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Animation Director/Story Artist @ Gaumount Feature. Prev @ Titmouse, WB (DCSHG, Harley Quinn), Microsoft, Oddbot, RDS || || they/them

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@abbydabbies Let's not forget quiet anime nerds with huge figure collections turn animation BEASTS @nannaisdrawing Haha thank you Michael ! 😅 It's from one of those many unfinished board sequences... @myanimewaifu I believe in you Corey!!! 🔥🔥 @meeshmallo @x_Wolfsteak_x The first three things I learned to write in Japanese was "Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura" so uh... @breanimator every time... @pixie_punch 😊 right back at you
@hackedmotionart I always start them in between work and then by the time i return to them I lose steam ;_; My goal… How many unfinished personal board projects do I have? A: too many @x_Wolfsteak_x What a horrendous take @emcormar Soo cute!!Animations by japanese indie artist Kazunoko (@kazu4500) : "Alien Pizza". Full video >> 1/2
Retweeted by LaserSpectre @killlertune Ahhh excited to see your art on here again and THE ship?? A treat 😍Daydreaming...
Retweeted by LaserSpectre @thirdchildart RIGHT??? RIGHT @allisonsmithart Aw this is real cute.[WIP] link braiding zelda’s hair? SIGN ME UP
Retweeted by LaserSpectre @pixie_punch It was one of those not ideal turnarounds but I had the body of a 19 year old and could pull more than… @KGishFish Calling: @ChivaunF @marisabalkus Thank you so much Marisa :) @pixie_punch Thank you!! It helps that I was fortunate enough that it was a class at my school that I was lucky to… @Radrappy @JennerallyJenn @KimlinhTran I legit thought it was from the books at first @Cheyenne_Curtis YES GOODminding my own business ✨👿 💋 concept by @ColouredBraids #3d #marmoset @marmosetco
Retweeted by LaserSpectre @laurbits Thank you Laur 😊 @hackedmotionart Yakuza 0 majima is particularly potent @hackedmotionart join usss @axl99 Gorgeous *_* @amberbladejones Gutted @margwen0825 Thank you Margot 😊 @Shnikkles TBH thats usually what burnout is for me. It's not a lack of desire to work, it's a lack of being able t… @sheeprilyn ;_; @e1n Aw thank you Ben! That means a lot! :)California scientists have discovered a homegrown coronavirus strain that appears to be propagating faster than any…
Retweeted by LaserSpectre @dammmberg Thank you so much David! I loved doing an animated installation and wish there were more opportunities for such :) @TanekaStotts thank you so much Taneka ;-;Part 2 | I'd love to try to make another animation installation again, now with years of industry experience beneat… through old work and reflecting on when I was 19 I made a short student film built for the 10x100ft IAC scr… @jcee_dubs As a kid that was heavily alienated for being 'me' the social aspects of our industry still fill me with…初代バーチャファイターパンツ
Retweeted by LaserSpectre @pixie_punch lmao I've heard this story more than a couple of times... @C_Dobbins 100% agreed. Also let me play the Chao memory card side game I'm begging. @C_Dobbins (busts the door down) YEStales from the borderlands (2014)
Retweeted by LaserSpectreSo I finished binging #RiseOfTheTMNT with buds several weeks ago (or was it months..? what is time anymore??) and w…
Retweeted by LaserSpectre @riasaur I was about to send this to the discord!! haha its sooo cute Ria!!
@BluDragonGal YOU POST ABOUT THEM, AND YOU ENJOY YOURSELF. No more shaming yourself <3Critical Role: Vox Machina Origins Series III begins Feb. 10 at comic shops! Check out a preview of issue #1 on…
Retweeted by LaserSpectre @MatthewB64 Hahaaaa i did an oops 😅 @dylanholden @ArtsyPabster My first job out of school was to be an associate producer after building my own 2D game…ピングー展
Retweeted by LaserSpectre @kritterart I'm so so sorry :( hope your family recover okay and your Aunt is able to feel better soon. Truly this virus is so so terrible.Polly from Sherlock Hound
Retweeted by LaserSpectreFinally done updating my portfolio ☀️
Retweeted by LaserSpectreskill levels it takes to get an entry level animation/games job - the past vs now @amonns It's sooo good Josh!! 🔥🔥🔥 @peroroh This has been happening to me too and I've been having issues with getting scratch records to work bc of it. Ahhhhhughhh @peroroh @wyntonred Sooo gorgeous! This is a powerful combo of skill. 😍 @Giancarlo_Volpe Worldbuilding adventure shows need to exist again first :(Watching a lot of old personal favorite movies lately and I had no idea until now how much music plays a role in wh… @SheepDoodles Yakuza 0 is a prequel and the best one in the bunch. Definitely if you only have a little bit of the…“once COVID is over” is starting to sound a lot like “he'll change😩😩😩"
Retweeted by LaserSpectre @mannymator Oh my god 😭😭😭💕🎉ちょっと落書き
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@ejknoodles @oh_heyyy_andy This is beyond shitty :( I'm so sorry. @BakersCousins Soooo cute!! Congratulations!!! :DAhoy bread bakers and WELCOME to BAKER'S DOZEN! We are proud to present the first of our SHORTS STACK series! Enjoy…
Retweeted by LaserSpectre @ATikiWitch Aww ty friend 😊❤️ @ATikiWitch What? Haha 😅 @MatthewB64 Well I think you could start a Faye gallery at this point ;-) Just missing some jazz and cool LED signs. @MatthewB64 goood im loving these moody Faye pieces so much.Saw an animatic come together today that is just going to be so exciting in a year 😅 @e1n AHHH that's the worst!! I always notice lil things halfway through an export @sodasotta @e1n Thiiisss! In college render time was my nap time 😊 @DadvinOfficial 😭👏👏💕💕I'm hyped for Resident Evil 8! Also Lady Dimitrescu...😭✨
Retweeted by LaserSpectre @sofiaealexander YesssssssssWhen can we start remaking live action movies into animation movies?
Retweeted by LaserSpectre @cartoonfuntime Gosh this is so cute!! 😭 Hope you can independently make it one dayWarming up the hands with this vampire woman from the new #ResidentEvilVillage
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@WardStradlater 😭💕I just saw a tweet from a super talented artist feeling bummed out about facing job rejection, so I wanted to creat…
Retweeted by LaserSpectre @itsleahelaine Congratulations Leah!!!! :D @StoopidDrawingz @BotbCartoon @EXIT_IN BENNN this is so good!!! You are definitely meant to work on this one day :)The hunt begins🎺
Retweeted by LaserSpectre @faith_schaffer FAITH @Shnikkles your shapes, your shapes!!! @akkaapie @theyankeeartist wow love this!!! @ArtsyPabster don't you dare go to a Sbarros. @e1n It was beautiful Ben, just beautiful ;_; @e1n One production I was on - we had one week off between episodes for board artist to help on revisions/do any ad… @TealCicada @curtislelash Oh nooo! It should come with a warning ^_^; @sheeprilyn wow owowow!! The colors!!! @yesmaaike Whhhaat incredible!!! 👏😊 @nilaffle Classic cat. @typical_ingrid the gesture!!! thats a beautiful drawing Ingrid ;_; @stung_art @curtislelash Totally! Toth meets Yuasa (can't ignore those Kemonozume/Devilman homages <3) Would love t… @stung_art @curtislelash Lastman was one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. Again, that direction! @stung_art @curtislelash It's so well directed! <3 @genegoldstein @curtislelash Wow gorgeous Gene!