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@cthulhu8books @AITA_reddit If everyone else sucks, the pooper sucks too. Know your limits. @chatterbawx2000 @AITA_reddit Honestly this is the biggest lesson in the whole post. ALL of them need to just. not… @DayleEdwards @such_hockey_wow @AITA_reddit CSA survivor here and yeah. I mean, if it were me I'd probably have ju…
@angelt18 @MakeItSewDesign @AITA_reddit I mean, there's a compromise here in that it sounds like currently he comes… @Mythicalmaster2 @PzusD So no matter what, it's OP's fault? They are too demanding, but also don't communicate anything ever? @cctlund @LaFattie @AITA_reddit She doesn't "need his attention all evening." She needs his attention for SOME time beyond dinner.
@RomanMoroni @AITA_reddit Obvious troll is obvious @such_hockey_wow @AITA_reddit She needs to run. Fast and far.
@TreClaire @redditships Apparently for plausible deniability that he's a creep who preys on barely legal girls. @AnxiousPenman @TallCee @PencilBloke @redditships The dad in this case has *already been creepy as fuck* with his daughter's friends. @toronodon @redditships More like: the GF knows the dad is a fucking creep. @redditships Thank GOD for that edit. You love to see it. @redditships Dear OP: you do not deserve her.
@unalteredbeast @AITA_reddit The question of strength has too many variables to get a consensus on. @FOMOSAPIEN1 @SenpaiNessie @AITA_reddit Oh look it's this misogynist again. @Babybaby543211 @HRHPrimaDomina @AITA_reddit I mean. The BF is. @DrewPeterson @AITA_reddit Nah. She gave him the opportunity to test his shitty worldview and it turned out his shitty worldview was wrong. @Babybaby543211 @DrewPeterson @AITA_reddit She did. You should read more carefully. @Babybaby543211 @derekmartinrose @bpickar @AITA_reddit I mean they were discussed. Just because you glossed over t… @bpickar @AITA_reddit Oh look you're SUPER wrong and in public too! @kirkenovak @AITA_reddit Statistically few women have much choice in the matter. @JackTheScruffin @AliaPie You should take more biology courses. You seem to have stopped in the 9th grade. @googiehouser @AITA_reddit According to OP herself, it was strictly because of quarantine measures. @Babybaby543211 @besbev @Melanie_A_Y_Bel @AITA_reddit You must constantly be seething in self-directed rage then. @Melanie_A_Y_Bel @AITA_reddit I hope there are no young women in your life. Telling a woman to make herself smaller for a man is bullshit. @Itz_Clatterz @DonutInterns @AITA_reddit Oh look you said something super ignorant! @deathraygun @HerGraceFace @such_hockey_wow @AITA_reddit I'm bi. I've been friends with and even lived with lots o… @Freebox je j'ai pas eu d'internet depuis QUATRE JOURS. Le technicien n'a rien fait depuis le 16 quand on a vérifie…
@Freebox il faut combien de temps avant que quelqu'un fait quelque chose sur l'intervention démandé? Parce que j'ai…
@Anaemic_Royalty @smgtraining @MorganJerkins Yeah I mean the US government (most governments which are ABLE to) tak… @DannyBSvg @bobbiharlow @gmargarita__ @such_hockey_wow @redditships Using racist tropes does. @MrTangent @crims0nl1z @redditships @redditships This is beautiful. @MisterGooo @angelt18 @AITA_reddit Way to be loudly wrong. @such_hockey_wow @AITA_reddit Bold of him to think she's still his girlfriend. @AITA_reddit Holy shit report the HELL out of that professor to the Dean. Report them. @TimeIsNotGiven @AITA_reddit Yeah she needs to find some way to gtfo of there. @DannyBSvg @bobbiharlow @gmargarita__ @such_hockey_wow @redditships It's not erroneous if you're saying racist shit. @MrTangent @redditships @MrTangent @ElegantBW @redditships @MrTangent @crims0nl1z @redditships For clarity: that isn't a reply to your backward-ass question, but a statement to your entire comment. @MrTangent @crims0nl1z @redditships @DannyBSvg @bobbiharlow @gmargarita__ @such_hockey_wow @redditships Yep! @thatspookybabe @such_hockey_wow @redditships They're white dudes who also use the term allllllllllllllllllllllllll… @DannyBSvg @bobbiharlow @gmargarita__ @such_hockey_wow @redditships Surprise surprise you're racist too. @baxterzeppo @such_hockey_wow @redditships Someone who, like OP's boyfriend, uses it super casually/all the time an… @redditships Dump him. In the trash can. @crims0nl1z @Dowbiggin @isisforgiver @AITA_reddit Lmao. Right because she's shown NO indication of lying to folks'… @crims0nl1z @AITA_reddit His parents were never going to do that. They were going to keep lying. They made that cl… @Dum_baba @Dowbiggin @AITA_reddit "Let's talk to Dad" would have led to Dad lying. Dad made it clear he was going… @j_l_justice @AITA_reddit According to OP "because you're the only person in the world I can trust." Jen helpfully… @BecMajor @applesAndSteph @AITA_reddit Ah yes because 13 is the age at which you become completely immune to pressu… @bsbfankaren @bankrizzle @AITA_reddit It's better than thinking I'm being lied to about being adopted. @crims0nl1z @EyeEdinburgh @AITA_reddit Which... Would have resulted in the parents lying. Which would put OP back… @Dowbiggin @crims0nl1z @isisforgiver @AITA_reddit Yep. Bringing the parents in would have resulted in them lying o… @crims0nl1z @AITA_reddit I've cited this example elsewhere in this thread but: If the partner of one of my friends… @freemanbilly81 @RadioMcLean @jujujuscj @AITA_reddit If a friend's partner were cheating on my friend, it would be… @PrimroseMK @jujujuscj @AITA_reddit And the parents would have lied, and OP's brother would have continued being upset. @jujujuscj @AITA_reddit It's not my secret to tell if a friend's partner is cheating on them. I am sure as hell gonna tell my friend. @AngelAerin777 @AITA_reddit Given OP's other posts I feel like his brother is in need of therapy generally. An unt… @ChiefTyler89 @1110Liz1000 @AITA_reddit Again: sleeping with multiple men doesn't mean she did it raw. A condom ca… @princeleron @AITA_reddit If it's not his secret to tell he shouldn't have been burdened with it. It's not my secr… @princeleron @Amys_theWise_1 @AITA_reddit Getting his parents involved would have 1. Prolonged his brother's upse… @Myriadose @glasgowghirldeb @ChiefJezter @AITA_reddit His mother is not at all approachable to gauge by the other p… @bsbfankaren @tweetgravity @AITA_reddit As a kid he was struggling with the idea of being adopted and lied to about… @TemeOfHearts @AITA_reddit @such_hockey_wow Jen has posted some supplementary material and... Yeah it is consistent. Poor OP.
@Dragonpolitics1 @kahinaaaa @redditships MOLD sure as fuck will. @GreysBliss @AITA_reddit Gestational diabetes is not in any way caused by diet. It is caused by issues with the pl… @Jessiwuzzle @AITA_reddit Given his lack of reliability as a narrator here, I am going to go with the hitting being… @GreysBliss @AITA_reddit Tbh it sounds like they're both shitty people lashing out at each other for the other being shitty. @eskrav @K1tty_C0s3tt3 1. You have no idea how much weight she's gained. None. Zero. Zilch. 2. She apparently eats… @LLammm7 @books_rogue @AITA_reddit GESTATIONAL DIABETES IS NOT CAUSED BY DIET. It is caused by placental issues.… @TheCheshyre @sramassyla @AITA_reddit I have watched my father eat a half gallon of ice cream in one sitting. He h… @kristatee @AITA_reddit They both suck. @jerseygirl782 @AITA_reddit Tbh they both sound like miserable assholes. @princeleron @DivinedGoddess @AITA_reddit People such as you? Being unaware of the science of diet during pregnancy? @homanclature @bitter_witch @racheline_m @AITA_reddit Your take @homanclature @racheline_m @AITA_reddit Caloric needs are different for every pregnant person. Creating another hu… @homanclature @sunnysongbird @racheline_m @AITA_reddit Congrats! You're an asshole too. @ek_weeks @PorcupineGirl8 @AITA_reddit Sounds like english is a second language. @_matterall @JarJarMalfoy @AITA_reddit We get it you hate women. @booksandlists @Ally_Nuttall @AITA_reddit Not really. @dsloandownes @EllieJeanEsther @AITA_reddit They both sound like shitty people. @feministleaning @BigRed1103 @AITA_reddit THANK YOU. These folks with their amateur Obstetrics. @BigRed1103 @stuckyparty @AITA_reddit "I totally agree" Except it's the opposite of the point you're making? @BigRed1103 @kikykile @AITA_reddit Lol someone should tell that to my sister! The one who was a size 0 until she w… @Arioch6 @such_hockey_wow @Lenniesaurus @AITA_reddit Tbh it sounds like they're mutually toxic. @LtlAbs @AITA_reddit Gestational diabetes has little correlation to diet or weight. My sister who eats very health… @princeleron @bregman_k @AITA_reddit
@Sodiumkitten @AITB_reddit He. Both OP and the husband are men. That's explicitly mentioned in the screenshot. @Amandavmmm @bookwormandpoet @AITB_reddit Eh. I read the post in question. Both OP and his husband suck and are i… @cuckoo_king @LVesus @AITB_reddit Tbh having read the post (and some of his others): Both OP and his husband are t… @megan_alyce2019 @BlackKraya @AITB_reddit Having read the post itself where he asks if he's abusive: They're both… @grrlintersect @AITB_reddit Yeah this is a dysfunctional relationship on multiple levels. @megan_alyce2019 @BlackKraya @AITB_reddit Not necessarily with the person doing the asking. Shitty people accuse t… @MeghanKGriffith @MidgardianSoul @AITA_reddit Hello abuse apologist! @ExKage @paindechat @Kartos @AITA_reddit Bless your heart! Maybe take some language and rhetoric classes. @ExKage @paindechat @Kartos @AITA_reddit It is what you said. If it isn't what you meant you should have said something else. @ExKage @paindechat @Kartos @AITA_reddit Just because you don't like what your words say about you doesn't mean you… @ExKage @paindechat @Kartos @AITA_reddit You made the equivalence, friendo.