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@KWholesaler thank god @kchandlerart I dont totally understand the clothes in the fridge thing, I have one of those big freezer chests and… @KWholesaler hoping this situation can disrupt with undisputable force what we could have only hoped to do through… @the1janitor This is often why things have to be handled in a "better of the two evils" kind of way. The goal is to… @stvulture I guess Im just glad the capitulation of the world has been suspended. Despite the dangers the pandemic… @Mr_Jangojim a genius in the making @kayandskittles time to seize pornhub and turn it into an alt channel haven from youtubes crippling hypermoderation @campmonday tucking my friends in to bed while being careful about my spiked gauntlets @ivyfikes whats flavor we got on tap @eatinginmycar he does not know the agony of corn shells in your gums.
The lads out here, done it again @pawgbertREAL the best part of metal gear solid is how horny it is @paperbeatstweet stay home squad looking hella fresh tho @voidhowler tyme, however, can really make or break a dish @cubmoth your art, its good, and videos with it, are also good @bombsfall Theres also something to be said about anyone who might challenge a narrative do so at their own persona… @bombsfall something something symmetry mode always on @colleentie hopefully the well-to-do households who typically dont have to deal with their landlords can feel it ha… @braverbeast I regret the fact that I dont have the time to play long enough to donate things one by one my hope i… @stvulture Been knew, how else do you explain their white blonde blue eyed sun god @CHIRPENDALE Its sad that it somehow sounds like a more possible reality than this centrist hellhole we have now.…
@jxiaoo a stunner @radiatoryang going home
@jaboukie dont worry, some people are working tirelessly to roll this baby back @CHIRPENDALE I feel like seeing trump would make most people not believe in karma @vonhonkington And then you get alot of black pilled kids drowning in nihilism with no buoy from trying to wrap the… @GraceSpelman this is the good grace content @KWholesaler People love darwinian philosophies because they like the idea that strength prospers - but most "mecha… @ivyfikes doomed to be that guy at house parties out in the boonies @supernovalesIie this is a deep cut, whoa @kenardpak those clean contrasts and values tho @bombsfall I once thought I understood the concept of the joker but about every month on the internet I feel like I… @DaveProsser a pal @nicodelort (in my first playthrough when I was only using shuriken and wasnt aware of the tool strats for most bos… @nicodelort Depends on how aggressive the run is meant to be - if you got 20-30 minutes, running around and doing s… @sonnyrossdraws Very masterful use of the rounding rules the game has.
@pawgbertREAL seeing a post without the dk avi is like seeing someone shave all the hair on their face when theyre trying to allude the feds @chootalks getting taken out by spiders in both
@kayandskittles That is to say, the commune is overtly a predator force in the narrative, which I think severely an… @kayandskittles This specifically is my gripe - its framed as a punishment for hubris (and the movie in general tri… @frogmilker I shout as the horny police try to barrage my door open @simonenoronha an inspiration as always @bombsfall hording sleep like Im a wyrm in a cave full of gold @eatinginmycar innit @mitchysuch out here masterminding the new essential business @beakfriends The moment I think "its been awhile since I failed a reel" is the moment I get an itchy trigger finger and overshoot a loach. @allahliker trying to convince your reply guys that youre younger than what they think @eatinginmycar My body felt like it was friday everyday this week and its like micro jetlag @goyagoat lookin real fresh out thereOne upside to this pandemic is that the police dont bother with petty obstructions anymore (like they never should… sprimklrGood morning, please enjoy the photos that finally broke me
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@bombsfall the plants are a nice touch @collnsmith 🚨Nice and Good Cat alert🚨 @sploggles As a designer, Animal Crossing having something of a planned progression scheme was something that reall… @sethmonki I, too, can phrase things in a way that excludes the details that would make me sound incorrect. I also…
@ummmheather @heatherlime me to the resident center when the wasps are coming @aniceburrito live like the exposed wires of a powerline @Alythuh Thought you had a whole ass rapier for a minute ngl @cake_hoarder whos side are you on cum man. you say bro, but do you bro @ItsRainingColor I feel like I could draw for like 10 hours alone, especially with how comprehensive the design system is this time aroundWhich is to say, I wont stop anyone trying to sleep on a table if it improves their lives but I will wonder why th… head some responses off at the pass -Im not saying anyones ability to play Animal Crossing in a way they enjoy s… @eatinginmycar time to have a home defense katana @9_volt_ This is how I know the gamers have gone off the deep end - theyre the only group of people that would maxi… @GarbageApe The issue is, as far as I can tell, they worship the notion of capitulation itself. They see it as incr… @allahliker dark times when people think "florida is a better option" @KWholesaler just kinda rude tbh @d20plusmodifier how is everyone so good at this game I accidently built two ladders cuz I didnt realize it was was… @zachhazard Ive been sleeping on jaboukie for far too long @frogmilker
@braverbeast So I have 5 apples and it looks like we cant mail unless we've interacted before - so if youre free ri… @braverbeast Ill look into if we can get you an apple starter pack or not @braverbeast Im an apple native and got some orange trees maybe a day or so out. Can you mail fruit to people or is that only to villagers? @braverbeast I get coconuts basically every time I go on an expedition, you having no luck? @voidhowler Its beyond parody, it didnt even take them a month to say "maybe a viral cleansing needs to happen, thi… @socializmus the coward slinks back to its cave @KWholesaler The worst part is that the conflict here is one essentially of consumerism - some people just cant fuc… @SydneyAzari Also, reconfigure the housing paradigm by deemphasizing houses with large yards for at most 6 to 8 peo… @bombsfall officer Im just exercising the mind here @WorkingPod The point people are missing in your mentions, is that they used "unskilled" to undermine workers value… @squinkyelo This country is always finding new and inventive ways to wash its hands of other people.
@sonnyrossdraws animal crossing was lowkey the original live service game, it just shipped with the live schedule on the clients side. @RespectableLaw LISTEN, THIS VIRUS STUFF? AINT HALF BAD @cathrynvirginia solidarity, hope it plays out @bombsfall Someday Ill find a way to hustle through death and then theyll name a constellation of stars after me. @andceteras gaming is a poisoned well sometimes @nicodelort @sekirothegame dlc, dlc *fist pounding against table* @shaun_vids is mario @bombsfall scott "doom" benson @bobjinx I feel like the term "social distancing" is also not very accurate at what it is. Cuz its not about "dista…
@lizzystewart Really curious about how you get that color saturation. Are you using inks? It def looks fast drying. @ecogggswell I think this is most things for animals; but I also think they dont get all the curious about why.
@allahliker selling compound bows out the back of my van @rhinosoros It turns out that, not only does class inequality make the underclass incredibly vulnerable, it makes t… @bombsfall Also less in the nose than "Blighttown". Welcome to Bad City @paarsec I use google search for alot of basic functions. Like, for instance, I use its built in color picker to ge… @frogmilker sleep is a mistake and is in fact gods greatest curse @McKelvie Ive gone so many times that Ive begun to chart its landmarks and features; the Mind Cartographer. @400facts Gamestop in fact would prefer if it could, this civility stuff is stifling its true nature.