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Historian at Cornell University. Views expressed here are my own.

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Reminder of what US faces over next month if Congress does not act: -- Eviction moratorium expires (30 million at…
Retweeted by Lawrence GlickmanA man I was proud to call my friend, adviser, and tennis partner. May his memory be a blessing. (His seminar on ana…
Retweeted by Lawrence Glickman @nataliapetrzela My friend @SShainbart did it and wrote a book about it. @activisthistory So sorry for your loss, Jen. Sending warm thoughts your way.
I hear you. @stschrader1 True!I'm confused by this tweet since it was New Left thinkers who popularized the concept of "corporate liberalism."…
@EdgeofSports @CharlesPPierce Remember when the late Catfish Hunter said “Sixto got four toes,” after Lezcano broke…
@MatthewSitman Mostly thinking about how a labor-religion coalition came together in the Progressive era in favor o… @Matthew_Shadle @MatthewSitman Thank you. Looks great. @MatthewSitman I'm thinking about Father John A. Ryan's 1906 book, A LIVING WAGE: ITS ETHICAL AND ECONOMIC ASPECTS, which ci… @profgabrielle Oh no. I hope that she recovers quickly and that you are all able to stay safe. Sending warm thoughts to you and your Mom!🥳
Retweeted by Lawrence GlickmanI wonder whether Ronald Reagan was ever called an elitist for his practice getting a haircut, manicure, and shoe sh… @pklinkne Every Thanksgiving.
The conventional wisdom quickly became that Carter was hitting "below the belt" by "conjuring up a racist Reagan." this editorial, "Gutter Politics," the Pittsburgh Press condemned Carter for acting like a "born-again Joe McCar… entire press conference was devoted to the media bashing Carter for "his insinuation that Ronald Reagan had inje… much of the media condemned Jimmy Carter. Reagan went to Neshoba County embraced dog whistle politics, yet it w… President Gerald Ford condemned Carter for "one of the lowest, most intemperate assaults ever made by an Ame…, of course, had gone on the record in his campaign for CA Governor in endorsing the right of white people wh…'s VP candidate George H. W. Bush said that Reagan was "a decent, honorable man who career has never been mar… is Fred Barnes covering Carter's "extraordinarily harsh attack on Ronald Reagan." @brianros1 I hear you, Brian!As usual, calling out racism is worse than racism.
Retweeted by Lawrence Glickman @LarryGlickman @jbouie It was actually remarkable to me, while researching Carter’s 1980 campaign, how much he talk…
Retweeted by Lawrence Glickman
Reagan’s “states’ rights” speech near the crime scene where Goodman, Schwerner, and Chaney were murdered is one of…
Retweeted by Lawrence GlickmanFollowing @jbouie's advice we watched the Showtime Reagan documentary. Was struck by Carter's forthright condemnati… never said that and now *I’m* mad, so that’s a wrongness two-fer.
Retweeted by Lawrence Glickman @ProRoMo @loumoore12 A rare moment of Cal Stanford unity. @pklinkne I'm seeing a lot of assymetric polarization on here from the Sheetz crowd.Cc: @joelwestheimer @amwhisnant So sorry to hear this. Sounds like such a valuable course.This agenda makes so much sense after the wreckage wrought by DeVos, the devastating impact of the pandemic on stud…
@stevenstrogatz @BillBigly @DavidSnyder22 @loumoore12 The phrase only entered the lexicon of my pickup games after… this because I think Manute Bol should be more widely credited with inventing/popularizing the phrase, "… @KeriLeighMerrit I love the prose of my former colleague, Paul E. Johnson. Not a wasted word ever. service will be held for Mayor David Dinkins after the Covid-19 crisis ends. In lieu of flowers, send dona…
Retweeted by Lawrence GlickmanTrump today: Nobody thought we'd ever see the Dow at 30,000. Kevin Hassett, Chair of Trump's Council of Economic A… will go down the annals of Lost Causism as Priebus' Charge.
Retweeted by Lawrence Glickmanthey were so completely happy and self-satisfied that day. Also, there was beer, as I recall
Retweeted by Lawrence GlickmanThe high water mark of the Trump administration was a White House celebration in 2017, featuring Speaker of the Hou… @HeerJeet @abrahamjoseph I remember some politicians with ambiguous names like "Klein" doing the same. @HeerJeet @abrahamjoseph My favorite is when they felt it necessary to note that Wallace Notestein was an upstandin… @DavidSnyder22 @loumoore12 I was living in the Bay Area then and remember reading about this in the sports pages. A… @DavidSnyder22 @loumoore12 @loumoore12 Is it widely known that Manute Bol invented/popularized the expression, "my bad," when he played for the Warriors? @udi_greenberg No wonder I'm tired. 🤣Superb column from @jbouie on the meaning of Trumpism: "The Trump movement has never been about `populism' or `nati… @DeGolierThomas So sorry to hear this, Thomas.Kremlinologist embraces the “linguistic turn” today about the GOP's response to the 3 great crisis of the 21st century. 9/11--let's go fight a war, inva…
Retweeted by Lawrence GlickmanSiri, show me an article that I will have no desire to read. (OK, I read it.) have raised about a third of the sum. Please RT and share widely, and consider contributing whatever you can spa…
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Simple questions for Loeffler and Perdue whose only message appears to be stoking fear. As Senators, what legislati… @dr_cdeutsch @wihorne Yes, wishing her a speedy recovery. @DainaRameyBerry Congratulations!!IMO this is the most important thread you will read this week.
Retweeted by Lawrence Glickman @AmericanStudier Probably my favorite Powell! @ArchivingIt Vote fraud.Most historically significant Powell
Here's Dr. George Crane's piece on Thanksgiving as a "free enterprise" holiday. Crane also notes, slightly anachro… @collincollege in Texas needa to clean up its damn act. Is there a college that has demonstrated that it cares les…
Retweeted by Lawrence GlickmanRudy in Court: “This is not a fraud case.” Rudy on Twitter: @dr_cdeutsch @bdproctor I love the practice of generous reading. @BrentSirota So well put, Brent. @rachelshelden Wonderful thread. Thanks.Been thinking a lot about how this mirrors a major element of the lead up to and unfolding of the Secession Crisis…
Retweeted by Lawrence GlickmanConservatives have long viewed Thanksgiving as an anti-Socialist holiday., I'd like to write an article about right-wing uses of the Thanksgiving holiday, something I came across fr… D. Shinkle may be pondering overturning Michigan’s election results, in direct violation of his duties as a…
@ZaidJilani @samhaselby I agree that boycotts have been employed in favor of all kinds of causes and there is no si… @samhaselby @ZaidJilani Although some of those demanding that shopkeepers obey the non importation agreements presumably were. @ZaidJilani @samhaselby Boycotts in American history, from the "free produce" campaigns to the "labor boycotts" of… @ABWHTruth @marthasjones_ @EbonRebel @ColumbiaUP Congratulations, @EbonRebel!!! @LarryGlickman A number of consumer boycotts played an important role organizing the Amer Rev.
Retweeted by Lawrence GlickmanAnd please read the work of @allybrantley @BronwenEverill @emilyremus @SimonMStevens @tracilynnea @profblmkelley @LarryGlickman *slups good ol' fashioned American coffee*
Retweeted by Lawrence GlickmanCan I recommend a book, Josh? "Normal people" have politicized consumption since the American Revolution.… @robinsreport Possibly. @DenitaBenyshek My next project!Breaking: the Biden/Harris '20 ticket's popular vote margin (3.8627 points) just surpassed the Obama/Biden '12 tick…
Retweeted by Lawrence GlickmanThe squirrels of Ithaca are so plump these days that I sometimes mistake them for cats. The other day as I was stan… @varsha_venkat_ Moby Dick. @ruha9 @BKLYNlibrary @SpelmanCollege Congratulations, Ruha!
@MattGlassman312 How is this "clear"? What you are describing is the likely outcome. @HeerJeet @DavidAstinWalsh @yeselson Socialists did 8 times better than Communists in 1932.Donald Trump justifying his coup attempt because he is wrestling with "emotional scars" might be peak elite victimi… @david_darmofal So sorry to hear this, David. How awful. @loumoore12 What about his high football iq? @TheTattooedProf @Ijustlivehere99 Happy anniversary!!! @VBivar Thanks, Venus. That's very nice to hear.Why say that Trump is “struggling to govern,” when he is manifestly not trying? Not that he has ever tried very muc… ⁦@washingtonpost⁩: This is an unprecedented subversion of democracy, whether “critics” say it or not.
@KevinMKruse What say you @RepTomReed? Are you going to stand up against Trump's disgraceful attempt to steal the election?Republicans haven’t turned against democracy because of Trump. Republicans have turned against democracy because co…
Retweeted by Lawrence Glickmanyes. i just don’t know what it will take for people to understand that trump is a habitual line stepper who WILL NO…
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