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@rustydeal Release: Women at Warp Announces Their Next Generation #StarTrek
Retweeted by Norman C. Lao (Laonge Lizard) @hemmings_luv No boom today. Boom tomorrow. There’s always a BOOM tomorrow!No boom today. Boom tomorrow. There’s always a boom tomorrow! @rustydeal for a Quarktajino? Another awesome @MissionLogPod episode, this week reviewing #DeepSpaceNine's 'Nor the Bat…
Retweeted by Norman C. Lao (Laonge Lizard) @ShelfNerds Out there...THATAWAY!TONIGHT at 7pm Pacific: time to get your comments and questions on #StarTrekLowerDecks when we go LIVE with guest h…
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@cbryanjones Q is no match for Jellico!!! @Tyranicus Babylon 5. Also the best show of all time :)I love Tombstone. When it’s great, it’s really epic but wow...when it’s’s really flat. This movie is so i… @Tyranicus When I was 10...Wrath of Khan came out. It’s been one of my life’s pillars and I’ve never waivered from…
After watching the latest offerings of “superhero” shows (not CW), my personal ratings: Watchmen > The Umbrella Aca… Fawlty: “Why don’t you talk properly?” #BritishComedy 🇬🇧
Retweeted by Norman C. Lao (Laonge Lizard) @Nerdygal33 WALL! all know I’m looking forward to this one, and let me tell you, Ivanova (played by the fantastic @claudialives)…
Retweeted by Norman C. Lao (Laonge Lizard) @Orpheur Hard to say at this time. I have not been following the lead up to Discovery so I’m not sure how similar these series will be.
If there is one unifying force in the Babylon 5 universe - it can be summed up in four… in the first 10 minutes he’s 1) LIED 2) Stoked racist fires against Chinese calling the virus the CHINA Virus 3)… the President...and I am horrified. The ramblings of a MADMAN! It’s not even funny anymore.Nothing says “I care for my country” more Presidentially than being ridiculously late for your own press conference… @jemabean1 I just watched this two parter and further cements not only my love and admiration for @TheKateMulgrew a… need a new game to play. I read an article about how a new Activision exec got paid a huge multi million dollar c…‘MURICA!!! Amirite? The land of the free and home of the ridiculously selfish. @MagicalOverload G’Kar. Forever and always. @BloodOfKingsPod #Highlander Podcast 133: Carl Robinson: Run for Your Life & Manhunt w/ Guest: Norman C. Lao…
Retweeted by Norman C. Lao (Laonge Lizard) @BloodOfKingsPod #Highlander Podcast 133: Carl Robinson: Run for Your Life & Manhunt w/ Guest: Norman C. Lao…
Retweeted by Norman C. Lao (Laonge Lizard)Blood Of Kings 133: Carl Robinson: Run for Your Life & Manhunt w/ Guest:... via @YouTube It…
Retweeted by Norman C. Lao (Laonge Lizard) @TrekGeekBill Reservoir Targs? @HalfMeasuresPod @ColdPursuit @BabyDriverMovie @DVDGeeks
@BoomerNiner The TWOK communicator is
@babylonpodcast @WatchComet Lol! One of the greatest Starfleet captains ever!!! Amirite @STDeltaShift takes one final ride! Don't miss FROM ONE TO Z'HA DONE! Watch every episode from first to last. Season 3…
Retweeted by Norman C. Lao (Laonge Lizard) @AKyleW @WhitlockJason I guess I am more cynical than you to believe that “negligent homicide” is in no way raciall… those in uniform aren't safe from racism... This Black FEDERAL OFFICER got racially profiled in Alabama by ano…
Retweeted by Norman C. Lao (Laonge Lizard) @Thomas_B_R I know the Rush lyric from The Manhattan Project, "The pilot of Enola Gay riding out of the shockwave on that August day..." @babylonpodcast @WatchComet Leffcourt is the Jellico of Babylon 5 LOL! @AKyleW @WhitlockJason It is true that it is harder to prove intent. But it is also true that there is more evidenc…
@AKyleW @WhitlockJason Would they have approached a white person the same way? @BoomerNiner to person woman man camera tv
Retweeted by Norman C. Lao (Laonge Lizard) @Tyranicus It is a preview of greatness. @brentwilliamsii Always! @Lauzirika Poor man’s brain broke far too many times for any one lifetime. @TrekGeekBill @NCC_17fOrmula1 I’m glad you now know of his work. Also check out Bob Peak and Amsel if you like illustrated poster art. @NCC_17fOrmula1 Hugh Fleming’s poster is probably the closest to a Struzan style that is available.Back to basics...who time around, the mustache will come back stronger! @pjc4774 @ohtheprofanity 91 days, America tells Donald Trump he's fired.
Retweeted by Norman C. Lao (Laonge Lizard)TONIGHT! In a couple of hours we welcome special guest @chriskula from the writer’s room of #StarTrekLowerDecks to…
Retweeted by Norman C. Lao (Laonge Lizard) @Spocksbrian @thelethalmullet It’s true that is far easier for “civilized men” to act as Barbarians than Barbarians… @cbryanjones @ChrisPeterson02 Ponytail may be the usurper. We will see in a few months.The mustache is dead. Long live the mustache. Maybe a worthy successor will claim the throne sometime in the future.If #POTUS45 spent even a fraction of the time trying to solve the #COVID19 pandemic’s effect on the US, rather than… President of the United States is an idiot.
Retweeted by Norman C. Lao (Laonge Lizard) @STDeltaShift @chriskula @MissionLogPod Not to worry! @STDeltaShift @chriskula Huge shoutout to you and to Jellico in general on @MissionLogPod LIVE! @StarTrekVHS @babylonpodcast @surelip @BravingB5 @B5AudioGuide Isn’t that weird? @babylonpodcast @surelip @BravingB5 @B5AudioGuide Naturally The Gathering is first. But since that’s the Pilot, I consider it S1. @babylonpodcast @surelip @BravingB5 @B5AudioGuide For any first time viewers, I always recommend watching the serie… try not to use cuss words often here, but I'm going to make an exception. FUCK CANCER.
Retweeted by Norman C. Lao (Laonge Lizard) @surelip Absolutely. Great writing and great performances always age well. @babylonpodcast I used to eat a Pastrami sandwich with stone ground mustard every time o watched this episode. @ShelfNerds was such a fun show and @chriskula was a fantastic guest. Also huge shoutout to @STDeltaShift because Jellico… in Real Time is one of the greatest episodes in sci-fi ever...AND...not a single laser fired or a shi… @babylonpodcast Such a great “noir” flavor to this scene. @ShelfNerds @TrekContinues The correct answer is Lolani.
@TrekProfiles @TrekGeekBill Since I am currently reviewing DS9 in depth for @MissionLogPod, and knowing Babylon 5 a… @Ross_McKinney @TrekGeekBill @TrekProfiles G’Kar is my spirit guide and I am a disciple of the Books of G’Kar and G… @TrekProfiles @TrekGeekBill @ohtheprofanity @pjc4774 We are all the sum of them :) @TrekProfiles @TrekGeekBill Well In the Beginning technically isn’t part of any season “proper” and is part of the… @TrekProfiles @TrekGeekBill I’d rather have Bill watch 1-5 first then slot in the TNT movies later. They are good s… @TrekProfiles @TrekGeekBill The sequence is Seasons 1-5. Everything else is extraneous. @TrekGeekBill @Ross_McKinney @TrekProfiles It’s only really rough in the first 2-2.5 seasons. The second half is pr… @TrekGeekBill @TrekProfiles When it is all said and done, you will be happy to have both series in your heart and s… @Ross_McKinney @TrekGeekBill @TrekProfiles Stories > special effects. @Adam_Sloman @drahsturgis @MissionLogPod @DVDGeeks @macosken Thanks for the vote of confidence! @TrekGeekBill @TrekProfiles And I too am currently falling in love with Voyager. @TrekGeekBill @TrekProfiles It’s my favorite series of all time. No other series save TOS comes close. @pjc4774 @ohtheprofanity Sun’s coming up... @TrekGeekBill @TrekProfiles I look forward to hearing about your journey. And I do hope you enjoy it.Basil Fawlty: “You disgust me.” #BritishComedy 🇬🇧 @JohnCleese
Retweeted by Norman C. Lao (Laonge Lizard) @pjc4774 @ohtheprofanity With Sleeping in Light?Pakistan: victory for IMT as Comrade Amin released – forward to revolution! #Marxist
Retweeted by Norman C. Lao (Laonge Lizard)I give a short but intense rant about a certain song in this one. If you know, you understand. #Babylon5
Retweeted by Norman C. Lao (Laonge Lizard)I’ve only ever been to #STLV once, but I can’t help but think when I return, I’ll have a much different experience…
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Join us this Sunday at 4 PM PST / 7 PM EST for MORE Star Trek Voyager SEASON 3 because a 1-hour long livestream las…
We are pleased to announce that comrade Amin from @IMTPakistan has been released and is safely home. #ReleaseAmin T…
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The US Commerce report announced that the US has suffered a 32.9% drop...the WORST IN US HISTORY! The United State… @ohtheprofanity
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