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EMMY & Edward R. Murrow Award-winning Anchor/Reporter @fox35orlando. Jersey girl, marathoner, yoga teacher, book blogger, ice cream enthusiast, @SyracuseU alum.

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“Even experts' exact opinions are a little different, so it’s hard to tell what we should be doing." NEW TONIGHT:…
"F*** FOX!!" is what someone screamed at my photographer and me in a parking lot doing interviews today. First day… asked about the delays in test results, Dr. Pino says slow tests are better than no tests and they are looking…“Just 6 months ago, we thought we were going to have another record-breaking year.” 2020 had different plans. “Thin… Whac-A-Mole? The company behind it is based in #VolusiaCounty. Today we got a look at a new touch free han…
Retweeted by Lara GreenbergFull details on tourism tax dollars for Orange Co HERE 🔻 #fox35 says May 2020 saw $1,144,000 in TDT (tourist development tax) collection, a 95% decrease from May 2019 bu… Pino updating COVID numbers in Orange County. “I hope people have learned their lesson from Memorial Day,” he s…
Omg! And within MINUTES, it's gone! and I have been watching the skies nightly looking for the effects of the Sahara dust storm. It definitely arr…
BREAKING: The Florida Department of Health reported 5,511 new cases of COVID-19 today, shattering the state's recor…
Retweeted by Lara GreenbergBest news I've heard all day! Sending you love @RobbHanrahanCBS ! @StaceyHanrahan Omg YES 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 @WalkerTeen12 Thanks, Tristan- you too!First day shift in months. 4-and-a-half hours of sleep. Worth it to see this 😍
LONG LINES FOR TESTING: As the number of coronavirus cases continues to rise in Florida, more people are getting te…“Wekiwa Springs and Rock Springs, I think, are real treasures for Central Florida.” On #fox35 at 10:15, a $123M pr…
“I think it’s bad precedent and it’s a dangerous step in government controlling your bodily autonomy.” MASK MANDA…
Omg. TGIF.
Another update. I asked if the city was part of that appeal. @OrlandoPolice just emailed me this : It is our under… @StaceyHanrahan Yes!! GREAT news! Sending positive vibes!I grew up watching @RobbHanrahanCBS on TV in New Jersey and was then lucky enough to work alongside Robb for almost… this a statement we just received from the city of Orlando. #fox35 @OCFLMayor just issued a mandatory mask mandate. Everyone in Orange County must wear a face mask in publ…
Retweeted by Lara Greenberg @LuftMarc @StaceyHanrahan I know. Praying for him. Thank youThey say the officer never received more than an oral reprimand. They say this case could cost the city much more t… Natalie Jackson & Benjamin Crump discuss Terre Johnson, a homeless man involved in an excessive force case wi… @StaceyHanrahan Oh my goodness....not sure what this means, but I am thinking of you BOTH and sending so much love <3Update: since the pain is still pretty severe in my wrist, I'll be getting an MRI tomorrow 😳Wow. MANDATE: there’s one in effect in Osceola County. As it starts to see a spike, the spike in neighboring Orange…
NEW NUMBERS: @HealthyFla reports daily increase of 2,610. Positivity rate increases to 10.3% #FOX35News
Retweeted by Lara Greenberg @WalkerTeen12 It's very flexible. Just my genetics! It's likely been exacerbated by yoga. Thank you!Long lines leading into this #COVID19 mobile testing site in Oviedo @fox35orlando
Retweeted by Lara GreenbergSpending the morning at back-to-back appointments for my wrist. Carpal instability. Lots of occupational therapy. N… says “no” to a mask mandate despite a push from a group of doctors. Details coming up on #fox35 at…
“I was hoping to have an inexpensive treatment to really knock this thing out. I think everybody was hoping that.”…
Review: The Sweeney Sisters
Before anchoring tonight, I taught my first in-studio yoga class this AM after completing my 200-hour certification…🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ ON #FOX35 AT 10: Coronavirus cases on the rise as pictures from one theme park show very few people social…
@orlandoribbons Thank you so much! @gie30ca No app! The parents changed the autocorrect on their daughter's phone. Sounds like something you can do in…
@orlandoribbons I have not, and I would really love one <3I didn't live in Orlando when the Pulse nightclub shooting happened. I had friends who lived here. I checked on the…“I remember the laughs at Pulse. I remember the music. I remember the people dancing. But most of all I remember th…
Retweeted by Lara Greenberg❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 may have been virtual but the @onePULSEorg Remembrance Ceremony was a moving thirty minutes filled with love <3… @DaMockracy @fox35orlando Reasons still unclear here in Orange Co. Interestingly, Seminole Co leaders held a news c…
.@OCFLMayor asks the community to be patient with them as they issue CARES Act money. Say they’re “perfecting those… urges people to continue to wear their masks. He’s hoping for voluntary compliance. #fox35.@OCFLMayor : We need the collective help of our entire community to keep these numbers low...we do not want to be… : The good news is that our numbers are still relatively low. The bad news is they continue to increase #fox35Dr. Pino also says the number of asymptomatic cases has doubled to 21% of the cases #fox35 Pino points out the large spike in new COVID cases here in Orange County from yesterday. #fox35 Pino addressing these latest COVID data for Orange County. About 50% of new cases are ages 20-40 years old.… @Matt_Maisel "tape" wasn't the word that got me in that tweet. "Unspooling" was. Now THAT brings me back. @Matt_Maisel I was 6 when it came out and watched the VHS every day after first grade for the entire school year. S…“A lot of customers like to come in a store and still be able to touch, feel, test drive the products before they b…
@SauceOrlando Not permanent! Just no exact timeline right now @Matt_Maisel Easily the best Disney movie.ICYMI: @GKTWVillage is closing indefinitely, laying off much of its staff. I reached out to many families yesterday… organization. So sad to hear. #fox35! 😂👌🏻 to a Deltona teenager who helped rescue a roaming toddler in early May. Today Sheriff Mike Chitwood…
Retweeted by Lara Greenberg#BREAKING: @NASCAR officially banning #ConfederateFlags. @fox35orlando #fox35
Retweeted by Lara Greenberg @FOX35Jessica @LakeCountySO @fox35orlando Love Fred!Yes! Excited to listen. @FOX35Heather 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️Wearing green today for Christina Grimmie whose life was cut short four years ago today.💚💚💚 @TheRealGrimmie
Retweeted by Lara GreenbergWOW. That is some number.“I feel absolutely heartbroken for them because our time at the village was rejuvenating.” Give Kids the World ann…
WELL, IT DEPENDS: a super interesting look at when things might be normal/normal again vs new normal. @KristinGiannas Ok. Omg. First, CONGRATULATIONS! SOOO proud of you! Second, your niece is DELICIOUS! ❤❤❤
Tree into apartment building near Mills Ave. 6 apartments evacuated. No one hurt. #fox35 on curfew for @DWNTWN_ORLANDO.
Retweeted by Lara GreenbergTomorrow the curfew will be lifted for downtown Orlando.
Retweeted by Lara GreenbergTornado off Lake Conway!#Fox35 ⁦@fox35orlando⁩
Retweeted by Lara GreenbergAnother view of the downed tree on Pine Bluff #fox35 yes! How awesome!! 🍊 pride!!! tree on Pine Bluff Ave in Orlando after severe storms tore through the area #fox35
Sheriff Mina took Jakorey Young up on his invitation to join him at the OC Courthouse today, where Jakorey planned…
Retweeted by Lara GreenbergFists in the air for a moment of silence #fox35“We are not here for chaos. We are here for change,” shouts the speaker before moment of silence on steps of City H… couple thousand people here. Speaker urging protesters to go on show up and speak at city and county meetings to… crowd arrives at Orlando City Hall for another day of protests #fox35 walk together as one. #MourningWalk
Retweeted by Lara Greenberg“There’s energy back downtown finally.” Earlier today, Casey’s On Central was hoppin! First day for bars to reopen…
Reminder the 8 p.m. curfew for downtown Orlando is still in effect. Make your plans accordingly, so you are out of…
Retweeted by Lara GreenbergA powerful moment outside City Hall. Protestors silent, with a fist in the air. Check out the video @fox35orlando -
Retweeted by Lara GreenbergCommunity leaders, activists, and protesters are gathering to talk about the changes they want to see. This is the…
Retweeted by Lara GreenbergSilent protesters kneel in front of the Orange County Courthouse. #fox35 Just. You. 💁🏻‍♀️ Frustrated. Disappointed. Helpless. Overwhelmed. Exhausted. Enlightened. Inspired. Empowered. All the emotio… traffic stop during a protest. The driver refuses to get out of her car. The deputy smashes the window. The sheri…
@edgarcomellas @OCFLMayor @RepValDemings @OrangeCoSheriff Edgar, I’m a reporter with Fox 35. Can you follow me so I can DM you? Thanks.SpaceX had another successful launch of a Falcon 9 rocket on Wednesday night, but this one did not have humans on b…
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@Cinemark FL governor announced movie theaters can reopen starting Friday. Will your theaters be opening then? @AMCTheatres FL governor announced movie theaters can reopen starting Friday. Will your theaters be opening then?*PHASE TWO* Gov. DeSantis says the next step toward Florida's reopening plan begins Friday. Here are some of the u…
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