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Lake | Printmaker and CS stuff | 22 | they/them | ✨🍊🍀 | personal: @firstcoyotes

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got 2 friends to watch Scott pilgrim for the first time and it was a Win @tricksterbeast “WALLACE NOT AGAIN” @FoxSondyr Oh my godhow are you doing that with your mouth
Retweeted by Lake @Hey_Syri Scott pilgrim was huge on my art style growing up so it’s so nice to visit it again. I’m also learning so… yeah i was gonna add this text because in my brain it was the funniest thing i could say to introduce myself @mottourisart lesbian?lately i love wearing obnoxiously bright colorssome quick doodle between lectures because ive reread all of scott pilgrim again @AppleScruffArt this opinion vehemently attacks me to the core that i will muster up a call out post for this
crash course teaching myself an entire language in a weekend just to keep up with my group members. i had to draw t… @atorwulfu Try it and seesigma males are just dudes with a superiority complex with no friends @MoMoButFaster Next thing you know they’re gonna put those in their bios and expect it to be equivalent to pronouns or something 🙃i want to see persona 3/4/5 x Scott Pilgrim. i think i will draw this. i will make this happen @Bactover That part was cute! But I wouldn’t be sold on something solely on that, I just hope gen 9 breaks the form… @Bactover i tried playing the first dlc but it was so. shallow with the dialogue and not even fun. it just felt lik…
you can get raided by the department of homeland security for owning iphone replacement parts in the united states!…
Retweeted by Lake @Neon_woof @NONSTOPPUP this would be your bathroom if given the chance @techoART @melephart Ben swagapinoevery waking moment i work on a cs assignment i keep telling myself i couldve been learning how to paint @melephart just remember... @scenefux every bara artist i see draws a resting pec even if the arm is raised and i lose it
@atorwulfu That’s a key to the heart not a sword to the heart ! @atorwulfu ive never played an aa game when do we start @atorwulfu coral periwinkle @BorkThunder implying u know i own a sword @BorkThunder purple yellow coral whatll u give me @atorwulfu what a weird lookin turtle...I just know we'll meet again.
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@atorwulfu their paws look like little finger gloves!!feeling guilty for not doing art on this account and being relatively quiet but im busy with work and school, and a…
!! Racism against Southeast Asians (especially Indonesians); a thread to retweet
Retweeted by Lake @FoxSondyr make one for emThis! Source:
Retweeted by Lake @kimpossiblefact this is how SMOKIN HOT SEXY PRESIDENT NURSE sounds bro sorry I didn’t text back life has lost all meaning
Retweeted by Lake @lightskintiger "i like my southern history but im not a closet racist" bro that flag is literally racist. growing… @Lithunium_Snow snap some necks
@chesterlockhart guys its FURSUIT FRIDAY @MoMoButFaster Finally!!! I can go back to my Sunday brunch
Retweeted by Lake @fuckdraz This is what you were up to LMAO
@MoMoButFaster hell YEAH @KaimTime gonna gush once more about mokuhanga because i think you would absolutely love this print, if u wanted to… @NONSTOPPUP now spit on the camera again @KaimTime omg that mokuhanga print was somethin i studied for my mokuhanga final.. the way the trees and clouds wer…
@catboiardee Okay so apparently I made this joke already a year ago. My brain is a flat fucking circle. @catboiardee It’s the diamonds from Steven universe @BrattyFoxBoy i love this funny joke. hit me with the punchline! @FoxSondyr ur jokes on there are so funny
@FoxSondyr *muffled pamplemousse in the distance* @FoxSondyr I wouldn’t go outta my way to drink a lacroix but every time they’re offered I remember while I’m not a… @Yellow2Kat You don’t seem egocentric at all lmao whoever said that is severely self projecting @Pine_Mart The mental gymnastics they’ll go through to justify it as a job to make you want a real career is InsaneSo like. People who are all "I only make $15 doing [job], why should a fast food worker make that?" really don't un…
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@riskylew @BorkThunder That’s what I was referencing yea @BorkThunder sea shanties this, sea shanties that, when are yall gonna sea some bitches“are u a boy or a girl” im a threat
Retweeted by Lake @russelbuck to fill now with good thigns to remember, and my 20s have been thousands of times more eventful and ful… @russelbuck on one hand. my childhood was so uneventful compared to others. i didnt socialize, i didnt do anything,… @russelbuck i lost my MIND at the 2 second bit of clean shaven michael. for him to wait 4 more months to continue r… @K3VINCORE you puyt april 11th twice you motherfucking ultimate
If I ever committed a big time federal crime I would make sure to do it in my fursuit just so we could get furries…
Retweeted by Lake @CivetStranj @FoxedItUp YEAH!! killjoys outfit rocks. i need to revisit and touch up a WIP of my sona in her fit too @KaridasOnMane apparently the pigeon is from around here and i didnt even know we did pigeon racing in this state @Possum_Possy It’s okay, some crimes can never be forgivenis either that or im never on twitter and only see things people link me now @NewWaffleGuy i no longer get anxious over that because if i made a post, its to be engaged with! and they probably… @FoxSondyr is it too late to do it todayi promise im not stalking timelines when i reply to things posted under a minute ago. my ADD brain is just constant… @FoxSondyr my caffeine tolerance knows no bounds @deviantsnart in my experience those were the republicanswhile waiting on my hot water to heat up for coffee. i muscle memory grabbed an energy drink and instantly drank it. pain @deviantsnart cs students are either queer leftists or bootlicking republicans and there is NO inbetween whatsoever.(or found on libgen lol)all my textbooks this semester are open source and free thank god you computer nerds. @GotSomeHaps I would day dream staring at those ceilings and when I snapped out of it, I would see what I daydreame… @MarziManed People defending it saying there’s an inaugural fund that can’t be spent on anything else. Like... u kn… @myco_yote Daily? I send that every hour @KaridasOnMane @K1NGRK9 @IcyFevrier Dude what
@SpectralHounds Bread @URSNN People on the internet now literally would not know what trolling or bait is if it hit them in the fucking f… learning live2d rigging and... if i were to do commissions (which i would wanna do if enough are interested tha… @BorkThunder @WufferRuffer with cheesewho wants to do this YCH with my sona @catboiardee i will simply bring a mirror @bariumfox Its for iPhones only at the moment @itemLabel Unleash the sucklet.....
@FoxSondyr I wantI love Yoru’s play style @SunBakedSnowBun @IntroToMig Not just paper and electronics, I’m worried you’re gonna have a lot of mold growth on your walls and ceilings 😬
Hasui Kawase (川瀬 巴水, May 18, 1883 – November 7, 1957) was an artist, one of modern Japan's most important and prol…
Retweeted by Lake @Neon_woof MonkaStwitch chat has to be an english creole because what the FUCK am i reading @buttcheekwizard hold it into the second position for a bit before you actually start the car (if u listen closely… @CivetStranj i hate this country @CivetStranj i promise u pissy shitties was just a shitpost americans dont actually do that