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She/Her, selftaught artist, theatre/musical nerd 🎨🎭 Advocate for love💞 SPN, Sci-Fi, Whovian, SG-1, Trekkie4Life🖖🏻 Liverpool FC ⚽️ Hello to @jasonsfolly

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@HeyStevieLee @Tyranicus Yeah same lol. Stupid time zones 😄"I think it just makes sense to have people voice characters that they are. Except for the aliens — I guess we don'…
Retweeted by Steffi ❤️🖖🏻 @Tyranicus Tell her I said hi 😘Good morning, everybody! Let‘s hope this work day goes by fast. Nonetheless do I wish all of you a happy Saturday f… he said
@skittle479 @StaticWarpBubbl @JlJohnson2011 @BatlethBabe Awww gosh that is so kind! ❤️ @skittle479 @StaticWarpBubbl And O‘Neill‘s ass - WHO SAID THAT?? 👀😉😂 @BatlethBabe It means a lot! ❤️ And it was so amazing to see everybody gathering at my Insta live with Mary, asking… @BatlethBabe @TrekkieRob @HeyStevieLee Awww thank you so so much, you two. I‘m so happy to call you my friends! And… @BatlethBabe Thank you so much, Heather. I‘m very glad to have art as my outlet to deal with things - and I‘m even… @StaticWarpBubbl @TheyMightBeGeek Oh Matt... 😂 @MrKeyseScience So a casual Friday @StaticWarpBubbl Me too.❤️a few reminders 🙏✨
Retweeted by Steffi ❤️🖖🏻 @TrekkieRob THIS WINS!! 😂😂😂 @StaticWarpBubbl @marythechief OMGGGGGG!!!!! @TrekkieRob Proud of you Rob!! @clowchan @glenntommie I am 😘❤️ @clowchan @glenntommie Awwwwww I‘m so happy to see you happy! ❤️ @anilkchander I’ve come to realze, quantity is not as important as quality. What counts is that we‘re there when it matters. 💖 @HeyStevieLee @gorillakhan What Stevie said. All is well. @anilkchander Same. Sometimes I hope my friends don‘t think I‘m abandoning them... which is nonsense coz they are m… @gorillakhan @HeyStevieLee It‘s a popular meme that‘s been going around and you have nothing to worry here. I can t… @xcarolinas @HeyStevieLee And once again: @TheLadyPilar Will do! @HeyStevieLee @xcarolinas What?? Omg... i can‘t @xcarolinas Oh no. When I first saw that going around, I kinda had a feeling this may how it would be interpreted b… @TrekCore We stan @FunkBrittany @rashiduzzaman82 @LawsonIsMyVimes Yeah I figured you may related to that! And he is an amazing dad. @Pyro_boro You too!! 🖖🏻 @FunkBrittany @rashiduzzaman82 @LawsonIsMyVimes Hahahaha that‘s one of the nicest things someone has ever said 😂😂😂… @anne_loou Thank you. All the best!Hi friends! Just got home from work. Sorry I haven‘t been very vocal here lately, but I‘m at work all day and since… @StaticWarpBubbl Yesssss @rashiduzzaman82 I was so happy for youSay yes to masks And no to bras. Free the titi But protect the city
Retweeted by Steffi ❤️🖖🏻are you blocked by these accouns too??
Retweeted by Steffi ❤️🖖🏻 @DmJapan @HeyStevieLee Yes! Everyone can relate somehow! @amandasunicorn Sending a virtual hug! ❤️ @HeyStevieLee I often feel like Boimler. Wanting to look all professional and doing everything perfectly, trying to… @rashiduzzaman82 Same here! I‘m almost glad I‘ll be at work lol @trekkiesplorer Sounds like a real challenge. 😄 Good luck! ❤️Good morning! New day, new possibilities. Sending you lots of love and positive energy to fly through this day with… @HeyStevieLee I love her too. She‘s amazing! I can relate a lot to Boimler though 😂 @floobish That was a long time! @TheyMightBeGeek @TrekkieRob Me three 😂 @TheyMightBeGeek @rashiduzzaman82 @dxndeliions Me toooo
@HenInAHat1 Yessss @MyImaginary Sending virtual hug! @uk_locutus Yay!! @anilkchander Yes!! Sigh.Oh my goodness, that is so sweet of you!! ❤️❤️❤️ Welcome to Twitter! @albinokid @startrekcbs I absolutely LOVED it too! It‘s quick and light-hearted but has depths. The perfect mix. @Tyranicus It‘s so surreal to imagine that we were on a ship, close to so many people, having fun just a few months ago... @datsme4sure1 Sigh. These are such strange times @xcarolinas Just tell me whenever you‘re ready again 😎 @Captain_Revo Sigh @xcarolinas Let‘s watch some eps together and live comment! 😄😄 @xcarolinas Sending you a Cas hug back! 😘 @Pyro_boro Yup. Can‘t believe that a few months ago I was at a Rave on the Cruise, dancing amongst a crowd of peopl… @rashiduzzaman82 Hugging you back, Rashid! ❤️ @TBZhaanFan Enjoy!I miss hugging people. Of course I always respect it when someone doesn‘t wanna be hugged, that‘s a given. But in g… @TakaakiMasuda1 Dr. Purrlaski?
Retweeted by Steffi ❤️🖖🏻 @marythechief @kathrynblack120 That‘s hands down one of my fave pics of you Mary. I always smile when I see it @uk_locutus @Tyranicus I sent you a DM for correct navigation 😉 @Pyro_boro You too, my friend!Watching the first ep of #StarTrekLowerDecks rn. Just so you know, I won‘t tweet about it. I don‘t wanna spoil it f… @Tyranicus I just got home and I‘m about to. I’m loathing I cannot watch it the right way, but you know... @HeyStevieLee @garak1234567890 Mom‘s, eh? They are one of a kind... Mine can yell at you for two hours straight (no… @HeyStevieLee @garak1234567890 Hahahaha. Well second one would be „raus mit dir“ which, if spoken quickly, also kin… @HeyStevieLee @garak1234567890 Hahaha closest I can think of is „rausschmiss“ which means throw someone or something out 😄 @garak1234567890 @HeyStevieLee TELL US STEVIE @FunkBrittany Totally get that. Sending you love 😘 @FunkBrittany I can only speak for myself but I frickin love you!! ❤️ @HeyStevieLee Doesn‘t matter, I speak English fluently and I always read my books in English also 😄 @HeyStevieLee So here‘s the plan: I intend to win the lottery tomorrow. And then Imma build my own library and you… @StaticWarpBubbl 😂😂😂 @xcarolinas Good! I‘m omw @xcarolinas And where‘s mine huh? HUH??? birthday to the person who, as the first woman president of a major TV studio, personally greenlit Star Trek,…
Retweeted by Steffi ❤️🖖🏻 @rashiduzzaman82 Enjoy! @HeyStevieLee YES 😂 @xcarolinas @HeyStevieLee Lmao that‘s the best part. When they ask for something that‘s right around the corner - or something they‘ve already passed 😄Oh to be that lovely young couple that I sold a 700€ painting this morning at work... Just walking into a store and… @HeyStevieLee Omg same happens at my work lmao. Nobody knows where anything is. 😂 Also yes, bathroom is in the top 3 @startrekcbs Happy Birthday, Michelle ❤️🖖🏻 @xcarolinas And twitter lets me see maybe 10 of them 😂😂Good morning, world. Time for a new day. Stay you and stay true to yourself, that‘s what counts. ❤️
@HeyStevieLee @MissRainbowPie Oh nice! That‘s a wonderful idea!! 😍 Idk if I get to it, but I saved the pic just in case ☺️❤️ @MarcieStarfleet This was the cliffhanger of the decade and now we will never know 😔 @frau_loren I WILL NEVER GET IT! We were robbed!! 😭 @trekkieadvocate I honestly swear to god, I actually stopped breathing at that reveal. All I could think was „no wa… @IrishArwen I don‘t wanna think about it because it onl hurts 😔 @dandeckr Awesome 🖖🏻❤️