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@j_m_wood The answer to all of your questions is: 🤷🏽‍♂️Thought a found a leather women's skirt that fit me...A) it doesn't. B) 👇 @thestitchkeeper 🔥🔥🔥You don't have to push out a baby to be a mother. Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there, especially mine and… or tilt your screen @purpurinastitch I never even made it that far! Man I need to pick up the Switch more oftenThat time I watched Aunt May pretend to cut vegetables for way too long. #SpiderManPS5 something is a 5-7 hour game means nothing to me. These people must not be stopping to admire architecture,… watching SNL was a good decision. Being on Twitter while others watched SNL was a less good decision.Making stuff can be exhausting. Maybe it's time to go back to redbubbleMood = *insert gif of Mitch walking into the ocean* #TheBeachHouseHow quickly we forget that #Robinhood legit pulled the plug when the stock market wasn't being used the way the 1% intended @CarlosFreytesJr @russbengtson 😂Larry...who?! is this not an Olympic sport? I need to find that memory card! I just saw it like a week ago. Some of the games I'm dying to see in 480p ag… @idkgravity PS2! I should get a GameCube one of these days (Genesis, PS2, PSP, couple GameBoys, Dreamcast, Switch, PC, Xbox One, and PS5) @_oh_freddie Never! all the cool kids are trying to make out with Lady Dimitrescu, I'm over here in the REAL #ResidentEvil villag… I doing this right?
@smashtraves might sew the Double N on the side of these just because. Way heavier than I was expecting but the quality is exc… Bo Obama.Gamer Boy this at a thrift shop last week...does anyone else see a cobra spitting atomic breath, or is it just me? @_Shockaholic After recording I remembered 30 things I wanted to say lolLarge, Sensei rat inconsolable.
Retweeted by Andrew LaSaneIf you've heard/seen me on a podcast or livestream (or talked to my exs), you can tell that speaking is, in general… federal minimum wage has been $7.25 since 2009. For tipped workers, it’s been $2.13 for 30 years. The proble…
Retweeted by Andrew LaSaneOh no...just heard that my episode of @ScarredPodcast drops this week 😳I usually only sleep 5-6 hours during the week, so not leaving bed until 1 on a Saturday is just... length =/= Game quality
Retweeted by Andrew LaSaneRE Village custom sneakers. Is this anything? @shayfil666 OmgIs it #ResidentEvilVillage or Resident Evil VIII: Age? @RaeWitte Only if there is also sparkling water I go to Gamestop to buy RE Village this weekend I wonder if it will be wrapped in plastic? Lol jk, it won't be… Snaps 2 might be better than (or as good as) Ginger Snaps? Tatiana Maslany alone elevates it for me @meowmays "I'm gonna show up to Wendy's store uninvited one day"...he said for like 2 years 🙃 sorry it's closingHilarious. interesting thing about the man she married. 🙄 @DoNatoBomb @jimmytheboss @PNemiroff Sorry your team sucked (signed, a guy who hit 2-3 cups in 3 games)Look at all these cups I hit...after the stream 🙃 shit, I didn't miss horror trivia this week AND Ginger Snaps is on Shudder?! @krisscheese Sorry I missed the live chat Kristi! Need to figure out a better setup next time so the screen and cam…, I joined my virtual enemy @DoNatoBomb in the ring tonight to win back the beer pong title belts against… watch me and Matt Donato play beer pong maybe?
🚨And it's live!🚨 @mixtapemassacre and I collaborated on this shirt and sticker to raise funds for the…
Retweeted by Andrew LaSaneGonna be a long dayLady Dimitrescu, holla at me. #REVillage #ResidentEvilVillage @meowmays said this before, but if I sell you something and you're disappointed by it, please tell me. I don't care if you paid $5 or $500Like and share stuff you like/by people you think deserve it. Also reach out to artists/makers directly when there… @RaeWitte Drums > > > flatsWhat's a good wrist watch for someone who appreciates the look of a classic Rolex but is on a Casio A168 budget?
I should buy #ResidentEvilVillage so that I can fit in and feel cool, but I'm also only like an hour into TLOU and… when boxing wasn't a joke? I hate that Tyson added credibility to this bullshit @ScottWamplerBMD I respect you going character over title 👏🏽I think i just discovered a new species in my fridge. Who do I call about this?MONSTER THOUGHTS. DONT MISS IT.
Retweeted by Andrew LaSaneThe woman on the first floor is moving out. Super weird that I know her full name from her mail but have never actu…"Do or do not, bitch" - Yoda this $3000 coat. bought these because autofill is too easy and I'm bad with money. @meowmays Not trying to get naked in public bathrooms lol @meowmays Aren't moo moos oversized and pullover? This has buttons all the way down like a long dress shirtA long shirt dress with pockets should be the gender-neutral uniform for all humans this summer. rooting for someone to pull off the trifecta now
Retweeted by Andrew LaSaneClutching my pearls...Billie! 😳♥️ neighbor's smoke detector just went off twice and no one moved...I should probably invest in a rope ladder for my deckMaking a meme and posting it to your Instagram with tags like #dankmemes to show everyone just how much you hated s… FOR MEN, @tedcruz
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Real ones know. Time to dust off the Dreamcast? @_oh_freddie 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 @pierogiwitch Debating scanning and making prints so maybe I'll leave the original as is and figure out a fix for the digital versionThree IG followers away from today's goal. Are you that somebody? 👉🏽 ( imagine Peloton's bike sales will carry it through the next millennium anyway?Every time I see this painting I'm torn between painting another layer to hide the wood, and just clear coating it… picture-in-picture on TVs? Bring that back.Three to go!!! Magic School Bus* Real Queen of Horror alert! *hair whip* @RE_Games Where is this demo? watching TMSB all morning so here’s another random shirt design. #ResidentEvilVillage think we can get my Instagram to 800 followers by EOD today... saw a video on IG with 49 female sneaker customizers showing off their work. Legit didn't think there were that manyHow do I get my name under this by 2024? (Congrats to all of this year's winners) #RondoAward that tweet because they're watching...👀Every website on Al Gore's internet said the #JurassicPark Reebok Instapump Fury was dropping today. Meanwhile…
Retweeted by Andrew LaSaneomg THEY LIVE!!!!!!
Retweeted by Andrew LaSane @danielle3von It is over lol @GaylyDreadful So you weren't talking about The Rock's dick? @danielle3von I just entered my W2, now I'm just admiring the screen that says I'm getting money back for a while..… my taxes while drinking rosè from the bottle. This should go well