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What’s your problem man? We only hear you complaining & wining. Go get a life or a different job.!!👏👏👏👏 is better than Bassil. recommend he pursues the second option. think the world looks forward to such collaboration. Only the Chinese can put countries in their right place.’s so full of himself like the rest of the government. Only in Lebanon people in charge expect a thank you for ba…
👍👍 said 👏👏 said the president follows the science
Retweeted by Lara Lakkis Mason, PhDLebanese government still thinks it can use its ‘charm’ to get financial support from Arab countries. don’t see any pictures of combs or hair color!!!!!
Brilliant interview! Loved it. I hope we can see more of these activities!بشير_حي_فينا ورئيس جمهوريتنا الدائم.
Retweeted by Lara Lakkis Mason, PhD👌👌 agree but we need to start somewhere, the little man ‘Bassil’ would be a good choice. @Hamad_hassan20 seems that you gave people the OK to go out & dance on top of each other during your crowded celebr…صاروا أكتر من ٨٠٠٠ تويت عم بقولوا #بشير_حي_فينا. عقبال ما يصيروا الليلة ١٠٤٥٢ على وسع البلد. وما يبقى قومي سوري كلب يعوّي.
Retweeted by Lara Lakkis Mason, PhDTrue but they were allies with their killers at some point. It doesn’t matter who eliminates them I’m ok with. don’t forget how it ended for Saddam & Qaddafi. Soon inchalah.
Perfect! woman. Not trustworthy. The more you talk the stupider you sound. be he’ll dig small one his size that part of the 97% achievements?? 🤥🤥🤥 gave me chills.... ❣️❣️❣️ legacy will always be a thorn in their side forever! 🙏❤️🇱🇧
What the hell is that? Joseph Aoun must be having a heart attack seeing his so-called boss dressed like a school gi… like a joke🤷‍♀️ @DrFadloKhuri proud of my Alma Mater. @DrFadloKhuri Brave as usual. like # 2🙏!!👌!!! US flag with an African one is a sign of good education too!🙏❤️ be very interesting! we go again hot head Erdogan. one not upholding the Constitution. He stepped on it every chance he had, sadly.👏👏👏❤️❤️❤️MEA.’m buying everything GOYA from now on! guess he’s begging her for mercy! Gibran, we are not coming because of you! We’re planning on a big celebration in Lebanon when you disappear or l…👏👏👏 Nady on!’s perfect so that everyone can step/spit on it. are not coming because of Gibran & his cronies. I’ll be happy to pay MEA fares anyday. Best airline. - spot on! It’s a corrupt system, has been & will always be. US taxpayers are better spent in the US.
Without brains👏👏👏 New York City. not? guys are finally thinking straight! Good for them. the hell is that??! My God!!! headline sentence is really disturbing given the fact that he gave away the money voluntarily. You could’ve us… reason is Bassil himself. I’m happy to pay MEA fare. Say it again?? what these highly paid consultants are coming up with. Go back & brainstorm some more!! live in ‘Asfouryeh’ world needs to see what this corrupt regime is doing to impoverish the Lebanese people! deported back.’s unfortunate that its’s an Election Year & Democrats learned to ‘never let a serious crisis go to waste’. @SimonAbiramia Please don’t lecture the Lebanese people, you know exactly what needs to be done. If not sure walk a… he didn’t have a dance party 👯‍♀️ a weasel. He’s Ibleece!
He’s one of them! down? planting parsley. enough prisons for 99% of Lebanese people. will happily pay MEA fares but the continued corruption led by Gibran & his cronies is forcing us to spend our v… to see my alma mater stands up to this fake green onion. worse. Veggies diet making them more aggressive. tragedy marches on! & other Ruminants need only grass to survive. Occasionally may need a sip of KARAMEH martini.
She definitely chose tobe an ungrateful criminal he be pregnant?? citizenship should be revoked!!! one of a kind 😂 first two are easy: get electricity from Syria & send manufacturing waste a bit more Eastward. Done are a bunch of losers share the supermarket name if he gets back to you! the expenses for self-promoting book publishing & the L’Oreal aubergine hair color. UN is a bunch of Marxists living off capitalist countries.’s hope for once they catch a criminal or identify publicly the regime behind him.’s hope Al Bukhari convinced Raei not the other way around. it get any steamier? The 2 countries almost melted!🙏🙏
Whoever elects him is not Tabi3eh (normal) this rate I think Not 🤔