, the author seems to blame… @mgrosstaylor @TanisLeads @EduGladiators @gtowngenderjust @PaulONeill1972 @D4Griffin3 @BrendanFetters @Maverikedu12 @HartofLearning @seni_bl I start with # Edugladiators at 8 then # 822chat at 8:22 @TamiJ123 @saldanact I'm always looking for responses that signal I'm mis-reading somebody because I don't always get it righ… Someone in my school started a book study on How to be an Antiracist. Helpful book! #edugladiators @PrincipalTribe Ha! No pressure here. This does contribute another chip of motivation to get around to it ;) thanks! #822chat @biologygoddess Interesting. Can you say more about that? #822chat @KMillerSAIL I try to step into the exuberance instead of shutting it down. There is a bonding that occurs and it c… have been waiting for days to share this! I'm thinking of writing a blog around it. #822chat @mafost Correct. I had to double check that bc I work so late. #822chat @saldanact @VNixon1988 Ha! I'm in the middle of an email, saying exactly that! #EduGladiatorsGood morning on time! #822chatGood morning from Missouri #EduGladiators @SharonVestal Congratulations, Sharon!
@KatieNovakUDL I read this and found it intriguing. It fits well with integrating STEM without encroaching on time… excellent resource for designing curriculum and lessons. @fnoschese Every year I get students who do that with unlike terms. Nixthetricks and "attend to precision." CCSS SMP 6
@wacom Since the last 2 upgrades, my Intuit will not advance slides on Smart Notebook. It works okay on Ppt. @wacom Since the latest upgrades, buttons on my slate that use to make my Smart Notebook advance a slide "forward"… @cmmteach "I'm hoping you can tell me I'm wrong."Yes! and CPM has a few of these but so much more can be done. @mpershan I believe I saw 1),2) in my infant grandson, demonstrating anticipation as I counted various objects or m…
@DennisDill Thinking this! (sense of well being)