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Lar @lartist Southern Ontario, Canada

I draw a lot. - New comics seven days a week! - New comics Mondays and Thursdays- he/him/unca MS Fundraising link: https://tinyurl/mscure2021

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@twcuddleston I gave her my old laptop so she would stop interrupting my calls!
Retweeted by LarFine. Want a Bernie avatar? I will draw your grumpy face on a Bernie bod. You have until midnight tonight to donate… Normal is feeling SO WEIRD. I just caught up email?! Like WTF?!! :) @GlennHauman Alas :) I mean, I can make you the document but...yeah. Le sigh.Just sent out another batch of Presidential Pardons! You've still got time to get one of yours with a donatino to M… @punkrockfactory @OriginalFunko Thank you sir :D @Deathnerd It’s actually in today’s LICD :) @kytyn_ @OriginalFunko I did them last year but I save the last month of the fundraiser for folks to request past s… DAY!! Get your Presidential Pardons and good karma for a charitable donation all at the same time :) $2928. Goal: $10k by May30. Fundraising for @MSSocietyCanada continues for 2021! I offer custom avatars wi…
Retweeted by Lar @Iron_Spike Does it cover the whole foot or just the soles? I have bad dry skin on my Achilles tendon’s and ankles. @ptrhansen @OriginalFunko Thank you :) @scottjohnson Wondering if you can throw it into a rock tumbler and polish it into gems.Current: $2928. Goal: $10k by May30. Fundraising for @MSSocietyCanada continues for 2021! I offer custom avatars wi… $2928. Goal: $10k by May30. Fundraising for @MSSocietyCanada continues for 2021! I offer custom avatars wi… DAY LEFT to get a custom Presidential Pardon! Donate $10+ to MS Research (tax deductible!) & I'll send you a cu… Funko Pop Bernie. C'mon @OriginalFunko! Proof of concept! :) weeks #AnimalAlphabets #Fanart is U for #UncleScrooge or #ScroogeMcDuck. As a kid of the 80's #DuckTales was…
Retweeted by Lar @edwardiantaylor @AnimalAlphabets @BrightAgencyUS @BrightAgencyUK Your art makes me so happy :) Thank you.I know that orange dude is out, but this whole time in my mind the Big Bad has been Mitch. He’s the reason every…
Retweeted by LarEvery single Bernie sitting meme I've seen has made me happy. And I bet Bernie is having a great laugh at all of them as well :) @DanSlott Okay but WHAT IF... it were just Superboy's time viewer where he got to watch alternate timelines, like w… @AliRThome @kraftmacncheese THE WORLD HAS GONE MAD!!!! @march1studios That's why it never made it into production. It was an early line that was funny for a moment but we…
@march1studios Yep. 2010 for F-bombs :) Easy enough to check. Now I'm going down memory lane of old shirt designs a… @march1studios @BlindFerret I think it was 2010? I'm looking at my backup files for the dates :) For Pony was 2007.… @march1studios @BlindFerret LOL. I remember that printing process was such a nuisance. We expected more contrast fr… @TheBeerTourist I think when it kicks in, it's gonna kick HARD. Probably next episode :) @march1studios @BlindFerret Hoooooly cow. Yep, that's an old one. Time to make that dust rag :) @scalzi AHHAAAHAAAHAAAHAHAHAA :) @howardtayler Next time it might be surer to ask/shout for help. Everyone is adults and capable. You're working, wh… @lukemckay @geektragedy I did the inks but Ed brought them to LIFE! :) @lukemckay These are all great. Love those little mechanicals but the group shot is spectacular. Your players must adore you.Very slow start to my day but it started with a long zoom call with a favorite person and now I'm just happy so wha… @lukemckay Oh crap :) Just remembered a bunch of art I did for @geektragedy that would be good for this hashtag. Oh well, another time :) @lukemckay LOL. I guess so? I've got plenty of non LFG pieces that would probably qualify too? Hmm.... Here you are… one.
Retweeted by Lar @sohmer @southworth NO. .... ....maybe....later.... @lukemckay You sure as heck are :D @southworth "It's okay! We're friends from work!" @WFingerdoo @denali @IrisVanHerpenHB @thetammiebrown Me neither at this point. Once in a while, okay but there seem…’s absolutely killing it in the apocalypse
Retweeted by LarNow that 45 is in the rear view mirror, let’s take a moment to appreciate @ReutersBarria. I’ve said it elsewhere bu…
Retweeted by Lar @potatofarmgirl Stuff and nonsense. Your art is terrific. These ponies are wonderful! So full of expression. @WFingerdoo @denali @IrisVanHerpenHB @thetammiebrown I’m seeing she was assuming maybe for the silhouette of the Ir… @JimJeroo Saying a prayer for her and you. ❤️ @teaberryblue @Twitter Hahahahaa :) Oh dear! I think I hear a few more heads asploding :) @kurokitsune91 It was a great wrap up at the end. Clearly they had a complete vision for the season and tied up the… 'live commercials' in WandaVision are an excellent touch. Not only a fun nod to the genre, but a great way to i… @Jedi_Adopted I'm old enough to have grown up with family sitcoms from early tv to be in syndication. From Honeymoo… @Jedi_Adopted I'm sure my thoughts are less well formed than other fans who have probably combed the episodes for e… skipped the first Biden presser to finish watching Truth Seekers on Prime. (Nick Frost, Simon Pegg). Excellent. A… TWO interior colorists to pick up super-fast work on a book going to print next week. PAYING gigs. If you'r…
Retweeted by LarPSA: You're not actually bored, your body is just getting used to the absence of existential terror
Retweeted by LarNew supervillain: Name: Ugh Power: Just goes around and tells women to smile.
Retweeted by LarSHOP UPDATE! “Cradle of Humanity” - Finally got this polished and up in the shop! Link in thread
Retweeted by Lar @UrsulaV Yes. They Q their load.
Note to mainstream media journalists, editors producers, headline writers, Twitter writers: DO NOT REVERT BACK TO B…
Retweeted by LarI made this Bernie sitting meme to contribute to the cause
Retweeted by Lar @TomFaraci THIS is even better news. Now America can start doing stuff again to get better. @jeneps Does all that paper have actual printing on it!? :) Wow :)I have no idea who did this but bravo! If you know please tell me and I will post the credit.
Retweeted by Lar @peterdeseve This is brilliant :Di am once again asking if he had it comin’
Retweeted by Lar @sohmer My First Flaming Crossbow..... @xerjester Truth. Gotta refill the tanks regularly. @RHicks @alinapete I’m lucky I have an episode of a favorite podcast dropped today. That’s helped me get to work. @howardtayler Wonderful family news! Congratulations to him and to the family. @damnyouwillis Well if anyone wants to hurry him along that's their business. @RHicks @alinapete Amanda Gorman's poetry really helped me feel better today. Her recitation was so beautiful. @PiaGuerra Is she Endora? @zacgormania @Kumerish I got you!! Here's a cartoon you can drop your own face in over. And a line version you can…'s another Among Us avatar timelapse :) the meantime here's an avatar timelapse I made last night :) find the zone. Gotta get some work done today :) But I'm definitely taking some me time too.I’ve often noticed in caregiving I’m focused during a trauma and only after it becomes clear the worst is behind us…
Retweeted by Lar @mikeselinker @paulandstorm That's a good reason too. The whole country might break into a musical number spontaneously. @paulandstorm If I have to hear his name again I hope it is only in connection with him losing legal battles.Folks it’s @TheAmandaGorman and she has a new book coming
Retweeted by LarIf you missed this, you should not miss this. Amanda Gorman is an immense talent and met the moment.
Retweeted by LarNew appointment to the Biden Administration! Skilled, multitasker who knows how to get out of tight spaces!…
Retweeted by LarCanadian Translation: Thank fuck that fucking moron is fucking gone. Fuck. Eh?
Retweeted by Lar @choochoobear It's probably wrong that I read that as GAGA tears. But it's probably too late to even consider calli… @Lesdoggg I was too tense to watch it live. Thank you for giving voice to the joy that is welling up in me. @KrisSheldon3 <3Twitter news: @Transition46 has become @WhiteHouse @PresElectBiden has become @POTUS @SenKamalaHarris has become…
Retweeted by LarI wish we had known about the Biden family Bible months ago. Holy shit. It’s too late to do anything with but fuck…, making a thread like this on the fly!
Retweeted by Lar @jeffzugale Let's give them the lunch hour to enjoy this. @johniadarola Oh right. JFK Jr right? A lizard alien would be more likely :D @BeschlossDC I hope a zoning officer shows up at 12:02 telling him he can't live there.Biden takes office today but you can still get a printable donnie Presidential Pardon pdf (from me) with a $10 dona… @sohmer Send the twins to military school! :) @SegachildS @BalanWWDiscord And I love you, too :) @Iron_Spike It’s laughable that he might have been a legit consideration. Except perhaps that the show about him wa…😂
Retweeted by LarOne thing about trauma. The anger lingers. It jumps out at all the wrong people. At the helpers. At the people who…
Retweeted by LarI told my friend that I'm emotionally "hitting a wall" and she said "Sometimes walls are there so we can lean on th…
Retweeted by Lar @mikopairaka Keeping you and your family in my prayers for a good health outcome. <3 @wacom Thanks for the reply. :)