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@catalinmpit With that said, CS fundamentals are truly beneficial. Even without a CS degree, anyone can learn them… @catalinmpit What did programmers in 1970 think coding would be like in 40 years? How much different will it be in… @CHBernasconiC Same! And then gonna kick some ass. Run errands, take care of my health, educate myself, do my mar… @centrino12345 @RodG97 Hahahaha almost there 😴😴 @FrancescoCiull4 NICE 🔥🔥 I'm gonna give running another shot. @RodG97 I’ve done (at least) 12 years of disservice. But this year is different. My money is working now. @CHBernasconiC Sup! How are you doing today? Plans this weekend? @centrino12345 @RodG97 Hahah sleep is optional 😂😂 @RodG97 Yup! Btw what’s your favorite dividend income calculator? @RodG97 Need to get to $10k in $SPHD by end of 2021. @CureIncome That’s awesome. Huge inspiration! I’ve been on twitter and never took advantage of the possibilities. @investingwbrady @DivCultivator I buy on red days 🚀 @SideHustleDyl Good stuff! Thinking about picking up more shares of $ET next week. @WellPaidGeek I always thought “10x” was more of a metaphor, but I see prople using it to gatekeep 🤷‍♂️
~9 hours to go! @Harsh_RClothing @Dustin_Huber You can still kick ass! Despite age making things slightly more difficult, our bodie… @IndieHackers @ajlkn 97% HTML 3% CSS @TyTweed @toddbillion Gumroad 🔥 Every day.Under 12 hours left 🚀🚀 @florinpop1705 Hates gonna hate. They can see themselves to the door. 🚪 @callam_woolgar Been alright, been doubling down on building wealth, haha. Investments, retirement accounts, etc.… @OneJKMolina Signed up. 🚀 @ravinwashere I let the auto-formatting take care of it 😆 @callam_woolgar HEY MAN!!! WELCOME BACK @elyktrix Love this. Happy to be a forever work in progress. Being “done” means you stop. I never want to stop… is no longer based on “luck” when you have the same opportunities. It’s a deeply nuanced topic, for sure.… @TheAlphaThought @luxconduct Misery seeks company 🔥 Inferiority complex. Seeing someone put in more work than you… @luxconduct They project insecurities so hard. Seeing someone surpass you in some way? You can either build them… @luclavish This comes down to identity, doesn’t it? The way you SEE YOURSELF is... How you see the world How you…🚨 Giveaway time!! 🚨 @Dividend_Dollar is about to hit 2k followers and he's giving away $100 to someone who buys hi…
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If you have something of value to share with the world; a skill, seevice, craft, art, or anything... It’s a shame…❌ "I create websites." ✅ “I create stylish e-commerce websites for fashion startups.” ✅ “I create affordable 1-pa…
Retweeted by Lasha Krikheli @DecadeInvestor Dang 0.2% is a lot actually for a bank 😂😂😂Will developers be replaced this century? @SnazzyQ $4500 @JamesClear Clarity ✨ @catalinmpit @KingLifeOn This tweet embodies the spirit of @davidgoggins He's such an unbelievable badass, it's unbelievable.… @YKoeguel Yup, losing weight is STEP ONE to running faster. STEP ZERO is getting off the couch 🚀 This is a motivational tweet.🚨 Giveaway time!! 🚨 @Dividend_Dollar is about to hit 2k followers and he's giving away $100 to someone who buys hi… 14 people get Dustin’s new affiliate marketing course for $12.99 Learn the skills to create value for your au…
Retweeted by Lasha Krikheli2 left ⏳ @MentalityLevels Exactly, that's the goal 🚀 Time cannot be recouped. Once gone, it's gone forever. Might as well… @jackbutcher Superpower: Working on things you will enjoy LATER. Delayed gratification is hard.4 left ‼️ @MentalityLevels Value based pricing > Hourly rate Product as a Service > Consulting Scaleable distribution > Linear distribution @twindadmoney @PeterMallouk Investment = cash in your pocket If you a sell home in 20 years with higher equity, co… @pradipcloud I guess I don’t know what “owning” one means? Haha @pradipcloud What’s a P&L? 🤔 @creation247 Oh snap. 😂😂😂 @motivatedwebdev @DivCultivator @WellPaidGeek Love it. Even the most elite athletes, performers, have coaches 🔥Independence is what it's all about 🔥 Invest time and energy Delay gratification To break free from anything hol… monthly passive income ⬇️ Pick 3 solid dividend stocks with staggered payouts 📆 I currently own 17 dividen…
Retweeted by Lasha Krikheli @thewealthdad NICE. @GrantCardone You fail and get to try again. @ThatBruni @DontezAkram NIiiiiiceee!! Congrats on your first affiliate sale 🚀 Recently made my first few myself, feels great! @twindadmoney Reading this makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside 🥰 @lawrencekingyo @ROGUEWEALTH People like that get the boot from my life. @CureIncome Nice! Who did you learn from? @nealjean1 @derekbrown @nbashaw @beaconsai Sup. 👋 @dannysteenman Both, depends what I’m reading! @FitFounder The number of times this has come up... frustrating. @OneJKMolina Yup. 🔥 The damage done by sugar addiction will continue and last for many lifetimes. left @RodG97 There is no greater luxury than freedom. Financial freedom 💰 Time freedom ⏰ Geographic freedom 🌎 @catalinmpit I’d probably do hardware, machine learning, or video games. 🚀🚀 @DivCultivator That is a thing of beauty! Need to get on board with these tools. 🔥🔥🔥 @thewealthdad What do you monthly returns look like from dividends and index funds? @thewealthdad Congrats to you and your wife!!! Huge milestone indeed. I’m on my way to 100k!! 🚀🚀🚀What obstacle did you overcome recently? @Dividend_Dollar The niche part has proven to be difficult. I’m a software developer with a new and heavy interest… @DivCultivator
@Dustin_Huber Proof is in the pudding 14 people get Dustin’s new affiliate marketing course for $12.99 Learn the skills to create value for your au… @CureIncome Still trying to master that balance 🔥 @motivatedwebdev Suppppp! Doing good. Increased my dividend income by a bit, stocks are generally up for me, and g… @motivatedwebdev Story of my life 😂😂 @jbogard @housecor Very nice! What's gets schedules, gets done 🔥 @grahamlutz It all depends on the dividend stock(s) you pick! You would need FAR LESS than $300k if you wanted $1k… @CJ_Johnson17th Just spent $400 buying 56 shares of $ET Annual income up by $70.92UPDATE 🔥 Added 56 shares of $ET Price: $400 Annual income increase of $70.92 $1531 ➡️ $1601.92 @DivCultivator @CrumbyDustin That is super handy, thank you! 1.5% off is massive, eh? I'd be shooting for about 1% off. @benawad All fixed now? @DivCultivator Thinking about refinancing. If I plan to pay off a 30 year current mortgage in half the time or les… @Dividend_Dollar Would you add $T to your list of strong dividend stocks? 🤑 @Dividend_Dollar breaks it down in his 50 page book including: Long-term wealth Dividend yields Payout ratios Type… monthly passive income ⬇️ Pick 3 solid dividend stocks with staggered payouts 📆 I currently own 17 dividen… @simonsquibb @Dannmace Thinking about it more 🧠 "Luck is the manifestation of opportunities" Without opportunitie… @simonsquibb @Dannmace Hard work is never the *only* element of ANY outcome. And in the right context, hard work c… @simonsquibb @Dannmace Well said, Simon! 🔥 These perspectives are definitely context dependent. May be true in on… people get WHY this is so important ⁉️ Driving a taxi 12 hours a day for 20 years probably won't improve your l… @margo_hdb This is in Queens, but all the NYC boroughs got hit hard ‼️ @motivatedwebdev Dang. Everything else okay though? @margo_hdb Thank you so much! Trying to avoid areas with falling tree branches, light posts, debris, etc. @paulbme Sorry about your situation man. Hope it's sorted without too much hassle. Dealing with insurances + multiple parties suckkkkkks ‼️ @AskTheGiver Yea, I'd keep this one web dev specific. The other one would be side hustles + investing + business. What do you think? @adrian_twarog @traversymedia Great work, Adrian! And great video! As a dev with years of experience, THIS is one video I'd send to anyone. @ravinwashere It don't matter where you're from when you're FREAKING AWESOME! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥My neighborhood got hit hard by the storm yesterday 🌪 Downed trees, smashed cars and houses everywhere.