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Now watching: The Evil of Frankenstein (1964) @Sheena_655321 Fright Night ♡ @TommyDoyle47 The ThingGood help is hard to find as they say. I'm officially on the look out for a second in command. Some requirements:…
Retweeted by Larissa Frehley @HarleyQuinnsMrJ @YouTube @DaymDrops Congrats on your 10k dear🎉To celebrate reaching 10k subscribers on @YouTube I decided to accept @DaymDrops McThicc 6 quarter pounder with che…
Retweeted by Larissa FrehleyMy sixth husband told me that he wanted some space, so I tied him to a rocket.
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Peter Cushing and Francis Matthews in, 'The Revenge of Frankenstein' Hammer (1958)
Retweeted by Larissa Frehley @Demongirlofdark Sweet dreams ;* @Tiffanieskater 🙌🙌💜 All the creatures and all the weyouns, the special friend or course and I can't forget to call… @the1ucidone Today I'm feeling way better, the movie is "The Penny Dreadful Picture Show" actually is not bad, I e… @HorrorBloodyHo1 Me too, thank you!♡ @Tiffanieskater You are right. He have big eyes like bushbabys so he like fruits 🤔. I think he will love our gifts💜… @the1ucidone Thank you so I'll listen then, I listen different types of music xD @Tiffanieskater He just want eat his birthday cake... poor Brady💔 @Tiffanieskater Me too💜, I watched Penny Dreadful~, actually is not so bad, I enjoyed this movie.And I watched*Today was a shit day for me, I hurt my eye. I couldn't open my left eye during the day😆, but now is way better and… @cordisbored Oh my... I hope you will be fine soon!! :( pls take care❤
@juda1313 Hellraiser @TheCinemaTicket Iam legendI want to talk to you about a DM I received from someone who was suicidal and they said one of my videos saved thei…
Retweeted by Larissa Frehley @craiglayton07 @kinky_horror Aww this is so beautiful 👏👏Askshgjg @Raiton08 Good morning dear 💜 @blakeberginuk Hi Blake have a wonderful day♡ @Krueger1428E Good Morning Freddy🔥❤Hi friends! Have a great Tuesday! Stay safe💀 @AlitaBabe Peter Cushing as Victor Frankenstein @RABID1977🌌🧟‍♂️#horror
Retweeted by Larissa Frehley @Demongirlofdark Aww when I was working my worst day was Sundays! Well I hope will be good as possible 🤗 see u soon @Demongirlofdark Have a nice day at work dear 😊💜If you're looking to join a real crew, we're here. #StrangeBrewings
Retweeted by Larissa FrehleyReleased December 1, 1944. #TheHouseofFrankenstein #scifi #sciencefiction #horror
Retweeted by Larissa FrehleyNow watching: The Revenge of Frankenstein (1958) 🦇🧛‍♂️🦇 by Amélie Hutt
Retweeted by Larissa FrehleyVincent Price gets ready to rock out in 'The Fall of the House of Usher' (1960)
Retweeted by Larissa Frehley @Tiffanieskater REALLY? ohh💜 they both are extraterrestrials in star trek world, he only do different creatures in… @Tiffanieskater I see..! my sister loves him @BabyItsAScream Your pfp is perfect 😂😂❤Doug Jones in my notifications wow omg @vizeroficial
@Y2John84 😂😂😂😂 @ferengifucker He's a drama queen @MistressMalevo2 @ArtTheCl0wnFollow @ArtTheCl0wn give him 1500 followers ♡💀"One trouble with #horrormovies is that once you see the #monster, the movie's over. The idea [of #FromBeyond] allo…
Retweeted by Larissa Frehley @MistressMalevo2 @ArtTheCl0wn MISTRESS!!! @TheCinemaTicket ShaunWe can do that Danny. Let’s go into a movie. Take Art into The Shining... Or The Mist... There…
Retweeted by Larissa Frehley @ArtTheCl0wn Hey @the1ucidone 😆😆 @Tiffanieskater @actordougjones Yess T_T ❤ @MistressMalevo2 ❤🍷#ItMakesMeFeelOld when people remind me I'm 307, but I still look great! *Caution: vampirism isn't for everyone.
Retweeted by Larissa Frehley~♡ @juda1313 😂😂 @Demongirlofdark @EddieBrockkkkk @DrHerbertWest1 @Krueger1428E @Raiton08 @Horror_Disciple @BTheDaywalker @the1ucidone I never watched but its in my list now!! Thx ;) @Tiffanieskater He's a cute bushbaby ♡ just a little big taller than the others Bushbabys @the1ucidone I eat avocado with sugar or I drink in vitamin 😆 @Demongirlofdark @michael95238310 @vampire_dreams @HenryChivers @CineStarFilms @alpha_maz @houseofchaos18 was watching The Shape of Water (2017). Beautiful movie ♡ movie do you prefer? 👹🧟‍♂️🎸🧟‍♀️ 👺📖
Retweeted by Larissa Frehley @Tiffanieskater 💜💜John Carpenter's The Thing. That's it. That's the Tweet.
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YOU’RE BANISHED TO AN ISLAND FOR ETERNITY. You get ONE movie and a lifetime supply of ONE food. What are they?… @juda1313 Pazuzu#StrangeBrewCrew Lee and Peter Cushing on set in 1972
Retweeted by Larissa Frehley @blakeberginuk @LydiaXTrueblood @laceycakes118 @BrittNicole0701 @Kaklimax @RoxanneRhoads @Meh_Kat @AliceAldcroft @DrHerbertWest1 Technology❤. I just don't want be killed by robots 💩 @DrHerbertWest1 I would say "morning" ;) . I think it's crazy the time thing. It's morning for us and almost night for others. ~ @the1ucidone Oh that's good! I'm happy that you are fine again ;) I don't watched nothing recently, I mean yesterda… @DrHerbertWest1 Good morning doc Herbiejeffrey combs playing a villain: actually i think i will make him baby
Retweeted by Larissa Frehley @the1ucidone Is cold outside? Because you should be fainting !🤔 This is very strange and dangerous, I hope you are fine now! @Demongirlofdark @JulieWalkerPunk @WhisperSpr1ng @DrNancyThompson @RachaelKHarper1 @SkylarW04496210 @amythatisme Aw… Voorhees has been added to the nice list!
Retweeted by Larissa FrehleyAND THEY WERE RIGHT
Retweeted by Larissa FrehleyVincent Price 'Masque of the Red Death' (1965)
Retweeted by Larissa FrehleyPIRANHA (1978) #horror #fish #JoeDante #RogerCorman
Retweeted by Larissa FrehleyJingle knives, Taking lives... Art prepares to slay....
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@the1ucidone How are you feeling? :( @HorrorNostalgia Both are great movies for me, I think my favorite is The Lighthouse. @TommyDoyle47 The Thing @TommyDoyle47 Very fun and way better than part 2 in my opinion. @HReview73 @TommyDoyle47 It was my first horror in theater too👍 @HorrorOrman Jerry @Tiffanieskater This is our boy💜 @luke_boddington Thank you 😊Hi friends! I hope you have a nice Saturday💀 @Demongirlofdark Have a nice day at work dear😚 @Y2John84 I love this movie so much😆! And yes it's my Christmas tree 😊 looks so beautiful T_T🎉Happy Birthday Thom Mathews!🎉 🗓Born #OTD 28 November, 1958 🎬Played roles including; 🔹Freddy~ROTLD (1985)🧟‍♂️ 🔹To…
Retweeted by Larissa Frehley @Y2John84 ❤❤!! @ecto_fun Yes!