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Ed.D. NBCT HS Math-STEM-SEL-inquiry, Researcher-Presenter NCTM. #MTBoS, wife, grandma generally in the Way.

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@RoweRikW Using CPM...several of my students asked how to write a Fibonacci sequence as a function yesterday. We ne… @petergates3 @rogertitcombe @MrBlachford All I remember about chalkboards is that, as an undergrad, we could tell w…
@VbergMath @anniek_p I havent pursued work with pre-service teachers because I don't think most have a realistic id… @MelyssaUhrich Oh and a digital plan book that also works as an assignment sheet with videos & lesson plans in the… Working on making the inquiry lessons in the textbk more efficient. Working on focusing on gratitude. #822chata1 Love the Q! I think dreams need reality cks. I've had voice lessons but no matter how much I dream-try, taint go…! I always told my sons they didn't need to wish because they learned how to pray. #822chat
@Sneffleupagus @ClaireVerti @AuthorGaylord If I had to go back to those yrs & had already messed up when I figured… @Sneffleupagus @ClaireVerti @AuthorGaylord I was able to tell my teenage sons that I never lied to them...not even… @ClaireVerti @martinsean I had that happen once last year with Carnegie. I guess it's pretty common.
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@EmathsUK @helenjwc @mrshawthorne7 @Suchmo83 @MGilbranch @annemathswatson Before CCSS I would frequently hear how S… @EmathsUK @helenjwc @mrshawthorne7 @Suchmo83 @MGilbranch @annemathswatson 2/2 I see examples of CCSS success. Very… @EmathsUK @helenjwc @mrshawthorne7 @Suchmo83 @MGilbranch @annemathswatson Unfortunately, change in US math ed happe… @EmathsUK @helenjwc @mrshawthorne7 @Suchmo83 @MGilbranch @annemathswatson Correct. By the time I see them, they've… @MrBlachford Great thread! @EmathsUK @helenjwc @mrshawthorne7 @Suchmo83 @MGilbranch @annemathswatson I'm US high school (age 14-19) and see ef… @robertkaplinsky ...or co-presenting with attendees through interactive apps? @MarshaPoh @paytonhobbs Yes, yes, yes! Now we need to make a list of variations so we don't start sounding like we… @BethHouf It can be tricky to not assume someone knows something but, at the same time, convey the respect that the… @apadalino @AmyLIllingworth I follow eds who challenge me & make me think. #leadlapGreat point. When listening to someone sharing multiple concerns, I find myself saying, "I don't want to miss anyth… Affirming listeners follow-through: connect later. #leadlapGood morning #leadlap. I'm a HS math teacher growing & sharing STEM-SEL strategies within collaborative student teams. @kwildehealey @me1odystacy @twilaparis 1990's The Warrior is A Child #leadupchat @JeffreyASee Interesting thought. Wondering if all the passions blended together is always more effective than one… I wonder if anyone ever reaches the point where they stop 2nd-guessing themselves. Leaders need affirmation, too #leadupchatPREACH!!!!! It is a hard transition and many do not make it,BUT once you get a hang of it the REWARD and IMPACT is…
Retweeted by Lane WalkerA beautiful picture of empowerment. @3_DLeadership @basil_marin I think this tends to happen where trust around humility is built in. I sometimes see h… @3_DLeadership @DCulberhouse I don't think either is fixed. If we believe Ss can grow and evolve beyond what is obv… It's human nature to want a voice. But to have one with impact, it is important to maintain an evolving knowledg… @latoyadixon5 I wish you could see my 5th hour. You'd love it.Good morning from Greater St. Louis. HS math, STEM, SEL, inquiry. #leadupchat @Crazedladychron My dist is considering a shift that seemingly all in the trenches feel is a shift from academic t… @pattersonaubrey I love this. It's too easy to be side-tracked by what we did last when we have opportunities to ta… from Greater St. Louis. I teach HS math, connecting SSs to post-high goals #822chatGood morning. HS math teacher from St. Louis. #edugladiators
@LybryaKebreab @Virtuouscm I find the students are sometimes better at doing that than some of the adults. @Ms_Mac4 @iluveducating You look wonderful together! @Ms_Mac4 @iluveducating Wait, is this some kind of conspiracy? #masterychata6 It seems like moving in the same direction would be more productive that hitching two engines tracked to go in o… It seems from observation reports that my Ss stand out by the way they interact. They work in semi-permanent tea… @AaronDaffern @iluveducating @LSpencerEdD @casas_jimmy @gcouros Nice summary!. For me "value" can be a challenge bc… @iluveducating Oh wow! What made the difference? #masterychat @gdorn1 So many dimensions. #masterychat @Melanie4kids @iluveducating Lately I have been very up front with my Ss. I don't particularly love math, but I lov… @AaronDaffern @LSpencerEdD Unfortunately, I have experienced some breaks with that lately at HS. Great relationship… @LSpencerEdD @AaronDaffern Hummm.....not likely to get by with that much longer. SEL is big in K-12 & higher ed suc… @LauraMcConnel18 I'm switching plans for my "success math" Ss to try to better meet their needs as well. What works… It isn't enough to read abstracts. There are always limitations: to the research, to my experience, to my observ… I have to watch that I don't react too quickly to a less than stellar day. Need to balance everything with an ap… @MrsEngler1 I love how new, young teachers help me see different angles I would not have noticed without them. #masterychata1 because students and their needs are changing rapidly and drastically. #masterychatHello from Greater St. Louis. I'm HS math with STEM-SEL inquiry integration. #masterychat
@RaeHughart @koll27 @KozielecSara @KQEDedspace @KristineHodgins @kruevans @KurtBrewer10 @KyleHamstra @L_Roadcap @tyarnold18 Yes! And I recently have been thinking about the difference between positivity and gratitude. I think g… @mpershan @ddmeyer I do (they zone), we do (they groan), you do (not so much).
Playing funny bunny videos as Ss walked into the classroom today. Loving the smiles & dance moves of my Ss. Thanks,… @DingleTeach Fortunately, sweet dreams don't make us fat. @MathEdJax @melanie_wertz @k8nowak An interesting investigation is to compare the depth and breadth of the college finals with AP.
@zeitz @cortguitarman @Sunk_87 Oh yes! I cite that often. It's on that list. @zeitz @cortguitarman @Sunk_87 This might be helpful: @DuffysClassroom @cindy_blasi @marialantz7 Oh, my, yes! @zeitz @cortguitarman @Sunk_87 I do teach my Ss bits of cognitive- & neuroscience. I'm wondering about the specific… When a detention is unavoidable (the S threw a pen cap halfway across the room), then I write an informal one (o… @townsleyaj Any of my math Ss who are suspended more than 3 days are very unlikely to recover unless a parent steps… @cortguitarman I send "genius" emails. For some Ss, it's the first time they have ever gotten a positive note from… @cortguitarman By the time I write up a S, they have had every opportunity to avoid it. They know that and so it do… @cortguitarman I always tell my Ss "I'm not into punishment. I've got your back. We'll figure this out." Not that I… #1 give them space. I work with HS Ss and usually that's all they need. #2 I try to help them understand the imp… @NowakRo @tyarnold18 So true. And while positivity can still include arrogance & entitlement, gratitude is less likely to. #BuildHOPEedua3 One thing I love about working with challenging Ss is to see my own growth in my ability to self-regulate reacti… @woodard_julie Beware, though, it takes hairspray to get it out of clothes! #BuildHOPEedua3 Sometimes I ask them to close their eyes and visualize something, maybe a process or maybe a context. Once they… @BarbaraGruener @kwiens62 I agree Sketchnotes move notetaking to a whole new level. I supply gel/glitter pens to encourage it. #buildhopeedua2 My Ss learn in semi-permanent teams. I develop SEL similar to what is needed in workplaces by assigning accounta… Modeling creativity enables admins to model failure, how to handle that and empower Ts to understand the bounds… We have had a considerable amount of PD as a school, but the most powerful PD I get is from Twitter & edweekly.… In my classroom, visual thinkers have developed a capacity to hold bits of info in their heads w/o having to see… from greater St. Louis. I'm a HS math teacher integrating STEM & SEL with guided inquiry ##buildhopeedu
@BarbaraGruener Awww....feelings are mutual for sure!Ha! I only advocate products that work well for me, and I try to credit similar products so I don't start looking… @HartofLearning @SteinbrinkLaura @PearDeck @nearpod @EdCampPSWA If you are willing to integrate a bit of STEM, it's… @HartofLearning @SteinbrinkLaura @PearDeck @nearpod @EdCampPSWA Last I checked Nearpod had free drawing but Peardeck had free storage. @HartofLearning @SteinbrinkLaura @PearDeck @nearpod @EdCampPSWA Not at all. They typically love to draw pics an it… @SteinbrinkLaura @HartofLearning @PearDeck @nearpod Thank you, Laura, I've been wondering about all that w/o time t… Facilitating Ss are like dept chairs for teams of 4 & I'm the CAO. I work closely with facilitators to ensure ev… @CarlaMeyrink @Swayne_LeadUp @jillrt So jealous! @HartofLearning @PearDeck Yes. Nearpod used to be about the same thing but I haven't used Nearpod lately bc I got… @Hahne_Elyse @BarbaraGruener SEL is a natural byproduct of having students in semi-permanent teams with assigned roles. #LEADLap @CarlaMeyrink @HartofLearning @latoyadixon5 @UChicagoPress @MHEducation A few years ago I served a contract with th… @CarlaMeyrink @HartofLearning @latoyadixon5 @UChicagoPress @MHEducation I would definite consult EdReports. They sp… @Link_pd The challenge is "novel and new" only works about 3 times with my Ss....then I need something else that is… When I present, I use interactive slides so I can get continual feedback from my participants and they get to ch… @CarlaMeyrink @HartofLearning @latoyadixon5 @UChicagoPress @MHEducation This one? @CarlaMeyrink Let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. I dm'd my email and work for chocolate. #LeadUpChat @HartofLearning @CarlaMeyrink @latoyadixon5 And one can always turn an inquiry into direct but direct to inquiry takes so much thought.a1 Honors vs. non-Honors, STEM aware vs. not, understanding brain sci: neuroplasticity & growth mindset #leadlapHello from St. Chas MO. HS math, STEM & SEL integration. #LEADLap