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she/her . Sheridan 2018 . COMMISSIONS/FREELANCE OPEN. Designer, animator, illustrator .

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It’s our last night in New Zealand, eating dinner overlooking Auckland’s sunset skyline in pantsless bliss, serenad… @PuccaNoodles Omg where are you rn?? Still in the south? It’s our last night in crappy ole Auckland then we go home…“It’s people like her…who paved the way for people like me to become astronauts.” One of our @NASA_Astronauts, Je…
Retweeted by ilana steinberg NZ!We're saddened by the passing of celebrated #HiddenFigures mathematician Katherine Johnson. Today, we celebrate her…
Retweeted by ilana steinberg NZ! @mayonoise2 UMM YEAH DUDE It’s TERRIFYING how good you’ll be too... HELP!!! @torpordust I just watched it recently & I couldn’t agree more. It has all the trappings of a great fincher movie,… out this morning as our plane touched down in Auckland for one last day in New Zealand that Weinstein was f…
Okami omake sketches [2006] I've been looking through old files. #OKAMI #大神
Retweeted by ilana steinberg NZ!Locke & key is 10 awful hours of my life I can never get back. I feel like a netherbeing propelled thru the cosmos… @PuccaNoodles In this regard I DEFINITELY feel like I never left homeWe came to heaven, we went to heaven, we left heaven... 🤭🥰💸💸💸
@hiamymai Honey Boy hits HARD. Saw it in the theatre in December and didn’t talk to anyone for a solid day. It’s re… @Roll4Critters I hate itwatching locke & key and I want to tear my fucking hair outAt zealandia wildlife sanctuary... so much nature, SO much birdsong, the best kind of forest smell... such a calm p… leg finally over, all camped & hiked out. Popped up to stay 2 days in Wellington for 4 HOUR WETA WORKSHOP…
Happy 22nd of February...
Retweeted by ilana steinberg NZ!one of the best colorspreads ever was due to Oda playing a ton of ac pocket camp 💖
Retweeted by ilana steinberg NZ! @EthanMAldridge Beyond perfect casting, I have the biggest smile on my face rn. S2 hurry!! @Juleshortstuff I knoooowwww!!! And the casting!! Couldn’t ask for a better fancy bear boy if I tried!!!!! 😍THEY’RE ADAPTING THE NIVELLEN SHORT STORY I’M GONNA CRY!!! @Megzilla87 OH MY GOD IM GONNA BE BACK FROM NZ IN TIME!! I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO MISS IT!!! :’DMy precious precious precious Casey and Gimli!! The most wonderful fluffy companions, friends, and family I could e…
No rest for the wicked.
Retweeted by ilana steinberg NZ!Saw this posted in this middle of nowhere cafe in a tiny through town and this trip is officially made!!! ..... the…
OMG!!! FINALLY!!!!!!! NECTAR OF THE GODS!!!!!!! the Waitangi Treaty Grounds. An incredible cultural performance... brought me to tears, wow. Now enjoying a ridi…
Retweeted by ilana steinberg NZ!Daniel Day Lewis ain’t got a single solitary shit over Wishbone @TiffanyTurrill me seeing that gif and all of it rushing back: @TiffanyTurrill aaaaAHHHHHH NOOOO I THOUGHT I’D NEVER HAVE TO SEE THIS AGAIN!!! Fire in the Sky! a PG13 romp! GET FUCKED MPAAAt the Waitangi Treaty Grounds. An incredible cultural performance... brought me to tears, wow. Now enjoying a ridi…
Only in NZ can you go from sprawling farmland to endless beach to MANGROVE FOREST within an hour 🤯💚
Retweeted by ilana steinberg NZ!Only in NZ can you go from sprawling farmland to endless beach to MANGROVE FOREST within an hour 🤯💚
Also seen husky as guards, pets, and freakin cattle dogs!!! What a place!So proportionate, healthy body, big floppy ears and big wags, no cutting or cropping, not a single bent or offset l… pit bulls seem really popular in new zealand and honestly I’ve never seen the breed so unbelievably healthy and…
@ActionKazimer God I can’t WAIT to watch when I get back!Ireland has “grand” UK has “cheers” Australia & New Zealand have “no worries” “easy” & “sweet as” Canadians have “sorry”Paekakariki sunset ☀️✨
Retweeted by ilana steinberg NZ!
Paekakariki sunset ☀️✨
@mingosaur What the total F god what am I coming back to @mayonoise2 Dude, comin at you New Zealand time and in the few hours I have WiFi, that reveal knocked me off my fee… sulfuric geothermals, hot pools in a bright blue river, lots of beautiful trees, lots of walking
NO WORDS 😭😭😭😭😭😭💚💚💚💚💚💚✨✨✨
you guys holy shit Kill la Kill is real Honnouji Academy is literally outside my hostel window went to a famous secondhand bookshop on the island! I bought a gorgeous 37th edition, 1862 copy of Robbie Burns… bay, a chill lovely spot. Headed back to the ferry, see a teeny bit of downtown Auck, then back to the ho… took a ride & a ferry but dinally found fish and chips... which means we are OFFICIALLY in New Zealand. It’s not…
Spotted south of downtown Auckland... I hella mega hope this concert is everything the poster promises. Maybe I’ll… @thatdogoverther It’s to die and fly for
In Auckland!!! First thing I found by accident: Hell Pizza!!! Haven’t had in over 10 years... still so good!! 😭🤘🔥 finally, FINALLY got to see The Peanut Butter Falcon on the plane. Man, that movie isn’t just a palette cleanser,… @TiffanyTurrill Nailed it 👌🏻 I was shying loading Snowpiercer onto my iPad for the trip Am I gonna watch this for t… @my2k Nah don’t rush! one at a time, they both deserve to be digested and thought about constantly!!! @my2k Oh my lord, Lighthouse first Then knives out. No question. YOU WILL LOVE THEM SO MUCHParasite x4 First indigenous win Insisting on neurodiverse inclusion Goodnight, time to fly to New Zealand for 14 hours!Bong deserves to get his stomach pumped in California’s finest hospital. Hoooooooly shit what a ride!!Parasite!!!Shia only presenting if Zach could share the experience with him is one of the best Oscar moments. That’s it folks.…
I managed to re-give myself the flu thanks to heavy meds and no sleep (eeyyyyy) but man I watched both uncut gems s… @MOOMANiBE Amazing, congrats!! What a wonderful milestone! ☺️Okay!! In San Francisco for 13 hour layover! Cane has been clutch! When we left Toronto this morning they had to de… @catpoot Yum 🤮 @admooosa A D A M !!!!!!!!! @April_Prime yyyeeeEEESSSSS!!!! god i can't wait @April_Prime omg if you have room i'll skype in too but if not it's all good, you're gonna have so much fun! and he…*IMO* there's only 2 things that drive composition, eyeline, motion, etc: 1. lines 2. arcs that's it. no triangles… @ykarps jeez louise what a cutie!!! i can't believe she's already 9 months old!! @April_Prime was reading the UA yesterday, Unity domain is SO COOL!!! The channel divinity is sooooo interesting i… @getvent mine isn't as devastating as that but have to wake up at 3am, fly 6 hours to sanfran for a 13hr layover, t… @ActionKazimer ho. lee. SHITElijah Wood's laugh alone is worth the watch, but him talking at length about preferring frozen pizza hits so close… @ykarps oh NO THEY'RE SO GOOD @TannerTrue have you seen it yet?? i managed to nab it in a theatre. HEAVY supremely solid stuff deserving of waaaa… @OhHeyDJ oh my gooooood takin me back!!
@MOOMANiBE oh geez if i watched Parasite or Snowpiercer on a plane I would lose my shit no questionSweet Gimli basking in the sun. I’m going to miss him and Casey so badly!! @MaxHumphries exactly!! @wuffles Ahhhh yahoo!! Can’t wait to see where the road takes you!! 🤘❤️ @Inkybat it is truly madness @belgeist @PlushArtClub @insomniacgames @Marvel this so so cool dude, it looks amazingi realize the C word (🙄) is not used with as much causal reverence or normalized here as it is across the pond. It'…"i would never put myself in that situation" oh... because you are not actively or passively making an effort to b… @WendyDoodles t h e m @AndreaDemonakos @06u13s would absolutely love to!! email:
i'm leaving in 2 days for NZ and haven't started packing BUT today i made probably the coolest gatdam d&d character… my first asthma attack! without an inhaler! so fun! 🙃 be careful in this cold dry air, snow friends!! ❄️ @OhHeyDJ @Danny8bit @OniPress @lionforge Dude that’s incredible, congrats!!! 🤘🔥 @monarobot Seeing these was incredible Mona!! So amazing how you’re able to adapt so many characters and shapes and… obviously am building my own careful wishlist of books but would love to hear what you have or found super helpfu… my dream was to study animal sciences. Animation happened instead. But I’m finally, finally starting to p… sam riegel ad in 3 parts
HELL yes!!! @TannerTrue regardless of how much i disagree with his policies, i deeply respect him denying GOP total partisan ac… @Taijuey Oh boy enjoy and prepare to cry. And the music for it really is phenomenal even by Yoko standardspart 2 of the nordvpn haxxor saga can be summarized in this single photo. we've been simulspliced
@Izogii frickin heck girl go kick mad BUTT!!!! @sketchingsprw 😭😍💖 @KatyHargrove amazing, congrats!!i was going to draw but got stomach flu so i chose a better option and listened to willy nelson for 3 hours instead…