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@AITA_reddit Gee I wonder why she prefers to spend her free time with her mother. @MoreOrLessAMess @Future_ssbm @AITA_reddit It's funny to me how many people think boundaries are a legitimate reaso… @Future_ssbm @MoreOrLessAMess @AITA_reddit Mmhmm I'm sure. @thirdtittyhicky @redditships "I said what I said" -someone who can't defend what they said. @Future_ssbm @MoreOrLessAMess @AITA_reddit I don't think folks should be validated for attempting to control their… @Future_ssbm @MoreOrLessAMess @AITA_reddit It sounds a lot like you think the fiance should be able to control his partner's body but okay! @MoreOrLessAMess @Future_ssbm @AITA_reddit Also like, it was supposed to be a surprise. "Hey honey is it all right… @Future_ssbm @MoreOrLessAMess @AITA_reddit A boudoir photo shoot isn't NEARLY the same thing as cam work. The comp… @Future_ssbm @MoreOrLessAMess @AITA_reddit Her goal was a surprise. Based on her time of knowing him, she thought… @ryanreallyrules And yet aren't you the one who was wringing your hands and gnashing your teeth at the idea of that… @nymphorical @AITA_reddit Controlling your partner is also a huge red flag. @thirdtittyhicky @redditships They definitely will, but people also ignore red flags of abuse. Do we blame them? @thirdtittyhicky @redditships It can be pretty gradual. @sushigal007 @knitting4nepal @redditships A deep freezer is a good option. @princeleron @redditships I think she's looking for encouragement to leave. @QMomentum99 @oliviaMkE @AITA_reddit So does the wife get to decide hubby can never get a prostate exam? Boundaries! @runclepennybags @EW_Matias @AITA_reddit @nymphorical @AITA_reddit Does her partner also get to be upset if she gets a breast exam from the doctor she's kno… @QMomentum99 @Cheri_Angela @AITA_reddit Odd how often people here seem to think "boundaries" mean they get to contr… @runclepennybags @LifeWithLynn86 @AITA_reddit So the wife needs the husband's permission to get a mammogram? A pelv… @runclepennybags @LifeWithLynn86 @AITA_reddit @runclepennybags @LifeWithLynn86 @AITA_reddit I know you THINK you're being logical and clever, but you're not. Yo… @Future_ssbm @MoreOrLessAMess @AITA_reddit I am worried by how many people seem to think boundaries should include… @katelynanne @sliceofemi @AITA_reddit Apparently she offered to psy and was turned down. @minytrash @AITA_reddit Does she also have to ask her fiancé's permission to be examined by a doctor? @DevonCristinaxo @AITB_reddit Turban indicates she's likely Sikh and they have strong religious rules against any k…
Simple, humble, delicious: 15 bean soup over rice, a taste of home. We might not have always had a lot of money gro… @bailemad7272 @diaperedmother @wastebred @AITA_reddit Not sure you know what harassment is. Feel free to mute/bloc… @PoliticsPoppins @AITA_reddit How does OP suck for having hurt feelings? Due to the fact that her husband doesn't love her? @BrainSprain1 @AITA_reddit Oh sweetie. If you only knew. @softsuffer @AITA_reddit The weight of evidence implies otherwise.
@softsuffer @AITA_reddit Not so sure he loves the dog differently. I mean he said the vows looking at the dog. @BrainSprain1 @AITA_reddit Oh look an incel. @NicolleHunsberg @AITA_reddit How can she be sure of that? @PoliticsPoppins @AITA_reddit He said his vows to the dog. That's kind of an issue. @RecWand @odessashrek @SineQuaN0nUSA @AITA_reddit He said his vows to his dog. @Susy_Medina96 @Drac0rex @AITA_reddit OP's hubby said his vows to his dog. @RecWand @Drac0rex @AITA_reddit Nah he pretty much straight up said he loves her *less*. He exchanged vows looking at his dog ffs.
@RecWand @AITA_reddit Nope didn't miss the point. His feelings don't need to be validated when he's being an abusive jerk. @HanShotThird @BunnyTeaParty @SueBeeHun @AITA_reddit Found another incel. @RecWand @AITA_reddit No his feelings are not valid. His feelings are that he wants to control how his wife looks. @Tribecalledmes1 @AITA_reddit "Why expect your partner to not be nasty to you when you do something you like?! They… @KieranMajury @AITA_reddit Found the incel. @AITA_reddit I was not aware it was even possible to be this much TA in one short post. @jillygillybilly @redditships Worse: he doesn't give a shit about *her*. @sunnybeamy @redditships @Nicole_Cliffe Less that he doesn't want the baby. More that he can't take no for an answer from her. @Flickalooya @redditships I think it's less that he specifically doesn't want the pregnancy and more that he resent… @jamindi @Patrick13830990 @AITA_reddit That is what they did. Some of y'all are very quick to tell others to accept abusive behavior. @mollymeebe @AITB_reddit "Well yeah he shouldn't have broken her jaw but she DID burn dinner, wht don't I see anyone talking about that?" @robbilan @AITB_reddit That cops are petty, power tripping assholes? @queer_hellenic @Dontpuntme @AITB_reddit It's like a scenario with domestic abuse, and someone saying "well she DID burn dinner..."
@Ms_Politic @mina_um_so @redditships Yeeeep. It's the same deal, ultimately. Men are always excused incompetence/h… @Ms_Politic @mina_um_so @redditships Oh yeah. I have several friends struggling with managing AD(H)D and their reac… @Ms_Politic @mina_um_so @redditships Exactly this. I am doubtful that as many men *have* AD(H)D or are autistic a…
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@Imotep92 @redditships Because there's no way a teenager acts like she's in her mid-20s in close quarters for a year. @ms_jenniferanne @AITA_reddit He's the one who brought it up. And yes: getting a c section is very close to being… @lizzylemondrop @armthony @Imotep92 @redditships You apparently think men are special and deserve to never have to think about anything. @lizzylemondrop @Imotep92 @redditships Nope! Not even a reach. You expect teenage girls to be more accountable than grown men. @lizzylemondrop @Imotep92 @redditships Because you expect that a guy in his 20s is somehow less accountable than a… @lizzylemondrop @armthony @Imotep92 @redditships It's almost like people will come up with any excuse for men. @SconesMortensen @lizzylemondrop @armthony @Imotep92 @redditships If he's serving drinks at a bar--even not as an o… @lizzylemondrop @Imotep92 @redditships And you say I have a dim view of young women... @lizzylemondrop @armthony @Imotep92 @redditships Not what I said. I don't think 17 year olds are dumb and gossipy.… @Pluplubasch @Imotep92 @redditships There is a WAY bigger difference between 25 and 17. @lizzylemondrop @Imotep92 @redditships I guarantee she doesn't look 24. @lizzylemondrop @armthony @Imotep92 @redditships I think that it is very obvious when someone is a teenager and tha… @peachalie @thebookbakery17 @robvazdom @armthony @redditships I was a very mature teenager. I still could never ha… @Altair4_2381 @saldsouza @redditships 4 years at 17 is a bug jump. A 17 year old even with makeup looks very differ… @lizzylemondrop @armthony @Imotep92 @redditships It's insulting to point out that at 17 you look way different to a… @lizzylemondrop @armthony @Imotep92 @redditships Lmao I don't look down on young women. I just know the difference… @peachalie @robvazdom @armthony @redditships She was fucking 17. If you can't tell the difference between a teenage… @lizzylemondrop @armthony @Imotep92 @redditships 19 also isn't 24. She was fucking 17 when they met ffs. @robvazdom @armthony @redditships Lol. Yeah no I guarantee she doesn't look 24 at 19. I guarantee even more she doesn't ACT 24 at 19. @peachalie @robvazdom @armthony @redditships This isn't "we just met." They've been living together. Seeing each o… @angrysunbird @AKAChaosSonic @DrUnicornPhD @redditships Or noticed any of 5 dozen things indicating she's a teenager? @Benris84 @armthony @Imotep92 @redditships She's a TEENAGER. Teenagers are obvious as hell. @Imotep92 @redditships Being lied to? No. But there is no way you can be in a relationship with someone this long… @AKAChaosSonic @DrUnicornPhD @redditships He still is. Like there is NO WAY he couldn't have noticed by now. @robvazdom @armthony @redditships Because he's old enough to know better. @peachalie @armthony @redditships Nah. @Imotep92 @armthony @redditships There is no way that you could be in a relationship this long and not have figured it out. @saldsouza @redditships Yeah I don't buy for a second that he's totally in ignorance on this. @samiisquared @redditships I also don't buy that he hasn't caught on yet. @bi_gendian @redditships This can't adequately be explained by ignorance. @marsden_wendy @bi_gendian @redditships Not even a plot to burn down the house. Men have admitted in large percent… @GarrettPetersen @mina_um_so @redditships It is still within the realm of shit men have literally admitted to doing… @TheCaterjillar @AITA_reddit The changes are prepaid. @bi_gendian @redditships It's kinda weird to me how any time a man fails at basic tasks, there's a rush to assume h… @Chaotix182 @redditships That's unfair, Goofy is a great dad and is legit just clumsy. @trizzer3 @mina_um_so @redditships @mina_um_so @redditships I think it's interesting how ANY time a man fails at basic tasks people rush to assume it… @edenvan_ @redditships Any time there's a man failing to do his part around the house or actively butchering those… @TallgirlBigcity @Sabrina45X @redditships Very easy to believe someone would do this otherwise, actually. A lot of… @pelielios @babegladwallers @CastIrony @redditships Yeah I am getting tired of seeing EVERY time a man is shit at h… @MikeArcF @pelielios @babegladwallers @CastIrony @redditships The thing is that it's a consistent issue whenever me… @coffeeizmana @EmiRenae @AITA_reddit So if your partner is shot in the leg you need them to tell you to call an amb… @Mharral0214 @AITA_reddit I am so glad you got a good guy! And congrats on the coming baby! @KingMe50749634 @AITA_reddit You can *ask*. @coffeeizmana @EmiRenae @AITA_reddit She did want him to stay. He woke her up to tell her he was leaving and dipped out.